kim jongin 2 weeks ago
@lee taemin i'm gonna miss them too. its not the same without them. minseok hyung and suho hyung are going to be going soon too... some day you'll eventually leave me for your own enlistment as well
/smiles a little to myself before i chuckle when you waggle your brows at me, shaking my head softly after another moment, snorting once again as you shiver and whine
i'm kidding i'm kidding
but you should check your shoes before putting them on when you're there. might be a nasty creepy crawly waiting inside just for you
/nudged towards one of the back tables i go pick one, sitting down quietly and tucking myself in under the table and leaning back with a relieved sigh
thanks, taem
/thanking you for the drink i lift it to my lips, sipping at the contents quietly before i inhale the scent again, smiling at the familiar aroma
what else have you been up to?
besides missing me of course
lee taemin 2 weeks ago
@kim jongin /smiles, as i think about the concert not just minho's but also kibum hyungs as well/
yeah i did! it was a lot of fun~ it was great whenever he went up to me in the crowd we were just being goofballs like always...i'm gonna miss him while he's doing his service along with my other hyungs
but guess you'll have me all to yourself now /waggles my brows at you, and just snorts before seeing you gesture with your hands and my eyes widen before i shiver and whine/
that sounds like literal hell--i would not be able to live through that
/shakes my head and sees you being extra, it makes me laugh along with you, happy to see you being more yourself, i smile widely, and then hear our drinks being called, i grab them and nudge you towards a free table in the back/
kim jongin 3 weeks ago
@lee taemin /follows you over tot he side, yawning into my palm before i stretch my arms up above my head for a moment, groaning softly and rolling my head back in a circle
yeah? you went to minho hyung's encore concert too right?
/snorts when you ask about the bugs, shaking my head as i should have expected you to, holding up my hands and gesturing with them
huge, terrifying creepy crawlies leaping out of every nook and cranny
its like a survival show, tae. i'm surprised i survived
/places my hand over my heart, pretending to be overwhelmed before i burst out into a round of laughter, a little pitched but always the sound of when i'm genuinely having a good laugh
lee taemin 3 weeks ago
@kim jongin mmm whatever you want nini
/order you a chai tea latte, and for myself a white chocolate mocha frapp, i pay for the drinks and then gently pulling you off to the side to wait for them, once there i let out a small yawn and stretch my arms/
so much fun i still feel tired all these days after /chuckles softly, and looks up at you/ what about you? how was austrillia? were the bugs just as scary as they look online?
kim jongin 3 weeks ago
@lee taemin hmm... can i have some chai tea latte instead?
/asks quietly as i look at you, tilting my head as i look from the board back to you and return your grin with a smile of my own
its alright. you know i'm happy to indulge you
/murmurs as i tug my jacket off, sliding it down to my hands before i fold it over my arm and step up to the counter with you, letting you order for us
did you have fun at won's concert?
lee taemin 3 weeks ago
@kim jongin /holds your hand tight and tugs you closer to me, smiling up at you/ so what'll be nini? hot chocolate? /asks as i open the door to the cafe and pull you side, the inviting scent of coffee and sweets wraps around us, i walk over to the line, and hum softly looking at the menu curiously before looking over at you with a small grin/
sorry to kidnap you like that--i needed a little best friend time /says softly and gives your shoulder a small nudge as we approach the register/
ok taecyeon 1 month ago
/with a face mask covering half of my face I make my way into the cafe. Craving for some hot chocolate in this stormy day. I make my way to the counter, scanning the big menu offering a bunch of hot drinks and then look back at the worker/ hot chocolate please. /I say behind my mask, looking at her and quickly taking some cash out and handing it to her/ keep the change. /I mutter and turn around to walk by a free table, sitting down as I wait for my hot drink/
kim chungha 2 months ago
@jung jaehyun somehow the atmosphere around them, well, around her, was warmer than the room itself. she could feel the heat that crawled upon her neck gradually envelope her entirety from that one statement made. 'special,' was enough to send her heart into a rampage, tucking a loose strand of hair behind her ear as her mind whirs in contemplation of what to say next. was it her -- dumb question, considering it was only the two of them. but with the way the sun cascades past the large windows, framing him under a soft glow, this whole date seemed more like a dream. yet, one quick glance his way, eyes drawn to the red flush of his ears, drew a girlish (almost high pitched) laughter pass her lips that mirrored his own. it was getting harder to fight the urge to simply reach forward and prod the endearing dimples he possessed. "unreasonably cheesy, perhaps. but i'm not complaining." her attention is averted back to the cake display, eyeing the treats placed before them, and she's lifting a hand to nudge her knuckles gently against his arm. "you cheese, at this point, i'm going to turn just as red as the strawberries... but i like it." taking a step towards the direction of the table, she barely budges from her spot before pivoting, giving his forefinger one tiny tug. "order me a cheesecake? so i can enjoy double the cheese today." it was her attempt at being, somewhat, slick before she's shuffling off with a bashful snicker towards herself, sauntering right to the table.
