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a large bed, swing set, and toys galore is waiting for you in this room. lube, s, s.. enjoy a good !
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yukhei 20 hours ago
@taeyong who am i telling the review to? whatever happens here is just between you and me. no one else. call me selfish but i don't want anyone else knowing how good you are. that's for me to know and them to never find out
/murmurs as i briefly wonder if you mind the possessive nature and tones that taint the words i spill for you, though i highly doubt it considering i'm as much yours as you are mine
/nods my head at your question, big eyes glancing down at your hands curling over the sheets and my lips twitch at the corners, tugging up into another smile
/at the offer of breaking you being received positively i feel something switch inside of me, like you've flicked on a light or e out, basic instinct, animalistic need burning over reasoning and rationality
you're going to wish you didn't say that, beautiful
/mutters under my breath before i hear your growl and it causes moan to rip through me and be sent straight through your length
/when there's no sign or sound of discomfort me when you buck up i give you a small nod of my head, gesturing for you to go on ahead and use my mouth
/but its more than that, just used, it makes me groan heavily as my tongue restlessly laps over your length and traces along a vein that throbs for attention there
/flutters my gaze up as you compliment me so sweetly, lust pooling in my eyes as heat does the same in my stomach, my hips pressing down into the sheets as i try ease off some of the tension i feel
/with my hair falling like silk between your fingers, i make a point of putting on a show for you, hollowing out my cheeks to the point you can see the outline of your pressing against my cheeks
/a moan sounding a lot like your name comes from me, hands slipping beneath you to cup your in my large palms, helping you buck up into my mouth even harder as i'm intent on getting you to more than once tonight it seems
minhyun 21 hours ago
*gets lost here, looks around* where the am I? *gulps upon seeing some toys... toys he doesn't usually see*
dohyeong [A] 21 hours ago
@wonshik *shivers and mewls again, feeling my get just a little tighter when you praise me*
Thank you, daddy; I love you too, lots and lots~
*whines a little and presses my back into your hands instinctively, wanting more and more contact and outright groaning once I hear your question; nods frantically as soon as I get a grip on how to function after hearing you use such language, no longer used to hearing you say anything like that to me*
Yes, please, please, please, I want it!
Want daddy to me, please, can you?
*bites my lip and wiggles my at you, emphasizing what exactly I want*
wonshik 21 hours ago
@dohyeong *releases you so you can get off my lap again and watches you intently with lustfilled eyes, my lips unconsciously at the sight of your in that position*
That's...That's perfect, baby. Such a good boy...I love you.
*bites my lip as I just admire you for a moment and then gets up, kneeling down behind you, hands caressing and groping your cheeks and your thighs*
Would you like to get ed by your daddy, baby?
taeyong 1 day ago
@yukhei is that true? will you be leaving a five star review for me, Yuhkei? /murmurs, my words sounding rather collected, contrasting with the mess that I am feeling on the inside as a rather satisfied smirk decorates my tiers at the way you handle me, enjoying the rather harsher way in which you pin me down/
would you like that? /mumbles, visibly out of breath as I grip the sheets of the bed, getting lost in the moment for a short second as your curled fingers pleasure me, my eyes closed as I pant before snapping open, my hair draped messily on the pillow as I catch your eyes with my own. With that I reach out my hand to cup your cheek, bringing your face down to my own and planting my lips on yours before pulling away just slightly as I whisper my next sentence/ Break me then, Yukhei
/another line of soft moans leaves my lips as your fingers continue moving, the sight of my precum paling your lips receiving a small growl from me, breath hitching at your words. Unsure of your request I halt my movements for a bit, hand brushing over your hair as I try to memorise the view in front of me, beautiful lips stretched around my length. Bucks my hips up as if testing you, allowing you to pull away if you decide so, however, after a few moments my hips pick up a pace, head tilting to the side at the pleasure that you give/ You feel so good.. So beautiful, baby, with your lips snug around me.. so pretty
yukhei 2 days ago
@taeyong /noticing how your hand presses me down a little bit and your hips buck up, i raise an eyebrow and wonder if you liked the feeling of my mouth that much
yeah? you make a perfect kitty for me
/whispers with a small smile before i lean in and kiss over your hip, nibbling at the bone as my other hand pins your hips down into place for me
/leans back a little when i feel you moving against my fingers, watching quietly as you seem so eager you begin doing all the work yourself
i could just keep my fingers here and you'd stretch yourself out on them, huh?
