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who's that boy

that's looking

back at me


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Kosei Kudo 1 year ago
@Minhyuk *smiles deeply in full love*
I love you too daddy, so much.
*nods my head softly*
Mhmm. Don't wear my name out.
*moans out before trying to covering my mouth trying to make sure I am not too loud before feeling my legs starting to give a little as I feel so much pleasure, my other arm is holding my self up on the bench inside of the fitting room*
y-yeah- , i love it. *says breathlessly*
Minhyuk H 1 year ago
@Kosei Kudo *grins and kisses your neck*
I love you babe..
*chuckles and nips your lip*
Kosei Kudo
*smirks and s then slowly, planting soft kisses onto your before speeding up my pace, my free hand stroking your length in time with my s*
You like that baby?
Kosei Kudo 1 year ago
@Minhyuk *smiles back, stoking your side*
Good, because you are special.
*pecks your lips bad softly*
is my middle name.
*waiting patiently as you lube me up, shivering a little as the cold feeling on my soon I feel your fingers push into my entrance causes me to whimper out and clench around them before pushing back against it, a little*
F- daddy...
Minhyuk H 1 year ago
@Kosei Kudo *smiles and your thighs*
Hmm.. well I feel special
*chuckles and pecks your lips*
So .. I love it
*coughs and blushes a bit at the sight of you before slapping your , pouring some lube onto your entrance as well as my fingers, pushing two digits inside your puckered hole*
That’s probably the iest thing you’ve ever said..
Kosei Kudo 1 year ago
@Minhyuk *blushes a little before poses a little*
No, you're the first one daddy.
*nods my head softly smirking*
Its not that thick so I think it will fit...
*continues to stokes your more before pulling away, turning around bending over, looking back at you with a seductive look*
Stretch me out daddy.
Minhyuk H 1 year ago
@Kosei Kudo *looks down at the sight of your legs, my lips*
Anyone ever tell you that you have amazing legs?
*smirks at you*
Both? You want me and the inside you?
*groans and rolls my hips against your hand, pulling you closer and grabbing the lube*
What do you want me to do with this, baby?
Kosei Kudo 1 year ago
@Minhyuk *leans back up as I start to my pants then yours, pushing yours then pushing my pants down for you before smirking*
The , i wanna know how that feels before I do both..
*places my hand on your clothed length, massaging it as I kiss you again then sliding my hand back, rubbing my fingers against my hole, causing me to whine a little then handing you the lube*
Minhyuk H 1 year ago
@Kosei Kudo *chuckles and shrugs*
I can be when I want to
*groans and rolls my head back, my fingers running through your hair as I let out low moans, my hands sneaking into your pants and whispering*
Which do you want first, my or the ?
Kosei Kudo 1 year ago
@Minhyuk *whimpers softly before smiling*
What a gentleman.
*moans into your lips, my hands gripping your shirt tightly, leaning back in your hold and getting down, taking your shirt with fever before taking mine off, pushing you back a little I kiss your neck going to your s, taking one in my mouth and nibbling on it*
Minhyuk H 1 year ago
@Kosei Kudo *smirks and bites your neck, the spot*
All for me..
*takes the tip between my lips and winks at you before putting it down*
Nah.. I’ll just carry you, babe
*rubs my tongue along with yours as I slap your hard, groping the clothed skin*
Kosei Kudo 1 year ago
@Minhyuk *lets out a hitched breath as you grind against me*
Only for you...
*watches you and feels my harden at it*
We will see daddy, I think I am going to need a wheelchair..
*wraps my arms around your neck and my legs around your waist, kissing you deeply and sliding my tongue inside of your mouth, mixing our tongues together*
Minhyuk H 1 year ago
@Kosei Kudo *smirks and grinds myself against you, whispering*
You’re such a good boy..
*shrugs and playfully the tip of the toy*
I’ll be surprised if you walk at all
*cups your cheeks and kisses back, picking you up by your thighs*
Kosei Kudo 1 year ago
@Minhyuk *looks down at your pants, seeing the tent then nodding my head*
