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Knightmare gym & fitness center


Fitness Instructor : Chris Evans

: Take care of your body its the only thing you live with and good things come for those who sweat.

~ spread love not just legs ~


Ѯ Chris Evans 2 months ago
/enters the familiar place as he puts down his bag, he stands in front of the mirror as he starts stretching waiting for a being to appear, or wander in the place/
ᾟ Lisa ʥ 5 months ago
@ᵹጀ Chloe /takes the towel and smiles thankfully
/wipes my face and my body before hanging the towel over my shoulder
/follows you to the room and looks at the room in awe
Wow! This is nice. Real nice
/chuckles as I hear the hiphop music blasting over the speakers
Hhhmmm...okay then!
/throws the towel over to the side before slowly letting the music take over my body. Does a popping move and does a little krump
Your turn
/turns to you
ᵹ Chloe Bennet 5 months ago
@ᾟ Lisa ʥ /pants softly and makes a towel appears on my palm, give one to you/
/chuckles softly/ yeah, I did it because I need to lure some fresh food~
/nods and goes to other room surrounded with mirror/
there's just two of us! we can dance all we want~
/there's two dancing-poles, yoga mats, and some small barbels, goes to sound system and pick the hiphop music/ maybe you can show me a little, then I will follow?
ᾟ Lisa ʥ 5 months ago
@ᵹጀ Chloe /stops the treadmill panting a little
It's been a while since I ran this much
/wipes my face and neck before turning to you
You can pole dance? Well, I guess that's what I should expect from a succubus
/laughs softly before stepping off the treadmill watching you from the back as you finish your cardio
I wouldn't mind. I'd love to teach you. Is there a dance studio in this gym?
ᵹ Chloe Bennet 5 months ago
@ᾟ Lisa ʥ /stop the treadmill as I put your shirt in my locker, together with my other stuff/
/is going back to your side but decide to watch your body bouncing for seconds before goes on treadmill again, is finishing the cardio portion/
well.. I'm used to do pole dancing since its needed for work
but I wanna see hiphop dance, do you perhaps, wanna teach me a little? /chuckles softly/
ᾟ Lisa ʥ 5 months ago
@ᵹጀ Chloe Yeah. It is
/smiles brightly as I hand you my shirt
/shakes my head
I don't do yoga but I used to dance. I was in a dance group before. But it was more of hiphop though
/clears my throat as I look away noticing your eyes on me
I-is something wrong?
ᵹ Chloe Bennet 5 months ago
@ᾟ Lisa yeah... there you go, it's much comfortable right~
/chuckles and offer you my hand to put away the shirt, actually, want to get some of your scent/
do you usually exercise like this or doing something more peaceful like yoga?
hmmm maybe aerobic or dance?~
/eyeing your body shamelessly, its definitely perfect for dancing/
ᾟ Lisa ʥ 5 months ago
@ᵹጀ Chloe /tries to avoid looking at you but for some reason my eyes keep looking back at you my body getting hotter not just from the exercise
Something like that
/chuckles softly as I stop the treadmill
It's getting really hot. I hope you won't mind
/takes my shirt off revealing my sports bra and my sweaty body
ᵹ Chloe Bennet 5 months ago
@ᾟ Lisa /my hair became sticky as I keep running, some part of my body bouncing more than my actual running legs/
/smiles softly at your question/ know I'm a succubus, I need to keep my form beauty
and exercise needed
/look at running you find you cute also -y, makes me want to reveal what lays under that loose shirt/'re shaping your body too I assume? to please the masters?~
ᾟ Lisa ʥ 5 months ago
@ᵹጀ Chloe /gets on the treadmill next to you and starts running
I used to
/nods my head as I turn my attention to you only to look back in front my face turning red at the sight of you sweating
H-How about you? You look like someone who hits the gym often
/clears my throat
I-I mean it is quite obvious with your body
ᵹ Chloe Bennet 5 months ago
@ᾟ Lisa /nods and watch your body stretched, gulp softly and look away/
/goes to one treadmill and start it, keep one for you/ come once you're done~
/start running and hums softly/ did you exercises often, Lisa?~
ᾟ Lisa ʥ 5 months ago
@ᵹጀ Chloe Okay! Let's stretch first. I don't want to get injured
/lets out a small laugh as I start stretching my upper body then my legs
Should we hit the treadmill first??
ᵹ Chloe Bennet 5 months ago
@ᾟ Lisa /look at panting you, my lips/
/shakes head and takes in my tongue/
nope, come here and stretch first~
/hums softly and stay beside you, look at your outfit/ cute~
let's do cardio for today~
ᾟ Lisa ʥ 5 months ago
