jung eunbi 1 year ago
/stops by infrong of the now closed establishment/
im not that hungry yet but i'll have to look for another place when i do later then--
/hums softly before walking away/
jeon soyeon 1 year ago
@yoon jisung [ h ] well. at least you're not officially part of the dumb squad. that's a good sign :D
i-it's a habit ok u//u i slap people at the most random times - hng yes we should :D your lips a v soft and addicting so i wouldn't really mind < 3
aaayou'resosweetiloveyousomuch < 369
buT WH Y ??/!1//1? he's so cute and handsome. and did you see his fingers, it's so hNG ;u; jkjk. he's nothing compared to you !! /stuffs my mouth with fish and rice, looking a bit like a baby with puffed cheeks. what are we gonna do after? dessert? /tilts my head a bit as i looked at you again.
yoon jisung [A] 1 year ago
@jeon soyeon i mean who doesnt knooow ??? im not dumb,, at least im not dumb like sungwoon :"D
s tares at you as you stared at me, breaking into a fit of laughter when you suddenly slapped my arm - ow, yah what was that for ? w iggles my head from left to right - good then we should kiss more often :D
thisjustproveswhatanamazinggirlfriendyouarehhhn youre right i do :"D
,,, ,, right. everything else except hi M is good. p uckers my lips to one side, staring at your with my squinted eyes only to emit a chuckle as i kissed you back.
mmm i know i know u v u i love you too hhh - s lices the fish and eats the bit i sliced off
park jiwon | e:u 1 year ago
@park jaehyung my type? uhm /blinks and flushes a little at the thought.
someone nice, and cute and caring? i don't know--
it's a typical answer but i think i know i'll have a guy in mind
if asked who i liked? like it would just come?
/sips on my drink and nibbles on the straw, laughs softly.
i really do look 12 don't i?
park jaehyung 1 year ago
@bae sungyeon what is your ideal type tho, sungyeon ? granny is so
curious about you, i thot u n seungyun a thing bcs u
guys look so s weet together. talks as i eat the fries,
looking at you as you talking. o mg whai, it's funny
for me so i laugh ok b ut real talk, u look so young
and all granny wants to do is save u from this world : " )
jeon soyeon 1 year ago
@yoon jisung [ h ] ohmygod you knew what i'm talking about this whole time i - u///u
/stares at you for a few seconds then slaps your arm when my face heated up in embarrassment; a childish pout appeared on my lips and faces back on my food, stuffing in a few chips in my mouth. of coursh! i like kishing you sho why not? /speaks while having the chips in my mouth.
idkitsagirlfriendthingiguess ? you always do c":
you sure? you didn't seem to like the one serving tho - /teasingly smiles at you, looking around the restaurant to find the same waiter from a while ago and cracks up, looking back at you and holds your face, giving your lips a smooch. kidding, babe. you know i only love you. /smiles.
park jiwon | e:u 1 year ago
@park jaehyung it's not because i just knew him/them uhm- hah.
i talk to alot of people alot so yeah it's obvious i get to hang around guys--
but uhm huh...i'm looking for something in particular i dont know
/pouts as i nibble on a fry, only looking up at you when you laugh.
looking like this is not funny you know ----
park jaehyung 1 year ago
@bae sungyeon i know bcs u just knew them alright ? be friends with them
first before u decide who u gonna give your heart to.
laughs along and pushes my hair to back as i
chew the fries. yes not so fetus but looks like a fetus,
i just kennot. yes you are right, it makes u look
like 12. i am craughing ok. but that's ok, u look
cute tho.
park jiwon | e:u 1 year ago
@park jaehyung NOT STRONG ENOUGH /pouts and throws another fry back.
and i'm picky kjfhljsafhe ugh- and why 5 ;; omg
/laughs softly when you said about me looking very young.
i'm 19. i just turned, actually. so no, not so fetus alright
/puffs cheeks and pinches it on my own.
it's these babies, they make me look 12
park jaehyung 1 year ago
@bae sungyeon c alm the s heet down ok, my lovely grand daughter : D
is that so ? are y ou even a human boo. get it strong then
and t ell granny about it ok. throws fries at you playfully
and nods at your words while smiling sheepishly. granny
though u r like 5 b ut congrats then. grins a bit and claps
my hands for you. anyway how old are you tho ? u look so
young, i cry.
