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dare not trek here at night alone – that beauty isn't as tame.

[H] β☪im changkyun 3 years ago
@α☪shin hoseok Changkyun didn't want to say it, refusing to show his submissive side. But he felt hot, burning even and the heat was starting to eat him up alive in a slow torturous manner. He didn't want to beg but he was getting desperate for the other's touch, his instincts screaming at him. Letting out half a growl and half a whimper, the beta impatiently tugged down at the other's shirt. "Pl-please I-I need more...d-don't f-ing tease me." he cursed out softly, throwing his head back a little.
α☪shin hoseok 3 years ago
@im changkyun "Everywhere, hm? Where should I start then... oh god that smell is driving me crazy, you know? It makes me want to devour you, make you squirm and make you scream, make you moan and drive you insane as well." Hoseok growled and kissed up to the boy's neck, nibbling from time to time and gently biting Changkyun's earlobe before tugging on it. While doing so, the alpha's hand wandered over the beta's chest and his knee moved up a bit to rub the younger's crotch. "Do you like that, little beta? Or are you wishing for something else.. wishing for more?"

[That's okay ^^]
[H] β☪im changkyun 3 years ago
@α☪shin hoseok Sometimes Changkyun thinks that everyone wants to play around and . Not many know about how submissive he gets, but it's way too obvious and shows way more than he intended it to be. It was at times like these that he was grateful for not being an omega. However, it felt like betas had to suffer a little differently. He hated feeling like prey but he couldn't really do anything about that right now. "I-it burns e-everywhere..." he whimpered out, mind clouded and words stuck somewhere in the back of his head.

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α☪shin hoseok 3 years ago
@im changkyun turned into slightly and Hoseok was slowly losing whatever was holding back when he heard the soft whimper indicating surrender. He knew that it was another won fight and that he could claim his prize, in that case a gullible beta who was willing to offer himself and believed his words that were simply lies.
The alpha pushed the other around a bit until the student's back hit the ground so that he could get on top of him with one leg placed in between the other's, his knee only a bit away from his crotch. "How do you want me to start, little one? Where does it hurt the most? Where does it BURN the most?" Hoseok asked, knowing exactly what it felt like to be in heat.
[H] β☪im changkyun 3 years ago
@shin hoseok Changkyun may be submissive, but he was defiant. This time, he didn't think he had enough courage to snap back at the other or even push him away. While the voices in his head had a mental battle, his body immediately responded to the other's touches. His instinct made him do a lot of things he didn't want over the years, this was probably the one the wrecked him the most. The beta lets out a soft whimper as the alpha leaned into his neck, the sensation of something less warm than the burn that still refused to leave his skin.
Maybe it wouldn't be too bad to give in, right? He said he'd be gentle. And Changkyun, somehow gullible at the moment, believed those words, letting himself loosen up a bit.
α☪shin hoseok 3 years ago
@im changkyun Hoseok could tell that the beta was fighting on the inside but he knew that the heat would win in the end, it always did to his luck. It might be wrong but the alpha usually took advantage of that fact because that's just him being his self. It was only a question of time until the beta would give in and the older was just waiting for that to happen, which wasn't long. Hoseok already stared into galzed eyes and felt the boy shivering beneath his fingers to his delight. "Do you want me to help you, little one? I promise to take care of you and to be gentle." The last part was a lie but Hoseok wanted his prey to be comfortable and relaxed even though he could tell that the beta gave up fighting and submitted to him without a word. Hoseok leamed even closer to be able to reach the younger's neck and sniffed before a spot and lowly.
[H] β☪im changkyun 3 years ago
@shin hoseok This was bad, this was really really bad. But deep down, somewhere in the corners of his mind, a voice was saying it was good. Changkyun didn't know which one to believe. Heck, the other's scent was making him dizzy, his instincts telling him to submit. He had nowhere to run or hide, the alpha was so close to him, and had blocked all his means of escape anyway. The moment he felt a hand on his cheek, a shiver ran down his spine as he looked up at the other with glazed eyes. There was nothing else he could do and Changkyun couldn't help but swallow down the lump that had formed in his throat.
