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our specials for the day are the pan seared peacon incrusted alaskan bass with sweet potato fries, the deconstructed bibimbap, or the truffle cheese burger.
bon appétit!
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minho 4 months ago
@taemin what do you think it is, taem?
/asks as i look down at you all bundled up and smiling like i've give you the world on the silver platter with something so ordinary as a date, but its special because its new for us, our first
/murmurs for you to be careful when you burn your tongue, shaking my head softly but i feed you the roasted chestnut, watching your expression to see if you like it or not
do you like it? or is it yucky?
/asks as i look down at you still, smiling softly before i'm blinking when you press a kiss to my nose suddenly, blinking in return before i'm grinning to myself again
/i can feel the tips of my ears burning with heat thanks to the action before i end up walking over to the booth with the vintage toys
/almost immediately i point out the little mini collection they have, my favourite car as you know, despite the size difference of the vehicle and driver
/laughs softly before i turn back to you, the little bunny reminding me of you with its button nose and pretty painted eyes, those floppy ears reminding me of something else too
remember when you had that white bunny hat on? and you were squishing the ends of it so the ears flopped side to side-
you looked adorable
/as we move on to another booth i eat some more of the roasted chestnuts and let my mulled wine warm me up even more, the both of us taking our time around the christmas market
/when its closer to the time for our reservation i walk you through the town to a pretty restaurant, the outside decorated for christmas and the inside the same as we step in
/a waiter takes our jackets and scarves before showing us to our table, sitting opposite you as we have a nice quiet space to ourselves with a fire going just off to the side, crackling and making the place smell faintly of smoke
order anything you want, alright?
its my treat
/pats my hand over my chest, that ring on my thumb glinting in the firelight before i rest it on my own menu, looking over the dishes on offer whilst glancing over the top of the menu at you sometimes, stealing glimpses of you when you concentrate so hard
taemin 4 months ago
@minho /blinks groggily as you bust through the door and begin to drag me around and away from the very warm bed, my cheeks puff out and i make soft whiny noises as i try and turn back towards it--perhaps take you with me if i can manage it but you've got such a determined look on your face and i know that nothing will stop you, so i slump in defeat and let you dress me up for the cold weather making me feel like a smol child, and it brings a little smile to my face, looking at you with soft adoring warmth in my eyes, i just love how caring you are towards me, as i get closer to you--your spicy scent makes me crave being closer to you even more/
where are we going hyung? /asks through the scarf you wrap around my neck, i feel the ball at the end of my hat bounce against my head and i begin to shake my head from side to side--giggling to myself, i follow you out without an answer because i trust you enough to follow you blindly anywhere at anytime because i alwayss feel safe with you--i sit in the car and look around curiously and fidget with my fingers on my lap quietly, a bubble of excitement growing in me because you're being so secretive, once out of the car i notice how crowded it is and i begin to inch closer to you, my small hand grasping yours--squeezing it lightly before i look up at you with big eyes, and then back around with wild curiousity, a smile begins to spread over my full lips but its hidden behind the scarf though its obvious by the way my eyes crinkle up in happiness/
hyung---hyung is that what i think it is? /asks as you take me over to hot cococa stand, and i immediately get a whiff of the sweet smell, im nodding my head before you even finish the question, looking at the hot cocoa with heart eyes, and once its in my hands i let out a happy noise, not even waiting to take a sip and of course scalding my tongue--yelps and sticks my tongue out whining before looking up at you/
ow--ah yeah sure! /opens my mouth for you to pop a chestnut in it, even going 'ah~' and giggling afterwards/
/i look up at you while smiling and i can't help it when i lean up and kiss your pink nose softly and quickly, and then i lean back down to rest my head against your shoulder, sipping my hot cocoa slowly after its cooled down, listens to you and i feel this slow hot blush coming over my face and any other day i'd blame it on the pipping hot liquid but i know its you--its always you that makes me blush so easily, i stay at you side nodding, walking over to a booth with vintage toys/
minho 4 months ago
@taemin come on come on, no naps this afternoon
/murmurs to you as i see you curled up on the bed, flicking through the same old channels with a half tired, half bored expression on those features of yours
/as i come sweeping over to you there's a familiar scent that fills the air wherever i touch, the long winter coat that sweeps behind my legs and just inches off of the floor probably helps, wafting the somewhat spicier scent about as its like christmas has just washed pranced in a little earlier with my entrance
/grabbing the remote i turn off the tv and give you a few minutes to get changed, telling you to wrap up warm before i go wait at the door
/when you come out i put one of your long forgotten winter jackets on you, buttoning it up before i crouch down in front of you, helping you put on your boots and fastening them for you
/the last thing is a scarf around your neck and a woolen hat on your head, the fluffy little ball at the end no doubt going to provide entertainment for you later
/ushering you out i get us in my mini, driving us into town before i park up, taking the elevator down before i slide my gloved hand into your own, towering above you but feeling safe, warm, especially as we set out among the throngs of people around
/i've brought you to the christmas market, one of many, sheds set up with holly and berries running along the rooftops, snow already sprinkled atop them too whilst warm glowing lights flash and draw more crowds in
/stopping by one of the sheds that's selling hot cocoa i get you one and a mulled wine for myself, roasted chestnuts in a bag for my liking and churros in another for you
do you want to try one?