jung jaehyun 2 months ago
@kim chungha his eyes catch on to the colour on her cheeks, his heart pounding against his heart at the thought that he could've been the reason behind it. the corners of his lips twitched, wanting to turn up some more but he felt he'd need to 'keep his cool' and try to not smile like a five year old boy who had just arrived in disneyland so he sunk his pearly whites into his bottom lip. the familiar aroma of the baked goods and coffee fills his nose and he nods as he follows her into the cafe. "i liked to come here a lot when i was a trainee but i haven't had the time to come here since i debuted. i wanted to return with someone-" he clears his throat, eyes shifting to the cake display rather than the girl before meekly continuing his sentence. "-special." his ears betray him like usual- he could feel their tips tingle as they flushed scarlet, exposing him of his embarrassment. his eyes find their way back to her after what she says and he feels another string of jovial laughter bubble up his chest, the type that made his dimples exceptionally prominent and his eyes crinkle up into crescents. "is it also because i'm unreasonably cheesy?" playfully raises an eyebrow at her before turning to the cake display and smiles, tapping the glass with his index finger. "then you remind me of a strawberry shortcake. effortlessly sweet and utterly irresistible." quickly he turns to search for a free table, cocking his head to a table beside the window. "how about that one?"
kim chungha 2 months ago
@jung jaehyun relief floods her entirety to hear his reassurance- the last thing she wanted to do was keep him waiting on their first appointment. . . arrangement. for her own sake, she'll refer to it as a date. but only to herself. there's a faint smear of red decorating the apples of her cheeks at his reply, and it took every morsel of strength for her to suppress the urge tugging upon the corners of her lips. she was already grinning like the cheshire cat as it is, and in a pathetic attempt to avert his attention, she's shuffling into the warmth of the cafe with a soft 'thank you' mumbled his way. the scent of coffee and baked goods wafts beneath her nose, and she's taking in the adorable decor in a way to distract herself from the latter who stood besides her. she wasn't usually like this but something about his presence simply renders her speechless. "uhm - er, do you come here. . . often?" her gaze barely flits over to eye his side profile, darting back to the items listed upon the menu a second later, drifting down to the cake display. "you kinda remind me of cheesecake. it makes you feel all soft and sweet inside? that was. . . random but," she's biting down onto her lower lip to prevent any further slip of the tongue. "should i go find a table?"
jung jaehyun 2 months ago
@kim chungha the sound of her voice reeled him back into reality and he turned himself to face her, his lip quirking up into a grin so naturally, he hadn't even realised he was doing it. relieved that he hadn't been stood up- not that he thought she was the type to leave people hanging- he glances at her figure and takes note of how even of stage, without the glitz and glamour she still looked a certain type of enchanting that seemed made his heart skip a few beats. he clears his throat and reassuringly shakes his head with a dimpled smile. "nope! you're right on time." he wasn't sure if he was supposed to stretch his arms out and offer a hug or whether he was supposed to give her a formal handshake seeing as how he was truly unsure of what kind of engagement this was and so he opted to do neither for now so to not scare her off and instead he reached for the door, fingers wrapping around cold metal of the door knob before he pulls it open, gesturing for her to go first. a hearty chuckle falls past his lips at her words. "thank you- you flatter me. and you look cute too. but you've never not looked cute... at least to me." perhaps he should've kept the latter part to himself.