So he did what his mind had been screaming at him to do, to submit, that's exactly what he did. The other male's pheromones were too strong for him to keep fighting against.
α☪shin hoseok 3 years ago
@im changkyun It was almost cute how the other tried to get away from him without getting up and using his legs hecause the heat was preventing him from doing that and Hoseok had to smirk down at the beta. There was another one of those needy whimpers breaking the silence of the peaceful forest and the alpha responded with a groan. The scent was getting more and more hypnotising with every step that he took towards the submissive male on the ground and Hoseok couldn't wait to get a taste of the other, no matter what.
The older released a dark chuckle at the beta's attempt to make him stop but kept on walking until he was standing in front of the boy and squatted down to face him. "Why not? I could help you, you know..... make you feel better.... make you feel good." The alpha said and reached out to caress the other's red and warm cheek.
[H] β☪im changkyun 3 years ago
@shin hoseok If it wasn't for the swift blow of wind in his direction, Changkyun would never have noticed the scent of a nearby alpha. He gulped, mentally cursing himself over and over again. If he could run away, he would. But his legs refused to respond to him. His gaze switches from the ground to the other male, taking small steps back as the alpha approached him, the other's scent hitting him full force. Changkyun's instinct get the best of him, backing away until he couldn't go any further, a whimper leaving his lips as he was cornered.
He tried to fight back the feeling, and sometimes he hates the fact that he's naturally submissive, though sometimes defiant on certain circumstances. "D-don't get any c-closer.." he managed to say, voice a little rough, throat parched from the heat. He was ed.
α☪shin hoseok 3 years ago
@im changkyun Hoseok followed the beta for a while and wondered when the other would notice his presence but the latter was probably too distracted with the effects of his heat that was quite strong. The alpha might have encountered many students with the same problem but he had never been that affected or wanted to jump someone that badly, not even in his own rut. As the younger stopped walking, Hoseok did the same but stood behind a tree that was quite close to the beta.
He watched the sweat slowly covering the skin, heard the small and desperate whimpers and smelled the scent getting even stronger which made the older feel lightheaded and impatient. He left his hiding spot and slowly approached the male like a predator would do to a prey, his eyes dark and full of lust.
[H] β☪im changkyun 3 years ago
@shin hoseok Changkyun tried to calmly walk through the trees, oblivious to the rest of his surroundings. He was starting to stumble a bit and not even the wind blowing at him could ease the heat crawling on his skin, a hot feeling sticking to him like glue and refusing to die down. The beta cursed to himself as he slumped down next to a tree, breathing getting a little heavier than usual. It was a little surprising how fast the heat had caught up to him, crashing into him almost immediately. He hated it.
He was sweating profusely and he was probably leaking already. Changkyun whimpers out, leaning his head against a tree as he tried to just push the thoughts and feelings away with merely just his will. Of course, that wasn't going to work, and his body seemed to retaliate as well, making his scent stronger.
α☪shin hoseok 3 years ago
@im changkyun Hoseok liked being a teacher and torturing the students with extra exercises when they were being stubborn or lazy but he also liked being alone for a while without noisy teenagers surrounding him. What better place provided a more peaceful silent than the big forest? Not many people went there anyway because it sometimes seemed scary or because they might get lost in it. In that case, Hoseok was willing to help with his great sense of orientation and well trained nose that picked up smells easily.
Speaking of smell.. Hoseok was able to pick up a scent on his walk that had his inner wolf growling and desperate to find the other who was spreading his pheromones like that. The alpha was running into the direction of where it came from and soon saw a male who didn't look like he knew what he was doing, not at all.
[H] β☪im changkyun 3 years ago
@shin hoseok Sometimes Changkyun questions himself why he took suppressants in the first place, when in fact it was only supposed to somehow relieve him of his omega-like stress of heat. Being a beta was sometimes, but the pills had manged to suppress the alpha-like side of the itch even just a little. But now that the pill bottle was dead empty, he panicked, knowing that the delayed signs of a heat would soon be coming to him.
