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kim jongin 1 year ago
@cho kyuhyun *looks over at you and frowns deeply when they said that you couldn’t follow*
Nurse: don’t worry. Everything will be okay.
*she gives a gentle smile*
*groans lightly when it begins to hurt again*
*lets them check on me and do a quick ultrasound*
*the doctor checks on the screen*
Doctor: it seems like your baby found a good spot. And the reason for this cramping is that your muscles are creating a protection around it. *he smiles* so this is normal.
*looks at the doctor and at the screen seeing a small figure, smiles softly and sighs softly in relief*
Oh thank goodness...I was so scared..
*the doctor smiles*
Doctor: Don’t worry you and your baby are in good health.
*smiles up at the doctor*
Thank you.
Doctor: but as for now, the nurses will take you to the recovery room to get some rest.
*smiles lightly and nods a bit*
*the nurses takes me out from the other door towards the recovery room while the doctor meets out with you*
cho kyuhyun 1 year ago
@kim jongin /runs my fingers through my hair as I look at another nurse who asked me to fill out paper work.
/looks to see they took you behind the doors and I hope everything will soon be okay as I noticed a doctor rush into the same doors you disappeared through
kim jongin 1 year ago
@cho kyuhyun *pants lightly as I grip onto your hand a bit tightly as the pain starts to worsen*
*seeing that we arrived to the hospital, looks over at the two nurses then back at you as you carefully
lay me down on the stretcher*
Kyuhyun... wait...I need him with me.. *looks at the nurses*
Nurse: I’m sorry but he isn’t allowed in here-..
*frowns deeply as I grip her arm lightly*
Please..I need him beside me..
cho kyuhyun 1 year ago
@kim jongin /drives a bit faster, holding your hand as I glance at you as I drive and I sigh not like seeing you in pain.
/soon arriving to the hospital at I pull up, honking to one of the doctors as I rush out.
I need a doctor like now!
/I say as I open the door, to gently carry you out and inside the hospital with two nurses bringing me a stretcher as I lay you down.
/they ask what's wrong and where the pain is as I explain and they nod, taking you into the ER section and i wasnt allowed to follow
kim jongin 1 year ago
@cho kyuhyun *holds onto you tightly as you carry me up bridal style; rubs my stomach a bit as I let out a small groan at the pain*
Ah-! Kyuhyun...hurry..
*once seated on the passenger seat, grips onto the
handles trying my best to endure the pain*
cho kyuhyun 1 year ago
@kim jongin /nods as I gently lift you up bridal style and I rush us out the mall and towards my car.
/threading through the people until I get to my car as I set you inside and I go in the drivers side.
/taking no time to drive us to the hospital in minutes.
kim jongin 1 year ago
@cho kyuhyun *groans a bit as I hug my stomach; nods my head
a bit*
A hospital.. it’s hurting so much. *pants lightly*
*looks at you and nods lightly*
Please? I don’t think I can walk back to the car, hyunnie.. *grips onto your shirt lightly*
cho kyuhyun 1 year ago
@kim jongin It would, I'm sure soon it would happen baby
/smiles before worry washes over my face and I look at you with pursed lips.
Lets go to the doctor now or a hospital better
Come, love to see if you and the baby are okay--
Want me to carry you, love?
kim jongin 1 year ago
@cho kyuhyun *chuckles softly*
Hehe that’s true. It would be so cute to see them both play with each other~
*rubs my stomach a bit hoping the pain will slowly fade away*
*hugs my stomach a bit tightly*
Ah-...yeah...I’m fine.. I really hope our little peanut is doing well.. *rubs it a bit gently before straightening myself, leaning against you for balance*
cho kyuhyun 1 year ago
@kim jongin True, but I'm sure whether it's a boy or girl they'd still play video games
/grins widely, as I held your hand and grabbed my wallet to put it into my pocket.
/eyes widen as I hear you and I look at you, gently I look over at you.
Baby... what's wrong?
/I ask as I reach to see you holding your stomach and I blink.
kim jongin 1 year ago
@cho kyuhyun *smiles*
Kyunghae will be so happy to have a baby sibling.
If it was baby boy, he’d have a buddy to play video games all day and night. * chuckles softly* Omo~ and if a baby girl, he’d be a good big brother and protect his baby sister all the time. *smiles softly at the thought* aww~ it would be so cute to see~
*smiles as you kiss my cheek*
A cute little Teddy bear plushie sounds perfect. Maybe we can get him some Pororo plushies too. *grins*
*takes your wallet and pays for the items before thanking the worker; hands you back your wallet as I give you a quick peck on the cheek*
*carries some of the shopping bag only to feel a sharp pain on my stomach*
Ah-.. *hugs my stomach with my free hand*
cho kyuhyun 1 year ago
@kim jongin Oh my--
All the cute things wed buy if our baby was a girl
But I'm happy with little Kyunghae unless our peanut is a princess
Then daddy will buy so much cute dresses for her
/smiles as I look at you, and I gently kiss your cheek.
Alright toys it is
Hed be bored of just clothes
Maybe a cute little teddy bear plushie as well?
He likes holding onto the blanket as he sleeps, maybe a little bear as well
/hums as I follow you to the counter and hand you my wallet so you can pay
kim jongin 1 year ago
@cho kyuhyun *continues to look at some of their cute clothing and smiles hearing what you said*
Awww~ our cute little handsome model~ aigoo imagine if our baby is a girl~ mommy will make sure to buy her tons of cute princess dresses and cute plushies~ *chuckles softly*
*looks at the outfits for Kyunghae in my arms and grins*
I think this is good for him. Plus these shoes. *smiles at you*
Let’s go buy him some toys after here, love. *grins widely and kisses your cheek before walking over to the counter*
cho kyuhyun 1 year ago
@kim jongin Green it is, he seems like hed like green too right
/chuckles softly, as I peer at a few more outfits and knowing winter is coming I also look over some cute jackets for him.
Our little model
I'm sure once he finishes modeling hed be very tired and knock out
It is very cute, babe
/peeks to see the shows and grins before I wall beside you.
Hm I believe so, they seem to be his little foot size as well

