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Jeonghan 3 weeks ago
@Park Seojoon I guess I just have trouble believing that
/sighs and slowly shakes his head/
It's a nice idea, but it's hard to buy in to
I have a lot of trouble with Luhan, and I feel bad for that, but anyone who can hold you and treat you like you're special and do the exact same thing to at least two other people just seems...
/sighs again, not really able to find the right for it/
I don't know, I feel like maybe I'm just more confused that I started out being. I don't know who to trust or what I'm supposed to do.
Park Seojoon 3 weeks ago
@Jeonghan /I sit in front of you, my hands curling one on top of the other as I listen/
We’re in a matchmaking show, we’re all in some sort of competition, so that part is never going to be easy... because everyone around us is hot and everyone is looking for love...
I think that if someone is asking you to open up completely, right away, then they are not the right person... all these things should be mutual and they should be gradual...
it’s hard to feel special when everyone could potentially hook up with everyone... but it’s also impossible to be special if you don’t try to get to know someone, they need to be able to see that special... if they tell you you are when they talked to you once or twice, then they are probably lying... and that’s probably when you would see them saying the same things to others...
It takes time building relationships, Han, time and effort, but it’s perfectly ok not to trust people at the beginning, you would be silly if you did, trust is earned...
what I’m trying to say is that it’s ok to be guarded, and make sure to take things slow... if they don’t stay around, then they aren’t worth it... the right person will come around and they will stay...
/I rub the back of my head/
Jeonghan 3 weeks ago
@Park Seojoon /tucks his wallet back into his pocket, going over to the table to sit down, looking out the window for a few seconds before looking back at you/
There's too many people for me to feel comfortable.
On one hand I don't want to ask anyone for commitment of any kind, but on the other if someone says they want to get to know me I have trouble trusting them because I see them with so many other people
So I just keep everyone at arms length
Trusting people is hard... and how can you trust them with the scary parts of you if they're saying the same thing to you that they're saying to five other people
Park Seojoon 3 weeks ago
@Jeonghan Just this... /I take one of your small bills and use it to supplement what I already put on the table/
/the employee gives us a number and I take it before I motion towards a free table/
/I nod as I listen to your words/
I think everyone is scared of letting the real part of us show... experience or not...
it’s supposed to be something gradual...
Jeonghan 3 weeks ago
@Park Seojoon I can pay
/shakes his head, looking a little uncertain/
Sometimes I'm not sure what I'm talking about either.
I guess if I try to simplify it. I act like I want a real relationship, but I'm only comfortable with something physical because I'm not willing to let anyone know the real me.
Park Seojoon 3 weeks ago
@Jeonghan /I shake my head when you take out your wallet, I take out mine and put some bills on the table/
Could you elaborate on that? I’m really not sure what you’re talking about right now...
Jeonghan 3 weeks ago
@Park Seojoon /looks over the menu, ordering a drink and a snack to share, taking out his wallet to pay/
Because I've realized that what I want... and what I'm willing to offer don't exactly work
Park Seojoon 3 weeks ago
@Jeonghan Let’s order something at the counter, I think there are free tables in the back...
How is it your fault if you’re just figuring things out?
/I look at the menu and order the cheapest item/ what would you like?
Jeonghan 3 weeks ago
@Park Seojoon This place looks fine
/looks around with a small smile and a nod/
You probably shouldn't listen to me sometimes
I'm still figuring things out
Most of it's my fault.... misunderstandings and things
And other... things that are also my fault
Park Seojoon 3 weeks ago
@Jeonghan [forgot to tag]
Park Seojoon 3 weeks ago
/I guide you to this cafe/ is here ok? /I look around for a seat/
I think it’s just good to talk about stuff... I really don’t like some of the things you’re saying about being irrelevant...
Woohyun 1 month ago
@Jang Geun Suk Okay that right there, he's a jerk. Wow really? In the same house- while he's sleeping? Wow what an . /lets out a soft grumble, muttering softly to himself or more like..cursing/
I can't..make people to believe me.. it's their choice to do so or not.. but if they decided not to believe me, then just shut up and don't question about my words, when I have been so genuine.
/finishes off the cake that he didnt even realise it, as he was too focused in talking and eating that he actually forgot to offer it to you/
When i was in high school. Years ago..
/his cheeks paint a faint hue of pink at the compliment before he quickly shakes his head/
You obviously never see me in my working mode. I get pretty...serious. yes serious.
/he nods his head, trying to make himself sounds convincing before sipping the iced chocolate until it's almost finished/
Not that nasty I guess.. or else I wouldnt be here with you
Jang Geun Suk 1 month ago
@Woohyun I guess you're right... although my ex's ex cheated on him in the flat they shared, while Joonmyun was sleeping, so honestly, I'm not surprised by people's arrogance anymore.
