⚪ room 9-30

woohyun, sunggyu, jeonghan


please knock before entering.

α☪kim sunggyu 2 years ago
just spamming
α☪kim sunggyu 3 years ago
@α❅nam woohyun I'm in faunece, and it's having itch shedule.
I don't know about you or jeonghannie.
Do you want to settle the house in faunece?
α❅nam woohyun 3 years ago
@α☪kim sunggyu Uh I don't mind where...
Btw... is one of us in itch/rut?
α☪kim sunggyu 3 years ago
@β☄yoon jeonghan @α❅nam woohyun So~
Where are we gonna put the apartment?
And why are you two didn't play with me there?
β☄yoon jeonghan 3 years ago
@α❅nam woohyun *Sighs, deciding to make things easier for you and leaves a letter on the table, looks at the door and leaves the place, leaving you alone with Sunggyu, knowing you'll eventually understand his reasons someday*
"I am tired. Tired of everything that has been happening ever since we became...'this'. Indeed I have feelings for you, but all of this has to stop. You have Sunggyu, who, just as you said before when you wanted to break up with me, is your true mate. I am tired of always standing between you, I am tired of all the drama, all his wounds I have nothing to deal with. I am tired of always thinking about others and never about myself. This time I am thinking about everyone, I was never your real mate, to begin with, ours was a mistake cause of heat, the fact you left me the next day after sleeping with me, proves it. So please don't stop me. This will be best for you and Sunggyu. That way you can have your happiness, puppies and everything you want. He needs you more and I am sure you love and need him. I'll disappear from your lives, so please...don't search for me. All I hope is that you do understand my reasons. I wasn't supposed to be part of this to begin with. Thank you for trying to heal my wounds...from being unloved and played around with, I know you tried, but the wounds on my heart just cut deeper and deeper. And the only way to stop it is to get away. I know my decision is right..because I'll never have your heart the way Sunggyu has it, and no matter what your words say, they can't change your heart. Goodbye."
α❅nam woohyun 3 years ago
@β☄yoon jeonghan Why is it alway this complicated?
*asks before I went to rescue SungGyu*
*wants to be there for the both of you equally but it seemed so difficult*
*as I realize SungGyu has a wound I just break down myself*
No... this can't be true
β☄yoon jeonghan 3 years ago
@α❅nam woohyun *Doesn't even know what to say, freezing on his place*
You are a good mate...but I get tired of all of this...what's with all this...Sunggyu..*Sighs* Till when are we going to keep it like this? You can't take care of both of us, and obviously Sunggyu has more need of you then me.
α☪kim sunggyu 3 years ago
@α❅nam woohyun *everything went black after his breath getting difficult*
*holding his chest, he lay down there unconscious, tears stained his face along with blood from the wound on his temple, caused by the fall*
α❅nam woohyun 3 years ago
@α☪kim sunggyu *crawls over the floor following your scent to where you are*
*isn't able to open the door from down here*
*whines before managing to get up and enter the bathroom*
*can't see anything and so cuddles up against your unconscious body*
α☪kim sunggyu 3 years ago
@α❅nam woohyun *collapsed on the ground at the bathroom door*
Hyun-- mate--
*fall unconscious*
α❅nam woohyun 3 years ago
@α☪kim sunggyu *doesn't realize what was happening until I hear the loud thuds from the bathroom*
*jerks in fear that something might have happened to you*
*lifts my head trying to look for you through my tears*
*gets up instinctively knowing that you aren't okay*
Gyu-yah? Where are you?
*whimpers walking almost blindly through the dorm*
α☪kim sunggyu 3 years ago
@β☄yoon jeonghan @α❅nam woohyun *start to undress*
*switch on the cold shower and went under it*
*was washing my hair and putting on the soap before feel the sharp pain that makes me keeled over and drop the bottles of soap and shampoo as it fall down and making loud noise*
*stay crouched, hissing in pain as I holding my chest, eyes getting blurry with tears*
Mate.... My mate... Hyun...