/curls them inside of you before i watch you struggle a little more, panting softly and prettily flushed just for me, i almost want to stop and take a photo of you
/relying on memory instead, at least for now, i watch as you stretch around me and grow accustomed to the feeling at last
ah? you won't break? shame... would have been nice to see how pretty you'd look broken for me
/murmurs with a small chuckle, pulling my fingers back only to press in again with a third, pumping in and out of you steadily for a while
good kitten... just a little more
/lowers my head again, kissing the tip of your after smearing the precum over my tiers, sighing in delight at the feeling before i mumble throatily
why don't you show me what those little dancer hips can do again, hmm?
/referring to how they bucked earlier i run my tongue over my lips before parting them around you, slipping down your shaft until my nose bumps your lower stomach, breathing through my nose as i relax around your length now nudging down my throat, eyes on your own in invitation as my fingers still stretch you
dohyeong [A] 2 days ago
@wonshik *gently presses my nails into your back and groans with each mark made on my body, returning the gesture and and biting marks onto your neck too*
Mnn, glad you think so~
*slides off of your lap and bites my lip again, getting on my hands and knees and looking back at you with dark eyes*
Like this, daddy?
*rests my cheek on my arms so my is up in the air in front of you, smiling sweetly at you*
Like this?
wonshik 2 days ago
@dohyeong *plays with your tongue after slipping mine into your mouth, on it softly before I pull away to look at you, smiling as I glance down at the string of saliva that's left connecting our mouths. Slurps the strand away before I start trailing kisses down your jaw and your neck, on your skin here and there until I leave a few visible, dark marks*
Yes, please... I would really, really love that, baby boy. They look so perfect on you....I want to take a better look at them. Get down on your knees and bend over for me, baby
dohyeong [A] 2 days ago
@wonshik Hehe, okay then.
*smiles shyly at you and chuckles softly, starting to say something but gasping softly as I'm pulled back on your lap and kissed so thoroughly, whimpering against your lips as I return the kiss*
I... Well, I had them on before changing, so I figured... I'd just keep them on.
But, I'm glad you like them.
I tend to prefer wearing things like this nowadays.
I can... I dunno, wear this around the house, with a regular shirt so you can still see them, if you'd like.
They make me feel pretty, so I wouldn't mind wearing them for you.
wonshik 2 days ago
@dohyeong Pretty much~ But just the shorts for now.
*lets go of you just so you can get off my lap and watches as you remove the shorts, eyes widening instantly at the sight of the *
Oh...my. . Why would you do this to me? Come here
*grabs your wrist a bit roughly and pulls you onto my lap again, grabbing you by the nape of your neck and smacking my lips onto yours as my other hand plays with your *
I love them...
dohyeong [A] 2 days ago
@wonshik *makes a small noise of pleasure and flicks my tongue over yours, whining and chasing after your lips as soon as you pull away but stopping myself to let you speak afterward*
I'm happy to be so good for you.
*shivers and closes my eyes with a quiet groan, only opening them at your desire to remove the shorts*
Just put this on, and you already want it off?