/asks as i gesture to the chestnut, frost on my breath and my nose a little pink as i smile down at you, a live band playing the same holiday tunes, comforting in some way
/the general chatter of people walking around, the nudge of a warm body here and there, its all background noise when i look at you, smiling bright as ever
if there's something you want to stop and look at tell me, okay?
the reservation i made is only in a couple of hours
/murmurs as i check the time on the giant clock in the middle of the plaza, not telling you where the reservation is but just smiling again, popping a chestnut in my own mouth before i walk beside you, both hands occupied so instead i make sure you can feel me brushing up against your side as we look over potential christmas gifts together
taehyung ( h ) 8 months ago
@jungkook m maybe,,,, but thats not for you to know
narrows his eyes down atyou, waving a finger to assert his point, sorting out hus now slightly damp napkin. follows your gaze and takes in the sight of people from all sorts of backgrounds, different ages and the amount-- making him realise that if they were to be seen in a lewd situation, with taehyung out like the little masochist he was-- it wouldve made headlines and frankly, he would like it. he swallows his dry spit down his throat, alongside as those lewd thoughts of him, on the table, and jeongguk, behind him, shifting his thighs, rubbing them against each other to rid of any other thoughts. he notices you staring and rolls his eyes with affection, although having a liking towards you, both emotionally and physically, he sometimes cannot fathom the things you make him feel. he shifts his position and leans back, crossing his legs with poise and mirrors the look-- or tries too, concealing whatever jitters he has inside-- you gave to him.
i i mean,, you did say im yours now, so its quite fair that i say that youre /mine/, right ?
he lets out a small sigh, looking away to avert his gaze, face flushing with embarrassment and his lips pulled into a petty pout, his pride faltering for what hes about to confess next.
she has big s,, an di dont like the way she stares at you..
it comes off as soft, but he knows you heard it loud and clear.
jungkook 8 months ago
@taehyung yeah. but you'd like that though, wouldn't you? having your eaten out, i mean.
he muses with pursed lips whilst leaning back in his seat, umber orbs shifting from you to the people around us - the people up on stage performing to those sitting around dining with their own individual partners and families and he hums, returning back to you whilst reaching out for the glass. the stem easily slips in between his fingers as he supports the bowl, tilting the glass against his lips to allow the fluid to easily trickle down his throat, easily quenching the thirst.
he fights back a smug grin upon catching a glance of your cheeks, feeling a little proud to have been the cause of the specks of pink currently painting your cheeks and he releases another hum.
i'm the dirty one?
he raises a brow in question, leaning closer as he mimics your actions and props his elbows onto the table, hands connecting together as he slots his fingers in between the gaps and looks at you, the smirk he once tried to conceal now evident from the reaction he drew out of you from his words. A hint of satisfaction washed over him as dark orbs focused on you, refusing to falter even for a second as he drinks in the shade of pink painting your cheeks- a great contrast to your natural complexion, it looks beautiful on you might he add and he's very much so pleased despite the glare you send his way. Although they were at the early stages of their romance, he could quite clearly see right through you - read you like an open book. it was easy to tell you liked what he said, maybe even a little by the thought and he couldn't say he wasn't as well. He could already imagine how divine you'd look bent over the table for him and he swallows down thickly, forcing the thought away.
once again, he leans back into his seat, eyes flickering between you and the waitress as he watches the interaction. it was quite amusing to watch must he say, the way your facial expressions changed for a minute and he couldn't help but quirk a brow for the second time that day at your words. to say he hadn't noticed the way the waitress had been the second they entered the restaurant would be a lie, although he didn't take much note of it but to see the way you were behaving as soon as the said waitress came back, it has him forcing down a chuckle, very much enjoying the sight.
