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α☪kim sunggyu 3 years ago
@α☄kim minseok Sunggyu shook his head and smiled. "No. I'm not mad at you." He said. "Now, go play but be careful, okay?" He asked the younger. He laughed slightly when he saw how hi student's face brightened as he play with water.
α☄kim minseok 3 years ago
@kim sunggyu Minseok looked up at him with wide eyes. "Really? You're not mad at me anymore?" He sure hoped he wasn't. He didn't like anyone being made at him if he can help it. "Okay. I'll go play." Minseok smiled brightly, before hugging his teacher, then running off to play in the water again.
α☪kim sunggyu 3 years ago
@α☄kim minseok "I'm not mad at you, Minseokki." Sunggyu said smiling, patting the younger cheek gently. "You can play and have fun too," he added. "I just hate getting wet by salt water."
α☄kim minseok 3 years ago
@kim sunggyu Minseok turned around when his teacher called for him, then sat beside him when he asked him to. Leaning into his side when he hugged him, he rested his head on his shoulder. "But I want to play with seongsaenim too. It's no fun playing by myself. But you're mad at me too, and naughty boys don't get to have fun."
α☪kim sunggyu 3 years ago
@α☄kim minseok "Minseok ah, come here!" Sunggyu called the younger when he saw him getting sad. He patted the space beside him, beckoning the younger to get closer. "Don't pout like that, okay?" He said as he hugged the younger briefly. "You can play as much as you want."
α☄kim minseok 3 years ago
@kim sunggyu Minseok looked down disappointed and sad. "Oh. Okay, seongsaenim." He turned around and kicked weakly at the water no longer in the mood to have fun and play. He couldn't blame him for being mad. When bad boys misbehave no one wants to play with him. Minseok's parents would be so disappointed.
α☪kim sunggyu 3 years ago
@kim minseok Sunggyu shook his head. "No. I'm still mad with you." He replied. But honestly, he wasn't mad, he just pretending to get the reaction out of the younger. And he hate to get wet by salt water.
α☄kim minseok 3 years ago
@kim sunggyu Minseok followed after him again when he pulled him back to the beach. The teacher sat down, but that's not what he wanted to do. Instead he went out to the waves, kicked off his socks and shoes, and ran into the water. Too bad he didn't have his swimsuit with him. Didn't stop him from having a little fun though. "Seongsaenim, come play with me."
α☪kim sunggyu 3 years ago
@kim minseok Sunggyu sighed. Even if he felt irritated at the moment, he can't stay mad at the younger. So, without word he turned back toward the beach, pulling the younger at the same time. Once they arrived, Sunggyu let go of his hold and seated himself on the beach sands under some trees.
α☄kim minseok 3 years ago
@kim sunggyu Minseok pouted, eyes turned down as he whimpered. He didn't like being scolded or getting in trouble. "I'm sorry, seongsaenim. We can stay. I'll be a good boy. I promise." He said as he grabbed his arm and stopped him from leaving. His teacher was trying to be nice and all he's done was be bad. Minseok didn't like being bad, even if he didn't feel like being entirely good either.
α☪kim sunggyu 3 years ago
@kim minseok Sunggyu turned to the younger. He pretend to be annoyed. "What? You don't want to?" He asked, eyebrows raised. "Okay, fine." He said with a huff and turned around. "Let's get you back then."
α☄kim minseok 3 years ago
@kim sunggyu "But seongsaenim I don't wanna." Oddly enough he didn't feel better when he got up that morning. In fact he felt more childish and usual. Even though he complained he got out of the car out anyway and followed his teacher down to the beach. "Why'd you bring me here, seongsaenim?"
α☪kim sunggyu 3 years ago
@kim minseok Sunggyu ushered Minseok to get out of the car when they arrived at the beach. He planned to cheer the younger up. "Come on, kid." He said as he pulled the younger towards the beach after he locked the car.
Ω☄hong siyeong 3 years ago
@[H]α❅go sanggil "I think I finally understand it... The thing mother would do when he just cleaned around after he'd disagree with father." Siyeong paused and imagined himself turning to his mate to straight up ask him to remove their shoes. The idea gave him a hearty giggle, the first time he smiled ever since tension rose with his parents: "he was keeping himself busy. You and I didn't fight but I needed my mind off, I needed to do something on my own, sorry. But for my defence, shoes are still in my reach."

