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kang jihyun 2 years ago
@ten *tries to catch my breath as I blush a deep pink*
I- thank you, it is because you made me feel so good my love
*sits up and looks at you before reaching out to help you and wanting to touch you*
How did I get someone so handsome?
ten 2 years ago
@kang jihyun Baby...
/Whispers softly while I pull my mouth away from you slowly and slowly pushes myself upwards.
You sound beautiful.
/Tilts my head back and slowly ed my pants and began to push them down my legs slowly
kang jihyun 2 years ago
@ten *writhes in pleasure under you incoherent words and your name, my hands gripping the sheets tightly tossing my head back my moans getting louder as I felt a tightness in my core*
ten 2 years ago
@kang jihyun /Flickers my gaze up to you, watching you squirm while I worked my mouth more against your womanhood, flicking my tongue in and out of you and nibbling softly against your , humming quietly to send vibrations up your body
kang jihyun 2 years ago
@ten *gasps loudly and my breath then hitches when you me*
Oh god baby
*moans and arches my back closing my eyes tight as my breathing starts to quicken*
ten 2 years ago
@kang jihyun /Grins against your skin and presses more kisses down your thighs until I got to your sweet womanhood. I bit my lip slowly used my hands to keep your legs parted and your knees against the mattress. I my lips slowly and pressed my face close to your womanhood, I quietly used my tongue to between your folds and used my nose to brush against your , working my mouth against yoi
kang jihyun 2 years ago
@ten *watches you gulping air as I get more and more excited, softly as you mark my thighs. My hands grip the sheets trying not to move my hips*
That feels so good baby. I love you to more than anything
ten 2 years ago
@kang jihyun /Slides all the way down your legs until your slid off, then I slowly took one of your ankles and turned my head to press a kiss to it, kissing up your leg and towards your thighs. When I got to your thigh, I softly nibbled on it and until I left a small trail of hickeys along your thighs
I love you so much Jihyun
kang jihyun 2 years ago
@ten *bites my lip watching you as my breathing picks up from excitement and anticipation*
Yes my love you can please do.
*caresses your cheek looking at you with love*
ten 2 years ago
@kang jihyun /Uses my large hands to press them against your thighs, softly squeezing them and pushes then down while my kisses trailed to your line. I took the waistband between my teeth and stated at you while I pulled them down your legs with my teeth, my breath hitting against sensitive areas of your thighs and legs while your came off.
Noona~ can I taste you~
kang jihyun 2 years ago
@ten *moans softly as my head rolls back holding your head to my chest clearly enjoying it*
Is there any doubt dear god my love you are a natural it feel amazing.
*giggles a bit when you nip because it tickles a bit and mews looking at the marks*
I think i like these a lot, shows that I am yours.
ten 2 years ago
@kang jihyun /Smirks slightly against your chest, continuing to abuse them with my soft mouth, using my hand to bring your long, beautiful legs up to wrap them around my waist, gripping your small waist with my large hands and lifting my head to look at you, grinning from down below.
So I'm doing it right...
/Murmurs softly, then proceeds to move my kisses down your chest, and down your belly again, occasionally nipping at your soft skin and leaving small love marks
kang jihyun 2 years ago
@ten *my lips move against yours in a messy kiss, gasping against your lip at your touch*
*lifts my hips up a bit to help pull the shorts off moving them to the side*
*moans your name softly and runs my hands through your hair caressing it. Bites my lip looking down at you*
That feels really good
ten 2 years ago
@kang jihyun /Breathes a shaky sigh as my body presses against yours, feeling the heat radiating from your skin to mine and I cup your cheeks again, capturing your lips in another slow, but slightly rough kiss, then slides my hand down towards one of your s and gently cups it in my hand, giving it a few squeezes while using my other hand to slide it down between our bodies and to the string of your bedtime shorts, loosening them quickly.
You are so beautiful Jihyun, every single inch of you.
/Murmurs against your lips while trailing them down your neck and towards your chest where I would plant messy kisses on both of your tender s
kang jihyun 2 years ago
@ten *kisses you back softly my lips soon wondering to your jaw leaving a trail of kisses*
*bites my lip and leans back letting you look at me watching your face and your eyes*
All of this is your my love, I am yours.
*pulls you close and kisses you again pressing my body against your wanting to feel as close to you as I can*
ten 2 years ago
@kang jihyun /Breathes softly against your skin and takes in the beautiful sight of your upper half, smiling to myself and moving my lips to kiss yours, gently sliding my arms around your back and fiddling with the back of your bra before unhooking it slowly.
I love you the most...my baby girl..
