ㅡ room

a large bed, swing set, and toys galore is waiting for you in this room. lube, s, s.. enjoy a good !
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xukun 2 weeks ago
@sooyoon /parts my lips for you, humming into your mouth as lower my hands and slip them beneath your shirt, fingers splaying over your skin, cold compared to it, my body molding toyour own/
sooyoon [A] 2 weeks ago
@xukun *slightly nips at your lower lip, asking for entrance, my arms slipping around your frame to hold you close*
xukun 2 weeks ago
@sooyoon /hums, satisfied, as I let you manhandle me like you do, pressing myself to you as I return the kiss, letting my fingers dive into your soft locks of hair/
sooyoon [A] 2 weeks ago
@xukun *grabs you by the waist and pulls you close, pressing my lips against yours firmly*
xukun 2 weeks ago
@sooyoon And yet... you're still talking :/
sooyoon [A] 2 weeks ago
@xukun That’s an interesting question
We could do
many things
xukun 2 weeks ago
@sooyoon So
What do you want to do
Now that we're here, mm?
sooyoon [A] 2 weeks ago
@xukun hmmm we’ll see~
xukun 2 weeks ago
@sooyoon Do you want to, baby?
sooyoon [A] 2 weeks ago
@xukun does this mean i call you daddy? >.>
xukun 2 weeks ago
@sooyoon Hi, baby boy
sooyoon [A] 2 weeks ago
yukhei 3 weeks ago
@taeyong /the praise for how i feel makes my heart thump a little harder against my chest even more, a whimper coming from me when you lift my arms up to the sides of my head, squirming a little as i try to get used to handing over control to you
/nods my head gently before i curl my fingers in on my palms, nails leaving little crescents there when i dig them in even harder, your hips angled now leaving me whimpering as i see literal stars whenever i close my eyelids
/calls your name softly as your lips meet my throat, at the feeling whilst i rock back and forth beneath you, gasping as your mouth brushes over one of my s, thighs twitching either side of you as i briefly glance down at you
i can't... i-
/shakes my head softly as my face heats up at the familiar feeling of my creeping up on me, my skin feeling almost too hot to the touch as i unfurl my hands and wrap my arms around your shoulders instead to hold you close to me
i'm ...
/whispers against your lips, a drawn out moan leaving me afterwards as i hit my high, my whole body tensing up beneath yours as i release ropes of the sticky white substance on both our bodies
/as my slowly begins letting me come down from my high i relax again, though i do twitch here and there and whimper your name again, slowly looking back into your eyes once more
dohyeong [A] 4 weeks ago
Oops looks like it's hours for ol' Dohyeong
taeyong 4 weeks ago
@yukhei /as you give the green light, lets out a rather desperate sounding whine, not too suitable for the dominant role that i am determined to undertake this time, however it doesn't stop me from pushing all the way in, the action followed with a satisfied groan. I give you a moment to adjust although my hips shiver in desperation as my is tightly surrounded by your hit, velvety walls/ so tight, puppy -- such a good boy-
/murmurs as I draw my hips back experimentally, snapping them back a moment later as you urge me to move. As you guide me with your hands I manage to let out a smug chuckle, my slender fingers gripling your wrists and pinning them on each side of your head as I smile,almost sheepishly as shake my head gently/ cute. But let me take care of you, puppy,okay?
/whispers in an innocent tone, as I pick up the pace, angling my hips to hit your sweet spot as they snap in an out, my head tipped back to attach my lips to your throat. As i keep moving, adjusting to the movement of your own hips, my lips work their way down, leaving a trail of kisses on your neck as gradually making their way to your s. I cast a quick glance at you, appreciating your pleasured face for a second before dipping down again, my own moan resonating through my lips as I wrap them around your ,my tongue flicking the bud before my teeth can capture it with a gentle pull as my hips keep moving,ing deep inside you as I chase both of our pleasures/
yukhei 1 month ago
@taeyong /the sight and sounds of you touching yourself so desperately even when you seem to try and hold off in the beginning does nothing for my own restraint as it leaves me entirely now in favour of aching for all you have to offer and give to me
/whines as your hands grip onto my shoulders and have me pressed into place, tongue running between my lips as i hunger for you there more than i can say, tasting you still
