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yoo kihyun 14 hours ago
@son hyunwoo [ you're okay! I've been pretty mia since Saturday morning bc I went out of town. I won't be back home until tomorrow afternoon ]

The man of your dreams huh? Oh come on, hyung. Now you are just flattering me to make me feel good about myself. What about-- *hums softly as I think of male idols that might be your type* Cha Eunwoo? Lee Sungjong? Taemin? Hakyeon hyung or even BamBam? *I would love to actually think that I am the man of your dreams, but I find it hard to believe because you're such a 10-- in fact you're breaking the entire scale-- and I'm not, whereas there are so many guys that are at least closer to who'd be "more suited" to be with you. chews on my lower lip and averts my gaze, letting that sink in, a pit-like feeling weighing in my gut. clears my throat and looks up at you when you squeeze my hand* I.. I'm glad that you think that it's a good idea. And.. And I like the idea of a journal-- we can record what we were thinking or feeling at that moment or even what was going on. I.. really like that Idea. *hears you sigh about the fact you can't kiss me in public, surprised that you are that upset about it* Aiii... you really want to kiss me that bad that you're going to find ways to steal them? *stays close to you as we exit the cable car and starts to walk towards the restaurant. laughs softly when you say that you are particularly excited for this dinner because you've never gotten to eat here before* No pressure or anything to make this the best birthday dinner ever for you. *goes into the restaurant with you when we arrive and goes up to the host, tugging my mask down to give her my last name for the reservation. notices the way his eyes linger on you prickles slightly. clears my throat softly and follows his lead over to our table*
son hyunwoo 14 hours ago
@yoo kihyun [sorry for my slowness. lost my wifi :/]

it's my first birthday with the man of my dreams...i don't think i'll forget it anytime soon *nodding, i glance over at you, my eyes disappearing into soft crescent shapes that are the only indication that i'm smiling happily behind my mask* i do remember 'up'... *listening to you talk about the adventure book, i squeeze your hand as you talk, enjoying how earnest you are as you explain your idea* i love that, kihyun...we can create our own book to remember our dates...we already have some good pictures for this one, and i bet we'll have some more before the evening is done *tilting my head, i add my thought to your idea* i think we should add pictures, and if we have anything we want to record...like a journal, i guess...we can make sure to write something too *shaking my head, i squeeze your hand reassuringly* i don't think the idea is lame at all...or if it is, i guess we're both lame *sighing softly, i nod in agreement* public kisses are out i know, but it won't stop me from trying to find ways to steal one from time to time if i can *remaining as close to you as i can as we leave the cable car, i look around, keeping my distance from the crowd as i follow you* any dinner with you would be great, kihyun, but i have to admit that i'm excited about this dinner...i've never eaten here before, so it's a special treat *leaning closer to you, i whisper* you lead the way, kihyunnie
[h] lee taemin 3 days ago
park chanyeol [A] 6 days ago
yoo kihyun 6 days ago
@son hyunwoo *nods in agreement when you say the pictures will bring back some nice memories in the future* I agree... And I'm glad that you'll remember this birthday. I want to make tonight memorable for you-- for us. Ah-- *looks over at you as an idea comes to me* Speaking of memories, remember the movie UP? Ellie and Carl had their Adventure Book? It had all their pictures from their trips and such that they went on together. I think I want to start that for us, starting with tonight. Any dates we go on, special places we visit, anything like that, we can document it with pictures and make our very own adventure book. *feels my neck heat up from embarrassment after geeking out over that idea* I-- that doesn't sound too lame, does it? *squeezes your hand as you scoot closer to me, feeling my thigh tingle from where yours is pressed against it. the feeling of butterflies in my stomach intensifies as you tell me that you really want to kiss me right now* I definitely wouldn't protest you kissing me, but.. out in public might not be the best idea. *stands up with you once the car comes to a stop, staying close to you so our joined hands can still remain hidden* Are you ready to have the best dinner of your life?
