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moon jongup 4 months ago
*enters the cafe and orders myself an iced americano and a chocolate croissant*
lee jihoon 8 months ago
@lee taeyong /looks up from my coffee and blinks, holding the cup with both hands
Ah, yeah. It's a really nice day and I really don't get out enough. I was just thinking how beautiful the outdoor can be.
/laughs a little and shrugs, taking another drink of my iced coffee before turning my attention of the delicious looking cake in front of me, picking up the fork that came with it and cutting into it to take a bite
Mm ~ this is soooo yummy ~
/wiggles in my seat a bit and eats one of the strawberries off the top
lee jihoon 8 months ago
@lee taeyong /turns a little in my seat and peers out the window, keeping on hand on my left cheek while the other falls into my lap. I gaze up at the sky, watching the clouds pass by and the few birds that fly in my line of vision. I blink and look up when seeing you walk up from my side vision, raising an eyebrow at you before laughing softly as you fool around.
Thank you Taeyong ssi ~
/I reach for my iced americano and bring it forward to take a drink, sighing happily with a dreamy smile
Coffee.. my one and only love ~
/laughs lightly at myself
lee jihoon 8 months ago
@lee taeyong /laughs gently and nods slowly
I figured you were just joking.
/reaches out to pat you arm and walks into the cafe, stopping for a moment once inside to breath in the aroma of the freshly make coffee and sweets
Isn't that just a lovely smell ~
/I say with a happy purr to my tone, before turning to look up at you with a bright smile
Yup, that would be right.
/nods and heads towards the seating area to find a nice place to sit, quickly finding a table in the back near a window and sits down, placing my cheeks against my palms while waiting
lee jihoon 8 months ago
@lee taeyong /laughs softly when you whine and poke my side, rubbing the area while still laughing a little
I'm just kidding, I can already tell we're going to have fun.
/blinks and raises an eyebrow, before pouting a little after you say you'll steal the strawberry from my cake
Then I'll just have to steal the strawberry flavored macaroons from you.
/says with a huff before looking up and blinking several times as you're suddenly nearly at the cafe
Hey! Wait up!
/runs after you to make it into the cafe with you
lee jihoon 8 months ago
@lee taeyong /walks to the cafe alongside you, glancing around a little before laughing lightly at the name you give yourself and nods slowly
I am, I hope you're as much of a fun person as you seem ~
/I say teasingly and smile
Oo cake sounds good right now. Strawberry cake with an iced americano would be perfect..
/ my lips at the thought and laughs softly
yoo kihyun [sh] 10 months ago
@kim bobae *looks at you worriedly, then rubs your back gently*
Hey... I'm not--
I do think hyungie cares for you, maybe you just need to talk things out with him, if ever that you're in doubt or you're not feeling that--
I don't know the whole background, but c'mon... You guys are still gonna be brothers no matter what.
jeon jungkook 10 months ago
@park jongchan Me too, it's a goos thing I was able too, besides I wanted to spend some time with a new friend.
/smiles softly, as I shake my head gently with a smile on my lips.
It's all good, want me to go order for us? I don't mind plus I can see the types of desserts they may have at the moment.
kim bobae [h] 10 months ago
@yoo kihyun I am glad that is nice news/hums sadly
don't lie, I bet Jinwoo doesn't even want to hear my name/sighs
I think he regrets hard ever calling us brothers
afterall I was always the one reminding him/looks down
/gets teary
yoo kihyun [sh] 10 months ago
@kim bobae Oh-- *chuckles softly and coughs* Wellll-- We're getting there...
*shakes my head and looks at you*
We wanna be happy, but we'd rather be happy if you're fine and happy as well--
Hyungie's your brother, and me, even if it's not that long since we started to talk to each other, I consider you as a good friend already-- Don't feel alone...
jeon jungkook 10 months ago
@park jongchan [] it's all good buddy

/eyes flicker to the hand and I chuckle seeing you, before I weave my way through the tables until I approached your booth.
/I smile, before I sit across from you as I bite my bottom lip as I was seated and a smile rose on my lips.
