ㅡ restaurant

our specials for the day are the pan seared peacon incrusted alaskan bass with sweet potato fries, the deconstructed bibimbap, or the truffle cheese burger.
bon appétit!
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jimin 1 day ago
@taehyung /blinks at you and laughs softly
I named four, but - okay!
/puts the menu down and gets the attention of a waiter so we can order
so we'll get a half orders of all four pizza choices aaaaand what do you wanna drink, taetae? I'll just have a water.
/turns my attention back to you
taehyung 1 day ago
@jimin /chuckles as i follow you along, letting you drag me around like a ragdoll
/grins, mirroring your excitement, bouncing in my seat as well
/rubs hands together in excitement
ill have all three please
jimin 1 day ago
@taehyung /leads the way to the entrance of the restaurant and pushes the door open while still pulling your along, quickly finding a place for us to sit and bouncing a little in my seat before taking a menu
what kind of pizza do they have.. hmmm ~
ooh chicken and bacon, chicken barbecue, meat lovers and a veggie pizza.
Imma get the veggies one, what do you want taetae?
chanyeol 3 days ago
@kris *pushes the chair in for you, blushing a little*
just my love for you
*takes a place on the second chair standing by the table*
kris 3 days ago
@chanyeol /kisses your cheek before sitting down
You’re really sweet
chanyeol 3 days ago
@kris *walks to a table with you pulling out a chair for you to sit on*
kris 3 days ago
@chanyeol /looks at you and smiles
[post deleted by owner]
chanyeol 3 days ago
@kris *pulls you in here lowkey excited*
hongbin 8 months ago
@minho *taking our seats again once i've blown out the candles, casting my eyes down for a moment, hoping the other diners' attention returns to their meals, i nod shyly when you ask if i made a wish*
it's a pretty important wish, but i won't tell anyone
i really want it to come true
*the staff bring us each a slice of cake, and i smile when i see that it's chocolate, my eyes looking up again, unable to wander away from you for very long, relieved when i glance around the dining room that most people seem to be focusing on their own dining experience*
i do like it, hyung
chocolate is one of my favorite kinds of cake, though i rarely get to indulge in it
thank you for sharing your preference with me
*we eat the cake in companionable silence, and i savor every bite of the rich treat, pushing away any concerns about exercise or weight gain for another day, eating my fill*
*watching you pay the bill, i look at my watch again, marveling at how beautiful it is, telling myself that i need to take extra good care of it since it's a gift from you*
*when you pull back my chair, i look up at you over my shoulder, smiling, my dimples on display*
*carrying my flowers, the leftover cake, and the box for my watch, i almost purr when you place your coat over my shoulders, as content as a lazy cat*
you spoil me, hyung...and i'm loving every moment of it
i'd be happy to stop by your place for coffee
i never want this birthday to end
minho 8 months ago
@hongbin /smiles when you look part happy part embarrassed by the surprise i have for you, smiling happily before i cheer when you've blown out the candles
/handing the cake over to the staff they take it to go cut it into slices for us, smiling to myself as i sit back down with you and a slice of cake is brought through for us each
you made a wish right?
you can't tell anyone what it is otherwise it won't come true
/taps the side of my nose playfully before i give you another small smile, tucking into my own piece of cake, enjoying it with a little of the ice cream they put with it
do you like it?
i didn't know what kind of cake you might like so felt i'd share one of my favourites. i have a very weak spot for chocolate so let me indulge myself with you, hmn?
/grinning softly i finish up dessert with you too, the waiting staff bringing the rest out in a box and wrapped in a bow, paying the bill as they ask if you had a good birthday
/rising from my chair i untuck your own for you as well, heading to the exit where i wait for my coat and as we step out i drape it over your shoulders, my hand at the small of your back whilst i lead you out, your flowers also returned to you
would you like to come over to mine for some coffee or something, hongbin?
i don't quite want this evening to end just yet if you don't mind
hongbin 8 months ago
@minho yes, i've been lucky this year - it's been one of my best birthdays ever
*i don't add that spending time with you is one of the primary reasons i'll never forget this day*
*blinking when you say you'll have plenty of time to recover from tonight, i wonder what that means, hoping i'm not a burden that you have to endure*
*lowering my head, i don't notice you knocking your own head with your balled up fist, focusing all my attention on our meal, enjoying the expensive cut of meat which is really a treat for me*
*my good humor restored by an excellent meal, i settle back in my seat, nodding, my smile grateful, when you ask about the food*
it was wonderful, hyung
i could try to find some room for dessert - maybe we could share something?