/feels my breath hitch when you line yourself up with me though, stomach tensing as you nudge your way inside and cause me to stop breathing entirely for a moment, my fingers curling into the sheets so tight i vaguely worry about ripping them
y-yeah... its good
/whispers against your lips as you ask me, feeling you slowly slip the rest of yourself inside of me until you bottom out up to your balls, breathing a sigh of relief as i feel full enough with you like this
/calls softly to you once more, eyelids heavy as my brows furrow and smooth on their own, changing each time i try to get used to the feeling only to find something particularly pleasurable confusing me as to how it can feel that good
please move
/begs as i lay beneath you, hot and a little sweaty, mouth searching for your own again as i bring my own large hands to your hips, pushing them away before i tug them right back in, groaning against your lips at how good it feels
y-yes... like that
/whispers between the starved kisses, my hips also more than happily rocking back and forth as i gladly myself on your own , mumbling and about how good you feel stretching me out even more
taeyong 1 month ago
@yukhei /hums in appreciation of your words, your determination to do it yourself almost cute and it makes my twitch, not being used to seeing such a submissive side of you, and quite frankly enjoying it to the fullest. As if commanded, I pull backwards, eyes trained on your hole being filled with your fingers, my own hand gracing over my length in a teasing way, fingertips barely touching the skin. I gulp audibly as you add another finger, getting more desperate and eager to feel and touch, barely managing to stay still on my side of the bed, hand now creating a pace on my shaft, moving up and down almost as if to match the movement of your fingers/
/As you pull me closer, I return the kiss with the same amount of strength and eagerness, into your mouth with a small moan of my own, your pretty plea making me growl as if there is something non-human within me, trying to get it’s way. For a moment it seems like I’ve almost forgotten the situation, the kiss being all I focus on, tongue exploring your mouth with much curiousity although it’s clearly not the first kiss being shared between the two of us. Without much warning my hands grip your shoulders, the action strong yet somewhat gentle in a way as I try not to bruise you – not yet and not this way either-, lining myself with your hole and pushing the head of my in with an appreciative whine, lips still close to your own as I mumble, barely collecting myself/ good?
/asks, sounding rather out of breath, lust having taken over my thinking, however, the limited question being genuine as I don’t further before you give me a green light, my toes digging into the sheets while I breath heavily, the pleasure being so close to chase/
taehyung 1 month ago
@jungkook my soft, delicate hands roam around your broad back, feeling the clothed smoothness. a frown forms after realising that i was exposed to the cool air while you were in your clothed glory. i tug at your shirt, making sure that my message was conveyed through my little huffs of protest.
angel.. so im your angel now?
i better not hear about that crusty dry hoe again, or you’ll get it
threatens half-heartedly, because i know that youre bound to bring that dRY mUstY dusTy rAtchet hoe again, my hands drawings themselves to your man s and gives them an assertive squeeze in appreciation.
your breath hovers over my sensitive front and i arch ny back in aticipation, body thrumming with excitement.
aahh, f
i left out a breathy moan, hands flying back up to your locks and tugging. my body so sensitive when youve barely done anything, making my flush a crimson red.
the warm but moist sensation, rolling around my nubs had me whimpering in pleasure and sensitivity.
as you grind up, i help accentuate the pleasure by feeling your clothed goodness with the crack of my , moving in swift, circular motions.
jungkook 1 month ago
@taehyung he takes a moment to indulge himself in the sweet sound that trails past your lips, into the barely empty room with every brush against your skin. the sound resonating into his eardrums, it’s pleasant, welcoming and it has him a little smug— to know he was the cause of those noises, that he was able to reduce you into this little mess with his lips. although, he swallows down the grin twitching to carve onto his lips, instead gently brushing the pad of his fingers over the soft skin, getting a feel of your body, trying to memorise the minuscule features adorning your complexion.
tsk. we both know you’ll bring them up regardless, angel.