ow- getting all shy now are we? admit it, you liked it. he scrunches his nose, hand moving to rub over the spot you had suddenly attacked the second the waitress had left, quite dejectedly and breathes out a chuckle.
your boyfriend huh? what was all that about, kim? sounded pretty possessive. he tilts his head, eyes meeting yours as he waited to see what you had to say.
taehyung ( h ) 8 months ago
@jungkook ( h ) feast on my —
covers my mouth to stiffle the chortle thats about to erupt, not wanting to disrupt the tranquil silence that inhabits the restaurant, save for the typical jazz elevator music playing in the background, accompanied with the clings and clangs of utensils on glass. blinks at your actions and flushes, but rolls my eyes to cover up the fact that im flustered by your gaze, averting my gaze.
youre the dirty one here..
mutters under my breath and delicately brings the glass of cool water to my lips, taking a few sups before choking at your words, slamming the glass cup down(with caution) as i cough, flushing all the way down to my neck at your words, shooting you a glare, although, my insides tingle and i bite my lower lip to conceal a whine thats threatening to erupt at the idea, enjoying the idea of exhibitionism— but of course you didnt need to know that, bringing up the napkin on the table to dab the corner of my mouth, shooting you a glare before youre fortunately interrupted by the waitress.
i keep my typical stoic face on, making shre my eyes glare daggers into you so that she will get the idea that this is a /date/ between the both of us, and she better not interfere because i notice the way she keeps staring at you ever since we enter.
yeah, my /boyfriend/ and i would like to order now, please
reads out our orders with a strict tone, my eyes never once leaving hers before waving her off.
youre the devil, y you cant say that when we’re in publicc
whines after she’s gone, kicking your shin from under the table.
jungkook 8 months ago
@taehyung meaty and flabby, I could bite it.
eyes flickering down to your stomach as you flatten down the shirt and laughs under his breath before shifting his gaze back to meet yours all whilst fighting back the urge to get out of his seat and kiss that pout away.
wouldn’t have you any other way, like you like this.
all meaty and flabby
rolls his eyes and shakes his head at you although the way his lips stretch gives him away.
Is that even a question though? steak, lamb, I could even feast on your .
retorts, purposely letting his voice drop an octave as he runs his tongue along his lower lips and eyes you, the cheeky grin clearly evident on his countenance.
you dirty dirty angel, I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t say no if I bent you over this table right here right now in front of everyone. ; ]
you cant possibly not give me your sweets, I’ll get them one way or another
retorts, feeling a little challenged and he opens his mouth to speak again when the waitress suddenly decides to interrupt them.
taehyung ( h ) 8 months ago
@jungkook ( h ) small tummy—
gguk do you not see what the fans always take pictures of?? its not my face— but my belly..
pouts the slightest as i look down at my belly, smoothening my shirt out to see the natural rolls of skin and fat and i poke against the material, giggling.
because unlike yours its all meaty and and flabby—
i like it that way though
i gotta be slim thicc yA know whaT iM shaYiN
throws you an exaggerated wink before chuckling at my antics, combing through my hair as i settle down.
what type of meat is the question.. throws you a look of mischief, the ends of my lips curving up, eyes narrowing at my own suggestive comment.
you could steal something else from me,,,,,, if you know what i sayin—
okno, youre not touching my sweets e n e
i love my sweets and ill always have room for more
points a challenging finger at you, wriggling it before chuckling.
jungkook 8 months ago
@taehyung a playful scowl oscilates out of him the second you mess his hair, his own hand moving up to fix the little mess you have created whilst breathing out another chuckle.
I mean— I wouldn’t mind getting you the whole menu but with that small tummy of yours, I doubt you’ll be able to stomach everything in.
muses, the corner of his lips twitching by the slightest as he puts the menu down and props his arms up onto the table whilst listening to you voice out what you want with a smile, umber orbs lingering on your visage for a moment or two before he leans back in his seat and nods.
sounds great. I think I’ll go for the steak, might get some beef and lamb skewers. can never go wrong with the meat right? A bowl of rice and some noodles should also do the trick. as for the desert, I could always steal some of yours.
there’s a hint of playfulness in his eyes as he looks at you, a small cheeky grin lingering on the rosy tiers.
taehyung ( h ) 8 months ago
@jungkook ( h ) nods affirmatively, before chortling and reaches over the table to ruffle at your locks, cooing.