son hyunwoo 6 days ago
@yoo kihyun *still smiling from your kiss, i look at the pictures you took, sending several to myself, gazing at you when i hand the phone back to you, my other hand squeezing yours* these pictures will bring back some nice memories *pulling up my mask, i smile when you agree to my suggestions about what we can do after dinner* i'm glad, kihyun...this really is going to be a birthday i'll always remember *sitting in companionable silence for awhile, glancing at the other occupants of the car from time to time, i scoot a little closer to you, my thigh resting against yours, our fingers still linked, happy just to be near you, wishing i could lean in and kiss you, but knowing, in public, our displays of affection are limited* it's probably a good thing we're wearing masks because i really want to kiss you right now *lowering my head, my ears burning from my confession, i'm relieved when the cable car comes to a halt, one small jolt announcing our arrival at the tower*
yoo kihyun 1 week ago
@son hyunwoo I swear, if you purposefully try to go all out and spoil me just because I promised I wouldn't say anything, I might actually combust from holding it in. Just so you know. And it will be just as memorable because it'll be time that we spend together. I lock each and every one of our dates up in my memory box.*taps my temple for affect. holds the phone at a good ankle for both of us and smiles brightly, taking a few pictures so there is a selection to choose from. On the last one, I quickly press a kiss to your cheek, taking the photo right at that moment and then adjusts my mask to cover my face with the mask. offers my phone to you as you join our hands once more* Pick which ones you like the best to end to yourself, hyung. *hums lightly when you mention something after dinner. smiles lightly and nods at your first suggestion, flushing at the second* I..I-I would like that-- both of those things actually. I would like to leave a lock on the fence with you.
son hyunwoo 1 week ago
@yoo kihyun deal! i'll spoil you as much as i like, and i get to treat you when we go on our next date *chuckling when you hold up your hand, i cross my heart with one of my long fingers, settling comfortably on my seat, wishing we weren't so exposed so i could seal the deal with a kiss* i hope i'll be able to take you on a date as memorable as this one *noticing you pulling out your phone, i push down my mask, exposing myself, leaning closer, my face near yours, glad that most of the other passengers in the cable car seem to be preoccupied with themselves or with the environment spreading out before us outside the big, oversized windows that circle the car* i want a copy of this picture, kihyun *taking your hand, lacing our fingers, i rest our joined hands on the seat between us, my thick thighs a good hindrance to prying eyes* i have an idea for after dinner, kihyun *nods, my eyes soft as i watch you* since we're at namsan tower, we should check out the view of Seoul at night from one of the observation decks *pauses for a moment before i mumble* and maybe we could leave behind a padlock...*rubs my neck* you know, one of the locks of love...
yoo kihyun 1 week ago
@son hyunwoo Alright, deal. You can spoil me as much as you want on our next date. *holds up my free hand as if I'm making a vow* I promise not to make a fuss about how much money you choose to spend on me and I'll even leave my wallet at home so I won't be tempted to pay for things when you try to. Sound good? *steps to the side to be closer to you when another couple tries to get by us. I watch them for a moment-- the boyfriend having his arm wrapped around his girlfriend, pressing a kiss to her forehead. I feel a little pang of envy as I know we can't really be like that in public. Not here anyway. Maybe somewhere where people didn't know us, somewhere where we could be away from cameras and prying eyes. chews on my lower lip and shakes my head, pushing those thoughts away. I nod when you say that this car will be the best that we'll get* I think that you're right. *gets on the cable car with you and follows you towards the back, taking up the seat next to you. I pull out my phone and tug my mask down when I notice that we have some privacy and that the people that are in the car with us are focused out the window, rather than on us. I hold my phone up to give us a better angle* Smile, hyung~
son hyunwoo 1 week ago
@yoo kihyun *wondering why you blush when I talk about getting lucky, oblivious, i wander up to the counter with you, nodding at your last words, knowing i'll make a point of spoiling you now that you're mine* you can treat me today, but i get to treat on our next date *smiling, i take the ticket from you, excited at the prospect of the cable car ride* let's see if we can get a car to ourselves *nervous because of all the other people milling around, i stay close to you, letting the bulk of the crowd fill the next available car, watching it pull away, leaving only a few people on the platform, the next car pulling in a few moments later* let's go, kihyun...i think this is the best we'll do *setting on one of the seats that runs along the back of the car, i try to put some distance between us and the handful of people who enter our car with us, relieved that we'll have a little privacy at our end of the car*
yoo kihyun 1 week ago
@son hyunwoo Well, if they bite or hit your arms too hard, I'll be there to kiss them all better. And you're right-- they might as well know that their dad is already spoken for. Plus, they should be happy they don't have to deal with a step mom or something like that *leans against you, laughing softly when you say about getting lucky because it's your birthday, my cheeks going pink under my mask as that phrase could be taken a couple different ways *squeezes your hand lightly* if you really want to pay, you can Pa bear. But I can pay for it. Besides, I'm pretty sure you're going to find a multitude of ways to spoil me going forward, so I have to take the chances I'm given, right? *steps up to the counter when it's our turn and gets two adult tickets, pulling out a couple bills from my wallet to cover the trip up and the trip down* Alright *holds up the tickets with a grin* we're all set
son hyunwoo 1 week ago
@yoo kihyun my poor arms...the kids will be biting me and hitting me for being a bad dad, but they might as well know that their mother has my heart *smiling when you kiss my cheek, i pull up my mask before we join the crowd, adjusting it carefully over my nose* i hope we'll get lucky...it is my birthday after all *looks at you sheepishly, slipping my wallet back into my pocket* force of habit i guess...the hyung is supposed to pay, right? *rubs my neck with my free hand* are you going to treat me, kihyun? you're so good to me *nods, giving you a soft smile, the only evidence of it the crescent shape of my eyes* this is going to be the best birthday ever...
