cha hakyeon 1 year ago
@kim jongin hakyeon rolled his eyes, though a bright smile lifted his features and a soft laugh left his lips as jongin came to his side. there was something charming about doing something so simple, and he knew he wouldnt give it up for anything. the wet kiss to his cheek earned a groan. “you’re so cheesy— you’re lucky im not lactose intolerant.” whilst tsking, hakyeon walked with jongin to the entrance, swinging their hands as he kept his own bag slung over his shoulder, his sunglasses perched atop his head for now.
kim jongin 1 year ago
@cha hakyeon Jongin stepped out of the car, turning off the ignition, placing the car in park, and throwing his keys into his bag. With his bag thrown on his back, Jongin rushed around the back of the car, wrapping his arms around Hakyeon, giving him a back hug. "And with my princess around, I am a happy prince. I love you." Giving Hakyeon a quick, yet slobbery peck on the cheek, Jongin grinned and looped his fingers with Hakyeon's, tugging him towards the entrance of the pool. There were a few people scattered throughout. Since it was so early in Summer, he really didn't expect much of anyone to be here.
cha hakyeon 1 year ago
@kim jongin with his hand in jongin’s whenever the younger’s fingers inched back toward him, hakyeon couldnt help but smile, content with letting his gaze rest on jongin as he drove. it was endearing, knowing that he could be a comfort while simply being a passenger. once parked at the pool, and already being treated like royalty, hakyeon snorted and rolled his eyes. “hey, as long as i’ve got my prince, im happy anywhere.” leaning actosd the console to meet jongin halfway, hakyeon placed a kiss on his lips. pulling away, he popped his door open. “shall we?”
kim jongin 1 year ago
@cha hakyeon Jongin leaned over his console in the middle of his car to press a surprise kiss to Hakyeon's cheek as he entered the vehicle. "I'm ready if you are, princess." His hand immediately intertwined the pair's digits with his one hand on the steering wheel. Occasionally Jongin would let go to adjust the radio or air conditioning. Nevertheless, his fingers always found their way back to Hakyeon's-- it was an arguably annoying habit that he had picked up. It was comforting to him at least. Within a few minutes, the pair had arrived at the public pool and Jongin gave Hakyeon a teasing pat on the thigh. "You've arrived at your destination, your majesty." He leaned over the console again with an amused grin, lips pursed as if asking for a kiss.
cha hakyeon 1 year ago

@kim jongin hakyeon was being utterly meticulous. he wanted to look perfect for this simple date with jongin, even if it was honestly silly to be so uptight about his appearance when he was just going to be swimming. his phone buzzed with the text just as he tugged a simple black tank over his head, the hem coming to his swimming trunks. once he checked it, he grabbed his towel, along with the small bag containing a change of clothes and some swimming gear, and shoved his feet into his sandals and sunglasses on his face before rushing down. his hair was no longer in the neat array, blown by the wind as he opened the door, smiling widely as he caught sight of his lover.

"hey, handsome. ready to go?"

[] bloop close enough
kim jongin 1 year ago
@cha hakyeon Jongin had gone back to his dorm and changed into a grey tank top and a pair of swimming trunks. He packed a small bag with some snacks, a towel, a change of clothes, and some swimming necessities. Gathering his things took less time than he had expected and he arrived at VIXX dorm far quicker than he would have liked. He reached into his pocket to pull out his phone, sending a quick text to Hakyeon that he had arrived.

[Incoming Text from Nini Bear] 11:37am
Hi Gorgeous! I'm here outside. Take as long as you need. I'll play a game on my phone until you're ready. See you soon!
felix lee 1 year ago
@jung taekwoon /a soft smile adorns my pair at your question, my mind already drifting to the thoughts of us spending our future together and little did you know, it really makes my heart flutter whenever i do that.
I have thought about it a lot, actually. And you know what?? I am already looking forward to it. I want it to happen.