You got a good spot, window seats are always the best
jeon jungkook 10 months ago
@park jongchan /looking up from my phone as I sent you a message to let you know I was arriving to the cafe, wondering if you'd be waiting or would I be first? Looks around before I step inside the door as I give a quick glance over the heads of the males, so far not seeing you.
kim bobae [h] 10 months ago
@yoo kihyun I saw/wiggles eyebrows
/inhales and exhales slowly
I just feel...so alone right now
and I don't want to get in the way of you and Jinwoo ever
you two are meant to be happy
yoo kihyun [sh] 10 months ago
@kim bobae We had some stuff going on at the kink chat--
Oh.. But-- *furrows eyebrows and looks at you as you stand up, sighing softly as you're trying to leave now*
Wait Bobae... That's not how it is--
*holds on your arm as I stand up as well, to keep you from walking away* Calm yourself down first, Bobae-- I didn't tell you that I want to end this conversation even if you and hyungie don't talk... You can still talk comfortably to me, okay? Please?
kim bobae [h] 10 months ago
@yoo kihyun for example?/leans up curiously
oh...we don't talk/rubs nape/he is disappointed of me
I-...will understand if you won't talk to me anymore as well
afteralll...I wouldn't want to get in the middle/stands up
maybe I should just go /nibbles on lower lip and raises the cup to at least finish the drink before going
/hisses at the hot beverage, tries to blow some air and drinks it even if it's too much
/bows/ I am sorry to take up your time
yoo kihyun [sh] 10 months ago
@kim bobae Well-- I think in terms of being.. "suggestive", we don't hold back that much anymore--
Really...? I-- are you guys in fine terms with each other right now though?
But wouldn't Ayano get upset if he sees you doing it with a stranger? Especially that you're his and he loves you too, right?
I guess the worry is inevitable as days go by... But try to bear and endure it a bit more-- Who knows? Yes there are what ifs... But it's also possible for him to be back soon- He wouldn't want you to suffer and be left out...
kim bobae [h] 10 months ago
@yoo kihyun oh bolder?may I ask how?
/rubs nape/ Jinwoo and I... aren't so close lately so I don't know anything
/nods slowly and looks down/ but nothing else than that in clubs many people do it while dancing
yes and I trust him but I will always worry as well...of those many what ifs...
yoo kihyun [sh] 10 months ago
@kim bobae Hmmm-- I havent done it yet Bobae, but I think I'll try it soon enough- After all, both us are getting bolder these days.. *chuckles softly and coughs*
But - *furrows eyebrows* You should only do that to your lover and nobody else... You're committed and you love each other..~
*looks at you and nods slightly, our drinks being served*
I know that it's been days already and it's a longgg wait, but he promised to you, we can count on that--
kim bobae [h] 10 months ago
@yoo kihyun /laughs/ yeah I think so too
it's nice memory that I about from time to time/chuckles
oooh do it and tell me his reaction I am very curious
since I can't do that to my lover/huffs
maybe I should grind against a stranger to see how he reacts
/cups my own cheek as I think deeply
yeah/rubs nape and looks out the window with a small sigh
yeah...he is my man for a reason, I trust him
yoo kihyun [sh] 10 months ago
@kim bobae *chuckles softly* That should be fine--
At least it's already done and it turned out to be fun for the both you anyways~
Anddd I wonder how he responds to that-- *laughs softly and then grins*
Wellll~ I feel like you know the most of the details because your brother tells his thoughts by the diary, although there are maybe exceptions?
Maybe we should do that after this, should we? After all, it would be a fun, juicy conversation between us~
I understand how you feel-- I mean even for hours only I already miss my boyfie, what more if days...? But sorrythatIstalked but he promised that he'll not leave you, right? Let's believe on that, you love each other lots you know--
kim bobae [h] 10 months ago
@yoo kihyun oh.../bites on my lip
I actually don't remember...now/pauses as I try to remember/ as I think...I must've passed out
ooh I tell to Jinwoo things like that too/wiggles eyebrows/ damn it
spicyland? I want details so bad
I regret we aren't at my place, quiet time with you and me and wine and gossip and all the talk
I would need something like that right now/laughs
lately/rubs nape/ feel like I need some company to keep me distracted from negative thoughts as Ayano is...busy
yoo kihyun [sh] 10 months ago
@kim bobae Then-- Did you guys still get to manage yourselves, since... both of you were drunk? *blinks softly*
Now that's a great thing to hear if he enjoys that-- *chuckles*
*purses my lip and slightly flushes, actually thinking "stuff" in my head before I face you, letting out a deep breath* Wow... I wonder if you tell these kinds of stuff to boyfie as well~ Anywayyyyys... *whispers* We'll see how it goes.. after all both of us got into spicyland anyways, quite far to it--
*nods and then goes to the counter to tell all the orders* Wanna take the seats by the window?