*looks at you amused* And how do you make people believe everything you say? Because it's pretty tough to make /everyone/ trust you...
I don't. I don't think lowly of you at all... if I did, I wouldn't be buying you food... or bother talking to you.
Ah.Yeah. *nods in understanding* How long ago was this?
Of course you do. You're the epitome of the cute barista. *he snorts at your reaction, giving up the iced chocolate and turning towards his coffee* I am very nasty yes. You gotta get used to it.
[post deleted by owner]
Woohyun 2 months ago
@Jang Geun Suk A cheater does not cheat out smack in the public, Suk. And it is not cute at all. I just hate it when people doesn't believe me and my words. Sorry. I'm not sure about that... do you?
/leans backwards a little when you leaned closer, blinking my eyes at you/
Are you going to torture me to get that out of me? Well.. it just makes me angry, but mostly on myself for letting myself be fooled over by him. Being in a relationship not based on love, but based on cheatings. So it makes me angry.
I am.. i still do love making coffee. I enjoy seeing the joy in people's face.
/groans lowly as you continued to molest my straw with your tongue, snatching the iced chocolate away from you before stuffing the rest of my sandwich into your mouth/
You are nasty goddamit. And drink your coffee it's getting cold.
Jang Geun Suk 2 months ago
@Woohyun *eyes widen slightly at your outburst, he guesses he a nerve, and he wonders exactly what it is*
You have every right to assume I'm a cheater, considering what you've seen... but I believe you if you say you didn't... it's not a big deal... but you got so worked up, it's cute. *smirks* Do you think I think lowly of you, angel?
*squints at you when you refuse to talk*
Explain. *he repeats, leaning closer* Or I will get it out of you in a different way.
And do you still love making coffee? Or did it grow old?
*smirks at your reaction* What? Giving up already?
*slides the straw in his mouth*
Woohyun 2 months ago
@Jang Geun Suk I told you, I never assumed you a cheater for god's sake. Can't you believe me or something. I am one that likes to assume stuff, fine. But I never assume you are a cheater. Why would i? We barely know each other I wouldnt want to assume things to people I have never met. Do you think I'm that low to assume bad things?
/sighs out softly before shaking my head/ nothing, forget it.
I basically doesnt have any thing that i wanted to do. But I love making coffees so I became one.
/lets out a low groan at the sight, lips turned into a pout as i silently eat my sandwich/
Jang Geun Suk 2 months ago
@Woohyun *snorts* Ah, so now I'm just following your orders? I see how it goes.
Sometimes the assumption is right, and aren't you the one who likes to assume stuff? Anyway, a boy? I am one, when single, but not a cheater. Besides, Joonmyun loved to sit on my every time I needed him to, so it's not like I needed anything more...
*frowns* the one about your ex-boyfriend? Explain.
Have you always wanted to be a barista? Or was there anything else?
You've been a smart so you aren't getting your chocolate back... and look at this *runs his tongue along the length of the straw* Tainted.
*shrugs at the question* it always hurts.
Woohyun 2 months ago
@Jang Geun Suk Uh huh so shut up until I politely ask you to bring that up.. in detail. People tend to assume, yes but it's just ed up to assume bad things like that, even if that guy is a bad guy.
/shakes my head at your question/ the one about my ex boyfriend.
Mm..the cafe nearby, near the shopping complex. I work there, it pays good and have medium customers so I'm not always busy.
/blinks my eyes at you stealing my iced chocolate..AGAIN before glaring at you and your coffee/
You are wasting your coffee, duh stop stealing my iced chocolate it's now tainted with your saliva oh no.
/glances over at your leg before looking back at you/
Is it hurting right now?
Jang Geun Suk 2 months ago
@Woohyun That’d be so unfortunate. I’d never want you to have a in public and be embarrassed *smirks*
How do you know? I’m a pretty bad guy. People tend to assume.
*eyebrow curls* what makes you angry?
*follows your gaze to the barista and nods understandingly* I see... where do you work? Around here?
Shut up. *steals your iced chocolate again and sits back, stretching his bad leg under the table and over the chair next to you*
It’s a good talent to have.
Woohyun 2 months ago
@Jang Geun Suk I'd enjoy the detail somewhere else, not here you silly. If I get a it's on you.
Never crossed my mind about that, I know you were.
/glances at you, using the small fork to play around with the cake crumbs/
You should learn to accept apologies. I never want to in into any relationship talk or whatsoever. It makes me angry.
/uses my chin to point out at the barista/
Just like him. I make coffee. Isnt really a talent when you have been doing the same for years.