/i say with all fondness and sincerity, placing another kiss on your cheek.
I know, I know.. But let's take a quick shower first before we prepare for sleep, hmm? Don't want you to get sick.
/crouches down after so you can set your feet on the tiled floor of the bathroom
jung taekwoon 1 year ago
@kim wonshik /tips my head down a bit when you kiss my cheek, a little warmth blossoming inside of me as i hold onto you, nuzzling your shoulder a little more as i've missed your scent, your warmth, your touch.... everything and more
the rest of our lives is a long, long time, wonshik
are you sure you want that kind of commitment to me?
/whispers as i'm half asleep on your back, calling your name with no real need for an answer, whining as you rushing jostles me in your arms a bit
wonshik... its cold...
/forces my eyelids open, glancing around and realising we're back in the dorm, tapping your shoulder to motion for you to put me down so i can help you
felix lee 1 year ago
@jung taekwoon /turns my head to the side to press a kiss on your cheek, a fond smile appearing on my lips after doing so.
I can only think of my future with you in it. You are already a part of me.
Let us spend the rest of our lives together, hmm?? I love you so so much.
Of course there will be ups and downs but still let's hold onto each other.
/arrives inside the dorm shortly, gently putting the bag of bottles down before i rush towards the bathroom so i can give us a nice warm shower.
jung taekwoon 1 year ago
@kim wonshik /cha my fingers into your sodden shirt as you promise you'll never let me go, tears stinging my eyes as i whisper soft thank yous in response
I want a life with you in it. You're the one i belong to
No one else...
/shivers as I hold on, falling asleep as i think of you and I somewhere alone and enjoying ourselves
I'm home...
/whispers softly in my sleep, very much feeling you're all I need for a home
felix lee 1 year ago
@jung taekwoon /starts to pad away from the pool once you confirm that you are comfy enough on my back, leaning the side of my head against yours as we walk.
I won't ever let that happen. You won't lose me, taek. I'll hold onto you.
I just love you so much I can't even think of my future without you in it.
/immediately makes our way back to our room, not wanting the both of us to catch sickness, especially you who was in the water long before i came.
jung taekwoon 1 year ago
@kim wonshik /listens to you quietly before i nod my head to your shoulder, murmuring barely above a whisper
That was the point... I told you, won. You have more away and power over me than you realise
I'm so fragile when it comes to you that the thought of having to lose you... it's too much
/makes a small noise of content when you ask if I'm comfy, my arms securely around your shoulders as I whisper your name and that I love you
I love you so much... more than you'll ever know
/dozes off on your back, feeling warm and cold at the same time, but just happy to have you here with me to drag me from the darkness
felix lee 1 year ago
@jung taekwoon Next time, don't drink more than what you can take. What if i wasn't there then you were drunk as hell and you just let yourself sink down the water?
I can't afford to let that happen to you, you know..
/crouches down a little, waiting for you to just hop onto my back, though wondering what is taking you so long.
Just hop on...
/once you eventually did, my hands immediately hook under your knees, hopping a little so i can hoist you up a bit more.
Comfy right there??
jung taekwoon 1 year ago
@kim wonshik I don't know how I'm walking either...
/mumbles as I sigh and look up at you, smiling a little and letting you take the bag from me before I frown at your back
Alright I'll try
Give me a minute-
/stares at your back, blinking after a while when I realise I didn't even move
Oh wow... I really am plastered
Alright hold on
/leaps up at your back, squeezing my eyelids shut as I grip at your shoulders and expect us to fall over, peering one eyelid open curiously
felix lee 1 year ago
@jung taekwoon /lets the side of my head fall upon your shoulder whilst my hold on you tightens, pressing soft kisses on the crook of your neck.
And I love you just as much too, baby. You know that..
Come on. Be careful though. I don't want anything to happen to you.