Truth is, it only distracted his hands. His mind was tryying to work this situation like a Rubicon. "But I can't wait to have no choice but ask you for everything..." The omega smirked, he would normally hate to depend on anyone but he was slowly coming to terms with it. "I'm your Princess after all. I hope you're ready to carry me around so that I can watch the river flow or to choose my own strawberries, we'll soon reach level 5" he chuckled, looking at Sanggil, his palm stroking the clothing on his bump. He hoped it wouldn't get to that but he had the fair impression Sanggil would accept anything and it would be even sad to not give his mate some extra importance at times.

Siyeong shook his head lightly as he heard the alpha say he and the cub wanted an apology. This was not how things could go down, they were three and when Siyeong chose to be stubborn to his father, he decided it for his own little clan. He closed his eyes at the kisses, longing and spoke up. "They will know we're a perfect match, but what's important is that we stand in one voice. It's not just I and our cub, it's you and I, and the cub who doesn't need to stand for his father just yet if I do." Siyeong smiled, looking up at his mate and he kissed the back of his hand. "We let this pass and they'll never know that attacking one of us is attacking all of us. He might give the apology to just you, but I trust you okay?"

Getting the beach outlook, Sanggil was like a model from the magazines, hair in the wind, a faint smile and a lot of emotion just under a face almost indifferent. He could pull out those breathtaking looks so effortlessly the omega felt like he had accomplished the greatest theft of all time for taking Sanggil's heart, soul and body while no one paid attention.

He pecked his mate's lips back and hugged him strongly. "I will always be on your side too. In this case I know you won't be the splint. Father is just a lot protective but I want both of you to start on good foundations and total respect. We either get their full support or none at all. Past that, you're the alpha, you'll decide when we're a go or not." he smiled feeling loved by his mate too. It meant a lot to Siyeong too that Sanggil would have accepted his parents after being tested like he had been, it was a huge stepback on his values and though he refused it, it counted for the omega.

"I think someday when they just remember how I was opposed to giving into the wolf life, and especially how I was opposed to giving them a grandchild from my belly, they will thank you so much it will get embarrassing." he chuckled, kissed Sanggil and wrapped his arms around the other's neck. "It's the kind of miracle that could only happen all thanks to you. Wherever your parents are, I hope they are proud of you. They'd have all reasons to be."

Siyeong released his lover's neck, kissing his clothed chest and tugged his arm as he walked straight to the sea. He stopped only when little waves were hitting their ankles. He used to love that feeling to loneliness before the immensity of the ocean before him but his heart was now warmer for the three of them to face this, his heart beating a bit stronger for his mate. He closed his eyes shortly, his thumb stroking the hand he was holding. "I love you so much Go Sanggil."
[H] α❅go sanggil 3 years ago
@Ω☄hong siyeong Sanggil followed his mate to leave the cafe that they were all in. He didnt mind this to much but he hoped the other was ok with the whole thing of leaving his parents like that. He didnt want to be the splint between the two. People needed the support of their parents to. He sorta felt a bit bad that his mate got angry over the sitation.

He followed he other to the beach and they were around the area of the sand and Siyeong got onto his knees to take off his shoes. "Baby you didnt have to do that... Youre the one with out little cub i could have taken your shoes off you know." He didnt like how his omega would care for him like this. THat was his job.

He nodded hearing that his mate wanted an apology. He kissed the others head and ndded. "I know that you are both upset, but lets try to calm down, they might apologize to us. They know that we are serious about one another that should be good enough for them."

He walked with his mate in the sand and looked at the water. He never really went to the beach and he only did one time and he hated it becayse it was at night. THis was fairly pleasant just walking around and enjoying the sun and slight breeze the day offered. He looked to his mate. THe other was angry and wanted to stand up for him. He was proud that he would stick up to his alpha and well his partens was a hard thing to do for anyone. He felt loved for all of this.

"Alright princess, whatever you want." He kissed the others head and nodded. He leaned down and kissed him on the lips softly. "And im on your side.. Thank you for that Siyeong.. you have no idea what that means to me. Youre my family and our pup. You two will be the only ones that i will ever need in my life."
Ω☄hong siyeong 3 years ago
@[H]α❅go sanggil Siyeong shook his head slowly. He agree with all his alpha said, they did make some consequent progress, the only thing that held his parents back were old rancors in a clan rivalry and the fact that they didn't get consulted earlier. It could be far worse, sure but it was still pretty bad for the omega, because he too wanted the best for his alpha.