kim bobae [h] 10 months ago
@yoo kihyun /laughs
if he did then not with me
at the end I just fell on him of how drunk I was/snorts
yeah he said he enjoys his new sides as well, I am glad he had nice way of discovering it
/follows you inside and taps your shoulder/ you could grind your against his bulge, it would be nice way of feeling how he hardens or maybe you can both do it from front/whispers in your ear to tease/ if it gets out of hand you can always call Jinwoo to join us
I will take green tea
yoo kihyun [sh] 10 months ago
@kim bobae *chuckles softly*
Definitely something that is quite out of his comfort zone--
Did he ever go to a club again after that?
*smiles sheepishly and nudges you a bit* Well-- We did get to see more sides of him that he explored as well-- It gets me shook but I love it though--
*bites my lip softly as I walk inside with you* ....You're going to make me think dirty things, Bobae--
Hmm... What do you like to drink? I'll have capuccino-
kim bobae [h] 10 months ago
@yoo kihyun /laughs
I enjoy it
I loved how he came out of his comfort zone and did something crazy
as it was to him back then/chuckles
but now I get to see his new faces just because of you/smirks
/opens the door to cafe for you as we reached the destination
imagine if you grind against him...how he would get back to you/whispers back to you
yoo kihyun [sh] 10 months ago
@kim bobae I would have been pretty shook if I was there then--
I wonder how it turned out, and your brother has been getting sweeter, and actually hotter as well to be honest *coughs*
Alcohol was that effective...
*coughs and bites my lip* Oh shoot... Do you really want me to try that somehow... *whispers* But--- I do like teasing him, only for him to get me back, I think he might have told you that-
kim bobae [h] 10 months ago
@yoo kihyun /chuckles
well you kinda know everything then
but it was quite hot
it was his first time doing something like that openly
maybe because he had some alcohol in his blood/chuckles
ether way he liked it so/leans to whisper/ you should grind against him sometimes as well
yoo kihyun [sh] 10 months ago
@kim bobae I think he kind of... grinded against a stranger, and you guys were like competing to see who could do the hotter stuff? And I'm not sure about this detail but he apparently let the stranger on his neck, or was it the other way around? *taps my fingers* I think that's all that I know that he said-- I guess? *chuckles*
kim bobae [h] 10 months ago
@yoo kihyun I want to hear everything he told
so I know if there is anything more I could add or not/hums as well
yoo kihyun [sh] 10 months ago
@kim bobae *chuckles softly and then taps my chin, trying to remember while I walk*
Hmmm-- From what I know, alcohol got to him on the club and he did some hot stuff with a stranger?


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hakyeomma [A] 2 months ago
❀ thank you for 2+ years of memories, both good and bad.
❀ the rp is now closed
❀ no new characters, 2nds, ccs, etc.
❀ i hope you all live a long, happy, and healthy life.
- love, hakyeon / hakyeomma
kimchee-godess 2 months ago
Pyo Jihoon as a second please ?
FallenBloodyAngel 2 months ago
Could i be Kim Woobin?
xxsweetdestinyxx 2 months ago
I left Seungyoon but I still have Taemin here~
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SageWitch 2 months ago
Left Jiyong and Ayano, might come back one day in the far future. Just taking a break. Thank you everyone for talking to me. Please take care.
tobeloved 2 months ago
can you add and reserve Kim Taehyung for me?
Maeyeollie 2 months ago
Youngjae, Jongjin, taehyung, and kibum are leaving. It's been REALLY great, but i just don't have the time to dedicate that I used to. I'll miss you all~
Myfanwy 2 months ago
I'm really sorry for going inactive again, had some serious family issues happening.
Would it be possible to get Sanha back again please?
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