*before i can say more, our empty plates are whisked away by the efficient wait staff, and suddenly there is a cake, the sparklers attracting attention from the entire dining room as the band plays happy birthday*
*delighted and embarrassed at the same time, i blush deeply, trying not to cringe or cover my face, though part of me really wants to*
*making my wish, my eyes find yours, and i blow out the candles, wondering to myself what you'd think if you knew that you were what i was hoping for*
minho 8 months ago
@hongbin good. you guys deserve to spend time together so i'm glad schedules were kind enough to allow you to do so this time
/smiling i mean every word, knowing that whilst you might not say it as much you definitely care a lot about your members and would do anything for them
i have the weekend off for once. so no there's no need to rush or worry about keeping me up. i have a whole weekend to recover after tonight
/realising a little too late that my choice in wording was perhaps not the best i clear my throat, covering my mouth with my hand before i hold it up
i didn't mean-
/knocking my knuckles briefly against my head i just chuckle a little bit to myself, knowing in the end you'll understand, thankfully, what i had actually meant to you
/joining you in eating my steak i figure its safer than trusting my mouth at the moment, leaning back a little when i'm done, looking back over to you again
was that good?
do you have room for some dessert?
/trails off as our plates are taken, giving a nod to one of the staff on hand, a cake with sparklers on top being brought out for you as the live band plays happy birthday for you, smiling to myself as i stand up and sing along
happy birthday, hongbin
/grins at you, the whole restaurant having joined in despite how fancy everything seems, myself now holding the cake up for you before i nod
make a wish
hongbin 8 months ago
@minho i was very happy *smiles, remembering the little impromptu party that my members and i had shared together that morning*
i was lucky this year because we got to celebrate as a band
with our individual schedules, there have been birthdays were some of us had to miss out
*before you can tell me about your day, the waiter arrives with our food, and i stare a little wide eyed at the huge steaks placed in front of us*
*once we're alone again, i look up, meeting your eyes, listening as you explain how busy you've been, wondering why i feel a pang of jealousy when you mention not sleeping because you'd been at a friend's party*
*a look of sadness crosses my face, the expression so fleeting that most people wouldn't even notice it as i realize there is still so much about your life that i don't know anything about*
i'm glad you found time for me today, hyung, but you must be tired
*glancing at my watch, i chuckle*
your present will help me make sure i don't keep you out too late
*noticing you as you encourage me to eat, i cut into my steak, smiling when i see that it's perfectly cooked, my eyes shining as i try a piece, savoring the rich flavor*
*as i eat, i find myself glancing over at you, still amazed that someone as important and handsome as you is my dinner companion, and after a few moments i force myself to look away, my eyes returning to my food as i remind myself that it's not polite to stare*
minho 8 months ago
@hongbin /sits up a little when you almost drop your drink, wondering if i shouldn't tease you as much if you're so on edge like this, wondering what's making you so nervous though
/as you say i'm handsome i pause, just staring at you before i clear my throat and curl my hand in front of my mouth as i do so
/nods as i listen to you talking about the tradition you share with the members, thinking its adorable and remembering back to the old diary videos i watched with you guys, seeing the same thing there you speak about now
that sounds like a great day. and i believe i actually saw the photo of you all together
you looked very happy
/as our eyes meet, moments later the food arrives and i wait for us to be left alone before i dare speak up, smiling when i think about how you said you took a long time to get ready for tonight
busy. very busy
i've been hopping from set to set. reading scripts, shooting shows, popping into vlives, photoshoots and mcing
actually i've been up since four and i didn't sleep last night because i was out for my friend's party. i should be about ready to pass out but seeing you smile is worth it
/reassures you with a warm smile on my lips, motioning for you to go ahead and enjoy your steak, the smell of flamed grilled meat making my mouth water as well
hongbin 8 months ago
@minho *when you catch me staring, i nearly drop my wine glass, but with some effort, i manage to set it back on the table without making a mess*
no, hyung, no
i was just thinking that your face is so handsome
*afraid to admit any more than that, i grow silent, returning my attention to my calamari, unwilling to speak about my feelings for you*
*when you refill my wine glass, asking me about my day, i take a sip to give myself a few moments to collect myself before i speak*
we have a bit of a tradition within vixx that if we can, we have a little birthday celebration right around midnight of each member's birthday, so that's what happened this morning
just a lot of silliness and cake, and of course, a picture is posted for starlights to share the moment
we actually had a fan meeting earlier today too, and then i spent an inordinate amount of time getting ready to see you
*playing with the stem of my wine glass, i glance across the table at you, my eyes immediately growing softer once they meet yours*
how about you, hyung? did you have a good day?
