this is
this is
( ❤ ) do hweji. 4 years ago
//draws a cute heart on my stomach, using the mirror//
This looks cute~
//looks at the drawing on my stomach//
( ❤ ) do hweji. 4 years ago
//walks in and gets a room key//
//goes inside of my room with stuff and sets them on the floor//
//goes inside of the bathroom to change into my tank top and pajama shorts before laying on bed//
//turns on the TV as I get under the soft blanket and snuggled it//
//begins watching some dramas//
( ❌ ) yajima maimi. 4 years ago
@godfrey gao. It was a casual night for Maimi. Her brown locks reached upon her shoulders, occasionally she ran her fingers through her hair. A tight blue dress hugged her curves in all the right places, earning stares from those around her. A couple of jeers were thrown at her, but she could only roll her eyes at the lame attempts of trying to insult her. Nothing could ruin her night. She was on her way to a hotel, someone had requested for her beyond her work place as a stripper. She figured that maybe she could the person's soul after all the fun is over.

It didn't take her long until she reaches the hotel. As she approached the door, she holds her hand in the air before knocking slightly.
( ❤ ) do hweji. 4 years ago
/steals vcard


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mercury_ 3 years ago
can you add and reserve lalisa manoban?
thank you
tartarus 4 years ago
Dean left. Hardly active anymore
hieuthieut 4 years ago
Can you please put Choi Youngjae on the hiatus list for a week?
Admin has lots of stuff to do at school jsksms
cinqam 4 years ago
seokjin left, i had fun here, ty<33
Queen_Riri 4 years ago
I don't really want to leave, but I've been too busy lately. I'm sorry. I don't want to hog up a character, especially since she's a slightly popular celebrity. Thank you for having me though!
-sushi 4 years ago
Jaebum left, I'm not active enough sorry
bringmethehorizon 4 years ago
can you please add kang haneul for me? thank you.
[comment deleted by owner]
ValerieInTheNight 4 years ago
Please put Jung Minhee on hiatus. I got my laptop stolen >.<
Thank you
AriaEl 4 years ago
Kim Seuk Hye shall be taking her leave. Thank you so much for having me!~
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