@ᵹጀ Chloe /arrives, panting hard in jogging pants, loose shirt and running shoe
I-I'm here
/walks up to you with my hand over my chest
Did you wait long?
/smiles apologetically
ᵹ Chloe Bennet 5 months ago
@ᾟ Lisa /tighten my shoelaces as waiting for you to join/
/takes of my jersey and reveal my black sport bra/
/hums and twist my body/
if she's going to run away from creatures here, at least she should prepares it~
/hums and raise my on the air while my body goes down, stretching my back bones/
ᵹ Chloe Bennet 5 months ago
/comes in and drop my stuff on one locker/
/does some stretch/
Ӂ Dawon [A] 6 months ago
@Ѯ Chris Evans Oh you do?....huh...
I guess that makes sense now/of course that's why you said youd see me the next time I came here/
/looks at you through the mirror, trying to relax my shoulders like you tell me to, although I'm not quite sure how to do that/
What's this going to do?
Ѯ Chris Evans 6 months ago
@Ӂ Dawon  /chuckles as he approaches you and shakes his head/
Of course I'd be here. I work here you know.
/places his hand on your shoulders/
May I? Help you?
/smiles through the mirrors reflection/
Relax your shoulders, Miss.
Ӂ Dawon [A] 6 months ago
@Ѯ Chris Evans /I hear a voice behind me, my legs parted slightly so I could see who it was without having to stand up/
/that didn't seem to help, as upside down I could only really see legs/
/I stand up properly, now seeing who it was, I smile/
Hello, you're here/i don't realize that you work here, I have never thought to ask/
Ѯ Chris Evans 6 months ago
@Ӂ Dawon  /he was busy fixing some things in the back room as he carries some more weights out of the room, sees the familiar figure and smiles to himself as he approached her, crossing his arms over his chest he smiles at the female through the reflection of the mirrors/
Hey there. You have come I see.
Ӂ Dawon [A] 6 months ago
@Ѯ Chris Evans /I come here to go try to teach myself to work out, and in hopes of possibly running into the big man who said he'd help me/
/my eyes almost immediately land on the contraption that hurt my face, a disappointed sound coming from my throat/
/I decide to go grab a mat and start some stretches. I had looked up a few that seemed a little easy/
/stands on the mat, bending down to touch my toes, barely getting there/
Ӂ Dawon [A] 7 months ago
Pretty?/blinks at you confused. I've never been commented on by my looks before/
That's what that contraptions called? I hate it/nods/
Oh ok.../follows you to the mirrors, curious at to what exactly would be done over here/
What does one do exactly for stretching?
/crouches down to help you roll out the mats/
Ѯ Chris Evans 7 months ago
Nice to see a pretty lady visiting the gym.
/shakes your hand in return, as he frowns a bit/
Well I'm guessing threadmills are not for you. Maybe some stretching first before exercising, dont you think?
/looks at you as he walks infront of a mirror away from the threadmill and signals you to come to him as he rolls out a mat for you/
I'll help you. Come on.
Ӂ Dawon [A] 7 months ago
/hard not to be startled when I'm bashing my face into things/
Yes, yes im sure/nods/
I did hurt, but I heal fast!
/stares up at you and shakes my head/
Its ok...I think I've already been defeated by this contraption
/looks at your hand and shakes it/
It is nice to meet you Chris, I'm Dawon
Ѯ Chris Evans 7 months ago
No need to be startled, miss. You sure nothing hurt?
/askes as he crosses his arms/
I could help you if you want.. Or need help.
/flashes you his boyish grin and offers a hand out/
I'm Chris.
Ӂ Dawon [A] 7 months ago
/runs my head, if there were any cuts, they were already healed by now/
Oh?/looks up at the big man that was watching me, my cheeks turning red from embarrassment/
Yes...I mean no!
I'm not hurt, I got surprised that's all!
Thank you/gives the treadmill a little glare/
Ѯ Chris Evans 7 months ago
/senses the coming danger and rushes to you when it happened/
Oh jeez. Are you alright Miss?
/he asks as he helps you up, scanning your face for any marks/
Does anything hurt?
Ӂ Dawon [A] 7 months ago
/feels as if someone is watching me, turns my head slowly to see a big man watching me/
/accidentally steps off on the runner, slipping and falling right onto my face/
Ѯ Chris Evans 7 months ago
/watches the newcomer and just continues to stretch out, wondering if the being would like some help or wants to be left on her own/
Ӂ Dawon [A] 7 months ago
/comes in, pulling my hair up/
/looks around before getting on the treadmill to run/


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