Yeah, let me help you...
*watches it for a moment before just chuckling*
I don't know if I am going to be able to walk...
*says softly before turning to you and kissing you deeply*
Minhyuk H 1 year ago
@Kosei Kudo /nods before pinning you to the wall, whispering/
I'm very , babe.. Wanna help?
/chuckles and turns it on, watching it spin and vibrate/
Woah.. you're in for one hell of a night..
Kosei Kudo 1 year ago
@Minhyuk *looks at it too before just laughing a little*
Wow, glad to know that we aren't the only ones in this world..
*gasps at the , gulping a little*
That was the first one I saw. I didn't think I was going to get that one.
But since we have it, why don't we use it?
Minhyuk H 1 year ago
@Kosei Kudo /smirks and walks into the room, laughing at the lube in the corner/
I guess people do this often..
/looks back at you and chuckles, taking it out of the box/
Well you definitely know how to choose them..
Kosei Kudo 1 year ago
@Minhyuk *grabs the first one I see and soon I am in the dressing room with you*
Yeah, you were killing me out there babe.
*looks at the *
Its a high intensity vibrating, rotating, 7 inch pink ...
oh god...
Minhyuk H 1 year ago
@Kosei Kudo /smirks and s your /
pick a toy and hurry, so we can use it..
/smirks and nips your neck before pulling you to the dressing room/
Kosei Kudo 1 year ago
@Minhyuk *looks at it before looking back at you*
*jumps a little before nodding my head*
yeah, lets go daddy. yeah...
Minhyuk H 1 year ago
@Kosei Kudo /points to 'dressing room' sign/
I know.. but its private back there..
/grips your and hums, thinking/
Should I?
Kosei Kudo 1 year ago
@Minhyuk *looks down at your hands*
We are in the middle of the store though...
*shivers softly, letting out another soft moan*
Please- do them daddy.
Minhyuk H 1 year ago
@Kosei Kudo /nods and moves my hand inside your shirt/
They do.. very , very risky..
/makes a small mark on your neck, whispering/
.. i could do so many thinks to you...
Kosei Kudo 1 year ago
@Minhyuk *smirks softly*
Do they?
Can we? I always wanted to do it daddy.
*moans a little*
I knew you would think so... Also me handcuffed and blind folded?
Minhyuk H 1 year ago
@Kosei Kudo /nods and looks around the store/
All of your ideas sound like fun
You know... we could even play here..
/smirks and nips your neck/
A spinning sounds amazing for you..
Kosei Kudo 1 year ago
@Minhyuk *jumps and playfully glares at you*
Yeah, I was thinking of that.
Oh my, that sounds like fun baby.
*shivers, blushing a little*
Yeah, lets get one. Also maybe one of those spinning s..
Minhyuk H 1 year ago
@Kosei Kudo /grins and slaps your /
A ring? We could use it..
Maybe a vibrating plug for when we're in public..
/smirks and whispers in your ear/
I could tease you any time I want to..
Kosei Kudo 1 year ago
@Minhyuk *hums softly before bitting my bottom lip*
I don't know~ I am thinking of maybe some ropes?
Hmm how about those thingys that keep you from cuming?
*shivers softly and chuckles*
I will pick wisely.
Minhyuk H 1 year ago
@Kosei Kudo /chuckles and rubs your as we walk in/
What kind of toys do you want, hmm?
/smirks and nips your neck/
We can get whatever you want
Kosei Kudo 1 year ago
@Minhyuk *blinks and hits you softly as I am excited*
Really? Yay! I always wanted to go to a shop~~


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marionella 1 day ago
ateez' mingi, please!
Ward5B1 2 days ago
Please remove the sh sign for Seunghyun
vixx_lionleo 2 days ago
vixx cha hakyeon please!
allgame 3 days ago
I'm going to miss this place a lot. I met a lot of great people here as taehyung but I can't keep going. I'm sorry to anyone that didn't get a goodbye. this rp family has been the best I've been apart of in my journey rping, on as many platforms that I've tried. nothing has compared to lith. thank you. I wish y'all the best.
yujeong 3 days ago
crush (shin hyoseob), please!
qualities 4 days ago
seventeen's lee jihoon, please?
chocomilkbunny 6 days ago
kim wooseok for me pls?
maya_carter12 1 week ago
lee hoseok
vividly 1 week ago
Jung Taekwoon (as a second character), please!
drooopthebomb 1 week ago
kim sunwoo please!
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