Tips & Tricks

So, here are some tips and tricks provided by myself. I'm sure that not everyone is aware of those things, so if that's the case I will explain everything good as possible because I used to be also a noob back then.
1. Hover images for captions/names: Double click the image >> Advanced >> Advisory Title
2. Changing (background/main/trivial/etc.) images: Always stick to the given resolutions. If you don't do as the descriptions say, it will look like a mess.
3. In case a layout looks different in editor mode: Just keep adding text and whatnot to the layout and trust the code.
4. Using a layout on Asianfanfics: This is something I do not recommend to 99% since most RPR layouts arae not compatible for AFF.
5. Changing colors: Using a color picker is highly recommended so that you won't change the color of an unwanted category.
6. Changing font family: I don't actually care if you were to change the fonts, however, please be aware of it that fonts have different sizes as well. e.g.: Calibri in 12px looks like Arial in 11-10px.
7. Changing font sizes: This is a very critical point and something I do not recommend to do unless you know how to tweak HTML codings properly.
This is all I can provide for now. If you have any further questions, leave a comment below and I'll get back at you ASAP.


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wassowasso 1 month ago
using monochromatic
Kaworu 1 month ago
using pink bubbles, thanks
Kim4Shim 1 month ago
using smile
AmbieAssassin 1 month ago
I'm going to try and use vintage. Thank you!
cosvixx 2 months ago
using the answer, thanks!
wrapperldh 3 months ago
using metronome-
Shinylover 3 months ago
Using the answer
polaris01 4 months ago
Might be using Honey
AriaSparks 4 months ago
Using wooyu and pink bubbles~ Thank you~ <3
jooheon19 5 months ago
Using gentleman thank you^^
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