yoon jisung [A] 1 year ago
@jeon soyeon private ?? umm sure i mean we should have our private space. n ods a little,, i do believe we're on the same page soy dw :D
tru, you're right. hhhhh he should step in cause tbh who knows what we might end up doing ?? r aises a teasing brow at you and cracks up; n ods as you pecked my cheek, turning my attention back to the food,, you promise ?
howdidyouumanagetounderstandme i was just talking gibberish :"D
yah, the service here is pretty good. we just sat down and placed our order and it just flew right out the kitchen to our tables. do they use magic on these food ???? s tares at chips with wide eyes as i grabbed a bite
park jiwon | e:u 1 year ago
@park jaehyung /actually throws a fry at you.
i'm pure-- and no, i don't have anyone i like???
i mean i may have caught feelings but--- they're not strong enough
/stares at you blankly before tilting my head at your question.
well, i just graduated !!!! so im focusing on my careeer now
park jaehyung 1 year ago
@bae sungyeon c alm down you kid or granny will t hrow this fries at you ok. pats
your head and nods my head as i grins a bit, looking at you
angry face. are y ou really pure, sungyeon ? don't ya have any
y fantasy w ith someone you like. takes the drink and
drink it carefully before wipes my mouth using my sleeve.
anyway how is your study, sungyeon ?
park jiwon | e:u 1 year ago
@park jaehyung i dONT HAVE A BOYFRIEND /screeches in between gritted teeth.
but really--- i don't wys gran. /rolls my eyes at what you said, choking on my own fries.
"dirty." what-- im pure af okay? /laughs when you choke on your own, pushing the drink towards you.
park jaehyung 1 year ago
@bae sungyeon you can't lie to granny kid, i've got so many spies
around you ok. b etter watch out, granny jae always
with you. laughs a bit and opens the happy meal
before looks at you with a pft face. we should enjoy
our life while d oing weird thing ok and d irty too.
laughs loudly before chokes on my fries.
park jiwon | e:u 1 year ago
@park jaehyung what boyfriend. where is he to be honest.
/pretends to look into my pocket.
nope, ain't here either.
/sits down at the table and quickly opens the happy meal,
looking up at you afterwards to squint.
ya think it's funny to buy these
park jaehyung 1 year ago
@bae sungyeon s how some respect to your granny or i will forbid
u to m eet your boyfriend. and w hen will granny
can meet your boyfriend ? what pie ? apple pie
aren't it ? please give us three apple pie. pays
for the food and brings our food to the table. anyway,
i bought this apple pie for you, me and your bf ok. please
tell him, granny jae will k ill him if he hurts you. and now
you may dip into food !!
park jiwon | e:u 1 year ago
@park jaehyung i show respekt but you make me not want to
/squints at you before looking up at the menu.
i want pie--
park jaehyung 1 year ago
@bae sungyeon making a hurt face and laughs a bit. you kid better have a respect
to your granny, bow down kid jk i am kind ok. why not !! can we have
two kid meal ? here the money. do you want to add anything, sungyeon ?
looks at you as i lean on the counter.
park jiwon | e:u 1 year ago
@park jaehyung /stares at you with furrowed brows before smacking you back,
pinching your arm lightly.
why'd you smack me, old man? and i'm not eating a kiddie meal!!
/hisses at you.
park jaehyung 1 year ago
@bae sungyeon waiting for our turn to order and chew on my bottom lips. you will
eat kid meal right ? smirks a bit while talking softly before smacks
your arm playfully.
jeon soyeon 1 year ago
@yoon jisung yeah, but can we do it somewhere, uh, private? /grins sheepishly. unless you already get the gist but i dunno if we're thinking the same.
but still! /laughs and playfully nudges your side. he's just doing his job, oppa. he can't give our food cold, y'know. we won't be able to enjoy it. /pecks your cheek and smiles. we could kiss again later, okay? c:
oh - thank you. /looks up to the waiter and smiles when he placed our second order and proceeds to get some pieces of chips.
yoon jisung [A] 1 year ago
@jeon soyeon of course i care for you ! you're my beloved girlfriend u v u p ats your arm t wice, leaning my cheek on your head as i nodded with a smile. okay then after the date it is !
g rins sheepishly, my hand reaching to my nape while i tilted my head a little. we're still at our own table right,, ? plus it's common sense to not interrupt people kissing. yah, why did you have to mention that pfff - imeanhowamisupposedtoknowivenevertasteditbeforeokno - c lears my throat and scoops some rice to go with the fish before eating it.
jeon soyeon 1 year ago
@yoon jisung it shows that you actually care for me! /smiles and removes my hands from my face when i felt being pulled, comfortably leaning my head on your shoulder. okay okay - you win. i'll show you, err, after the date? /smiles sheepishly and straightens my back.