kim chungha 2 months ago
@jung jaehyun [] it's perfect, bubs! don't worry about it

it was nervewrecking, to say the least. chungha couldn't recall the last time she'd felt so excited to go on a -- date? a hang out? she wasn't sure what to call it, but it didn't prevent the slight flutters in her stomach from the mere idea of being able to meet the latter outside of their hectic schedules. she's quickening her pace, turning the corner into the street where the destination of their escapade laid awaiting, and from ahead, she could notice the familiar tall stature that belonged to her accompaniment for today. she's tucking her hands into the pockets of her jacket, from the wind, she surmises - but there's a tiny voice in her head that taunts her for her clammy palms. "jae! oh, i'm sorry, did i keep you waiting?" her eyes skim over his features, a demure grin set in place upon her own countenance as her steps halted a few inches before him. "you look cute. uhm, and, well! this place . . . also. looks cute." smooth.
jung jaehyun 2 months ago
@kim chungha [] aaa i wasn't sure what to do and i thought i'd try to keep it simple so we can build on it later? aaaa

jaehyun wasn't really sure how he ended here, in front of a quaint little coffee shop away from the hustle and bustle of the city while waiting for a girl he hadn't yet had the real pleasure of getting to know. his stomach churned in nervousness and anticipation as he pulled his phone out of his pocket to check the time. he was a little early but he didn't want her to be the one waiting for him and he quite enjoyed the weather today, a little chilly but very sunny. sighing, he attempted to breathe away all the worries that had infiltrated his mind about the possible engagement. he worried that he wouldn't be able to meet her expectations but he thought he ought to not think too much about it and instead just try to have a good time, which, so far, he found came naturally to him when around her.
min yoongi 5 months ago
*comes in*
Ah yes coffee i miss you
*order some iced americano ; looks around*
Still pretty vacant i see. Nice
*gets my americano ; pays for it ; stroll to one of the table*
Hmm... i wonder if anyone ever sits here?
*blows the dust away ; put my coffee on the table ; sits down*
*sips my coffee ; looks out the window*
Such a nice weather today? When will I find someone that would take me here?
*shakes my head ; finished the coffee ; walks out of the cafe with hand on my pocket*
min yoongi 6 months ago
ah yes. a smell of roasted beans. my favorite kind of smell. *sniffs the air a little but more*
*looks around and see it's not that crowded, quite empty even*
let's now just hope that the coffee tastes as good as it smells
*go to the cashier and order cappuccino to be taken away*
*pays it and wait patiently for the coffee to be ready*
*gets the coffee from the barista*
Thank you, I'll see you soon
*smiles as I turned away from the cashier*
*sips the coffee a little bit*
ahh~ just how I like it
*open up the door and walked out of the cafe*
*turns around to the the cafe once more*
this is going to be daily thing I recon
*walks away from the cafe*
jung taekwoon 10 months ago
@kim wonshik /smiles happily as you touch me, the littlest of those making me weak and i manage to keep myself composed, but on the inside i feel like a giddy school boy
sounds like a plan...
/trails off quietly, thinking about it before i'm looking at your reaction, sipping from my mug again and looking at you curiously as i do so
/my eyes light up when i hear your parents have been asking me to come to see them, nodding at that before i smile a little and look back at you again
good. i'll come soon. really soon- whenever you're free next actually
/seeing you thinking about something else i wonder if its now about my family, pursing my lips before i reach my hand out, uncaring of those who see as i your cheek gently
don't worry...
my father will be gruff at first but he knows from my sisters how much you look after me. and my mother, my mother likes your music. she's one of the first to tell me not to let go of you, for work-
but maybe she meant more...
/thinks about a mother's intuition, shaking my head before i figure you took it pretty well, giving me time to take another bite of my dessert
felix lee 10 months ago
@jung taekwoon /it has me chuckling a little when you pout, having this urge to just kiss that pout away right now yet i have to stop myself since we are outside the walls of our dorms, exposed to the judgeful eyes of people
/merely takes your hand instead, thumb brushing against the bracelet before giving your hand a light squeeze.
