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the equivalent of a slower paced, soft chat.
jeon jungkook 1 week ago
kim jongin 1 week ago
@cho kyuhyun *smiles and nods happily*
Mhm~ right there.
*looks at the paints and hums softly* Baby blue~
*smiles and takes out one mask and hands it to you*
Only have one. *chuckles softly* Kyunghae and I will be at the living room. Well..i’ll be preparing you some snacks for you while you paint up the room.
*kisses your cheek before taking Kyunghae in my arms* okay, love~?
cho kyuhyun 1 week ago
@kim jongin Here
/points to where the crib would be and smiles.
Sounds like a good idea to me baby
/grins as I look at the sticker and kyunghae peeks at them too as he giggles, as I hum.
Alrighty, baby and what color were we painting the walls?
Do you have a mask?
Cant have you and kyunghae smelling the paint fumes when I do
kim jongin 2 weeks ago
@cho kyuhyun *smiles and nods*
*takes out each of the supplies from the closet and
huffs out tiredly as I rub my belly*
Your room will be pretty afterwards~ *caressing my round stomach before turning around smiling widely as I watch Kyunghae play with his teddy happily*
*turns my head to look at you and smiles softly as you peck my lips*
*looks at the middle wall* hmm.. I was thinking on putting the main larger Mickey and Minnie stickers here where the crib would be staying.
cho kyuhyun 2 weeks ago
@kim jongin Looks like enough, baby
/smiles as I gently make a little soft spot for kyunghae as I set him on the pillows and blankets.
/gives him his teddy to play with before I watch him as he giggles and plays with the teddy and I move to you.
Okay, tell me where should the stickers go and where to paint
/winks as i peck your lips
kim jongin 2 weeks ago
@cho kyuhyun *smiles softly at the both you and chuckles softly at him before giving Kyunghae a kiss on the cheek*
*enters the room and takes out the supplies from the closet*
Hehe I hope this is enough for the room.
*shows you some of the large stickers for the room and the color of paint for the wall*
cho kyuhyun 2 weeks ago
@kim jongin /follows you as I gently bounce kyunghae in my arms as he giggles and hugs my head.
Want to help mommy and daddy make your brother or sisters room hm?
/smiles as he blew s sloppy kiss to you and I carry him ss I hum.
kim jongin 2 weeks ago
@cho kyuhyun *grins when you like the idea of the baby’s room*
*pecking your lips back lovingly*
Hehe okay~! *carefully gets up from the couch and
walks over to the baby’s room with you and Kyunghae in your arms*
cho kyuhyun 2 weeks ago
@kim jongin A disney theme?
Oh that sounds nice I like the idea
/smiles as I peck your lips and smiles softly.
Let's go get the baby room ready my sweet
kim jongin 2 weeks ago
@cho kyuhyun *he giggles loudly as you kiss his cheeks repeatedly; smiles softly at the both of you*
*smiles and nods*
I bought a few things for our little baby. Since we haven’t found out our baby’s gender, I thought about making his/her room into a Disney theme. *smiles as i look at you*
cho kyuhyun 2 weeks ago
@kim jongin /lifts kyunghae up as I kiss his cheeks repeatedly.
Mwuah ~
Daddy loves you so so much my kyunghae
/grins as I look at you.
We should, let's go do it baby
kim jongin 2 weeks ago
@cho kyuhyun *smiles softly at Kyunghae when he looks up at
you cutely and giggles at the kiss on his cheek*
*he claps his hands cutely as he makes grabby hands to you and looks over at me with a smile*
*looks at you*
Love~ we should decorate the baby’s room~
cho kyuhyun 2 weeks ago
@kim jongin My two little cuties hm
/smiles as I rub your belly and bring Kyunghae on my lap.
Missed daddy hm boo?
/kisses his cheeks as he giggles.
kim jongin 2 weeks ago
@cho kyuhyun We’ve been good~ just missing you very much, my love. Especially your two little cuties~
*looks at Kyunghae and rubs my round belly gently*
cho kyuhyun 2 weeks ago
@kim jongin /cuddles you as I gently rub your belly.
Hello my sweet love
How you three been hm
kim jongin 2 weeks ago
@cho kyuhyun *blinks and chuckles softly before cuddling close
in your arms*
*smiles at you*
Hehe hello handsome~
cho kyuhyun 2 weeks ago
@kim jongin /cuddles my baby boy because I want to and love you.
kang seungyoon 2 weeks ago
@injoon *coos and instantly takes your hand only to pull you close to me so I could hug you*
I hope you are doing okay and been eating. Hyung is quite busy but hopes to see you around and get to hold you like this.