It wasn't too long ago when he started feeling a certain heat in his belly, and Changkyun got desperate for some cold air. Around noon, he couldn't take it anymore and decided to head out into the forest. The lightly chilly wind got him distracted, completely unaware of his scent spreading around the place.
[SH] α❅nam joohyuk 3 years ago
@kang insoo As soon as you bolted, I ran after you. Only the sound of me running with the wind could be heard. My shadow ran along side with you in the shadows of the woods. It was so easy to follow your trail, your scent being stronger than anything else around me at that moment. Growling every now and then, I made sure you knew I was still there before suddenly disappearing for a moment and it became silent again. Just as I wanted to make you think I was gone and that you lost me, I jumped out from the side, my huge form tackling you down the ground and I towered before you, my form even more clearer to your eyes now. I growled more this time, being able to finally trap you and slowly inched down my head ready to bite on your neck any second now.
α☣kang insoo 3 years ago
@nam joohyuk /hears something approaching towards me and freezes in slight fear, hoping that I won't die tonight
/a surprised sound escapes my lips as I instinctively take a step back in fear
you're huge
/blurts out, recognizing that, hey you're not a real wolf and hopefully you don't kill me but you're really freaking scary
/is very intimidated as I can really only see your eyes and then you bare your fangs
/hears the growl and your eyes get closer, just noticing how my heart is pounding in my chest, pulse racing and I all of a sudden, I bolt
/starts running as fast as I can away from you, in any direction
/just really doesn't wanna die and now that I'm freaking out my scent is that much more prominent which makes me freak out even more
/is in this stupid cycle and hopes I can lose you but you're a wolf and I probably won't
[SH] α❅nam joohyuk 3 years ago
@kang insoo Got myself lost in the forest earlier when I came searching for the bracelet I dropped while I was here the last time. Got anxious as I got deeper in the forest not knowing where I am. Having no good memories of being in the forest, my anxiousness only grew later on making feel unstable. Tried to control the familiar feeling of myself slowly morphing to the form I refrain from turning to. 'Damn. I forgot to take my pills today too.' Thinks to myself as I try to keep my head clear and aimlessly walk around to find my way out but my inner monster got the best of me. I morphed into my wolf form, the outcome quite different from the normal. Im slightly bigger than the average wolf, jet black fur with green eyes, claws and fangs longer than the usual. Having no sense of my self anymore just like every other time that I am in my wolf form, I wondered the forest ending up terrorizing whatever comes my way. I dont really know how long I had been wondering about until my loud hearing picked up the sound of a breaking branch not far from where I am. Instinctively, my morphed self rushed towards that direction and jumped out behind the tall bushes and landed on the ground in front of a human. My bigger figure blending well in the dark with the help of my jet black fur. With glowing green eyes in the dark, I growled lowly and bared my long fangs acting territorial at that moment and slowly advances to the person before me.
α☣kang insoo 3 years ago
@nam joohyuk /is restless staying on school ground, annoyed by certain people and needs to get away
/gets a little bag of essentials and heads outside
/wonders where I should go at first, pursing my lips and looking around the school grounds
/decided to head to the forest, since there's still many hours of day light
/heads there, planning on relaxing and enjoying the fresh, grassy air
/climbs a low tree, leaning on a heavy branch and takes a book out of my bag
/read its for a little while, not noticing how tired I am
/falls asleep at some point, book falling to the ground
/wakes up when it's past night fall already
, Soo, You moron...
/berates myself in a low murmur
/looks around for my bag, finding it but can't feel my book
/look and sees it had fallen to the ground
/ my teeth, slowly climbing down and landing quietly
/walks slowly to get my book, not wanting to make too much noise
/you never know what's in the woods at night
/starts walking back to the school when I step on a branch, cracking it, the sound resounding through the trees
/inwardly curses as I stop, holding my breath as I listen for anything out there
[SH] α❅nam joohyuk 3 years ago
@Ω❅jeon jungkook I thought you wanted to play or something?
/continues petting your head getting comfortable with it
then looks around the forest, sighing softly as I feel somewhat anxious being here.