I will tell you when, my love. But yeah, maybe I will be able to finish them this week so that we can record the guide already.
/soon, the food arrives and i have to let go of your hand so that we can start to eat, mixing my bowl of bibimbap before eating a spoonful.
/i look up after i hear what you say, chewing softly now that i think about it
Actually, now that reminds me..
My family have been telling me to take you to our house as well, honestly.
It's just that we had a promotion to do so I had to postpone the plans.
/soon, my mind diverts to your parents. i have seen them already, multiple times even. and they are known to be that strict kind especially your father.
jung taekwoon 11 months ago
@kim wonshik /pulls a face when you mention me having to share my treat with you too, pouting before i huff and nod my head, watching you glance at my bracelet and i flush with warmth and pride
well you know i'm always happy to lend an ear to your work. maybe we can do that later this week? or earlier if its urgent
/brings your hand to my lips, kissing at it gently before i lean back as your food arrives, having waited so i could eat with you, now picking up my fork and digging into the parfait in front of me
/starts quietly, swallowing a little thickly before i glance at you from beneath my lashes and stray grey hair, clearing my throat after another moment
my parents really... really, want to meet you
you know. not like the usual thing but as in, hi, this is the man our son has been in love with and pining for or several years now and not the hi i'm a friend and colleague kinda way
/ducks my face behind my latte, holding the cup up and peering over the top of it at you as my parents are known for being a bit on the harder side of things and intimidating
felix lee 11 months ago
@jung taekwoon I don't mind that.. Only if you will let me steal some from your sweet treat too.
/i say before letting out a soft chuckle, directing my attention to the waiter after when he came to take my order, choosing a glass of lemon iced tea to go with my food.
/once the waiter is off to get my order, i turn my attention back to you, reaching out for your hand to gently hold it, eyes gazing to the shining bracelet around your wrist, happy that you are still wearing it.
Oh.. That. I think it's going well.
Doing a few revision before I record the finalized song guide.
I might need you for that, actually.
jung taekwoon 11 months ago
@kim wonshik sounds delicious but expect me to steal some
/grins at you happily, seeing the waiter come over with my stuff and i sit back as he takes your order, watching you quietly as you speak
/smiles to myself, waiting for him to go and even leaving my latte for a few moments more in favour of reaching my hand out to you, brushing it over your own
how's the writing going?
/eases you into the conversation, brushing my fingertips over your knuckles as the diamond bracelet shines quietly around my wrist, watching you quietly as i smile
i didn't see you for a few days so i figured you'd gone back to doing it
/murmurs quietly, genuinely interested of course before i think about the real thing i need to tell you, that my parents are expecting to see you soon, very soon, making me look a tad bit guilty in the process
felix lee 11 months ago
@jung taekwoon /my own lips curve into a small smile after seeing yours, returning the squeeze on your hand as we walk, the destination already in sight.
/soon we arrive at the place, choosing the nearest empty table and sitting across your seat after letting go of you.
/leans against the cushioned backrest of my seat, waiting for you to choose your order and to get the menu for me, which i take when you came back to your seat.
Thanks, taek..
/mutters softly before i turn my gaze to the menu, looking through various rice and noodles dishes, lips pursed as I think of what to have.
... I think I'll have beef bibimbap now.
jung taekwoon 11 months ago
@kim wonshik /smiles even more when you show abundant affection for me and me alone right now, humming happily as i squeeze your hand softly
good. you can have your noddles or rice or both and i'll have my pastries and coffee
/nods happily, set on the plan now as i walk beside you, giving your hand a small tug as i point to the cafe when it comes into view
/finds our way inside, sitting down with you and reluctantly letting go of your hand to get back up, walking over to the counter fridge where they have the cakes and pastries on display
/presses my hands to the glass, looking at the contents quietly and making a soft 'wow' sound, asking the worker questions before i finally pick one, asking for a latte too before i come back with a menu for the hot food for you, handing it over
here you go, won
felix lee 11 months ago
@jung taekwoon /turns my head to your way when i feel you resting against my arms, leaning my head to the side after to rest it against yours, not caring even if there might be eyes on us.