"private moment." /snorts, laughing a bit. yeah, as if the place is private enough for us to kiss. /side eyes you playfully and pokes your stomach. please if your lips tastes good then i bet /that/ tastes good too - sjsjsj okay we're eating why are we even talking about your, uh, yES c oughs and eats another piece of fish :')
yoon jisung [A] 1 year ago
@jeon soyeon [ h ] w idens my nose hole at you and laughs. pls how is jealousy cute ?? p uts my arm around your shoulder and pulls you closer to me, resting my head against yours as i cracked into a wide grin when you covered your face. aww you don't have to be shy or embarassed. if you have smth you wanna show, you should just do it h eh
such an insensitive person, can't you see we're having some private moment here g eez - s hakes my head and grabs my fork as well, looking at you after you'd taken a bite. it is ??? r eaches to cut a slice from the fish and pops it into my mouth - mmm it's pretty good ! s wallows my food and scoffs playfully, please you've only ever tasted my lips how do you know if i'm delicious lololol okn o im jk
jeon soyeon 1 year ago
@yoon jisung /grins in victory. you're cute when you're jealous, tbh. b-but, no wait, uhm. /stutters a bit as i tried to explain myself and scratches my head. it's not that i don't want to, i'm just shy and i don't know how to express it. it's embarrassing! /covers my face with my hands as i felt my cheeks heating up.
/i nudged you teasingly and laughs softly when i saw you look at the waiter. you look like you wanna murder him. /grabs my fork and stabbed the small portion i cut from the fish, taking a bite and closes my eyes, satisfied with the taste. mhmm! it tastes so good - /eats a spoonful of rice and chews it, speaking up after i swallowed it. but you know what else tastes good? /pauses for a few seconds before pointing my fork at you. you. /grins and laughs sheepishly. kidding.
yoon jisung [A] 1 year ago
@jeon soyeon [ h ] c hews on my bottom lip as i grinned sheepishly, admitting in a low voice. okay okay so you're right i'm a little little little little tiny smol bit jealous -
r aises a brow as i waited for you to elaborate further, chuckling when you started hiding your face instead. you can just show me. i mean, i gotta get to know you better right ? but if you don't want to issokei, take your time hm ? r eaches out to pinch your cheek, letting out a small chuckle as i cooed - eeee you look cute even when you're sulking geez
s miles softly and nods at what you said, taken aback when you initiated a kiss but kisses you back anyways. i straightened myself back out as you pulled away, eyeing the waiter once he left before clearing my throat. it is pretty fast, should we dig in then ?
jeon soyeon 1 year ago
@yoon jisung that means it's true! /pouts. you're trying to hide it but when i pointed it out, you got surprised so you stuttered. it's not like i'll really talk about him, i just wanted to tease you. /grins cheekily.
because ! /scratches my head and my cheeks started to show a tint of red, making me shake my head to cover my face with my bangs. i don't want you to see this, uh, side of me, and i'd rather keep it that way. /looks up to you and another pout formed on my lips, slightly sulking.
in the end, it will always be you, anyway. /holds the sides of your head and makes you face me, leaning in to capture your lips into a soft and long kiss; i pulled out when i heard another voice, seeing a large plate placed on our table causing me to smile widely. oh, it's one of our orders. that was fast.
yoon jisung [A] 1 year ago
@jeon soyeon [ h ] c loses my eyes and tilts my head from left to right. i'm stuttering so what ? i wouldn't but why should we talk about a stranger on our date pfff
r etracts my hand and feigns pain - why don't i wanna know ?
r olls my eyes at you and lets out a mock scoff. heol yah you're seriously looking at that man i - b links when you suddenly stood up and came to sit beside me, eyes following you as i stared at you for a few good seconds before shrugging once to myself.
jeon somin 1 year ago
@tanner mata well at least, he treated her like a regular person. not everyone knew of fiestar (which was honestly sad) nor did they know she was part of unpretty rapstar.
I'm hoping this is because you don't recognize my face..or voice.
she raised an eyebrow at him, scanning the restaurant in case she had to do it.
i'm part of an idol group,stra-- tanner.


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