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home sweet home
jeon jungkook 5 months ago
kookie was here (ಠ◞౪◟ಠ)
do kyungsoo [A] 5 months ago
@park chanyeol /sips from my glass as i watch baek leaving, my owlish orbs turning back to you afterwards
Uh no reason
I just figured I'd go catch a film on my own like I usually do, you know?
/trails off and rinses out my glass, my back to you before turning around and adding on
If you're fine here without me cooking then I'll head out later tonight
park chanyeol [A] 5 months ago
@do kyungsoo /narrows my eyes at your refusal but hands the plate to Baekhyun anyway, my hands shooing him out of the room before slicing my own piece
/looking at you from the corner of my eyes, my body still turned towards the cake in front of me, my eyes narrowing even further in suspicion
Whhhhyyyy do you ask?
/once a decent sized slice of cake is ready to be transferred over to my plate do I finally turn to you, fork already in hand and digging into the cake
do kyungsoo [A] 5 months ago
@park chanyeol /glances up when you offer me a slice of the cake, holding up my hand to show i'm fine and instead i nudge it back at you
i'm okay. my tummy is actually a little bit sore at the moment
but if you don't want that slice i'm sure baek would take it
/nods to the man who's staring at the plate, letting out a small laugh before i simply pour myself some water from the sink
what... did you have planned today?
/asks as i glance over to you, watching you with the knife as i know you can be very clumsy when you want to sometimes
park chanyeol [A] 5 months ago
@do kyungsoo /moving around baekhyun who seems to be waking up little by little I reach for the cabinet that holds the plates, pushing through baekhyun with my hips and a few grumbles from the both of us, I can finally properly reach for two plates without awkwardly angling myself
Do you want a piece?
/grabbing a knife from the drawer I shuffle towards the cake, the tip of my knife digging into the frosting and slicing a straight line all the way down and repeating it on the other side ( why was this so hard to write? goodlord )
/sliding the flat side of the knife underneath the single slice of cake I transfer it over to the neighboring plate and hold it out for you
Here. Take the first piece.
/my eyes squint over at you as you take your time taking the place, my feet bouncing impatiently as I already want to slice myself my own piece and start to dig it
do kyungsoo [A] 5 months ago
@park chanyeol ack-
/grunts as i'm pulled back and my head is rubbed, squeezing my eyelids shut as my good hand reaches up to lightly hit at your arm in an attempt to make you let go of me
/as you let go i rub my neck with the free hand and look back at you, giving you a smile that says you're going to be dead meat at some point, not now, but later, and you're going to have to constantly be in wait for it
/looks back at the cup and i shrug a bit, motioning over to the cake on the counter before i look back at you
i burned my hand on the over tray, nothing major, it just stings
/fails to mention how i got the milk information from you some time ago, taking my finger out and drinking the milk before i wash it and my hand in the sink, my hair still a bit messy from where you'd been ruffling it
park chanyeol [A] 5 months ago
@do kyungsoo /walking into the kitchen from the entrance behind you I watch as Baekhyun shuffles around the room, his lazy fingers grabbing the hot coffee mug and his tiny curses as the heat assaults his fingers, shaking my head I walk towards you taking the advance of you having your back to me
/wrapping a long arm around your neck I hook you and pull you back into my chest, fingers curling in your hair as my knuckles rub into your scalp not so gently
What's cookin' good lookin'
/still digging my knuckles into your head, a bit afraid that when I do move away and remove my arm you'll find some way to hurt some part of my body, moving my attention momentarily to your finger that's awkwardly placed inside of the glass taking a bath in milk, my eyebrow raised in question before I slowly release your neck and try to dart out of the danger zone
What's up with the cup of milk and your finger skinnydipping inside of it?
do kyungsoo [A] 5 months ago
/dunks my pinky in a glass of milk after frowning at the glass, wondering if its actually going to do anything to help or not, sighing as i keep it submerged and sit on one of the stools in the kitchen
/grabs one of the cooking books from the side, bringing it over and flicking through it with one hand, smiling at some of the items i see and figuring i might try them soon
/glances up when baekhyun passes by looking sleepy as ever, telling him about the cake on the table before i pour him a cup of coffee and add lots of sugar since he doesn't like bitter things
/sits back down, putting my pinky back in the glass of milk with a small sigh, swinging my legs in the air before i lift the collar of my black t-shirt to my lips, biting at the collar of the fabric to distract myself


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blueashes 1 month ago
Hello admins, I'm afraid Taemin leaves...><
I had a great time here,
thank you so much admins^^
Doswiness 4 months ago
Can I get Taehyung?
TheSmolChim 4 months ago
tae dipped
sorry kook </3
kingkobra 5 months ago
I'm having a hard time who to b ;;
minchan2 5 months ago
Mind if I pick. Up jungkook
TheSmolChim 5 months ago
mind if i scoop up taehyung?
SeoulVamp 5 months ago
I'm sorry but Minhyuk is leaving ;-;
burgers 5 months ago
xiumin is leaving. sorry :-(
nunchi 5 months ago
kookie left. lost muse ;;
-fairybread 5 months ago
jeonghan left. sorry.
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