*blindly patting and crawling around the wall before reaching the door*
*opening it and trying to reach out before the sharp pain on my chest making me collapsed*
α❅nam woohyun 3 years ago
@β☄yoon jeonghan @α☪kim sunggyu SungGyu wait-
*tries to stop SungGyu but fails*
*leans against the kitchen counter and slides down*
Jeonghannie? I think I failed again... I am really not a good boyfriend to neither of you
*places my hand onto my biting mark and starts crying*
α☪kim sunggyu 3 years ago
@α❅nam woohyun *dried all the plate and put it in the rack quietly, still facing the sink*
*sigh quietly*
No. It's okay. I'm gonna take a bath first.
*goes to the bathroom and closing the door*
α❅nam woohyun 3 years ago
@α☪kim sunggyu *notices how you won't come back*
Hey Gyu ~
*gets up and follows you worriedly*
Is everything okay?
*asks as i see you washing your plate*
Did I do something wrong? I'm sorry about that
α☪kim sunggyu 3 years ago
@α❅nam woohyun *pout*
*walk to the kitchen sleepily*
*take the food and stay in the kitchen eating it*
Thanks for the food*
*put my plate down then washing it*
α❅nam woohyun 3 years ago
@α☪kim sunggyu *hurries to eat everything that's inside my bowl*
*brings it back to the kitchen and as I come back you ask for more*
Hmm I just came back from the kitchen. Go get it yourself
α☪kim sunggyu 3 years ago
@β☄yoon jeonghan @α❅nam woohyun *eating a bit messy because still sleepy*
Hm? Yes, it's delicious~
*eating more and almost emptied my bowl*
*looking at woohyun*
Hyunnie, more
*stomach grumbling*
α❅nam woohyun 3 years ago
@β☄yoon jeonghan @α☪kim sunggyu *crosses my legs and starts eating from my bowl*
*eats it finding he had used a little less salt than usual*
*shrugs hoping you two wouldn't mind*
*looks at both Jeonghan and SungGyu*
Is it good, you two?
β☄yoon jeonghan 3 years ago
@α❅nam woohyun *Yawns, finally opening eyes and slowly getting up*
*Looks down at the food sleepily and then at you*
Thank you, Woo..~
*Takes the bowl and spoon, and starts eating*
α❅nam woohyun 3 years ago
@β☄yoon jeonghan *takes Jeonghan's bowl carrying it over to the bed*
*caresses your cheek trying to wake you up fully*
Hey beautiful ~ Wanna eat something?
*looks at you fondly*
Baby - I have food for you. But you would have to wake up to have it
α☪kim sunggyu 3 years ago
@α❅nam woohyun *rub my eyes, pouting slightly*
*take the bowl and sniffing the air*
Smells nice~
*grumbling stomach*
*take the spoon and start eating*
α❅nam woohyun 3 years ago
@α☪kim sunggyu *hugs you close for a second appreciating the skinship*
*kisses your cheek softly*
You're a grown up man baby. You should really feed yourself
*chuckles and hands you your bowl*
α☪kim sunggyu 3 years ago
@α❅nam woohyun *rub my eyes*
I'm hungry, hyunnie
*hug jeonghan and kiss his cheeks before go down and walk towards you sleepily*
*hug you and kiss your cheeks, snuggling at you*
Feed me~
α❅nam woohyun 3 years ago
@α☪kim sunggyu Yeah that's Gyu... always craving food
*chuckles and walks back to the table*
Both of you get up or else I'll eat up everything I made
*knows exactly he wouldn't be able to eat that much food nonetheless*
α☪kim sunggyu 3 years ago
@β☄yoon jeonghan @α❅nam woohyun *hum softly and stretching out*
*yawn slightly while rubbing my eyes*
*sniffing the air*
α❅nam woohyun 3 years ago
@β☄yoon jeonghan @α☪kim sunggyu *prepares the food and places it into three bowls*
*picks up chopsticks and lays the table*
*walks over to the bed and kisses Gyu's and then Jeonghan's forehead*
breakfast is ready ~
α☪kim sunggyu 3 years ago
@α❅nam woohyun *hum and smiling happily*
Thank you hyunnie
*make a kissy face before closing my eyes, falling back asleep*
α❅nam woohyun 3 years ago
@α☪kim sunggyu Okay okay Gyu. Go back to sleep. I'll make breakfast
*whispers as I try to get up without moving you two too much*
*rubs my eyes and slumps towards the kitchen*
*starts preparing kimchi stew and ddeokkbokki*
α☪kim sunggyu 3 years ago
@β☄yoon jeonghan @α❅nam woohyun Ngh
*rub my face, open my eyes slowly and look at woohyun sleepily*
Hm, food...
Feed me...
*snuggling at jeonghan, hugging him*


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