this is
this is
( ☪ ) zhang yixing. 5 years ago
@( ❌ ) heo gayoon. You may have a few more to add as well.
*grins teasingly*
*looks at you*
Did you think I was older or younger?
( ❌ ) heo gayoon. [A] 5 years ago
@( ☪ ) zhang yixing. *nods, smirking*
I have many.
( ☪ ) zhang yixing. 5 years ago
@( ❌ ) heo gayoon. *raises brow curiously*
Oh my. Your dirty little secret?
I feel you may have a few of those.
*chuckles and nods*
( ❌ ) heo gayoon. [A] 5 years ago
@( ☪ ) zhang yixing. *nods*
That's my dirty little secret~
I'm 20.
( ☪ ) zhang yixing. 5 years ago
@( ❌ ) heo gayoon. Performing arts?
What are you looking to do with that?
*chuckles a bit*
How old are you then?
*perks a brow*
( ☪ ) jung minhee 5 years ago
@( ✔ ) lee donghae *snorts and laughs in amusement*
It's part of the *airquote* charm *end airquote* of a city
*rolls eyes*
It's like the pollution and the tall buildings. It's not a 'city' unless it has those
( ✔ ) lee donghae 5 years ago
@( ☪ ) jung minhee /Takes a small look around in curiosity/
I thought this place would be a lot...fascinating...this is disappointing ~
Seriously? I've always wondered why they don't stop making newspapers, like you said
no one bothers to read them /Shakes my head with a frown on my face/
( ☪ ) jung minhee 5 years ago
@( ✔ ) lee donghae *drags you into the city*
Welcome to the city~ The place where fields turn to concrete and trees turn to dirty ink stained newspapers that no one reads~ *grins widely*
( ❌ ) heo gayoon. [A] 5 years ago
@( ☪ ) zhang yixing. *smiles*
I'm a performing arts major.
Too bad I'm not old enough to go in...
It would've been nice to go...
( ☪ ) zhang yixing. 5 years ago
@( ❌ ) heo gayoon. A student?
What is it that you study?
Yeah, I work.
Right over there.
*points over to an old fashioned bar nestled between two modern shops*
I'm a bartender.
And on Tuesdays and Fridays, I play piano there too.
( ❌ ) heo gayoon. [A] 5 years ago
@( ☪ ) zhang yixing. *brushes my hair out of my face*
I'm a student actually.
Nearby college.
And you?
What do you do?
( ☪ ) zhang yixing. 5 years ago
@( ❌ ) heo gayoon. I think so too.
*nods a bit*
*lets out a light hum when the wind blows*
So what do you do?
Do you work?
*looks at you*
( ❌ ) heo gayoon. [A] 5 years ago
@( ☪ ) zhang yixing. *nods*
I agree...
*shakes my head, grinning*
I think we'll get along just fine
( ☪ ) zhang yixing. 5 years ago
@( ❌ ) heo gayoon. You really should get out more.
Spending time outdoors is amazing.
You experience something new every day.
*looks at you*
Not at all?
I guess that makes sense since you don't even really like wearing clothes.
I'm not much of a shopper myself.
( ❌ ) heo gayoon. [A] 5 years ago
@( ☪ ) zhang yixing. *nods*
I feel the same.
That .
Not at all.
Do you?
( ☪ ) zhang yixing. 5 years ago
@( ❌ ) heo gayoon. I'm not sure there are a lot of things that shock me nowadays
*nods softly*
*smiles widely*
You sure did miss all this.
*takes a deep breath in*
*passes by a few shops and peeks into the windows*
Do you like shopping?
( ❌ ) heo gayoon. [A] 5 years ago
@( ☪ ) zhang yixing. *smiles*
If you were, It'd be weird.
I guess I'll have to be a good girl then.
*looks around*
I missed all of this?
I need to get out more
( ☪ ) zhang yixing. 5 years ago
@( ❌ ) heo gayoon. Not really
*perks a brow*
I will?
Only if you're a good girl.
*grins widely*
*walks a little slower with you to really enjoy the sight of the city lights*
( ❌ ) heo gayoon. [A] 5 years ago
@( ☪ ) zhang yixing. *smiles*
*tilts my head smirking*
You'll have to show me sometime.
( ☪ ) zhang yixing. 5 years ago
@( ❌ ) heo gayoon. A nudist.
*nods a bit*
I like clothes. Kind of.
I like stripping them off.
*chuckles a bit and looks around*
It is. The lights are beautiful.
( ❌ ) heo gayoon. [A] 5 years ago
@( ☪ ) zhang yixing. *shrugs*
It's in my genes.
I'm a nudist.
It's pretty at night.
( ☪ ) zhang yixing. 5 years ago
@( ❌ ) heo gayoon. You don't like wearing clothes?
Why not?
*looks at you as we walk*
*looks ahead as I guide you*
( ✔ ) min yoongi. 5 years ago
@kim hyuna. Yoongi couldn't help but feel he messed up someway. He stopped walking and very carefully placed the girl down on to her feet. He could sense she was uncomfortable maybe because a stranger had just swept her off her feet. He didn't even give her his name. If he was her he'd feel awkward too. Plus he didn't like being so close to a girl. "You okay to walk on your own?" He asked. "Where almost there so..." He mumbled as he started to walk. "I'm uh, Yoongi by the way." He said before gesturing for her to follow as he quickly reached the store. He opened the door for her his dry lips. "Come on, I think the band aids and stuff are over in that area." He said while pointing into the store.
