ㅡ room

a large bed, swing set, and toys galore is waiting for you in this room. lube, s, s.. enjoy a good !
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dongwoo [A] 1 week ago
I swear I need to go shopping for more toys
But I don't wanna go by myself >_<
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seokjin [A] 2 weeks ago
hhhhhhh now jinnie feels needy shsdfksdf
seoho 3 weeks ago
@jinki *when you nod, my eyes widen in surprise, gaze dropping to stare at your crotch in awe, lips slightly agape still cant believe i got a yes from you, despite how twinkling my eyes got, now that i got the green light, a faint blush come to my face. I close the gap between my lips by biting down on the lower tire as ny chest heave up in excitement and nervousness at how painfully i missed feeling it. I spare your face a glance where you could see my sparkling eyes before i look down again, chewing on my lower lip as i let my hand gradually cover your small bulge till the warmth of my palm envelope it whole. Other hand tightening into a fist, the one on your manhood start to lightly caress up and down, admiringly, reluctantly pulling palm away and leaving fingertips only to trace and outline your crotch, meanwhile you can hear how ragged my breathing became before i withdraw ny tingling hand away fully to rub it on my thigh and my eyes flash wide noticing how my own bulge starting to form and quickly cover it with my shirt*
jinki [A] 3 weeks ago
@seoho i find my words stuck in my throat as you take advantage of the situation, lips slightly agape as my thoughts leave my head, nodding dumbly at your request with my hand subconsciously squeezing yours
seoho 3 weeks ago
@jinki *grits my teeth to hold the whine in but it escapes scandalously out when im pulled in, turning serious and determinant again and I nod, a hand lifting to rest lightly on your tummy, my fingertips dragging lower but stopping*
Let me be a good boy then. Don't restrict me.
jinki [A] 3 weeks ago
@seoho my lips turn downwards at the obvious objection, though i shrug it off inwardly and use the same hand to take a hold of yours, pulling you in a little closer, voice lowered; gentle;
you're always a good boy, seohoyah
the best boy
all mine
seoho 3 weeks ago
@jinki *my frown turn to somewhat of scowl at your words rolling my shoulder backward to shrug your hand away*
Im being good boy though
jinki [A] 3 weeks ago
@seoho oh, c'mon..
there's a faint whining tone in my speech, eyebrows furrowed as i attempt to calm you down, one hand patting your shoulder in comfort
stop it, baby. be a good boy, hm ? let's get out of here
seoho 3 weeks ago
@jinki *frowns in distaste at your words and let my pout make an appearance, closing the distance between us and gaze down between our bodies with furrowed eyebrows and persistent pout, hands pulled into a fists by my thighs*
jinki [A] 3 weeks ago
@seoho hey, of course i can
consent, man, it's 2019--
seoho 3 weeks ago
@jinki *eyes the spray weirdly*
What the-
You cant tell me no. *bites my inner cheeks to stop my lips from pursng them into a pout and keep my serious face*
jinki [A] 3 weeks ago
@seoho holds bug spray
seoho 3 weeks ago
@jinki - _ -
*steps closer*
jinki [A] 3 weeks ago
@seoho no
seoho 3 weeks ago
@jinki Stares
dohyeong [A] 1 month ago
Confession time: (Rated R-ish) Turn away all ye innocent ears

