☀ restaurant

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lee jihoon 1 month ago
@park jimin (Uhh do you do detailed? otl i really can't keep my muse up if all im going to get is like a sentence or two lol)
park jimin 1 month ago
@lee jihoon I'm good, you?
lee jihoon 1 month ago
@park jimin So. How are you?
/mutters quietly as we enter the restaurant, my hands swinging by my side


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Doswiness 3 weeks ago
Can I get Taehyung?
TheSmolChim 4 weeks ago
tae dipped
sorry kook </3
kingkobra 1 month ago
I'm having a hard time who to b ;;
minchan2 1 month ago
Mind if I pick. Up jungkook
TheSmolChim 1 month ago
mind if i scoop up taehyung?
SeoulVamp 1 month ago
I'm sorry but Minhyuk is leaving ;-;
scomiche 1 month ago
xiumin is leaving. sorry :-(
nunchi 1 month ago
kookie left. lost muse ;;
-fairybread 1 month ago
jeonghan left. sorry.
finesse 1 month ago
sorry babes but taehyung is out
thank you all for being such amazing peeps < 333
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