⌂ seventeen dorm

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home sweet home
jeon jungkook 5 months ago
(ಠ◞౪◟ಠ) steals everyone's undies
lee jihoon 5 months ago
/throws self here


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blueashes 1 month ago
Hello admins, I'm afraid Taemin leaves...><
I had a great time here,
thank you so much admins^^
Doswiness 4 months ago
Can I get Taehyung?
TheSmolChim 4 months ago
tae dipped
sorry kook </3
kingkobra 5 months ago
I'm having a hard time who to b ;;
minchan2 5 months ago
Mind if I pick. Up jungkook
TheSmolChim 5 months ago
mind if i scoop up taehyung?
SeoulVamp 5 months ago
I'm sorry but Minhyuk is leaving ;-;
burgers 5 months ago
xiumin is leaving. sorry :-(
nunchi 5 months ago
kookie left. lost muse ;;
-fairybread 5 months ago
jeonghan left. sorry.
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