/lifts my head up to place a kiss on your temple before letting you go, waiting for you to climb off the pool before following you, an arm immediately wrapping around your waist to support you, my other taking the bag of empty bottles.
I was actually about to suggest it since I don't know you can even manage to walk properly.
Hop on my back.
jung taekwoon 1 year ago
@kim wonshik Okay... that's all I need. Thank you too
/smiles before I make a soft noise as your arms are around me, having ached for this feeling and been so miserable without it
You know I love you, right? I love you so much...
/the peck to my lips as warmth kindling there, sighing in delight and just happy to have you back
Let's go... though maybe slowly...? My head feels all kinds of dizzy. I drank too much...
/sighs before I rest one hand on my head, wincing and then glancing back up at you sheepishly, knowing I shouldn't have drunk so much
/climbs out the pool before I pick up the bottles, pushing them into a bag and swaying a bit when I stand up straight, reaching my hand out to you to be steadied
Could I be annoying and ask for a piggyback ride home...?
felix lee 1 year ago
@jung taekwoon /eventually, a bright smile appears on my lips. happiness would be an understatement to describe what i am feeling right now now that i've been forgiven.
Of course, of course. We will talk about it, definitely..
Thank you, my love..
/places another short yet sweet peck on your lips before winding my arms around your waist, an action that i have been longing to do.
Your master will never let things like this happen again between him and his precious kitty.
I won't, I promise.
It's very cold here now. Do you still want to stay..?
jung taekwoon 1 year ago
@kim wonshik /your words of reassurance have me sighing before I lean into your touch a little bit more, returning your kiss with my own fleeting one too, calling your name
We'll have to talk about it won't we? We'll have to... but as long as you're willing to try with me that's all I ask
/ghosts my lips over your own again before I let my eyelashes flutter, sighing as i do so
You're forgiven...
/smiles a little when you say you missed me and all the things about it, my mouth finding your jaw as i curl my arms around your neck and hug you
Your kitten was lost without his master
Don't leave me again...
/whispers to your ear, watching the reflection of the light from the pool against your skin and i sigh knowing I forgave you the minute you left
felix lee 1 year ago
@jung taekwoon /soon i fall silent, all my attention onto you the whole time when you started to talk only to nod my head.
I know I gave you pain with only those few words and I totally regret it right when it came out from my mouth. I am so so so sorry for hurting your feelings.
I won't ever do that again. I assure you that.
I will be a better man for you. I will only give you happiness.
/i say before muttering a soft "i promise", lips hovering just against yours before eventually pressing another kiss as if to seal the promise.
Forgive me, my love?? I missed you lot.
I miss your kisses and hugs. I miss you always trying to get my attention like a cute kitty you are.
I miss your voice, your smile. Everything..
jung taekwoon 1 year ago
@kim wonshik /whimpers when you my cheek so gently, having kissed the warmth and caress of the one man I belong to, heart, mind body and soul in it's entirety
/closes my eyelids when you lean your forehead against my own, whispering your name before I close my eyes tightly and try to wake up from this nightmare
It hurt- it still hurts to know you said that to me. Me, wonshik
I've been in your life so long and then- and then you could just say that and make me feel so broken in an instant
Please... please don't ever do that again. Please- I can take a lot of things from people but not from you
You have the power to break me with just a few words and I can't- I can't do that again
/tilts my face up as I look into your eyes finally, nudging your nose with my own even if I'm frightened you'll turn on me again in an instant
Please... promise me, wonshik
/whispers your name, calling it like a prayer as i let my eyelids fall shut
felix lee 1 year ago
@jung taekwoon /i let go one of your hands so i can reach out to caress your tear-stained cheek, wiping those tears off with the pad of my thumb.
Taekwoon-ah, I was too dumb to say nonsense things like that to you. But all of them aren't true.
I am so sorry if I hurt you. I really am. Please forgive me.
/as i talk, i lean my forehead against yours and the words fall into a whisper.