(Good luck by the way, whoop whoop you got this. But yeah school is pretty hectic. I only had one midterm but have lots of projects orz)
yoo seonho 2 weeks ago
bounces in here
injoon 2 weeks ago
@kang seungyoon Babbyyyyyyyyyy
I miss you more :(
I hate when I get all whiny and clingy but still can't be here to get all the love from you. *pouts and reaches over for your hand*

(Ooc having midterms. I'm done with probably most important exam but still have 3 others to go)
kang seungyoon 3 weeks ago
@injoon Joooniee i misss youuu T3T
kim yongguk 3 weeks ago
choi hansol 4 days ago Reply
Is this the place I go to to stop feeling lonely?
min yoongi 3 weeks ago
/cuddles myself
choi hansol 3 weeks ago
Is this the place I go to to stop feeling lonely?
injoon 4 weeks ago
@kang seungyoon Baby... *frowns deeply at those things you list, I put away and cup your face in my hands, looking around your face, I lean in to pepper your handsome face in kisses*
It's okay. I'm here. And I love you.
kang seungyoon 4 weeks ago
@injoon Humilation, frustration, exhausted, tired, dark....very dark.
*I say with a stiff sounding voice as I am in your grasp. I mumble against your shoulder as my grip lingers on your back.*
I don't feel good at all.
injoon 4 weeks ago
@kang seungyoon S-seungyoon... *stutters out as I feel pang in my chest when I hear how broken your voice is and how you choke out your words*
What's wrong? What's emotions? *gets conflicted between wanting to bold your face and kisses your tears away and between comforting you for longer and thus I go with the second, wanting you to let it all out first*
kang seungyoon 4 weeks ago
@injoon *tenses my jaw as I struggle to hold back from crying even though my face was hidden.*
It is so hard to forget....I really want to forget it....I want to stop feeling these emotions....
*my voice chokes at the end as my throat closes.*
injoon 4 weeks ago
@kang seungyoon *the hands on your waist now wrap tightly around it as I hold you against me*
Hyung.. *turns my head to nuzzle your hair and closes my eyes as I keep you close and start to rub your back*
I'm here. That terrible part of the day is over.
kang seungyoon 4 weeks ago
@injoon *sighs softly and rests my face against your shoulder as I gently hug you*
Thank you....Yoonie had a terrible day


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grilledcheese 2 days ago
hi. this is jooheon's rper. i was kicked out but i recently lost a family member so i have been inactive. i'm sorry for not informing you guys, i've just had a lot to deal with. ; ;

is there any way that i can get him back? : (
Rubberducky_ur_the_1 2 days ago
Hello hello I'm back from the dead...is there a Chance I can get Akay and Yunho back?
Wintertwilights 1 week ago
Can i get mingyu back :(
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Can I cc Sehun into Jeon Jungkook please c:
koreanshrimps 1 week ago
can you a&r kim wooseok? thank you thank you
hakyeomma [A] 1 week ago
❀ keep in mind, you are not getting warnings for going inactive, and will just be removed. you're always welcome back though.
ShadowAngel 1 week ago
could you add and reserve Lee Wongeun please? Thanks ^^
witchytae 1 week ago
hey is it possible to get wonho as my second character?please ;w;
Tohoshinki 1 week ago
Is Park Hyungsik available? I would like to reserve him as my second character please.
witchytae 2 weeks ago
hi there can i get yugyeom back please?
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