of course not you silly, ill just have the beef steal thats medium well done, with maybe brownie with ice cream on top that looks really really good, plus seafood carbonara— you know im a for seafood, hm and some calamari at the side, aaaand maybe some red wine?
skims through the entire menu kne last time before nodding, closing the menu with a tiny thud and pushes it aside, grinning.
what do you want love?
folds my fingers together and props my elbow up on the table, resting my chin on the aforementioned fingers with a twinkle in my eyes.
jungkook 8 months ago
@taehyung One of a kind of course.
muses, this time letting a chuckle slip loose as he manoeuvres himself around the table and settles down on the seat opposite you. He thanks the waitress before taking the menu into his grasp, eyes skimming over the list of food they gave to over only to pause when you speak again, eyes instantly flickering back to you as he chokes on his breath.
I— all of them? you sure you’ll be able to finish everything?
he raises a brow, amused by the grin lingering on your visage from the decision you made.
taehyung ( h ) 8 months ago
@jungkook ( h ) of course, im one oF a Kind after all uwu
follows after you and untangles our interlocked hands reluctantly to settle comfortably onto the chair, pulling the plush chair closer to my bootae to sit properly. picks up the menu and scans over the wide variety of choices, visibly gulping at the amount of choices.
i think im gonna get all of them gguk. yep, i want all of them.
closes the menu and places it down to the table, a satisfied grin on my face.
jungkook 8 months ago
@taehyung white pearls sink into his lower tier to fight back a chuckle upon your actions, his gaze softening as he watches you make your way in before following after you, hand moving away from the door and dropping back to his side as eyes trail over the interior design.
ah yes, how could I have forgotten?
I’ve got myself an expensive date, Gucci and all.
he teases with a small chuckle, attention shifting to the waitress and mentions they need a table for two before tugging you with me as the latter guides us towards our allocated table.
taehyung ( h ) 8 months ago
@jungkook ( h ) hums with a teasing grin, giving your palm a little squeeze, following after you with a content grin.
coos at you, fingers flying up to tickle your chin affectionately before slipping into the restaurant, breathing in the scent of good food and boujee interior.
ready to get broke tonight, babe?
cause im hungry as heck
jungkook 8 months ago
@taehyung so—
he trails off, a small grin curling onto his lips as he slyly slips his fingers in between the gaps of yours and drags you towards the tall building before them.
what are you in the mood for? he peeks over at you, palm firmly resting against the door as he pushes it open and waits for you to walk in.
jimin 9 months ago
@taehyung /finds myself laughing more at your excitement, shaking my head a little while your ordering your drink
so much sugar upon sugar you'll be drinking-
/leans forward slightly and rests my head on my hands, cupping my cheeks as my eldows rest against the table and blinks at you
hmm, not much. and you my dear?
/smiles widely at you
taehyung ( h ) 9 months ago
@jimin /squeals with excitement and claps my hands, humming at the choices being displayed in front of me with a twinkle in my eyes
ill haveee a root beef float please!!
oH and extra whip cream please
/throws the waiter a cheeky grin upon my favour and turns to you
whatsup my soulmate from heaven
jimin 9 months ago
@taehyung /blinks at you and laughs softly
I named four, but - okay!
/puts the menu down and gets the attention of a waiter so we can order
so we'll get a half orders of all four pizza choices aaaaand what do you wanna drink, taetae? I'll just have a water.
/turns my attention back to you
taehyung ( h ) 9 months ago
@jimin /chuckles as i follow you along, letting you drag me around like a ragdoll
/grins, mirroring your excitement, bouncing in my seat as well
/rubs hands together in excitement
ill have all three please
jimin 9 months ago
@taehyung /leads the way to the entrance of the restaurant and pushes the door open while still pulling your along, quickly finding a place for us to sit and bouncing a little in my seat before taking a menu
what kind of pizza do they have.. hmmm ~
ooh chicken and bacon, chicken barbecue, meat lovers and a veggie pizza.