*chuckles softly and gets off of your lap long enough to remove the shorts, blushing as I tug at the white underneath*
These too?
wonshik 2 days ago
@dohyeong *gives you a short yet sensual kiss on the lips, the roof of your mouth slowly as I break away*
Perfect. I know you'll be good, baby. You're always so obedient to your daddy
*smiles at you and slides my hands down from your waist to your thighs, caressing them and squeezing them before move my hands back up to grab your bum. Looks over your shoulder and furrows my brows as I lightly tug at your shorts*
Hmmm...I want these off...
wonshik 2 days ago
*takes notes*
wonshik 2 days ago
dohyeong [A] 2 days ago
If I already start shivering and mewling from putting a shirt on, actually tugging them... Holy that's gonna be the new ion technique
I'm just gonna tug at the piercings until I .
dohyeong [A] 2 days ago
I don't think Wonnie would bite them, so I won't ask for it, but I'm pretty sure he'd tug at them a little.
Dongwoo you should've gotten the bars and not the hoops if you wanted yours bitten.
Though, if I wanted mine tugged, I should've gotten the hoops and not the bars.
Oh well
dongwoo ( h ) [A] 2 days ago
Bit, bitten, one of those things
I wanted it so bad I tossed grammar to the side wow
dongwoo ( h ) [A] 2 days ago
I want my piercings bit
Hnng that'd hurt, and I want nothing more~
dohyeong [A] 2 days ago
I realized that it's been long enough that my piercings can be tugged at a little
Holy I could definitely just from that
I already know it.
dohyeong [A] 2 days ago
Boy that's a thought
For once, I kinda want it on my face.
I can play around with it a little, keep some in my mouth and let the rest hit my face
I'd love to be covered in it.
Ah, of course, I'd have to stick my tongue out to show my daddy that I have some in my mouth, and then I gotta swallow and show him that I did so he'll call me his good boy~
This is not distracting me from wanting at all
But now the image is in my head ugh
dohyeong [A] 2 days ago
Welp, time to distract myself from wanting to every bit of out of my fiance ^_^
jimin 2 days ago
I'm adult u n u
dohyeong [A] 2 days ago
Jimin you are baby >_<
jimin 2 days ago
who wants to be ual with me -
dohyeong [A] 2 days ago
@wonshik *smiles brightly at the praise and nuzzles your neck in thanks before stating it physically*
Thank you!
*happily kisses you back and mewls softly, my lips parting at the feeling of your tongue brushing across my lower tier*
Mhm, wanna be good~
*holds onto your tighter, unwilling to have any space whatsoever between us*
I'll be good for you, promise, daddy.
wonshik 2 days ago
@dohyeong *chuckles softly at your reaction and helps you by pulling you onto my lap, hands resting on your small waist*
Such a good boy~
*smirks when you call me that and pulls you closer, pressing my lips to yours gently before running my tongue along your bottom lip*
Now you let daddy touch you and you do as he says
*mumbles against your lips*
dohyeong [A] 2 days ago
Damn, big brother
I need to take notes from you
taeyong 3 days ago
@yukhei /appreciating hum leaves my lips as I listen, rosy tip of my tongue poking out to wet my lips while I watch you, fingers sliding down your shaft to fumble with your balls, my movements rather messy as I am rather overwhelmed with pleasure that you're inducing/
/my cheeks flush even more so as you compliment me, eyes closing, although there is no reason to shy about anymore, yet still, I halt my movements for a moment, fingers tugging on your hair gently as if to rush you, although there really is no rushing/ never thought i'd say this, Yukhei.. But i really enjoy being your little kitten -- /mumbles as if in daze, several moans leaving my lips as your lips are snuggle wrapped around my before I buck my hips up, almost instantly glancing down at you, trying to figure if you're okay with me moving while my hand almost unconsciously pushing you down, although the action is rather slow, allowing you to pull away whenever you please and not forcing you to do anything/
/as you push your second finger in, I move my hips down, seemingly chasing the pleasure, my member twitching at the sight of my precum touching your lips, your works planting another smirk on my own, my words rather messy as I keep pushing my hips down onto your fingers, yet, still loud and clear/
hurry up then, handsome -- / i add the nickname in an almost mocking tone, only to be shut down by the bigger stretch, my head tipping backwards, lips open, silent pants escaping them before i look down at you again, face sporting a rather wrecked expression before i bring my hand to my head, brushing my damp hair away/ please.. I won't break, baby--
yukhei 3 days ago
@taeyong /hums in agreement to your earlier words, tipping my head to the side a little before i bow my head just a little, freely at how even just the touch of your fingers bring me closer to euphoria
you'd look beautiful with my down your throat, kitten. really beautiful...