/looks to the side, suddenly hearing something moving in that direction
and now becomes cautious, furrowing my brows lightly as I try to pick any other sound with my hearing.
Ω❅jeon jungkook 3 years ago
@nam joohyuk *Mentally grins like an idiot when you finally give in even if you don't say it out loud, as you pet him*
*Ends up laying down on your lap as you have been sitting comfortably and lets you pet him, seeming to rather enjoy the fact now you are trying to get over the walls around you*
[SH] α❅nam joohyuk 3 years ago
@Ω❅jeon jungkook /sighs a bit, a part of me wanting to give in too but is just reluctant to do so at the moment.
/doesn't say anything else or try to push you away again
and simply pets your head gently, somehow liking the feeling of touching your fur
since it's also the first time for me to be this close to another fellow wolf.
Ω❅jeon jungkook 3 years ago
@nam joohyuk *He answered with his eyes full of determination since he couldn't really talk in this form and if he shifts back he would have no clothes on*
*Even if you tried it didn't work, because the omega was too persistent to befriend you no matter what*
[SH] α❅nam joohyuk 3 years ago
@Ω❅jeon jungkook /slightly makes a face at what you did and tries to push your head away
feeling that you're being too close but fails since you were a bit persistent.
/sighs a bit and then looks at you.
You really want to be my friend huh?
/asks in a serious tone and manner, wanting to make sure if you really mean your intentions.
Ω❅jeon jungkook 3 years ago
@nam joohyuk *Takes a few steps closer and your cheek affectionately like he was telling you to stop being so cold and just play around with him*
*Waggs tail playfully*
[SH] α❅nam joohyuk 3 years ago
@Ω❅jeon jungkook /quirks my brow lightly when you sat before me.
/gives you the "What do you want look?" and just sits there,
staring back into your eyes.
Ω❅jeon jungkook 3 years ago
@nam joohyuk *Has no idea why you are so closed up, building up walls around you and not seeing that there are actually people who care for you*
*Walks down your way and sits infront of you, wagging his tail*
*Since he never considered himself beautiful and doesn't belive in such things, all he wants is to be your friend and make you realize that you shouldn't just compare yourself. His crystal clear eyes were staring right into you*
[SH] α❅nam joohyuk 3 years ago
@Ω❅jeon jungkook /shakes my head not minding at all.
/stands there as I watch you transform and could feel a bit jealous seeing how beautiful your wolf form is.
/could only compare myself to you and shakes my head lightly,
realizing how different I really am and the reason why my pack was so afraid of me.
I'll just be here.
/says simply and walks to one side of the forest, sitting myself down a fallen log and just looks around instead
trying to see what the forest has to offer me.
Ω❅jeon jungkook 3 years ago
@nam joohyuk Really? Okay if you don't mind.
*He said as he smiled and seconds later there was a beautiful white wolf infront of you, with snow white fur and blue eyes*
*He was slightly smaller than the average as an omega*
*Had always felt much more comfortable in this form and was glad you didn't mind at all*
[SH] α❅nam joohyuk 3 years ago
@Ω❅jeon jungkook /picks up my pace and stays close behind you,
being cautious and alert at the same time as I simply glance around me.
/having not visited the forest for a long time, I was a bit uncomfortable
but tried not showing it and kept my calm and composure.
/looks at you, seeing you being happy being in the forest.
You can go transform if you like.
/nods and glance around seing it's safe for you to do so since no one seems to be around.
Ω❅jeon jungkook 3 years ago
@nam joohyuk Okay then. *Nods and walks ahead fearlessly in the forest*
*Unlike you he had no such experiences and the forest was his favorite place, but if he knew about the fact you didn't want to go there*
*Wants to transform in his wolf form, but doesn't since you may find it strange or maybe talk with you more is what was needed*
[SH] α❅nam joohyuk 3 years ago
@Ω❅jeon jungkook /stays silent for a moment before shaking my head lightly,
shaking the thoughts away then nods.
Yeah. Im fine.
/looks at you and motions you to walk ahead first, not having any good experiences with the forest now that I recall.


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