yoo kihyun 1 week ago
@son hyunwoo Pfft "Don't tell any of the kids?" If you think that I'm number one, I'm definitely going to tell them. I wanna rub it in their faces that for once I'm the number one *nudges you playfully and laces my fingers with yours* Even if you think that it's the truth, it's still a sweet thing to say so I'm going to call it sweet talk regardless *sneakily manages to press a kiss against the exposed part of your cheek before fixing my mask once more* Maybe we'll get lucky. I mean, I can take pictures if others are around too, but I'd prefer the pictures not have our faces hidden with these masks. *looks over and notices you grabbing for your wallet* Aiii, are you planning on trying to pay for everything except dinner? It's your birthday. Shouldn't I be spoiling you?
son hyunwoo 1 week ago
@yoo kihyun *shrugging my shoulders, my eyes shining, i hold a finger to my lips* don't tell any of the kids, but you're always going to be number one with me *squeezing your hand, i shake my head* not sweet talk...it's the truth as far as i'm concerned *once we've pulled to the curb, my fingers catch yours when you step out of the cab* i suspect we might have to share a car, but i thought we could hang back and see if we can get a car on our own *grins at you as we head toward the ticket counter, my free hand already reaching to pull out my wallet*
yoo kihyun 1 week ago
@son hyunwoo I'm.. number one with you? Really? Higher than.. say... Minhyuk? Or Hoseok? *looks down at our hands, finding your long fingers laced with mine. I flush when you say you've always thought i was beautiful, the comment causing me to stammer* A-Aiish... such a sweet talker.. *thanks the cab driver, smiling softly from the new nickname you've given me. I slide out of the car after you, taking your hand immediately once I'm free* When we ride it, will we be in a car with other people or will we be by ourselves, hyung?
son hyunwoo 1 week ago
@yoo kihyun *when you take my hand, i feel a sense of relief, my fingers lacing with yours* you're number one with me, kihyun *shakes my head, my eyes regaining their usual good-natured sparkle* i don't think you're beautiful now - - i've always thought you were beautiful *the cab begins to slow, and i glance out the window, smiling when i see the spot where we can board the cable cars, a group of people already milling around* we'd better hurry, hyunnie *handing a few bills over the front seat to the driver, i hop out of the cab, holding my hand out to you, waiting for you to join me*
yoo kihyun 1 week ago
@son hyunwoo *closes the space between our hands and takes yours in mine, squeezing it gently* hey-- you don't need to feel bad, hyung. It's alright, okay? i know how I rank compared to you and the others, but hey, now that I have lost weight and have abs, maybe that ranking will change, hm? *I flush lightly from your words, squeezing your hand when I take in the sad look in your eyes* You think I look beautiful now?