He remained silent as he felt his alpha reassuring him. Sanggil had followed him easily out of the cafe and the omega was almost surprised the other had taken the shy shift of judgement in his father's speech as a victory. He didn't mind the little attack about how bad he was at being an omega, that he knew already and tried a little more everyday. But for Sanggil to be insulted and no excuses to be made, he just felt ashamed.

He felt the small rubs, the kiss on his head and Siyeong was even madder. He pressed he a kiss to his mate's clavicle and turned, leading him into the sand where he kneeled and pulled on the other's shoelace. He wanted a walk on the sand with his mate. He wanted just the three of them, that's all he needed.

Once he was done removing his lover's shoes and socks, he removed his own and put both pairs in his handbag and stood back up to look closely at his mate: "We are not okay with what they did: the three of us, we're far from okay." he said, his mind clear and set.
"We want an apology."

He maybe sounded childishly demanding for an omega who braved all processes and got himself pregnant so early on. Sure he didn't have a saying into knotting but it didn't matter because he would do it all over again if he was casted back to that fateful day. He entwined his fingers with his mate's and walked slowly for all the trouble it was to walk in thin and warm dry sand.

He would be stubborn about it because he just realized it was just him, standing up for Sanggil. The alpha had friends but he was the only family who'd stand for him and defend him. His mate wouldn't fence for himself before his parents. Siyeong could feel it: Sanggil would accept minimum sympathy to just grant him a wish. But Siyeong would always stand for his mate, because this was what an omega was supposed to be to him: his mate's anchor. He had to protect him too in his own way. If Sanggil's parents had been there, there would have been high chances of a diplomatic incident again for the way their son was called out.

"Until he apologizes to you, I don't want to hear about him."
To think his alpha took the little progress this nicely only broke his heart some, because he had led his mate to be exposed and hurt out there.
"I will always be on your side Sanggil." He wanted to stand just before Sanggil actually and spare him bullets if he could but his mate had been pretty clear about that already. He saw his mate through lens flares generated by his glasses so he removed them and kissed the back of his hand.
"I'm so proud of who you are, Sanggil, no one gets to disrespect you before me. No one."
[H] α❅go sanggil 3 years ago
@Ω☄hong siyeong Sanggil would like Siyeong to see his parents and his pup to have grandparents to spoil him too. He wanted the family to be whole and well he didnt want to be severed unless they wanted that to him. He just wanted Siyeong to be happy thats all he wanted.

The alpha couldnt help but growl. His honor was being questioned for a reason. They didnt believe he could be a good alpha let alone protect is own mate. That was rubbing salt into a wound for him. He would protect his family at all costs and would lose a limb or two for them and continue to fight. He was devoted 100% to his mate and well he couldnt control the true alpha in him.

Sanggil had his arm around siyeong and his hand right on the growing belly that was Siyeongs. This was his sign that he was protecting them from harm and that anyone would have to get in his way to reach them. He rubbed Siyeongs side to try to calm him down a bit. He was giving it all to show that he was able to do anything for them and he meant anything.

The alpha finally agreed with his mate and that they were going to be alright with this. He hated tests like this there was no point and thankfully for the mother being able to handle his alpha and control them.
"Thanks i guess... Well he is happy to hear it from me and happy to be my omega. I love him and all his stubborn atributes of him."

There was a short pause and making the atmosphere awkward around the two couples. But then his mother was able to give a congratulations on the addition. This was a lot better than he expected. He thought he would be baring his teeth at the others parents but no it was a bit more pleasant.

Sanggil held the hand of his mate and squeezed it light to make it known that he loced him. He looked at him and saw that he was starting to get a little bit more pissed. The pup was making him agitated about the whole situation. He felt his hand tug and stood up. He mouthed to his parents. "its the cub."
He looked at them both and bowed his head. "Nice meeting ya both."

He followed the other and hugged him back and massaged his lower back. "Dont worry about it baby. You dont need to be sorry. Its ok im fine. At least we didnt fight thats the good part you know. Its all for you and im happy to go through it." He kissed his head softly. "He might who knows. BUt i wanna know how you two are doing. You ok?"
Ω☄hong siyeong 3 years ago
@[H]α❅go sanggil At this point, Siyeong was only interested by what Sanggil said, he didn't mind if it didn't click with both his parents just yet, time would have them come around, hopefully not too late to miss their grandchild's first months, years... No matter how stubborn his father could be he'd definitely come around, he used to be looking forward to seeing his son getting into the omega life and this had finally happened.