minho 8 months ago
@hongbin /chuckles softly as you praise the present so much, happy to know its brought you such joy and i can't wait to see you show it off as well
i'll take pleasure in knowing you'll think of me whenever you look at it
/seeing your delight with the food this time i nod in agreement, piercing my own piece of calamari and bringing it to my lips where i enjoy the garlic hints on my tongue
/eating a little more i look up when i feel i'm being watched, sure enough finding you looking at me and i hold your gaze for a moment before smiling to ease the moment out of silence
something on my face?
/knowing there likely isn't a damn thing there besides my beaming smug smile, i finis my starter and gently wipe at my mouth with the napkin, pouring us both some more wine when we're running low on it
so what did you get up today besides fighting off butterflies?
/asks as our plates are taken and the table left to just us again, the quiet bustle and hum of the restaurant in general nice, not to mention the live band playing some soft jazz in the background
something nice i hope
its such an important day after all
/tries not to grin at my own words but its hard, the corners of my eyes creasing with my bright smile as i tilt my glass to my lips again

[so cute ;; he's so nervous]
hongbin 8 months ago
@minho *watching you across the table, your lips meeting your wine glass, i'm lost in my admiration for you, finding every angle and curve, every play of the light, something else that i can marvel at*
*holding my wrist out so you can place the watch on it, i hope you don't notice how my fingers tremble, blushing a little when you describe the watch, knowing you spent too much, but loving that you care enough to buy me something so personal*
*one of my fingers, still shaking a little bit, brushes over the face of the watch before running along the band, my eyes drinking in the allure of all of the stones, each of them shining brightly even in the dim light of the restaurant*
it's beautiful, hyung, and i love it
it's going to be my prized possession, and whenever i put it on, i'll think of you and how wonderful you are to me
*embarrassed when i catch myself rambling, i'm relieved when our calamari arrives, waiting for the waiter to return to the kitchen before i pick up my fork, trying a bite, pleased when it find it to be tender and cooked perfectly*
it's delicious, hyung - try some for yourself
*taking a sip of the wine, i wonder what i did in a past life to deserve such a perfect day, glancing at you over the rim of my glass, your handsome features leaving me breathless as usual*

((i've always loved this gifset: shaky bean
minho 8 months ago
@hongbin i'll have to remember that and cook you some seafood the next time you come and stay at my place, hongbin
/smiling as you touch the rose i remember how soft it felt, reminded once more of your own skin and how nice it looks lit by the candlelight dinner
/hesitating, wine in my mouth as the glass is still angled at my lips, i watch and hold my breath when you open the box and see what's inside
/swallowing down the alcohol i place the drink down before i smile a little bit to myself in response to your jittery self, reaching over and gently picking up the watch
i figured a watch for a man who is always so busy being up and about would be good. rolex to show good taste you have and the sapphires, those are your birthstone
/clasping the watch around your wrist i fasten it carefully there before i admire it there for a moment, thinking it looks perfect even if i say so myself
do you like how it looks?
