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the equivalent of a slower paced, soft chat.
jackson wang 1 week ago
@kim bobae [h] What? Really?awww thank you~
*smiles thankful as i slightly bow my head grabbing the gift*
Out of curiosity why?..not that i hate it...of course.
kim bobae [h] 2 weeks ago
@jackson wang merry christmas
/looks down
jackson wang 2 weeks ago
@kim bobae [h] Whata the gift for?
*looks at you curiously*
kim jongin 3 weeks ago
*sits in the corner and hugs myself*
Mmm..what to do..what to do~
kim bobae [h] 3 weeks ago
@jackson wang /hands you gift
jackson wang 1 month ago
jackson wang 1 month ago
I miss.....
lee taemin 1 month ago
I dont feel good welp
lee taemin 1 month ago
I feel so loopy....I want my Kiseok....
lee taemin 1 month ago
I nu feel good again....*sniffles and curls into a ball as I poke the floor*
lee taemin 1 month ago
I feel sick....T3T I wish Kiseok was here
*whines and whimpers as I curl into a ball, holds my tummy.*
jackson wang 1 month ago
Who wants cuddles!?!?
lee taemin 1 month ago
@simon dominic *looks up at you and wipes the tears away with my sleeves.*
exercise? I mean i wouldn't mine watching you sweat and do push ups. Or we can dance~
simon dominic 1 month ago
@lee taemin Should we give exercise a try?
*shakes my head*
The thought makes me wanna kill myself no thanks
lee taemin 1 month ago
@simon dominic *hugs you tightly as my shoulders tremble a little bit.*
....thank you so much...
simon dominic 1 month ago
@lee taemin *holds you tight*
well don't forget anymore.
cause i love me some cuddles.
lee taemin 1 month ago
@simon dominic Mhmm icky baby.
*waddles over quickly and buries my face in your chest*
I know...i juat tend to forget in the moment.
simon dominic 1 month ago
@lee taemin icky pretty baby?
you can just come up to me and cuddle you know.
no need to ask me.
lee taemin 1 month ago
@simon dominic Kiseok may i have coodles...i feel icky today
jeon jungkook 2 months ago
kim jongin 2 months ago
@cho kyuhyun *smiles and nods happily*
Mhm~ right there.
*looks at the paints and hums softly* Baby blue~
*smiles and takes out one mask and hands it to you*
Only have one. *chuckles softly* Kyunghae and I will be at the living room. Well..i’ll be preparing you some snacks for you while you paint up the room.
*kisses your cheek before taking Kyunghae in my arms* okay, love~?
cho kyuhyun 2 months ago
@kim jongin Here
/points to where the crib would be and smiles.
Sounds like a good idea to me baby
/grins as I look at the sticker and kyunghae peeks at them too as he giggles, as I hum.
Alrighty, baby and what color were we painting the walls?
Do you have a mask?
Cant have you and kyunghae smelling the paint fumes when I do
kim jongin 2 months ago
@cho kyuhyun *smiles and nods*
*takes out each of the supplies from the closet and
huffs out tiredly as I rub my belly*
Your room will be pretty afterwards~ *caressing my round stomach before turning around smiling widely as I watch Kyunghae play with his teddy happily*
*turns my head to look at you and smiles softly as you peck my lips*
*looks at the middle wall* hmm.. I was thinking on putting the main larger Mickey and Minnie stickers here where the crib would be staying.
cho kyuhyun 2 months ago
@kim jongin Looks like enough, baby
/smiles as I gently make a little soft spot for kyunghae as I set him on the pillows and blankets.
/gives him his teddy to play with before I watch him as he giggles and plays with the teddy and I move to you.
Okay, tell me where should the stickers go and where to paint
/winks as i peck your lips
kim jongin 2 months ago
@cho kyuhyun *smiles softly at the both you and chuckles softly at him before giving Kyunghae a kiss on the cheek*
*enters the room and takes out the supplies from the closet*
Hehe I hope this is enough for the room.
*shows you some of the large stickers for the room and the color of paint for the wall*
cho kyuhyun 2 months ago
@kim jongin /follows you as I gently bounce kyunghae in my arms as he giggles and hugs my head.
Want to help mommy and daddy make your brother or sisters room hm?
/smiles as he blew s sloppy kiss to you and I carry him ss I hum.
kim jongin 2 months ago
@cho kyuhyun *grins when you like the idea of the baby’s room*
*pecking your lips back lovingly*
Hehe okay~! *carefully gets up from the couch and
walks over to the baby’s room with you and Kyunghae in your arms*
cho kyuhyun 2 months ago
@kim jongin A disney theme?
Oh that sounds nice I like the idea
/smiles as I peck your lips and smiles softly.
Let's go get the baby room ready my sweet
kim jongin 2 months ago
@cho kyuhyun *he giggles loudly as you kiss his cheeks repeatedly; smiles softly at the both of you*
*smiles and nods*
I bought a few things for our little baby. Since we haven’t found out our baby’s gender, I thought about making his/her room into a Disney theme. *smiles as i look at you*
cho kyuhyun 2 months ago
@kim jongin /lifts kyunghae up as I kiss his cheeks repeatedly.
Mwuah ~
Daddy loves you so so much my kyunghae
/grins as I look at you.
We should, let's go do it baby


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Maeyeollie 1 day ago
Youngjae, Jongjin, taehyung, and kibum are leaving. It's been REALLY great, but i just don't have the time to dedicate that I used to. I'll miss you all~
Myfanwy 3 days ago
I'm really sorry for going inactive again, had some serious family issues happening.
Would it be possible to get Sanha back again please?
FallenBloodyAngel 4 days ago
Im torn between Yongguk and lee Jongsuk...

Could you add Lee Jongsuk please?
[comment deleted by owner]
divertissement 2 weeks ago
may i reserve kang daniel?
chankyu10 3 weeks ago
Can I get Lee donghae please
Mayako 1 month ago
a&r wanna one's park jihoon!
4Ever2Cool 1 month ago
Can I reserve EXO Xiumin?
Wintertwilights 1 month ago
weeps sorry for being inactive again. Life caught up. Could i get mingyu back, junhui would like his character back too but he’s a little busy so if you don’t mind, could you help keep him too..? Thank you
YouDidWell 1 month ago
Alma and Holland are back and dont need the semi-hiatus anymore, thank you ^^
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