He felt his alpha growled and he somewhat expected Sanggil to lose patience, his frown focusing on his father while Sanggil pulled him closer. The words his mate used were a little vulgar but he shown how ready he was to defend his own family and it seemed to bring some contentment on the father's face. Not any apha could claim to be as experienced as Sanggil was, as devoted as him and none had ever been serious about Siyeong anyway before Sanggil. Maybe this was what the older alpha wanted, to see if Sanggil could stand up for his mate, to see if he was all talks or legit.

The older alpha's eyes lingered on the now obvious bump and still Siyeong couldn't know for sure how disappointed the other was to be told about it only now. A second job was the last thing Siyeong wanted for his mate but he kept that discussion for later, nuzzling into his mate's side as if he could phase into his broad chest. Sanggil could speak for both, he didn't mind, he would blindly agree with him. The comfort Siyeong found in the other's embrace was unpreceeded.

It was the turn for the older omega on the other side of the table to pull his alpha's hand, visibly moved to see his son expecting. The alpha sighed and nodded at his mate.
"That's the spirit Sanggil. I'm not especially glad things are going this fast for someone who just a year ago refused to so much as hear about wolves, but I hope for all of us that you have the patience to deal with our Siyeong." The last mentionned omega looked at his father and smiled. It was an attack against him this time, but at least he was now respecting his mate as another alpha.

Silence settled until the oldest omega at the table leant in with a warm smile, hoding his alpha's hand with both his: "Congratulations, boys!"
It came as a relief to Siyeong; the news was a secret to everyone but the medical staff and them. The omega's blessing was already a god step.
"Thanks mom. Dad, just take your time, because this is going to last." he said, bringing his lover's hand up in his to show their bond. "But next time you want to apologize to my mate, do it without bringing me down in flames."
On this, Siyeong got up, tugging on his mate's hand. He got pissed easily, and this was maybe a pregnancy mood swings but he needed the timeout. "Thanks for meeting us, you know where to find us." He muttered and looked at his mate pleadingly. They had made some consequent progress, no one had fought nor yelled, but it was enough family drama for Siyeong, fo their pup and he felt ashamed towards his own mate.