Hmm.. I think rice will be nice too. I would like to have some of that if that is what you want.
/hums softly as i try to remember that certain cafe.
Ah, that café. Yes yes sure, we can go there.
jung taekwoon 11 months ago
@kim wonshik /glances down at our hands, loving when you're so sweet like this, making me press my cheek to your arm and give it an affectionate little nuzzle before i straighten back up
noodles sound good. but i'm craving rice too-
but its breakfast so i kinda want to have something european styled? hmn...
/glances around, trying to find a solution to our dilemma
what about the cafe we went to? where it does pastries but also like, hot foods like the ones you want?
felix lee 11 months ago
@jung taekwoon Hmm, okay then. We are going to decide on our way.
/laces my fingers with yours as we go out, the pad of my thumb rubbing against the back of your hand delicately.
Me?? Well.. I think I want to have noodles right now. How about you?
jung taekwoon 11 months ago
@kim wonshik /smiles happily when you agree, even if I'm still sleepy there's clear joy in my eyes
Let's pick what to eat whilst we're out
/nods and slides my hand into your own, happily walking beside you, sneaking side glances at you now and then
Anything you wanted to eat in particular?
jung taekwoon 1 year ago
@cha hakyeon /although glad for being honest i feel awful now, like i should have kept some part of myself locked up and away so i wouldn't feel so stupid
i- i don't know, hyung... i don't know any more. i thought i knew him- i thought i really knew him but maybe it was just a lie
/lets myself lean into the comfort of your hold, embarrassed to be crying in public but if not to feel safe with you then where am i supposed to?
he said he'd prioritise me over work a little more but then this happened and-
and i don't know any more...
/lifts my head to look at you, nose pink from crying and finding it hard to see you beyond my tears, watching you quietly as i shake my head softly once more
i'm so stupid, hyung...
cha hakyeon 1 year ago
@jung taekwoon well, at least you never have held anything back...
/sighs a little, giving a gentle, motherly hush as i notice you work yourself up, squeezing you comfortingly in my arms
do you really think wonsik would lie about that? i know he isnt always the most serious, but... would he really lie about something that big?
/frowns lightly, and as you tuck yourself against my chest i hug you close, running my fingers over your back and through your hair, trying to soothe you
my poor taekwoon-ah... do you think maybe-- maybe the two of you need to talk it over? come to some sort of compromise? something like that?
/murmurs quietly, bringing a hand to gently brush your hair behind your ear, turning to hold you more properly against me
jung taekwoon 1 year ago
@cha hakyeon he knows! he knows everything... i don't hold anything back from wonshik. its always been honesty with him and now- now-
/works myself up to the point i feel my breath hitch, nodding my head as you question his own attraction to me
we even spoke about that too- i thought he wasn't attracted to me but he reassured me that wasn't it at all
but maybe... maybe he lied, hyung
/looks into your eyes after that, my own filling with more tears as i realise i could have been gullible enough to believe a lie, wondering if he really finds me unattractive
/hides my face against your chest, tucking it away there as my shoulders begin to shake a little, muffled sobs pressed against the fabric of your shirt
he was so cruel, hakyeon... my heart hurts. he keeps on destroying it and all i can do is... is...
/shakes my head, not wanting to finish my own sentence as i just cling onto you tighter, hiccuping as his voice replays over and over in my mind
cha hakyeon 1 year ago
@jung taekwoon did you tell him that... that you want something?
/murmurs softly, keeping my tone quiet as we speak, holding you as close as i can with a comforting embrace
did you tell him that you need something more? has he even -- i guess shown that he... wants you in that way?
/blinks a few times, murmuring something about clearly asking too many questions, though at your words my eyes widen
taek-- oh taekwoon...
/sighs softly, gently hugging you against me and reaching up to thread my fingers through your hair, shaking my head softly
taekwoon, that wasnt okay of him-- at all... aigoo...
im so, so sorry taekwoon, you really-- aish.... you dont deserve being told something like that.


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