( ❤ ) kim hyuna. [A] 5 years ago
@min yoongi. the young female slowly nods at the male's words as he turned around she slowly walked over to sit down on a bench nearby, stretching her legs out looking down at her wounds, slowly waving her hand infront of them to blow cold air on it. then she saw him infront of her, the young girl lifts her head to look at the male, blinking softly . at the sudden movement of being in the male's arms, a soft squeal left her lips and she frowned, wiggling her legs . " n-no please, put me down, i am ok, i can walk ! no problem, please, please put me down !" she tried her best to get off of the arms of the male, biting down on her lower lip. hyuna was not really a fan of skinship with the men, she actually felt scared at the slightest touch of theirs, she just felt shivers running down her spine - she whispers once again on a very soft tone " please . " she really did not want to offend the man or anything, she simply got bad feelings, even if she knew he was only trying to help.
( ✔ ) min yoongi. 5 years ago
@kim hyuna. "I-I'm fine." He mumbled as he glanced up at her. He froze once he felt the girls fingers touching his hair. He stared up at her before quickly standing up and taking a step back from her. "Oh- uh, thanks." He said while rubbing the back of his neck. "Here, let me go get you a bandaged. It's the least I can do." He said he looked around spotting a pharmacy down the street. "Just wait right here," He said as he began to walk towards the venue. He stopped as he thought, "What if she gets injured more?" Quickly he turned back around walking to her. "Let's just take you with me actually." He mumbled as he effortlessly scooped her into his arms. "Probably should keep you off your feet right?" He began to walk towards the pharmacy once more avoiding eye contact with the girl. He couldn't help but feel nervous being this close to someone of the opposite .
( ❤ ) kim hyuna. [A] 5 years ago
@min yoongi. seeing how the man was panicking it made her giggle a little bit and she slowly shakes her head at his many questions all in a row, " i am okay, it hurts a little but it is not that bad, i'm used to worse ." the young girl nods her head " i- uhm i need to get to the pharmacy , i need things to clean the wound he he, " she slowly moves her fingers through her blonde locks, pulling them out of her face, as she glanced at the male, in front of her tilting her head a little bit . pursing her lips in a small pout " you might be more hurt than i am , dear, since i - actually fell on top of you, are you alright?" he gently reaches out to fix a few stands of his silky hair, moving them out of his view . "ah, you have such a soft hair, i want such a nice hair !"
( ✔ ) min yoongi. 5 years ago
@kim hyuna. (OMG I forgot to tag you but it's below)
( ✔ ) min yoongi. 5 years ago
At first it was a blur, like the wind was knocked out of him. The pain from hitting the ground was sharp but it left as quickly as it came. The good part about this whole "Angel" thing was pain wasn't something he felt often. He healed fairly quickly when he would get hurt now. Yoongi stared at the girl and let out a breath getting his mind focused on her. "Wait what?" He asked, he then glanced at her hand and knee. "Ah ! Are you okay?" He asked scrambling to his feet as quickly as he could. "L-let's get that patched up- right?" He suggested as he bent down staring at the blood. "Are you hurt anywhere else?" He asked. Yoongi mentally cursed himself hoping he wouldn't get in trouble for getting the poor girl hurt. But that was the least of his problems when he realized he was with a girl. He was always a bit awkward around them and he quickly found himself feeling a bit shy. "Uh- sorry..." He mummbled looking away from her knee.
( ❤ ) kim hyuna. [A] 5 years ago
@min yoongi. the ir was not paying attention to what was around her too much, and neither could she hear anything because the loud music that was covering any kind of sound . her smile was slowly fading away when she felt a pair of fingers wrapping around her wrist quickly pulling her along with him, she turned around to see a young man, and also a car rushing towards their way, her eyes widen at the sight of the car. she let's herself being pulled away, and until the end, she would end up on top of the male, with a loud bang, on the hard cold ground, she stared deeply into the male's dark orbs biting down on her lower lip as she whispers " ah, i-i am really sorry, and thank you very much ! are you alright ? i am sorry, i must be really heavy !" she slowly pulled away, from the man, holding out her hand for him to hold so he'd get up as she looked down at her destroyed jeans and bleeding knees
( ✔ ) min yoongi. 5 years ago
@kim hyuna. (Haha it's fine)

Yoongi laid on his side on top of the building of the dance studio. All day he had been following around that pretty human girl. She was some sort of YouTuber and a dancer. For some reason today he was instructed to follow her. Yoongi was new at the "Angel" thing. A part of him was confused as to why he was even angel. Was there anything even good about Yoongi? He wondered to himself as his mind drifted off into his thoughts not even paying attention to what he was sent to do. As the heavy door of the dance studio shut, Yoongi was pulled out of his thoughts. He stood up and looked over the ledge watching the girl as she began to walk across the street as the light chafed from stop to go.
"Woah! Woah! Stop!" Yoongi shouted as he raced down the ladder and towards the street to the girl. For the first time he had put his heavily gift to use his speed picking up as he swiftly grabbed the girl by the waist and pulled her to the safety of the side walk. Before Yoongi knew it he stumbled and fell to the pavement with the girl.


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