Imma get the veggies one, what do you want taetae?
chanyeol (h) 9 months ago
@kris *pushes the chair in for you, blushing a little*
just my love for you
*takes a place on the second chair standing by the table*
kris 9 months ago
@chanyeol /kisses your cheek before sitting down
You’re really sweet
chanyeol (h) 9 months ago
@kris *walks to a table with you pulling out a chair for you to sit on*
kris 9 months ago
@chanyeol /looks at you and smiles
[post deleted by owner]
chanyeol (h) 9 months ago
@kris *pulls you in here lowkey excited*
hongbin 1 year ago
@minho *taking our seats again once i've blown out the candles, casting my eyes down for a moment, hoping the other diners' attention returns to their meals, i nod shyly when you ask if i made a wish*
it's a pretty important wish, but i won't tell anyone
i really want it to come true
*the staff bring us each a slice of cake, and i smile when i see that it's chocolate, my eyes looking up again, unable to wander away from you for very long, relieved when i glance around the dining room that most people seem to be focusing on their own dining experience*
i do like it, hyung
chocolate is one of my favorite kinds of cake, though i rarely get to indulge in it
thank you for sharing your preference with me
*we eat the cake in companionable silence, and i savor every bite of the rich treat, pushing away any concerns about exercise or weight gain for another day, eating my fill*
*watching you pay the bill, i look at my watch again, marveling at how beautiful it is, telling myself that i need to take extra good care of it since it's a gift from you*
*when you pull back my chair, i look up at you over my shoulder, smiling, my dimples on display*
*carrying my flowers, the leftover cake, and the box for my watch, i almost purr when you place your coat over my shoulders, as content as a lazy cat*
you spoil me, hyung...and i'm loving every moment of it
i'd be happy to stop by your place for coffee
i never want this birthday to end
minho 1 year ago
@hongbin /smiles when you look part happy part embarrassed by the surprise i have for you, smiling happily before i cheer when you've blown out the candles
/handing the cake over to the staff they take it to go cut it into slices for us, smiling to myself as i sit back down with you and a slice of cake is brought through for us each
you made a wish right?
you can't tell anyone what it is otherwise it won't come true
/taps the side of my nose playfully before i give you another small smile, tucking into my own piece of cake, enjoying it with a little of the ice cream they put with it
do you like it?
i didn't know what kind of cake you might like so felt i'd share one of my favourites. i have a very weak spot for chocolate so let me indulge myself with you, hmn?
/grinning softly i finish up dessert with you too, the waiting staff bringing the rest out in a box and wrapped in a bow, paying the bill as they ask if you had a good birthday
/rising from my chair i untuck your own for you as well, heading to the exit where i wait for my coat and as we step out i drape it over your shoulders, my hand at the small of your back whilst i lead you out, your flowers also returned to you
would you like to come over to mine for some coffee or something, hongbin?
i don't quite want this evening to end just yet if you don't mind
hongbin 1 year ago
@minho yes, i've been lucky this year - it's been one of my best birthdays ever
*i don't add that spending time with you is one of the primary reasons i'll never forget this day*
*blinking when you say you'll have plenty of time to recover from tonight, i wonder what that means, hoping i'm not a burden that you have to endure*
*lowering my head, i don't notice you knocking your own head with your balled up fist, focusing all my attention on our meal, enjoying the expensive cut of meat which is really a treat for me*
*my good humor restored by an excellent meal, i settle back in my seat, nodding, my smile grateful, when you ask about the food*
it was wonderful, hyung
i could try to find some room for dessert - maybe we could share something?
*before i can say more, our empty plates are whisked away by the efficient wait staff, and suddenly there is a cake, the sparklers attracting attention from the entire dining room as the band plays happy birthday*
*delighted and embarrassed at the same time, i blush deeply, trying not to cringe or cover my face, though part of me really wants to*
*making my wish, my eyes find yours, and i blow out the candles, wondering to myself what you'd think if you knew that you were what i was hoping for*
minho 1 year ago
@hongbin good. you guys deserve to spend time together so i'm glad schedules were kind enough to allow you to do so this time
/smiling i mean every word, knowing that whilst you might not say it as much you definitely care a lot about your members and would do anything for them
i have the weekend off for once. so no there's no need to rush or worry about keeping me up. i have a whole weekend to recover after tonight
/realising a little too late that my choice in wording was perhaps not the best i clear my throat, covering my mouth with my hand before i hold it up
i didn't mean-
/knocking my knuckles briefly against my head i just chuckle a little bit to myself, knowing in the end you'll understand, thankfully, what i had actually meant to you
/joining you in eating my steak i figure its safer than trusting my mouth at the moment, leaning back a little when i'm done, looking back over to you again
was that good?
do you have room for some dessert?
/trails off as our plates are taken, giving a nod to one of the staff on hand, a cake with sparklers on top being brought out for you as the live band plays happy birthday for you, smiling to myself as i stand up and sing along
happy birthday, hongbin
/grins at you, the whole restaurant having joined in despite how fancy everything seems, myself now holding the cake up for you before i nod
make a wish


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