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α☣andrej♢pejic 4 years ago
@α☣takashi /smiles sweetly, returning the kiss you give me/
I love you Takashi~
/whispers lovingly against your lips/
α☣takashi✧ 4 years ago
@α☣andrej♢pejic /nods and kisses you/
The tonight it is.
I'll finally get to call you mine forever.
You are truly too good or me, I don't know how I got so lucky...
α☣andrej♢pejic 4 years ago
@α☣takashi /looks at you as I smile sweetly, nods as you speak/
I want this. I really do. I want to be with you Takashi. There may be up and downs, but I want to stay by your side.
Wolves mate for life anyways.., /smiles sweetly as I look at you lovingly and sweetly/
Lets mark each other... okay?
α☣takashi✧ 4 years ago
@α☣andrej♢pejic Are you sure?
/I ask seriously, tipping your chin up to make sure you have to look at me/
This is a big step, a really big step.
We haven't been together all that long.
I know I want this. I want you, forever.
But if you're not sure, or this isn't what you really want. Tell me now because if we mark each other it's not like we can just take it back in a year or two.
α☣andrej♢pejic 4 years ago
@α☣takashi /blinks as my cheeks blossom into a pink hue, figures that you're right/
/mumbles shyly, looks down at you when you bring up the topic of 'marking', blushes madly as I smile shyly/
Of course~ T-tonight works T-taka... /smiles sweetly and shyly/
α☣takashi✧ 4 years ago
@α☣andrej♢pejic you do.
/smiles and nuzzles you/
If you didn't you would have kicked me out. you now and moved on.
/I point out, trailing a finger across your jaw/
Andrej... what would you think about marking?
You and me, tonight?
α☣andrej♢pejic 4 years ago
@α☣takashi Hmm? What if I did try?
/pouts briefly, shuddering slightly as you tug on my long hair, humming softly/
/puffs my cheeks out/
I do?
α☣takashi✧ 4 years ago
@α☣andrej♢pejic /I laugh and kisses your cheek/
I doubt you would have tried.
/I tease lightly, tugging playfully on your hair/
You like having me wrapped around your finger.
α☣andrej♢pejic 4 years ago
@α☣takashi /moves my lips against yours slowly and passionately, humming in the kiss/
Hmm... I had no control over it. You think I can stop myself from you falling for me?
/puffs my cheeks out/
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α☣takashi✧ 4 years ago
@α☣andrej♢pejic I was the moment I got to call you mine.
/I grin and press my lips back to yours slowly/
I knew the moment I saw you, I would do anything for you.
It's so unfair, you had me wrapped around your finger from the first second.
α☣andrej♢pejic 4 years ago
@α☣takashi Even if we don't happen to be able to get five kids, at least I have incredible and love with you~
Me? The most y teacher on campus? /laughs softly/
You can argue that with the students.
/chuckles softly as I shiver lightly as you nip my lip, flicks my tongue lightly against your lips with a soft hum/
Are you? /smiles sweetly and sheepishly/ Are you really every student's idol?
α☣takashi✧ 4 years ago
@α☣andrej♢pejic Oh yes, I like the trying part.
/I grin and nip and your bottom lip/
I can't believe I scored the most y teacher on campus.
I am every students idol.
α☣andrej♢pejic 4 years ago
@α☣takashi Hmm... /chuckles softly as my fingers play with your violet strands of hair/
That sounds good. /smiles happily/
As long as I'm with you, I'm happy~
/responds lovingly, nuzzling my nose against yours as I happily relax against you/
Lets have five children then~
/smiles sweetly/ lets try for it at least. /laughs softly/
α☣takashi✧ 4 years ago
@α☣andrej♢pejic Three huh?
I'm thinking five max.
Three, then a break, and then two more.
How's that sound?
/I ask, still stroking my fingers through your hair, loving the silky texture/
α☣andrej♢pejic 4 years ago
@α☣takashi /laughs softly with a happy hum/
A two week vacation out in the ocean?