son hyunwoo 1 week ago
@yoo kihyun *blinks at your words, my face heating up* i never have been very good with words *my head lowered, i mumble into my chest, growing silent, embarrassed by my own words, and it takes me a few moments to find my voice again* no one could look better to me than you do, kihyun *playing with the hem of my shirt, i look up, my eyes, filled with remorse, meeting yours in the dimly lit backseat* you must know that...i think you're beautiful
yoo kihyun 2 weeks ago
@son hyunwoo Good because I don't want you to ever forget that I /do/ in fact believe in you. We all do. We rely on you so much because we have so much faith in you as our leader and as our friend. But at the same time, we also want you to be able to keep your faith on us and be able to lean on us as much as we lean on you. *looks down and notices your knee bumping then resting against mine. Even though to the casual on-looker it would seem that it was just an accident and a manner of sitting, I know it's intentional on your end and that fact makes me feel warm inside* Mhm.. I mean, the chef at N Grill might worry about you if you choose to order up all his meat in one sitting. But one thing he can't match is my side profile *dramatically turns my head to show it off, sharper and thinner with the rigid dieting and meal-skipping I've been doing* Though, he might look better from the front than i do. I remember you saying on K-Rush that I looked better from the side than I do when you look at me straight on
son hyunwoo 2 weeks ago
@yoo kihyun *listening to you, i nod slowly, knowing that you're aware of how much the pressures of being the leader can get to me, though i always do my best to hide it from the public* i'll remember that, kihyun...if i find myself in a situation that stresses me, i'll touch your necklace and remind myself to be calm because you believe in me *chuckles at the thought of jooheon and wonho protecting me, knowing both of them such cinnamon rolls, my fingers squeezing yours as our hands rest on the back seat between us* i know you all look out for me, and i appreciate it *scooting a little closer to you, i spread my legs, my knee bumping into yours* yeah, the chef at N Grill is not going to worry about me at all, hyunnie, but i don't care because i know that you do *leaving my knee where it is, gently pressing against yours, I look at you, my eyes meeting yours in the dim light of the cab's backseat, my smile not my usual eyesmile but rather something softer, more tender as i gaze at you*
yoo kihyun 2 weeks ago
@son hyunwoo I know you're an even tempered guy, hyung, but it's not so much your temper that I mean by grounded. It's easy to get caught up in things when they happen, especially when you're in a leadership role, and feel anxious and stressed with all that pressure coming down on you. So when I say keep you grounded, I mean being able to help you feel calm even in a storm, no matter how big it is. And if the necklace can't do that, you at least have me as a backup plan *smiles softly when you say you have the six of us watching your back back* Mhm.. that's true. Between Jooheon and Wonho, as the first line of defense, I don't think anything will be getting at you any time soon. *wishes that I could lean against you, that I could be closer to you, but I know that we can't risk it. I feel a slight pain in my heart at that thought, until I hear you say that the chef at N grill doesn't care about you like I do. looks over at you and gives you a soft smile* that's true. The chef at N Grill probably wouldn't wake up at 2 in the morning to make ramen for you and stay up with you while you eat it.
son hyunwoo 2 weeks ago
@yoo kihyun *laughing, finding your confidence endearing, i shake my head* i don't think you need to worry about keeping me safe and grounded, kihyun *nods, smiling at you* i'm a pretty even tempered guy, and as far as safety, i have all 6 of you watching my back, so i'm not worried *reaches up, touching the necklace yet again* this necklace does have a job to do, though...it will remind me everyday that i'm the luckiest guy around *smiling when you call me a show off, i take a deep breath, still finding simple tasks like speaking to the taxi driver onerous, glad when i feel your fingers wrapping around mine, calming me* i can't imagine that, kihyun /shakes my head/ i've always loved your food, and i don't think that can ever change...besides the chef at N Grill doesn't care about me like you do
yoo kihyun 2 weeks ago
@son hyunwoo You say that, but that's only because I'm soooo very excellent at giving gifts *winks at you, being "cocky" in a playful way* But if I didn't have my great taste and intuition, I could end up getting you something you didn't like at all. But... I'm very glad that you like the ones that I got you. And I hope what I read is true and that the necklace will keep you safe, centered, and grounded. And if it doesn't, then I'll have to work overtime to keep the negative energies away from you. *takes note of how as soon as you throw your arm up, a taxi seems to slow down and I lightly nudge you with my shoulder* Show off.. *smiles and slips inside the cab when you hold the door open for me. when you take the lead at giving the driver directions, I can't help but feel a swell of pride in my chest for you and how far you've come with speaking out to people. subtly, I rest my hand on the seat, by my thigh, and slowly inch it a little closer to yours, just enough to where my pinky and ring finger and wrap around your yours* You know.. I might regret taking you to eat at N Grill, hyung. The beef might be so good that you'll be spoiled and never eat mine again.