he clicks his tongue, glancing up at you as he breathes out a chuckle, roseate tiers hovering over your bud and he dips his head to trap it between his teeth, gently tugging at the before lapping over it with his tongue. the movement of your hips and the sounds echoing into his eardrums has his twitching with mild interest, your aligned perfectly on his lap and he can’t help but grind back, holding you down by the waist.
taehyung 1 month ago
@jungkook a mixture of a snort and a chuckle erupts, my head thrown back in laughter because of your words,,, until your teeth is dug into my skin, the brush of your wet muscle soothing the patch of abused skin.
the nudge to my jaw had me grunting softly and i tug at your hair again, this time with a little more pressure, narrowing my eyes dwn at you. the kiss to my lips however leaves a silly simper, before my lips part in an inaudible moan, arching my back slightly to press my chest against your lips, a breathy whine escaping.
i ill,, try not to mention them in front of you from now on then, daddy
the fingers digging into my side had me jolting in your lap, swallowing a whimper as i grind down harder, feeling the outline of your against my clothed .
jungkook 1 month ago
@taehyung think I have the right to be a little possessive when you’re doing that for both of us majority of the time. gotta let you remind you sometimes so you can stOp bRinG joHn, KwoOk and quAck up
he retorts, sinking his teeth into a patch of skin before running the pad of his tongue over it to soothe the dull ache and he moves his head, playfully nudging your jaw with his nose whilst forcing down a grin threatening to slip at the reaction he coax out of you. He lifts his head to press a chaste kiss to your lips before moving back down, trailing wet kisses down to your tiddies and brushes my tongue over it.
of course, gotta show them you’re not available
he grunts, nibble fingers digging into your side, leaving indentations along your skin when you grind down.
taehyung 1 month ago
@jungkook chuckles softly, tangling my fingers in your thick locks, giving it a gentle tug.
whos the possessive one now, love
the kisses you pamper me with sends shivers down my spine, pressing myself close to you so we’re chest to chest. i gasp at the feeling of your teeth grazing on my skin, a soft whine emitting at the feeling. the way you on my skin, hard and long enough to leave a mark had me smiling.
marking me already, daddy?
we’ve barely started
grinds down experimentally, lower tier bitten with mischief and anticipation.
jungkook 1 month ago
@taehyung mine. all mine.
he repeats, a hand gliding from your waist to support your back as I hold you close, chest against chest as he lathers your skin with kisses. roseate tiers pressing firmly against the sun-kissed complexion, and nibbling bruises along your collarbone to your neck, enjoying the way the red— almost purple bruise contrast deeply with your skin. he pauses, gently dragging the nip of his nose along the length of your neck, taking a quick whiff of the scent you exude.
taehyung 1 month ago
@jungkook my arms around your neck leisurely, humming at your words.
your pretty baby
my legs tighten around you, feeling as much of your warmth as possible, head lolling to the side to give you more assess, back arching the slightest in sensitivity.
jungkook 1 month ago
@taehyung such a pretty baby
his voice drops an octave the second his attention shifts to your upper body, nibble fingers resting at your waist, giving your side a squeeze before he tugs you closer in his lap. he dips his head, lips pressing along your collarbone, gently decorating the skin with kisses.
taehyung 1 month ago
plops on kookoo’s lap with shirt off because shIRT NUGU.
gimme the suq
jungkook 1 month ago
taehyung 57 seconds ago Reply
jungkook 1 minute ago Reply
but yes I wanna succ on the taeddies :c

cmere baby daddy ; ^)

waddle waddles
gimme the taeddies unu
taehyung 1 month ago
jungkook 1 minute ago Reply
but yes I wanna succ on the taeddies :c

cmere baby daddy ; ^)
jungkook 1 month ago
‘flies away’ nUgu yOu plS


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smilingdown 1 week ago
A/R Kim Jongdae please
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unrevealed 2 weeks ago
keeping upvote and fav but johnny dipped
starstrckd 2 weeks ago
yo can I get ten?
jungshook 1 month ago
your boy needs a hella hiatus
queen_bxnny 1 month ago
Hello, I have a vision problem, an eye disease, and can’t read your description. Is there any way that I can read it out of that description?
JungUwUs 1 month ago
Jungwoo of NCT please.
seulgiggles 1 month ago
ten of nct pls
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