/whispers softly as i see those eyes of yours darken slightly to match my own, the way you so readily opened your mouth and held on painting a good few thoughts in my mind
since you asked so nicely...
/chuckles under my breath, enjoying how your hips jerked up in search of some kind of relief before i glance down at your length again, kissing it sweetly before i mumble in that deep voice of mine
you're even pretty here, kitten. how is that fair?
/sighs longingly as i feel your fingers in my hair, familiar plump lips wrapped around you and refusing to move even an inch away
/in fact i slide down further, tongue slipping along the underside of your shaft, taking my time as i trace a vein i can feel throbbing against my tongue
/my gaze flicks up to your own when you say it feels good, curling my finger up inside of you and stroking it over your silky walls before i slowly nudge in the second digit
/pulls off your shaft with a small popping sound, exhaling a little heavily against it before i dip my tongue into the slit, sliding my hand up to mimic the same thing you did to me with your own nail earlier
you even taste delicious. i want all of you-
/laps at the tip of your length for a moment, swiping up the beads of precum and as i savour them, fingers scissoring you now as i stretch you further
you're so tight... warm... i can't wait to feel you around me properly
/turns my head to kiss the inside of one of your thighs, not having forgotten it as i'm left sighing again, nosing at the soft curls at the base of your
/groans at your scent, lips dragging over you still before i try nudging in the third digit, watching you closely though to make sure i'm not pushing you beyond your limit for now
taeyong 3 days ago
@yukhei never say never, right? I think I might surprise you sometime in the future.. although-- you're right, baby, i am really enjoying myself -- /murmurs, voice rather amused, given the situation, my lips giving in without much convincing as I kiss back, onto your bottom lip for a moment as my fingers explore your muscular chest with appreciation/
show me then -- /gets the words out as my wrist flicks, slender fingers working a rhythm on your shaft, matching your pace before pressing the tip of my thumb into your slit, teasing you with some satisfaction on my face before i can focus on your fingers again./
/opens my lips, although unable to respond with your fingers between them, teeth grazing over them as I keep my eyes locked to yours, my tongue curling around them. I relax my throat for a second, as if inviting as my hand moves away from your chest, resting on your shoulder as if there is a need for me to steady myself. There is a ratehr playful glint in my eyes as I listen to your words, fingers digging into your skin as my other hand continues to please you/ please, Yukhei-- I need-- you /gets the words out, although not without struggle, hissing as cold air hits my throbbing length, hips bucking forward impatiently, my member lacking the much needed attention as now there isn't anything to distract me and my eyes can't physically leave your own/
/another whine escapes my plush lips as you stretch me, eyes closing for a moment as I arch once more, before forcing myself to look at you, hand travelling down to grip at your hair, although not hard enough to hurt you, surprised moan of your name leaving my lips as your lips stretch around my / mm baby.. that's good


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can you add Minhyun?
byunhemian 2 days ago
Hi there can you add baekkie back ;) this is the former baekhyun
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Hello can you please add Kim Namjoon back I am so sorry for being inactive I couldn’t figure out my email to recover my password :(
jageun 1 week ago
:O i haven’t been active. sorry! thanks for having me, though.
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dowoon from day6 please and thankies
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I’m so proud of you bubbies

stay litty you bishes <3
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hai, heathens :)) guess who?
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Are moving couples accepted?
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