I promised you that I will love anything and everything about you. But then I failed to do so. I should've known better.
You are never disgusting for me, my love. And that is the truth.
Let me prove myself to you again. I will never do something like that again.
Call me thick-skinned for doing this after tainting your trust in me, but can i ask for another chance??
I love you so much and I won't let us be apart just because of a foolish thing I did.
I am going to treat you better this time...
jung taekwoon 1 year ago
@kim wonshik /shakes my head softly again and again as i listen to you, the word baby coming from your mouth to describe me not quite sounding right and it makes me recoil even more
You're just going to hurt me again-
You said what you meant... You s-said what you meant
/sobs as you kiss my palms, hands shaking either side of your face as i know the closer you come and the more you touch me the weaker my resolve is
You love me? You could have fooled me. Those things you said- I can't stop hearing them... every time I look at you I hear it
/trails off when you peck my lips, making a noise of complaint as i turn my face to the side and try wrangle my hands free from your hold, tears still streaming down my face
But you were right
The way you looked at me with such disgust- it was right
I am disgusting-
So don't touch me
/tries to break my wrists free but I give up with a soft cry, looking up into your eyes as i press my back against the edge of the pool
Don't even look at me...
felix lee 1 year ago
@jung taekwoon No, no, I won't. I am staying here with you and I am going to explain.
Please give me a chance, baby.
/i say as i move closer to you, hurt when you shoved my hand away when I tried reaching out for you though that didn't make me give up on doing again.
Listen, listen to me. Please..
/once I am able to get near you, I take both of your wrists as gentle as possible, bringing it close to my mouth, muttering soft pleas as I press kisses on your palm.
I love you and I am here to fix the mess I made.
Give me a chance to do so. I can't let us end up like this..
/closes my eyes as I talk, continuing to press kisses on your hands before turning to look at you once again, having a courage to leab in closer and capture your lips with mine briefly.
I was wrong to spat something like that to you. I shouldn't have. Please believe me when I say I don't mean anything I said then.
I am so sorry for guilt tripping you for such a petty thing.
Babe, please forgive me..
jung taekwoon 1 year ago
@kim wonshik /shakes my head when you come towards me, lifting my hand to cover my mouth as i muffle the sobs and cries, part of me wanting to run to you, another wanting to stay as far away as possible
leave me... leave me alone-
you said what you meant and you know it
/wildly tosses my head side to side when you say lets talk, having heard enough of your words, your lies, your tales that make me ache through and through
/when you hold my wrist i whimper and yank it back from you, the diamond bracelet still there and betraying me as i try and tell you i don't want to be here, near you, touched by you
can't you see i'm having gun on my own, wonshik?
can't you see i'm having a good time?
/half screams at you, shoving my hands against your chest before i cover my face with both hands now, sobbing to myself and sinking down as i do so, sinking deeper into the waves that wash up over my mouth and threaten to cover my nose now
you said... you said what you meant...
/whispers the words, so close to just letting myself go right now as it feels so much easier than trying to hang onto you
felix lee 1 year ago
@jung taekwoon /never have i wanted to see you crying like this yet i am seeing this heartbreaking scene in front of me and even more it is knowing that i'm the reason why you are crying hard, my heart dropping after seeing the emotion of your eyes as you look up to me.
taek.. i-
/merely draws my hand away as you move further from me, not even hesitating to dip myself down as well to follow you.
taek, please. let's talk about this. i didn't mean to say that to you..
/i say as i move closer to you despite your plead of being let alone, my voice coming out as gentle as i could.
please don't be like this. let's talk about this. let me explain..