/asks a little hopefully, resting my hands against the table cloth as i drum my fingers against the fabric for a nervous moment or two
/as the starters arrive i sit up a little more, thanking the waiter before i pick up my first fork, having ordered calamari as well though before i eat i look over to you, wanting to see you enjoy it first before i have my own
hongbin 8 months ago
@minho *when you mention steak and calamari, i smile, nodding my head, my tongue running over my lower lip*
i love seafood, hyung, and calamari is one of my favorites
*watching you lower your menu, confiding that you had trouble concentrating on your photoshoot because you where looking forward to seeing me, i think to myself that that simple confession is probably one of the best birthday gifts i've ever received*
*when one of the servers arrives to take my flowers, promising to take good care of them, i hand them over with some reluctance, my eyes following them for a moment before i noticed that you've placed the single red rose where i can admire it at the center of our table*
*reaching over, i touch the soft petals before my fingers grasp the stem of my wine glass, smiling when you toast me, our glasses clinking together softly*
*taking a sip of the wine, i smile, enjoying the taste, my eyes returning to you*
you've gone to so much trouble, hyung
i have to say, i love everything
*the waiter appears, taking our order, and i hand him my menu with a smile, relieved when he slips away, preferring to be alone with you*
*when you slide the box over to me, i catch my lip with my teeth, my fingers caressing the wrapping paper for a moment, when, suddenly, like a small child, i tear the box open, paper scattered over the table, my eyes growing wide*
it's beautiful, but, oh dear, it must have been so expensive
*looking over at you as if i'm worried you'll agree and snatch it from me, i hold it against my chest, my eyes getting a little teary*
you're so wonderful to get me something so perfect - i'll cherish it forever
*handing you the box, my fingers shaking a little, i whisper* can you help me put it on?
minho 8 months ago
@hongbin i think they pale in comparison to you, hongbin
/for a moment i thought i might have been in control again, just for a moment, but then you reach out and touch my hand, the electricity between our skin making me smile softly in response
if you're super hungry then maybe a nice big cut of steak they have here will fill you up? the starters i would recommend maybe the calamari? you don't mind seafood do you?
/pauses when you lean in and tell me you were excited to see me, lowering my menu as i offer you my own smile, leaning in to return your whisper
i was excited to see you too, hongbin. i could barely concentrate on my photoshoot
/winks a little before i press my finger to my lips, miming a hushing sound to you before leaning back in my chair, setting the menu down for me and lifting the glass to my lips, pausing
oh, hongbin let the waiting staff take the flowers from you for now so you don't have to hold them all evening
/waving one of the staff over i ask for them to do that, pausing though and pulling free the rose before i place it in the centre vase for you to look at, smiling over the top at you
/lifting my glass, signalling to your own full of wine, i offer to toast to your birthday and your good health as well
happy birthday, hongbin
may you have another full year ahead full of happiness, hmn?
/waiting for us both to order i take a moment, looking a the box and then rubbing the back of my head, picking the box up after and sliding it over to your half of the table
its... nothing much but i thought you'd like it
/leans back after a moment, sipping my wine as i watch your expressions from where i am, wondering if you'll like it

[the present: https://www.luxuryexchange.com/image/cache/sgawj/16013TT11-01-1000x800.jpg]
hongbin 8 months ago
@minho *when you don't speak at first, i worry that something is out of place, but when i look down at my suit, it seems to be fine, fitting me perfectly, better than most of the suits that are made for me by my company*
*my hand reaches instinctively for my hair as i suspect that it may be awry, but after playing with my fringe for a second, i realize it's fine too*
*your greeting reassures me, my face relaxing, my smile growing broader as my dimples deepen, and i bow my head, unable to express how happy i am to be spending the evening with you*
*the flowers make my eyes widen for a moment, especially when i see the red rose, my teeth catching my lower lip when i can feel my mouth begin to tremble, my hands reaching for the bouquet, the paper crinkling as i cradle it in my arms*
the flowers are beautiful, hyung
thank you so much
*watching you pull out my chair, clutching the flowers to my chest with one hand, i brush my other hand over one of yours, my fingers lingering briefly before i take my seat, pressing my lips together when i see the box on the table, repressing the little unmanly squeal that wants to escape from me*
alright, hyung
i am rather hungry because i couldn't bring myself to eat much all day, i've been so excited
*once you're in your seat opposite me, i lean closer to you, almost whispering*
i couldn't wait to see you
minho 8 months ago
@hongbin huh...