/Hums softly while kissing your shoulders as I slid the straps down your arms, then slowly slid off your bra and put it to the side, hesitantly opening my eyes to gaze down at your chest, my face flushed and hot from the beautiful sight.
kang jihyun 2 years ago
@ten *my breath catches in my throat from the look you give me and my heart beats wildly unable to believe how much I love you. My eyes go over your chest and stomach taking in the sight of the newly exposed flesh*
So handsome, so perfect
*my eyes meet yours again and smile leaning back gasping softly from your lips on my stomach and then helps you take off my shirt leaving me in my bra. My hands caress your cheeks*
I love you
ten 2 years ago
@kang jihyun /Breaks my kiss from you for a moment, staring at you with so much love and affection, soon smiling to myself before I sat up on my knees and over on your lap, bringing my shirt up and above my head before tossing it to the ground.
/I whisper softly while slowly leaning back and pressing my head closer to your stomach, using my fingers to pull up your shirt close to your chest and my lips leave a trail of soft kisses up your skin slowly while your shirt moves more a over your head, trying to take it off your body.
kang jihyun 2 years ago
@ten *moans softly into the kiss my tongue moving against yours my eyes closed as my hands run down your chest feeling your muscles under the shirt you are wearing*
ten 2 years ago
@kang jihyun /Chuckles softly and holds both sides of your head, pulling you close to me and opening my mouth a little more and extending my tongue to give you a deep, passionate kiss, slowly pushing you onto your back and crawling back over you, I never breaking my kiss with you as I slid my hands down your waist and squeezed your hips gently in my hands
kang jihyun 2 years ago
@ten I will love you even after I die.
*kisses you back with passion my tongue running over your bottom lip*
I am more than sure my love. I know you will make it amazing
ten 2 years ago
@kang jihyun I love you too baby girl, I love you till I die.
/Grins widely and kisses you back, placing my hand on the back of your neck and tilting my head while I slightly deepen the kiss.
As long as you're sure baby, then by all means, I'll make sure you're the most comfortable....
kang jihyun 2 years ago
@ten *tries to speak but no words come out before I kiss you*
I love you so much so much. I am the luckiest girl in the world to have found someone so perfect.
*smiles at you*
I dont think I will get pregnant it is not the right time for that.
ten 2 years ago
@kang jihyun /Chuckles at you looking around the room, giving my head a small shake and gently turning your chin to look at me, staring at you as you asked that important question.
A kid....it is a lot to think about, but, Jihyun, if you ended up pregnant because of me...I would...I would want to marry you soon after because I would never let you be a single mother
kang jihyun 2 years ago
@ten *lets out a giggle and my cheeks flush red as I hug you tightly*
I know you will my prince I trust you so much
*blinks and looks around as if some will magically appear*
I- the question is would we be ready for a kid? I would be ok with it.
*kisses your nose*
ten 2 years ago
@kang jihyun /Slowly smiles and bites my lip slowly, grinning a bright smile and sits up slowly, bringing you up with me and hugging you close to my body.
Baby, I'll make sure you feel great.
/Murmurs softly and presses a more deeper and tender kiss to your shoulder while wrapping my arms around your waist.
But...uhm, I don't have...
/Fiddles with my words, trying to say I didn't have any use of protection with me.
kang jihyun 2 years ago
@ten *nods my head and kisses your cheek*
I would be happy with any side but there is one side I have not seen,
*bites my lip and nods again*
I am more than sure my love. We have been together for a while and I want to love all of you and want you to have a chance to love all of me.
ten 2 years ago
@kang jihyun /Goes to say something, but is silenced by your lips against mine, I sighed through my nose gently, then slowly opens eyes and looks at you, slowly parting my lips at your words.
The other side of me...as in...
/Mumbles to you softly, gesturing towards the more mature side of me.
A...are you sure?
kang jihyun 2 years ago
@ten *my hands play with the stands of your hair at the base of your neck*
*nods listening to you with a soft smile*
when you got those few hours of sleep what?
*laughs softly and kisses your lips softly*
I want to see this other side of my love
ten 2 years ago
@kang jihyun /Gently pulls my head back and glances down at you.
What got me so excited?
/Tilts head with a small smile and bites my lip slowly.
I guess its just been something I've been thinking about all day, and when I got those few hours of sleep.
/Pecks your nose and smiles shyly


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-AgentCarter 2 weeks ago
Lalisa finally left, thnak you for having me!
you're the best ♡
minyoonieverse 2 months ago
I am in!Can we rp?
wassowasso 1 year ago
thank you so much for the memories guys.
yeol and yoona have left the building.
stilllovingyou 1 year ago
May I request son dongwoon of highlight for the go
-lavelycode 1 year ago
Dahye left, sorry!! ;;
WooheePlz 1 year ago
Good luck at the new RP guys, thanks for everything.

wassowasso 1 year ago
lost muse for yixing but yeol and yoona are staying
WhyWhyYulevme 1 year ago
Is Heo Gayoon avails?
Taetaecae 1 year ago
Can youadd and reverse taeyeon kim from snsd for me? :)
byeona 1 year ago
luhan's leaving. thank you for having me and the memories.
seeya in another place. ^_^
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