they owe my dentist money
dating | engaged | married
winwin x seungjun since 200417

johnny x seunghee since 220417

joshua x nayoung since 050517

hwiyoung x chani since 270517

yugyeom x taehyung since 070617

sungwoo x daniel since 140617

moonbin x sinb since 190617

wonwoo x jinhwan since 030717

mark x yeri since 070717

jongdae x yoona since 110717

eunseo x halla since 180717

seunghoon x yeeun since 170817

donghan x hwanwoong since 120917

woozi X eunha  SINCE 141017

sungjin X jinyoung SINCE 221017

sunghyuk x sanha SINCE 071117

minhyun x elly SINCE 111117

sunghwa x yongguk SINCE 151117

jaehyung x jungyeon since 050118


name x name SINCE 0000

name x name since 0000


jaehwan X toilet scrub SINCE 101117

note to other admins: ily but pls no touchy touchy - fiona.
kim seokjin 3 months ago
yes ok
seokjin and jiwoo
chwe hansol [A] 7 months ago
oof wouldya look at that yuri that is all my charas
lee seoyeon [A] 7 months ago
seoyeon & sua
060518 :>
haruto watanabe 7 months ago
sunwoo & hyunjin
felix lee 9 months ago
well actually
Leo and Ravi since 100418
kim jongin 9 months ago
Jongin x Hakyeon dating since 120418
ong seongwu [A] 9 months ago
@kong daniel sorry babe i'll reply to you in the chatroom ? we shouldn't talk in here :v
kong daniel 9 months ago
@kong sungwoo baby?
kong daniel 9 months ago
@kong sungwoo pulls you into a hug, my arms wrapping themselves around your shoulders that missed so much. your scent that my body and soul longed for. burying my face on the crook of your neck to feel that you're really here. with me.
kong daniel 9 months ago
@kong sungwoo i have finished my year in school, one more year left and i m free. i have 3 months free off school from last week and i have finally found my newly acquired freedom.
kong daniel 9 months ago
@kong sungwoo i love you so much you dont know how hard it is to stay away from here. i had to literally delete all history of my phone just to not log in because all the s in school kept me away. i'm so sorry, baby. i will make it up to you. i'll do my best to become someone who deserves someone like you. i missed you so much baby.
ong seongwu [A] 9 months ago
@kong daniel a re you no t gonn a gi v e you r lon e l y husb an d a hu g ?? ;;
ong seongwu [A] 9 months ago
@kong daniel g di i miss e d you s m ;; n ;;
ong seongwu [A] 9 months ago
@kong daniel whe r e o n le f t ov e r food hav e you be en
ong seongwu [A] 9 months ago
@kong daniel for disappearing without even a word ????

kong daniel 9 months ago
@kong sungwoo would you forgive me
kim hanbin 9 months ago
@hong nayoung dfjhbd i won't;; <33
hong nayoung [A] 9 months ago
@jae ha okay okay pls dont rush you can send them anytime dw fjskkd ♡
kim hanbin 9 months ago
@hong nayoung you're welcome seriously ; ; ; ;; i'll try and see if i can send them to you tomorrow
hong nayoung [A] 9 months ago
@jae ha i havent updated for a motnh so ;;;; jdkskd but thank you reallyyy aaaaa no youre too good to be an assistant wyd :< okay okay thanks ily!!!!!
kim hanbin 9 months ago
@hong nayoung khfdjbdfkjfd i had to im so sorr y - shhh i won't be your replacement bby, i'll be your assistant ;;;;;; and yes yes! i'll look at the latest comments that haven't been added and i'll look for matching pics, okay? and if i don't find good icons or anything, i'll crop original pics down to icon sizes for you <3
hong nayoung [A] 9 months ago
@jae ha jfkska furry suit i - but but okay okay thank you so muucchhh. any pictures will do as long as it's matching heh you can be my replacement tbvvvvh pfft
kim hanbin 9 months ago
@hong nayoung yes of course;;; i can find you all the pics if you have like - any specific way you're editing them, okay? jfdhbfd i can be the admin that's not an actual shrek

that can be my furry suite i mean what
hong nayoung [A] 9 months ago
@jae ha jfjakdks really really ;; i just need help with the icons : <
kim hanbin 9 months ago
@hong nayoung nay - i can help if you need a hand love;;
hong nayoung [A] 9 months ago
im going to update this room this week i swear
kang younghyun 9 months ago
////// brian and vii um - since april 3rd 2018 but it's the 4th somewhere.... in the world Isn't it. so i guess, 040418
wen junhui [A] 10 months ago
djfsf um kangjoon and junhui since 140318 !!
lee jongsuk 10 months ago
Jongsuk x junhong (zelo)
Since 070318
son chaeyoung 10 months ago
seola x kihyun

(we are calling our previous engagement back on)


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Youngie- 23 hours ago
can i please have rv's yerim ?
nekojita 1 day ago
ok im good
ahegao 2 days ago
whats up my guy
wokhardt 3 days ago
hey! it’s me— ya boi
daesies 3 days ago
soonchan my lo ve
hakyeomma 5 days ago
i lov u
wokhardt 6 days ago
keep sonchae safe pls
ppalgan 6 days ago
i'd like haruto back pLS i lost track of time
divertissement 6 days ago
dropping jinhyeong!
eristic 1 week ago
can gwangseok be tcc’ed to lee junyoung uwu
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