"I'm so sorry love, I should have known... I insisted but you got hurt in the process, I really regret it." he said and merged into his mate's front again, hugging him tightly. " I know you will provide like you already do, and I know father regrets his assault. I just hope he will come back on his words like a honest father would do."
[H] α❅go sanggil 3 years ago
@Ω☄hong siyeong Sanggil knew the elder alpha was just making trouble and testing the limits of his own alpha. He knew the problem that the father alphas had. They protected their pups well and wanted to make sure they would be safe wherever. He was already having that sense for his unborn pup and mate. The problem between packs was practically nonexistent. He would never have his parents trust him and he accepted that. No one really trusted him ever in his life except those few omegas in his life. He looked at the other two omega and alphas. Sanggil would prove to them that he was the best alpha for their son. He wanted their blessing to have him as his. Thats all he ever wanted in life was to have a mate and he had it. He would make sure he was worthy of it. He held the others hand and wrapped his arm around the other. He kissed his hand and lightly blsuhed when he said he was the luckiest
"I remember when i met him. He wsn't really that much of omega either and what not. He has changed a lot, I can vouch for that." He looked at his mother. The older omega male smiled and had the same was as Siyeong. Thats where he got it from. He knew the elder alpha wouldnt break easy either.
"I want to be with Siyeong and he is the only one in my life that i will ever want. He is the love of my life and my mare no matter what and i will die for him" He wanted the other know that. The one thing he didnt like was the other called him weak.
He growled lowly and held his mate closer to him. He hated this whole thing right now. He sighed and groaned heavily. "Dont you dare call me weak. I have protected my assigned omega from 6 years old til we were 14 and then lived on the streets on my own til now. I fought hunters and did my whole round so dont ing judge me like that."
He put his hand on the others. He held his hand on his stomach to let them know this. "I will protect Siyeong and our pup with or without your approval. I wont care if you help or not. Im his alpha and he is my omega. I havent have had parents or a family and well im ok with just siyeong. I will grab a second job and whatever to keep them happy and well."
Ω☄hong siyeong 3 years ago
@[H]α❅go sanggil The problem didn't lie in the difference of packs, Siyeong knew that the alphas would just use anything to provoke and if he so much as brought up the pregnancy, it would be used against his mate. He was scared that Sanggil wouldn't be loved and supported by his parents like he wanted, he had that perfect idea in mind where his mate and his father would bond, granting Sanggil someone close to a parent to trust and confide in. His experience at taking care of an omega was something he could be proud of and it counted to his parents, they looked at each other furtively while Sanggil spoke of his past and though their looks didn't change, Siyeong knew it was a good thing. He nodded when Sanggil prove how serious they were to meet them, and he looked at him when the other spoke out loud of his love. Siyeong gasped softly when the other asked for his parents' blessing; sure it was a little late and the mark his hood and collar hid was the proof of it, but it was better than in a dream. He warmed up and teared up a little as he watched Sanggil literally morph into the alpha he needed, ever since he had met the alpha who fought. "I'm the luckiest." He muttered for his mate to hear. He was all eyes for Sanggil, arms wrapped around him.
"This one didn't want to go to that boarding school just because he was an omega. I believe only love would change him this much." the mother commented with a kind smile, as he tried to loosen the tension as well. It made Siyeong giggle softly; remembering how he was opposed to dwell in the pack.
The oldest alpha didn't seem so convinced, looking for anything else to say.
"Dad, please just believe in us, I made my choice anyway." Siyeong said, resting against his mate. He wanted this to be clear, it wasn't just his omega being drawn to some alpha, he wanted this relationship to work; he loved Sanggil and loved his alpha.
"You look a little weak to take care of an omega who will supposedly bear children..."
That comment was the very reason why Sanggil used to fight; he used to look even less developped physically and it hurt Siyeong to hear his father criticize the one he loved for such stupid reasons. The older omega knew that it would bring Siyeong to his limit. "You can't be the one saying that, darling" the mother tried to calm her alpha but it was too late already.
"Well Sanggil has been pretty good at it so far." Siyeong looked defiantly at his father, refusing to hide his pregnancy anymore. He was just too proud to hide, ready to lose his parents' support if they didn't his alpha in the family. He rested one hand on his bump and held strongly his mate's hand.
[H] α❅go sanggil 3 years ago
@Ω☄hong siyeong Sanggil held the others hand and he took deep breathes. He knew that Siyeong could feel his uneasiness and all of his stress from this meeting. He was being judge for every little thing that was about him and based on what they had heard and his looks. He just hoped his parents would accept him and their pup together. That is all he hope for and he looked at the other alpha. The tension growing from the challneging.
"I am from the Winter Shadow pack sir and yes i was also an orphaned pup. I have treated Siyeong with nothing but respect and I love him. I had taken care as omega as a task when i was younger and made sure he would survive until they took him for adoption." He told them about his past. There was no use in lying or hiding it. It was his past and what he had to go thorugh.
He held onto Siyeong and rubbed his hand to calm himself down. He looked at the other and rubbed his neck some. He looked at the two older males and bite his lip. He wasn't so good at these things and he nodded. "We well.. had some time to discuss and wanted to make sure that we were perfect before I met you both." Siyeong mentioned that he was like his father when he was younger. He sighed there was no getting to this man.