[] thank you, so much
kim jongin 1 year ago
@cho kyuhyun *smiles and chuckles*
I was thinking green too.
*hums softly and looks at you with a warm smile*
Oh~ we will once we get home. Hehe he’ll be trying all of these cute clothings that we picked for him.
*smiles and chuckles softly at your reaction when you see the cute Mickey onesies I picked out for him*
Isn’t it cute~? *looks at the onesie and carries it in my arms while I look around some more*
Aigoo~ look at these tiny shoes~ *looks at you*
Do you think it will fit him, hyunnie?

(It’s okay. No worries. c: )
cho kyuhyun 1 year ago
@kim jongin I think green
/nods as I press my lips into a firm line as if imagining him in the color.
I know, we have to take lots of pictures of him too
/grins widely as I look at what you got.
Ah- that is adorable
Yeah hed definitely love it
I cant wait to see him in this

[ sorry on late replies once again ;; ]
kim jongin 1 year ago
@cho kyuhyun *grins and walks inside the store with you and looks at all the cute outfits for him*
I think he would look cute in blue~ or maybe green~
*chuckles and looks at the clothes that you picked
for him*
Aww~ these will look so cute on him, love~
Oh! How about this one?
*holds it up and smiles*
He’s going to love this~ *chuckles softly*
cho kyuhyun 1 year ago
@kim jongin /smiles as I follow your gaze.
Oh definitely, I'm sure hed enjoy to wear all these clothes
/says as I lead us inside the clothing place and hums softly.
What color do you think he looks cute in hm?
/asks as I look at some of the clothes, smiling as I look for his size and show you some cute outfits.
kim jongin 1 year ago
@cho kyuhyun *grins widely and nods*
Mhm~ *takes your hand as I get out of the car with
your help*
Hehe yay~!! *kisses your cheek and smiles*
*walks beside you as we head into the mall while
you swing our hands a bit*
*squeezes your hand gently and spots a clothing store for Kyunghae*
Let’s go shopping for Kyunghae, hyunnie~
cho kyuhyun 1 year ago
@kim jongin Mm Chinese food? A buffet one?
/grins as I help you out, holding your hand in mine as I smile at you.
Sounds good then, love
Got to make sure my future wife eats well
/winks, lacing our fingers as I begin to lead us into the mall.
/humming softly, swinging our palms a bit.
kim jongin 1 year ago
@cho kyuhyun *hums softly and looks up at you when you open
my side door*
*smiles softly at you and gets out with your help*
Mmm~ I think I want Chinese food. Maybe we can
go to a buffet afterwards.
*grins widely*
cho kyuhyun 1 year ago
@kim jongin /grins before I sit up when you park and I unbuckle my seat belt.
What would you like to eat for lunch after we shop?
/asks as I open the door, moving to get out and I go to your side.
/rounding the car to open your door and help you out.
kim jongin 1 year ago
@cho kyuhyun *smiles and continues to drive again once it’s green*
Hehe okay then.
*parks the car once we arrive and turns the engine off*
cho kyuhyun 1 year ago
@kim jongin Maybe I will
/grins as I look at you before I lean into the seat and relax.
Of course once your belly grows bigger, I'm driving
But I just want to make sure you will be safe
kim jongin 1 year ago
@cho kyuhyun *chuckles softly hearing what you said as I stop
on a red light and looks at you with a warm smile*
Hehe will you~?
cho kyuhyun 1 year ago
@kim jongin /smiles as I nod, listening to you and admiring you.
Damn dont you look good driving
Maybe I should let you drive more often haha
/chuckles, giving your knee a small squeeze as I turn the radio on.
kim jongin 1 year ago
@cho kyuhyun *smiles when you pat my thigh as I focus on
the road, drives down the freeway*
*hums softly hearing what you said before glancing
at you once in a while*
And I love you too, hyunnie~
*exits the freeway after 3 miles of driving and takes a left turn*
lee hajoon 1 year ago
@kim taehyung You owe me~
*says playfully and takes your hand in mine, interlacing our fingers together before humming*
To the amusement park~

(Should we switch to lotte world?)
kim taehyung 1 year ago
@lee hajoon Yeah, I don't have any pockets.
*smiles softly and holds my hand out for you*
Lets go then?
lee hajoon 1 year ago
@kim taehyung You want me to hold your phone ?
*nods and takes it, putting it in my left Jean pocket*
Alright sounds good let’s have some fun


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hakyeomma [A] 11 months ago
❀ thank you for 2+ years of memories, both good and bad.
❀ the rp is now closed
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❀ i hope you all live a long, happy, and healthy life.
- love, hakyeon / hakyeomma
kimchee-godess 11 months ago
Pyo Jihoon as a second please ?
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Could i be Kim Woobin?
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I left Seungyoon but I still have Taemin here~
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can you add and reserve Kim Taehyung for me?
Maeyeollie 1 year ago
Youngjae, Jongjin, taehyung, and kibum are leaving. It's been REALLY great, but i just don't have the time to dedicate that I used to. I'll miss you all~
Myfanwy 1 year ago
I'm really sorry for going inactive again, had some serious family issues happening.
Would it be possible to get Sanha back again please?
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