/snorts a little as you actually frowned, the grin grew wider when you touched it/
Wow you believed me that much wow I am touched. I was just kidding but you took it seriously~
It's the talent that i can't showcase to the public, unlike yours.
Jang Geun Suk 2 months ago
@Woohyun I thought you’d enjoy the details *smirks*
I didn’t cheat, if that’s what you’re implying. I was faithful.
*grimaces at your words* don’t apologise. I talk about what I want, otherwise I tell you to shut up.
*eyebrown curls at your words* no talent, mm? Don’t you have a job or something?
*groans, touching my frown* I don’t have lines, you
*snorts* I can attest you got it. See. You do have talent.
Woohyun 2 months ago
@Jang Geun Suk Geez you dont have to be so extra detailed about that.. but yeah I guess you know that by heart. /looks at you before sighing softly, nodding my head at your words/
I'm sorry for that Suk.. so sorry. I'm not gonna ask you more on that.
/lets out a laughter at the visible annoyance on his face/
Fine fine. There's plenty of people with no talent. Like me. Getting older and grumpier huh? No wonder you have that frown lines on your face. Smile a bit old man
/takes a sip of my drink before rolling my eyes/
I'm born with the talent thank you very much
Jang Geun Suk 2 months ago
@Woohyun I wouldn’t have flirted so heavily if I didn’t know he was preparing to leave... otherwise it would have gone very differently... my jealous boyfriend would have gotten tied down to the bed and I would have and kissed every part of him until he knew I wanted only him... *looks away for a moment* I guess it’s not the case any more.
*groans when you said you had no idea who he was* there’s plenty of people with no talent, to say everyone is the same is just insulting. *he protests with a little glare*
Nope. Just as grumpy. Never liked to smile. Ask my brother.
*snorts* I know you do. You have quite a talent.
Woohyun 2 months ago
@Jang Geun Suk Usually when people had that kind of argument, it doesnt always end well. But then..just an assumption. /shakes my head at you/
A fan? I've never heard of you before. But everyone is talented in their own way. I knew you were a vocalist before this whole thing happened so pretty sure you are talented.
/squints at the pointing, rolling my eyes at that/
Pretty sure you are less grumpy before the accident right?
I love getting my mouth stuffed.. so what? /says it nonchalantly though i know you will quite notice the meaning behind it/
Jang Geun Suk 2 months ago
@Woohyun Usually like that, what? *repeats curiously, just to then tilt his head to the side*
You can assume all you want, but you also gotta ask whether it's true or not... otherwise they just stay assumptions...
*there's surprise now in his eyes*
How do you know I'm talented? Were you a fan?
*shakes my head* I do music already, I freelance... how do you think I can pay all the medical bills otherwise?
*points at you* And I was grumpy even before the accident, so I'm afraid there's no fixing that, it's just who I am...
Careful there. Stuffing your mouth like that *snort amused*
Woohyun 2 months ago
@Jang Geun Suk I didnt assume things, it was usually like that. But if you find me assuming things about you too much then I can stop.
You are talented Suk, and you know it. There has to be a way for you to do the job again without having to use your legs entirely. You could make music with your talents, and sell it. It's not the end of the world, true you love the job so much but being grumpy aint gonna help you either. You gotta start looking at things differently now.
/shakes my head quickly at your words before stuffing the sandwich in my mouth, as much as i could before chewing it slowly with my eyes wandering everywhere but you/
y-you dont have to- i remembered it clearly thanks
Jang Geun Suk 2 months ago
@Woohyun Ah. 'A talk'? *snorts* I knew he was going to leave already then...
I know you got a brain, Woohyun...
But maybe you gotta stop assuming things about me.
I would still love the job if I could do it.
But I can't.
*finds himself with a sandwich in his mouth and munches on it, looking at you amused*
I do talk a lot. And you like it.
Do you want me to remind you how much you liked it?
Woohyun 2 months ago
@Jang Geun Suk I literally was there when you guys had a talk a day before he left. Then he left so I figured it out myself. I got brain, you know.
/roll my eyes at your sarcastic face, feeling like smashing the cake right onto your face /
"Without the job I used to love" you are lowkey answering yourself. Why hold on to something that you used to love and no longer now.
/cuts a small piece of sandwich before looking at you with my eyes widen, taking the small portion of sandwich before stuffing it into your mouth/
You talk a lot. Also, that was under my permission. This one, not.
Jang Geun Suk 2 months ago
@Woohyun You do? Were you gossiping about me?
*looks at you as you talk, the corner of his lips curling into a sarcastic grin*
You think I'm going to be better off without the job I used to love?
*snorts at your reaction*
Did you just wiped the straw I used?
Boy, I cummed in you... you think my saliva is going to taint you?


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Err Park Jimin of BTS
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