/breathes out softly when i finally see you in front of me, dressed in such fine material that deserves to be on your body more than i can say, a sense of pride swelling up inside of me for giving it to you
/when you smile its the second surprise of the night, a little breathless sound coming from me as i look at you still, the smile of yours and those hints of dimples making my stomach churn
/reminding myself that i'm not a highschool boy back at prom, i clear my throat and straighten up to my proper height, smiling back at you before i incline my head a little
hello, hongbin
i'm glad you could join me tonight
/remembering the flowers i pull the bouquet from behind my back, holding them out to you and tilting them so you can see the red rose blooming in the middle
happy birthday, from me to you
/knowing one of the staff will take and keep the flowers when you're done admiring them so you don't have t worry about where they go, i hope you enjoy them before then
please, have a seat
/already pulling your chair out for you i wait for you to be seated as i tuck you in, joining you on my own side as i fold a napkin over my lap and glance at the box before i turn my attention back to you, a menu being handed over and the wine poured
order anything you like, my treat, alright?
and since its your birthday you're not allowed to feel bad about the prices
hongbin 8 months ago
@minho *so excited about the prospect of seeing you, i find it hard to get ready, even though you've provided a beautiful new suit for me to wear, so decisions are at a minimum, but my mind is so scattered that something as simple as tying my tie is beyond me*
*hurrying to hakyeon hyung's room, having him help me with my frustrating neck wear, i get a message, letting me know the car you sent is waiting outside*
*as my members shout their goodbyes, telling me to have a good time, i hurry out of the dorm, heading outside to the car, tugging my coat around me, the autumn evening air growing cool*
*the trip to the restaurant is uneventful, and i spend my time trying to calm down, taking deep breaths before i gaze out the window, losing myself in the scenery*
*entering the restaurant, i tell the maitre d' who i am, but he already seems to be expecting me, taking my coat, his smile pleasant as he points out our table, politely remaining behind so as not to interrupt our special occasion*
*when i see you, my eyes light up, and i weave through the tables, ignoring the looks of the other patrons as i hasten to join you*
*my face is flushed by the time i reach your side, having spied the flowers you're trying so hard to hide behind your back, and i stand there, a soft smile on my lips, my cheeks just beginning to hint at my dimples as i gaze at you*
hello, hyung...i'm so happy to see you
minho 8 months ago
@hongbin /glances down at my suit as i wait for you to arrive, having sent a special car to pick you up and bring you to the restaurant, wondering if the suit i gave you as a gift fits as nicely as i had hoped as well
/leaning back in my seat after i smooth my hands over the lapels of my suit i clear my throat, a waiter coming over and asking if i'd like to choose the wine for the night
/deciding to do just that as i wait for you, i settle for a light white wine, asking them to keep it cool until you arrive and sure enough they leave it in an ice bucket beside the table
/looking down at my lap with a collection of flowers there, i wonder if its still odd to give another man flowers, the bouquet full of freesias, alstromeria and hycinthus with a single, large red rose in bloom in the centre of it all
/inhales the scent of the flowers for a moment before i smile, brushing my fingertips over the petals and they remind me of how soft you have also felt beneath my hands
/hearing footsteps approaching i stand up quickly, a gift wrapped small box left on the table as i stand there, holding the bouquet behind my back though its so big you can see dots of colour pocking out behind me
/standing there quietly i wait for you to come even closer, moving around the side of the table so i can greet you before you should take a seat
xukun 8 months ago
@sooyoon /smirks lightly, lifting my eyes up to meet yours, my eyebrow lifting up curiously as I tilt my head/ hmm.. do i hear a promise in your words or.. Or am i reading between the lines and being completely wrong? /hums happily gladly leaning towards you while we walk, fingers slightly squeezing your own/
sooyoon [A] 8 months ago
@xukun *shakes my head as you worry over your attire, using the chance to subtly check you out* You look perfect- and we’re not going to a really fancy place.. maybe on our next date we will. *smiles widely as you pull me closer, staying so close our shoulders are brushing as we walk*
xukun 8 months ago
@sooyoon (I'm sorry... I was barely here..)

Mhmm, is it? Are we going to the fancy one? I-- I'm not sure if I'm dressed properly I-- Will this work? /glances briefly at the white t-shirt accompanied with the dark blue jacket and black jeans/ what do you think? /smiles brightly, blushing at your gesture but nonetheless pulling you closer, allowing us to go next to each other/
sooyoon [A] 9 months ago
@xukun Luckily it’s in walking distance- *tilts my head and gives you my signature, charming smile, lacing our figers together*
xiao 9 months ago
@minhyuk Okay, thank you ^^


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