Okay, so I like my piercings being tugged yes?
We've established that, but I've decided that I wanna be used that way.
To have those piercings tugged and tugged until I'm about to lose it and then tugged one more time to pull my mouth onto that shaft I love so much
God I would him so well, want his seed sliding down my throat before I'm even touched again.
Wanna let him stare at my body as it writhes in want for him.
Let him stare all he wants; , I could probably just from that intense stare.
But good boys don't before permission is given.
If I came, I'd immediately feel so sorry, lay myself at his feet and take whatever he wanted to punish me with.
Tug at those piercings until I got too close and then leave me unsatisfied.
Want him to tug hard sometimes and barely move it other times.
He could get me to do whatever he wanted that way.
And that realization is what makes me wanna be used, ed like I don't matter, brought to the edge by pleasure and pain and then carelessly tossed over that edge when he saw fit to allow it.
I'd just take it, take what he wanted to give me.
But he'd take such good care of me afterwards, and god I'd love him all over again, ride him until I'm satisfied with the amount of pleasure I'd given him.
I dunno if I'd pass out, but I'd really love to see if he can make me.
dohyeong [A] 2 months ago
Also, you Wonnie for getting me into cosplay
dohyeong [A] 2 months ago
I found out that tugging at the piercings has me coming so quick
yukhei 3 months ago
@taeyong /as i get to watch you reach your own high i can't help the smile that tugs at the corners of my lips, thinking even now you're pretty and oh so handsome all at once
/the warm squelch and gushing feeling inside of me has me squirming just a little, though i'm distracted when i realise just how tightly you were holding onto me for the slight sting in my hips as you detach yourself
/groans as you slip out of me inevitably, one hand reaching into your hair as you kiss my chest whilst i shift to lay beside you instead, chest warm from your kiss
i love you too
/nuzzles my face against your neck, kissing at it softly before i move my lips up to your jaw and ear, nipping at the lobe before i drape an arm over your waist gently, pressing myself firmly up against you
...thank you
that felt-
/at a loss for words i opt for actions again instead, kissing one of your collarbones before i capture your thigh between my own legs, squeezing at it to ease off any tension left in me
/when i've had cover the side of you closest to me in kisses i let my head lay on your shoulder, eyelids closing as i let my lips part, falling asleep moments later with a content smile on my face
taeyong 3 months ago
@yukhei /as you suddenly turn so pliant and rather submissive, it almost turns a switch inside of me, tearing me into two - one part being careful and loving, and another based on some merely animalistic instincs, wanting to take and mark what's mine. As my pace grows more erratic, pleasure taking over the reasoning while hushed, satisfied sounds stream through my partially open lips, head lifting from your chest to be able to watch you,your pleased face sending me to cloud nine all at once/
Come for me, beautiful, let me see -- /murmurs, hands falling to rest on your hips, the touch almost comforting as if trying to reasure you, or maybe trying to make you feel safe as you appear so fragile to me just now. My lips fall onto your own at your words, drinking in the moan which makes me twitch inside of you, soon enough drawing me closer to my own as I give you a few more final s before coming inside of you with your name leaving my lips in strings like a spell/
/as I ride out my high, my eyes slowly dart to my hands where my string grip on your hips has left pink markings on your skin and my fingers finally start detaching themselves from it. My gaze reaches your eyes while my stomach rises and falls as I breathe heavily, as if hypnotized my your eyes/
/one of my hands slowly moves up your torso, the action too gentle, compared to the previous treatment as I slip out of you, tipping my head down to press a final kiss to your chest/ i love you, xuxi
xukun 4 months ago
@sooyoon /parts my lips for you, humming into your mouth as lower my hands and slip them beneath your shirt, fingers splaying over your skin, cold compared to it, my body molding toyour own/
sooyoon [A] 4 months ago
@xukun *slightly nips at your lower lip, asking for entrance, my arms slipping around your frame to hold you close*
xukun 4 months ago
@sooyoon /hums, satisfied, as I let you manhandle me like you do, pressing myself to you as I return the kiss, letting my fingers dive into your soft locks of hair/
sooyoon [A] 4 months ago
@xukun *grabs you by the waist and pulls you close, pressing my lips against yours firmly*
xukun 4 months ago
@sooyoon And yet... you're still talking :/
sooyoon [A] 4 months ago
@xukun That’s an interesting question
We could do
many things
xukun 4 months ago
@sooyoon So
What do you want to do
Now that we're here, mm?
sooyoon [A] 4 months ago
@xukun hmmm we’ll see~
xukun 4 months ago
@sooyoon Do you want to, baby?


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Maeyeollie 3 weeks ago
*sits here for a hot second*
Your layout is beautiful~
f10678786e9cdfbb785c 2 months ago
add josh cullen santos for me, please!
DoneWithYou 2 months ago
Insert mi
self-love 2 months ago
Y’all gay
lascivious 3 months ago
oh god, the memories --
warms me little, bitty heart to see you guys still up and running.
I may not be remembered, or even I remember much but this place
still has a very special place in my heart. Time has really wooshed, huh?
I probably sound like a granny lmao, I'm sorry ! just happy to see that one
of my favorite places is still up as I come back onto this site hah!
Mysterio 3 months ago
Um, may I join?
76b27de48ad9d7e8f646 3 months ago
could I get kyungsoo back please
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smilingdown 4 months ago
A/R Kim Jongdae please
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