"The Winter Shadow pack isnt awful. We re like any other pack. Packs honestly dont mean anything. I love Siyeong and thats all i care about."
He looked at the other alpha wrapping an arm protectively around Siyeong. he held him close to him and kissed his hand softly. "Im just asking the blessing to be with Siyeong and for him to be my mate." He wouldnt dare say anything that they had already marked each other.
Ω☄hong siyeong 3 years ago
@[H]α❅go sanggil He kept on stroking the other's hand and smiled at him, knowing how much of a bother it was for Sanggil to face judgement. Siyeong himself hoped for the best, knowing his mate would be accepted in the end. But he wondered how long it would take for this to happen, because his father was very stubborn, just like Sanggil, and they were both alphas from different packs. He pulled Sanggil to his side, sitting just on the other side of the table.
"So I heard you're a Winter Shadow who grew up without parents, how can I know if you will be a good mate?"
Siyeong's eyes widenedbut he looked only at his mother, pleading her to intervene before his dad would ruin this meet up.
"Okay, that's information I gave to avoid misunderstandings, not to be used as ground for an interrogation dad..."
He still held on Sanggil's hand, knowing that if he didn't say something, things could get real bad. He didn't want Sanggil to even answer the question because this was a given to him anyway. "I should have introduced him to you even before he was my mate. I think he was very much like mother describes you when you were young to me."
While his mother seemed to agree, she didn't say a thing, looking a little moved though happy as she had understood Siyeong was pregnant and that information would send everything flying in the air if it came to Siyeong's father.
"That's not exactly reassuring to me Siyeong, especially when we're not familiar with his pack."
Siyeong lowered his head and only gave to his alpha for a moment, expecting a waiter to order drinks for them. "I'm not asking you to be familiarwith his whole pack right now, I'm asking you to get to know the one I love and to support us."
Though Siyeong said this kindly, it was close to disrespecting his father, which wasn't a good thing to do before his own alpha either. But he was very defensive of his mate, because he had insisted and Sanggil didn't ask for anything.
[H] α❅go sanggil 3 years ago
@Ω☄hong siyeong When Siyeong made the arrangements to me his parents, he couldn't have been more nervous. He never met anyone's parents before let alone be introduced as a mate for the first time. He didn't know what to expect, his omega told very little about them. He said that his mother was supportive of him and well he didn't know so much about the alpha father. He hoped things would go well espically when he knocked up their son on his first heat with his mate. He made sure to wear clothes that looked nice and had trouble paying attention in class when the time came. Siyeong waited for him and had to keep him calm. He would see the two men waiting for them in the beach and exhale fed handshakes with them both. His mother seemed nice and well his father was already judging him. He kept standing tall to be protective over his omega and pup. "I'm Go Sanggil. It's very nice to meet you both." He bowed to them both and nodded a bit to his lover. "Umm same here."
Ω☄hong siyeong 3 years ago
@[H]α❅go sanggil Sanggil had been looking forward to introduce his mate to his parents, ever since he left Nigella on the rooftop. He had known this wolf had to be his and he was proud to show his parents he had changed. He had scheduled a meeting at the beach after classes so as to get there with Sanggil. He had the feeling the other would need reassuring, or at least this was how he avoided stressing over the fact that he had to announce that he was already pregnant. His bump would he hard to hide but at least he had large hoodies. He wanted to take it a step after the other. His fingers entwined with his lover's he led the way to a terrace where his parents were waiting and smiled, placing his free hand on top of Sanggil's.
"Mom, dad, this is the alpha I told you about." he said, looking at the two elder men. His mother had been very supportive and he had known when Siyeong had fallen in love, he had even been suspicious lately and he'd certainty know of the pregnancy just by his son's slightly different scent. But Siyeong's father was too much of a perfectionist to be convinced so easily.
Both stood to shake Sanggil's hand and to hug Siyeong who had to let go of his mate's hand and bend a little to not expose his belly.
"Sanggil, I'm glad you can meet my parents now." he said softly.
α❅choi minki 4 years ago
@Ω☣puttichai☘kasetsin *hold Meto closely*
He will likes you don't worry.
*pecks his cheek trying to calm him down*
Please relax love
*looks back and found you*
Appa! Yes you are late~~ but just fashionably late~
*jokes around and walks over to give you a hug*
Appa he's Meto pretty right??
Ω☪Meto✧ 4 years ago
@α❅choi minki /I sit down on one of the rocks to watch the waves, pulling my legs up against my chest/
/I rest my head on my knees, trying not to be too nervous/
What if he doesn't like me?
/I ask softly, looking at you with wide and fearful eyes/
biting at my lower lip I watch the ocean again for a moment, trying to let it calm me down until I hear foot steps approaching/
/immediately I stand back up and bow when the stranger approaches/
Umm n-no not at all!
We j-just got here!
[SH] Ω☣puttichai☘kasetsin 4 years ago
@Ω☪Meto *goes to the beach with two plastics of chocolate bar and approaches you two with a smile*
Am I late?
α❅choi minki 4 years ago
@Ω☣puttichai☘kasetsin *walk to the beach with Meto smiling*
*continue walking to a rock to wait for you to arrived*
Ω❅nam♢woohyun 4 years ago
@Hydrangeaℋ (do you still want to continue this~?)
α☪lee chan 4 years ago
@Ω❅nam♢woohyun /laughs, making myself comfortable in your car and puts on a seatbelt as you've instructed
/looks outside from my window, admiring the cars going back and forth on the highway
How far is the beach exactly from here?
/tilts my head curiously as I turn around to look at you after watching the outside world
Have you been there before Woohyun?


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