make a wish and watch it come true
sungwoon wishes for complete pristin, complete seventeen, produce 101 s1 and s2 members, ioi, twice, wanna one + hotshot.
somi wishes for btob, bts, bap, ioi, gugudan, got7 and more people, kwon hyunbin
doyeon wishes for fantagio fam and complete ioi
jeonghan wishes for seventeen especially dino and s.coups and gugudan
roa wishes for sf9 taeyang, pristin, twice mina, blackpink rose, wjsn seola, bona and cheng xiao, pd101 zhu zhengting and girls
xiyeon wishes for nct ten and pristin
taeyong wishes for nct, knk and a.c.e jun
luda wishes for pd101 kwon hyunbin
sejeong wishes for park hyungsik
joongki wishes for jessica jung and park shinhye
seunghee wishes for monsta x's joohyun and changkyun, pentagon, btob especially sungjae and ilhoon, hyuna, exo sehun
seolhyun wishes for chanyeol, woobin, zico, dean, choi minho, mino
yeri wishes for red velvet, apink and infinite
exy wishes for winner especially jinwoo
jackson wishes for after school nana, kiji kush and complete got7
woobin wishes for hyohyeon and meixin
meixin wishes for soohyuk
hwasa wishes for Kim Himchan (!!!), B.A.P, Shin Peniel
xiyeon wishes for nct and pristin
joy wishes for jeon jungkook (!!) , im jaebum (!!), lee taeyong (!!), pristin, bts, ioi, blackpink, got7, yuta, ten (!!) & yep um everyone basically
tia wishes for im changkyun
jungkook wishes for jiu, lee yuna, sulli, gfriend, dia, yoojung
jiwoo wishes for complete kard (esp. bm), lee woojin
changkyun wishes for day6
jaebum wishes for youngjae
hyunjung wishes for day 6 and ikon bobby and chanwoo and hanbin
woobin wishes for jongsuk
nayoung wishes for complete pristin, exo, ioi, rv's seulgi and wendy, complete kard, nam joohyuk, lee jongsuk, kim jisoo, lee sungkyung, jay park, hanbin, dean, twice
seungjun wishes for knk fam
johnny wishes for nct and smrookie fam (esp. ji hansol)
elkie wishes for a complete got7, cha eunwoo (!!!!!!!!!), clc fam, twice
lee yejin 1 week ago
some older idols? second gen possibly??? ;;
xu minghao 2 months ago
admins, should we have a halloween party?
xu minghao 3 months ago
iwishforsomeonetolove~ /kicked/
cha eunwoo 4 months ago
snsd. uh son naeun would be gr8
choi junhong 6 months ago
Aussie bois Felix and Bang Chan.
*makes grabby hands*
felix lee 6 months ago
my fellow stray chirren pls
jung jaewon 7 months ago
would kill & buy in-n-out for a lauren tsai
cha eunwoo 9 months ago
people closer to my age lmao
kim chungha 9 months ago
I wish for Christian Yu to be my husband
kim chungha 10 months ago
Omg Ailee is so pretty, I second Jeanghan's wish!
yoon jeonghan 10 months ago
yoon jeonghan 2 weeks ago Reply
gugudan wives, aoa wives

kim chungha 10 months ago
I wish for dean if we don't already have him
cheng xiao 10 months ago
wish of the week: idol producer bebs !!!!!!!
son chaeyoung 10 months ago
my actual twin wonho thoo
jessica jung 10 months ago
a DARREN WANG can save my life
cheng xiao 10 months ago
xuanyi because i need my gf
choi junhong 10 months ago
B..a.p hyungs like Daehyunnie and Youngjae.
yoon jeonghan 10 months ago
gugudan wives, aoa wives

[post deleted by owner]
lin yanjun 11 months ago
arinnie! & onf hyungs :D
son chaeyoung 11 months ago
choi hyunsuk plsthnks
bi wenjun 11 months ago
idk like maybe ouyang nana or lee ahin would be nice
jessica jung 11 months ago
Don't know if they're here already but wanna wish for nam joohyuk, park bogum, lee dongwook, lee soohyuk, kim woobin, sungjoon, ikon's yunhyeong, kim myungsoo
[post deleted by owner]
kim chungha 11 months ago
yoon jeonghan 43 seconds ago Reply
vixx please asdfgh

hongbin all the way!
yoon jeonghan 11 months ago
hayoung ples
yoon jeonghan 11 months ago
vixx please asdfgh
and maybe more korean actors too
gugudan and apink!
kim hyunjung 11 months ago
give me raehwan and wjsn or give me death
kim hyunjung 11 months ago
kim hyunsoo!!! shim jaeyoung!!!!! kim gukheon!!!!
im soeun 1 year ago
I wish for someone to play with me and be my friend and also feed me


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Youngie- 22 hours ago
can i please have rv's yerim ?
nekojita 1 day ago
ok im good
ahegao 2 days ago
whats up my guy
wokhardt 3 days ago
hey! it’s me— ya boi
daesies 3 days ago
soonchan my lo ve
hakyeomma 5 days ago
i lov u
wokhardt 6 days ago
keep sonchae safe pls
ppalgan 6 days ago
i'd like haruto back pLS i lost track of time
divertissement 6 days ago
dropping jinhyeong!
eristic 1 week ago
can gwangseok be tcc’ed to lee junyoung uwu
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