son hyunwoo 2 weeks ago
@yoo kihyun i think i'd like any gift you'd give me, but the ones you gave me tonight were so thoughtful, and the necklace... *i reach up again, touching it through my shirt with my free hand* it makes me very happy, and i'll think of you every time i look at it *noticing you stretching, trying to hail a taxi, i throw my arm in the air, joining the search, a smile stretching my lips when i see a taxi slowing down, pulling to the curb near us* after you, kihyun *opening the back door, i hold it for you, following you into the confines of the taxi, telling the driver that we want the cable cars for namsan tower, feeling a little embarrassed when i catch his eyes in the rearview mirror, suddenly very aware that we're idols in public, my hand, which had been reaching for yours, coming to rest on the seat between us, my finger tips just out of reach of yours*
yoo kihyun 3 weeks ago
@son hyunwoo You better, mister *smiles behind the mask, gently nudging you with my elbow. squeezes your hand gently as you link our fingers. follows your lead down the sidewalk and nods when you explain why you were touching the necklace* Oh! Well, I'm glad that it makes you very happy. You don't know how happy it makes me to know that you like it *stops on the edge of the sidewalk and attempts to hail down a taxi since it would be faster than taking the subway* I would ask you if you'll be scared of the height, but it'd be a very silly question considering how happy you were to bungee jump when we were in Hong Kong. I will admit though, a ride in the cable car with you sounds really romantic
son hyunwoo 3 weeks ago
@yoo kihyun *pulling away fro you with great reluctance, my hands satisfied with the placement of your mask, i smile at you, my eyes shining as i shake my head* i'll explain it to you some day soon, i hope *my fingers link with yours as if it is the most natural action in the world, and i shake my head when you ask if the necklace is bothering me* it makes me very happy, and i just wanted to touch it *as we walk along, the air still warm even as the sun begins to set, i smile when you stay close to me, and we keep our hands joined, this small display of affection all we dare in public* i've never been on the cable car before, so this will be fun, kihyun *glances over at you as we walk* i've glad i get to share this with you
yoo kihyun 1 month ago
@son hyunwoo *leans against your hand and each time your lips brush mine, no matter how brief, I follow you back, unable to resist the urge because now that we've crossed that barrier, now that that wall has come down, all I want to do is kiss you and make up for all the lost time, the missed opportunities to kiss you. I flush a little more at your words* Do I want to ask what you mean by that? *holds still as you fix my mask so it sits properly on my face. I take your hand when you offer it to me and nods, lacing our fingers as I watch you touch the necklace I gave you* You okay, hyung? It's not bothering you, is it? *asks as we leave the dorm. even though it's still risky and we can get caught by cameras, I stay as close to you as I can. I wish I could wrap your arm around me and slip my own arm around your waist but I know that's far more dangerous than being caught holding your hand*
son hyunwoo 1 month ago
@yoo kihyun *chuckling at your words as i pull back from the kiss, my eyes drinking in your flushed cheeks, i smile at you, unable to resist stealing a few more pecks before i straighten up, my hand reaching out, my thumb stroking your cheekbone* we'd better get going or i'm not going to be able to stop at a kiss *tugging my mask up over my face, i pull yours up carefully, my fingers gentle, making sure both your nose and your chin are covered before i offer you my hand* let's go, kihyunnie *the fingers of my free hand reach up to touch the necklace again, now safely tucked under my shirt, and it already feels like a good luck charm to me, my lips still tingling from the pressure of your soft mouth against mine*
kim taehyung 1 month ago
/pauses and waits for echo
yoo kihyun 1 month ago
@son hyunwoo *feels my body physically shiver as you wrap my arms around your. my body, much smaller compared to your own even before all of my dieting, presses up against your large frame and I wrap my arms around you, resting my hands against your broad shoulders* I-I'm glad that you love them, hyung. You're.. You're very welcome *stammering after the kiss to my throat, even though your mask was covering your lips to prevent full contact. I tilt my head and look at you when you say that I deserve more than a few extra kisses and I'm surprised when you move our masks out of the way to actually kiss me. my eyes flutter shut and it takes all that I have inside me not to let out a soft noise as you start to pull on my upper lip with your own. however, my resolve melts when you move onto my plush, lower lip, a light mewl leaving my throat as you on it. when you pull away, my cheeks are flushed pink and hot to the touch and I feel the baby hairs on my neck stand up* I-- That... That was definitely some thank you--


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tae dipped
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I'm having a hard time who to b ;;
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Mind if I pick. Up jungkook
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mind if i scoop up taehyung?
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I'm sorry but Minhyuk is leaving ;-;
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