/smiles faintly as I wrap my arms around your neck, already anticipating it/
About... three kids? For now, I mean... I don't want too much. Yet not too little... /pouts/
P-plus, I-i would want the kids to have siblings to play with too honestly...
/bites my lower lip shyly/
α☣takashi✧ 4 years ago
@α☣andrej♢pejic And if we're already at the beach, we can vacation at the ocean for our honey moon.
/I agree with a small nod, already planning it out in my head/
And how many kids do you want?
α☣andrej♢pejic 4 years ago
@α☣takashi /laughs softly, smiling happily at your fingers thrlugh my long hair/
/gladly returns the kiss before humming in thought absentmindedly, smiling gently/
Beach~ /says happily as I look at you lovingly/
Just imagine the sunset on that day~ /says happily/
α☣takashi✧ 4 years ago
@α☣andrej♢pejic You better.
/I tease lightly, running my fingers through your gorgeous hair/
/gently kisses you again/
So, what kind of wedding would you want?
Indoor? Outdoor?
Beach? Garden?
α☣andrej♢pejic 4 years ago
@α☣takashi Nope. /giggles softly as I wrap my arms aeound your neck again/
/I deepen the kiss slightly as my hands move to cup the back of your neck/
/enjoying the kiss as I pull away from it, taking out the hair tie as my long golden locks of hair fall down to my shoulders, smiling happily/
I love everything about you~
α☣takashi✧ 4 years ago
@α☣andrej♢pejic /I wrap my arms around you as you move into my lap/
Is that all you love about me?
/I ask, amused/
/kisses you back, slipping my fingers into your hair/
α☣andrej♢pejic 4 years ago
@α☣takashi /pouts as I look up at you, moving to sit on your lap/
/rests my head on your shoulder, closing my eyes as I sigh comfortably at the familiar position/
You're very confident. /I smile sweetly/ but I guess that-s what I love anout you anyways Taka~ /I say sweetly before kissing you again/
α☣takashi✧ 4 years ago
@α☣andrej♢pejic No, I'm an artist.
/I wrap my arm around you and hold you close/
I don't need a degree to tell I'm talented.
Anyone who sees my work will realize that.
α☣andrej♢pejic 4 years ago
@α☣takashi /my pale white cheeks blossom into a pink shade as I bite my lip slightly/
B-but you need to graduate in order for you to get a job Takashi.
/bites my lip lightly as I look down shyly, briefly smiling as I snuggle more into your warmth/
You're cheesy.
/I chuckle as I interlace our fingers together as one/
α☣takashi✧ 4 years ago
@α☣andrej♢pejic No, why would I be?
I'm already a great artist, I don't need school to help me with that.
I found the man I want to be with.
I have everything I could want right here.
/I shrug and smile at your laugh/
As long as I have you, nothing else matters.
α☣andrej♢pejic 4 years ago
@α☣takashi /softly chuckles as I play with your fingers/
Really? You're not worried at all?
Even if the officers come looking for you?
/laughs softly/
α☣takashi✧ 4 years ago
@α☣andrej♢pejic See?
I'm not worried about a silly curfew.
/kisses your cheek/
I'd much rather spend my time with you.
α☣andrej♢pejic 4 years ago
@α☣takashi /smiles happily, moving to rest my head on your chest with a small and happy sigh/
/closes my eyes as I smile sweetly/
Hmm.. that does sound nice..
/I say with a giggle as I play with your hair/
α☣takashi✧ 4 years ago
@α☣andrej♢pejic Are you kidding?
I can cook dinner and have it waiting for you when you get home.
We can have a glass of wine and you can tell me all about how stressful your day way.
And how that one kid I your class always drives you crazy.
/smiles and wraps my arm around your waist, kissing your cheek/
I'd love that
α☣andrej♢pejic 4 years ago
@α☣takashi /softly laughs as I close the door behind us, locking it before looking at you/
What about your dorm? I expect for you to be sleeping within your dorm at night when curfew arrives.
/chuckles as I move to sit down besides you with a happy hum/
Besides, I doubt you'd want to stay late and have your boyfriend working late.


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