⊗ condo 4²

wu yifan


please knock before entering.

α☣wu♢yifan✧ 4 years ago
@α☣lu han /Stepping out of the bathroom after a long needed bath with a towel wrapped tight around my waist a long sigh slipped past my lips as my fingers threaded through my wet short strands of hair . I had been really stressed out with work lately and the constant exercise had eventually tired me out - so that shower was just perfect , soothing my sore muscles and relaxing me completely . It wasn't long before I had slipped into some comfy sweatpants and a large hoodie , hair in a big mess on top of my head . I stepped into the living room about to flop down onto my couch when I heard the familiar sound of the doorbell -- and for a moment I had almost forgotten you were coming over before I opened the door to find you standing there , leaning against the wall . It was ridiculous how just the sight of you made me forget about my worries and a wide smile curved at the corners of my tiers ./ Lu ! You were able to make it .. / I steeped aside inviting you to come in and held the door open for you eyes taking in every inch of you from head to toe quickly before I locked gazes with you .
[H]α☣lu han✧ 4 years ago
@α☣wu yifan it had been quite a hassle, especially on my manager's part, to lose the car that had been trailing us, one which i assumed probably belonged to stalker fans. after what seemed like an eternity of turning at street corners and taking unfamiliar roads, i was able to exit the vehicle and enter the apartment complex. a moment later i found myself leaning against the metallic doors of the elevator with my hands tucked into the pockets of my hoodie, a leg propped up against the door and orbs fixated on the flickering display as it ascended to the designated floor. using my leg as a form of leverage i pushed my frame forward to step out of the elevator once the doors slid open. finding your place didn't take that much time, thanks to a good sense of direction and dare i say, instinct. giving the door a few good, hard knocks i waited for you to open up while swinging back and forth on my heels.


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Vivaldi 2 weeks ago
e u e;;
NinjaPandaCA 4 months ago
ah the nostalgia
dreamland 9 months ago
Where can I find Moon Lust?
purpleprose 10 months ago
is this rp active?
Jungkook_1997 1 year ago
Can I be the Winter Shadow PAck Omega?
Jungkook_1997 1 year ago
Are you Open
fuccboiwonho 1 year ago
empressoftomorrow 1 month ago Reply All
Are you open?
empressoftomorrow 1 year ago
Are you open?
-Jiimbles 1 year ago
are you still open and accepting applications?
greenteaaegi 1 year ago
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