/continues to plea as i pad my feet on the water to move closer, a hand extended to hold onto your wrist delicately
it wasn't my intention to say that to you.. please listen to me. i was a jerk for blurting that nonsense out.
let's not end everything like this, please.
jung taekwoon 1 year ago
@kim wonshik /hiccups and sobs out all my woes, tears falling again and again from my eyes as i cry the tears i refused to show you earlier, so caught up and having no idea someone else was here, though the haze from the alcohol helps no doubt
/but its the voice that has me flinching long before the hand on my head does, lifting my head and glancing up almost in a frightened manner like i don't want to see its you
/pulls back from you and the side of the pool, feet wading me back as i stay out of your reach and shiver in the water, the night air reminding me of the clothing clinging to my skin when this all seemed like a good idea not too long ago
leave me b-be
was it not enough? what you said to me before? you've made it very clear how you feel
/the tears turn hot on my cheeks, matching the faux anger inside of me, a front for the anguish and pain that's the driving force behind those tears in reality
no more nicknames. no more touches. nothing-
/stares at you as i speak, like i can't believe the words coming out of my own voice and i can't, tripping over my own movements in the water before i turn my face away and sink down a little in the deeper part of the pool
just leave me alone
i'm enjoying myself, having a good time, right? remember?
/snaps the words a little before covering my mouth and shaking my head, half turning away from you and allowing myself to slip a little further into the water, the waves coming up to brush over my jaw and cover my mouth at times, beckoning my to open my mouth and swallow down the pain
felix lee 1 year ago
@jung taekwoon /even i myself is surprised at all of the words that spilled out of my mouth earlier, immediately regretting saying all of it to you after seeing the tears forming in your eyes though it's a little too late because before i realize it, you have already stormed out of the room, with me having no idea where you are heading to.
/although clueless, i start to look for you, going everywhere in this place possible but it was all in vain. until i go here into the poolside, the last place i haven't been through the search for you.
where are you..
/steps here in the pool area cautiously with my eyes already roaming around to look for your presence. i am already sure that you aren't here until i catch a glimpse of a figure just by the poolside.
/it is definitely a lie if i say i didn't wish it was you and your light-colored locks just confirmed that it's really you. i want to go near you yet you might not want to see me right now after the harsh words you received from me. but after debating with myself, i eventually decided to go near you, as silent as possible though.
/there i saw your shoulders tremble and hear your faint sobs, and it definitely pains me on the inside. i promised not to treat you like this but look what i did now. i want to hold you, to hug you, but i know you'll only push me away.
/carefully, i take the space beside you on the poolside, sitting there and letting my legs dip down the water of the pool, setting the empty bottles away to avoid flipping them over. stares right down at your figure lips pursing into a thin line.
/i say in a soft whisper as i rest a hand over your head, just an attempt to touch you since a hug is probably too much after what i did.
jung taekwoon 1 year ago
/glances down at my phone as it buzzes on its own, vibrating against the hard wood flooring and dangerously close to the pool i have my legs dangling in, seeing the familiar called id of hyung but i leave it
/turns my face away and looks back up at the sky tiredly, eyes filling with tears but instead of sobbing i laugh softly up at the sky, sinking down into the water until its almost up to my shoulders
idiot... such an idiot
/the laugh chokes on itself and i let my head fall back against the side of the pool, neck arching as i glance up past my blond locks, tears rolling down the sides of my face
/knows that people would think i'm a mess, full clothed and in a pool, at night alone, half empty bottles of alcohol around in some attempt to numb myself, none working the way i need though
/finds myself singing to an old song, one i used i used to sing for the careless owner of my heart, said heart now thrown down in the dirt and disregarded, finding it hard to breathe for a moment when i think of it like that
/whispers as a wish for it to just stop hurting, face scrunching up before i let myself sink down, past the safety of the water and completely submerged, sitting at the bottom of the pool and only then do i let out a strangled cry, bubbles rising furiously above my head before i'm forced to resurface
/gasps as i do so, groping blindly for the side of the pool and finding it, hunched over the edge where i just cry softly against my arms, shoulders shaking and looking pitiful on my own
jung eunbi 1 year ago
it would be nice but im not wearing the right clothes---


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