lee taemin 1 month ago
@kim jongin /feels your hand on mine in between yours, and smiles when you squeeze it--its a sweet smile that doesn't reveal at all what on my mind, move further between your legs, massaging your inner thigh softly, and then meeting your eyes, something flickers in--a light that i once thought was snuffed away a long time ago--a light only you can ignite--though its there and gone in a blink of an eye/
Mm...but its you nini who has taught me so much about accepting yourself. there was a time were i tried so hard to be "manly" to counterpart my more androgynous appearance...but now I give to put it plainly. You taught me to love every part of me.../murmurs the last part so only you can hear me, and then i feel you lean close to whisper to me, and i grin while biting my lip, and glance at you briefly/
Hm? Something wrong nini? /asks as i move my hand up above your clothed crotch and start to palm you right under this table, right in front of your date and our friend, with a casual air about me/
kim jongin 2 months ago
@lee taemin /unbothered when you try my drink, I'm more used to sharing things with you than not and it makes me smile, tilting my head as I ask
It's nice right?
/reina seems unable to hide the scoff at how easily I seem to play into your hands, naive in a way but if asked I'd say I just felt safe with you instead
/glances from her down to my thigh when I see you touching me there, reaching my own hand out and gently placing it over your own to give it a small squeeze
/catching onto your answer about the whole makeup thing I nod my head in agreement, smiling happily to myself
I agree!
Taemin has never been one for judgement and I think he's part of the reasons I'm as understanding as I am
/nods my head softly before I hear moonkyu pipe up, covering for me when I let out a small yelp at your hand moving closer and closer, my face heating up as I lean in and whisper to you
What are you doing, taem...?
lee taemin 2 months ago
@kim jongin /my eyes have a hard time looking away from you, but i feel someone starring at us--a familiar look too, i glance at moonkyu and raise a brow at him before rolling my eyes back before settling my gaze back onto you smiling/
and its not scary how well you know me?
/chuckles, and watches you sip your drink, and leans in a bit closer, taking your glass and sipping at it/
i wanted to try it /grins at you before giving it back, and my lips, tilts my head when you bring up the woman again, i glance at her/
oh...well you haven't mentioned her much until like yesterday so how would i know~ /dismisses it lightly, but sighs as i look towards her, her sharp gaze does little to penetrate my disinterest, i lower one of my hands between us, and let it run over your knee before it slowly crawls its way up thigh, and i smile along with everyone as the drinks arrive/
right--yeah i did.../hums as i reach for my glass taking my time to sip my drink before speaking/ i spoke on how makeup has enhanced my performance bringing another layer to my stage presence. makeup is not about masculine or feminine its for everyone and anyone--something along those lines /muses as my fingers dance they way in between your legs subtly/
kim jongin 2 months ago
@lee taemin /leaning back a little after you come and sit beside me i fiddle with my fingers in my lap, looking up when i feel like someone is watching me
/to my surprise i find its moonkyu, glancing between you and i and frowning at you before he sighs and rolls his eyes, resigning and giving me a faint but encouraging smile
/frowning at this behaviour i look back at you beside me when you speak about our history and how long we've known one another
its scary sometimes, how well he knows me
/lifts my glass to my lips, taking a sip of the alcoholic beverage before i feel you looking at me, glancing at you over the top of my glass before i return my own private smile that only really appears around you
/still in a little bit of a daze from our handshake i take a moment to be able to put my thoughts together long enough to be able to correct you
oh no i've known reina for a couple months now, taem
she's really cool. she's in the fashion scene, that's how i met her
/smiles sweetly at my date who seems a little eased at that before she looks back at you afterwards, her gaze sharpening once more
/glancing back at you when our legs brush i give you another smile, lowering my glass before there's a much needed distraction when yours and moonkyu's drinks arrive
actually, reina. taemin did an interview recently about fashion, or rather make-up. right hyung?
"oh? i'd /love/ to hear what you had to say"
lee taemin 2 months ago
@kim jongin eh i think we should get wasted on our next trip. its been too long~
/chuckles and reaches out to give you soft head pets when you get all shy, knowing you don't really like to lose control of yourself but whenever you are drunk i make sure to watch out for you/
oh yeah? that'd be grear--moonkyu get your over here jongin says he's buying dinner tonight!
/laughs softly and takes my seat right next to you not even hesitating, i get quite comfy in the snug space, flicks my eyes over to the woman across from us when i hear her use your nickname, blinks a few times before smiling, noticing her ploy from the get go, it takes so much out of me not to laugh/
oh i'd say since we were about four years old--well thats what everyone else says...I met jongin when i was in elementary school we've been best friends for nearly all our lives...we always say we know each other better than ourselves /turns to you and gives you a small smile i've always reserved for just you, and then i flick my gaze back to the girl/
and you met jongin what ....two weeks ago? or something? i can't really keep up with all these girls he and the other boys talk too.../smiles her way but underneath the table my leg brushes against yours slowly and purposefully/
kim jongin 2 months ago
@lee taemin drunk me shouldn't surface too much... i can't remember half the things i do which isn't great
/admits a little sheepishly, scrunching up my nose as i know i don't like losing control over my own body either, not unless its a very specific case for some other reason
yeah- actually we were just grabbing a meal. would it be okay for taemin and moonkyu to join us?
/asks my date quietly, the woman about to scream no and blue bloody murder until she sees my imploring and naturally big brown eyes, stopping her in her tacks as she's reminded why she came out in the first place
/with her permission i turn back to you, beaming from ear to ear as i motion for you to join us in the booth we're sitting in, just enough space for two more though its a bit of a tight squeeze
/when moonkyu joins you i lift my hand in hello, doing a far less complex handshake with him before he joins us, beside reina and looking apologetic to her whilst it leaves the space beside me open for you
"so how long have you both known nini for?"
/the use of my nickname has me curiously looking over to reina as she hasn't used it before, leaving me to glance from her to you both and wondering who will answer
lee taemin 2 months ago
@kim jongin drunk you is always a riot.../murmurs, lets the taste of your lips linger on mine, my hand snakes around your waist naturally, and then lower itself to your , brushing over the swell of it, i keep my gaze on you as you laugh, basking in it, the tantalizing sound of it runs through me like a breeze through chimes/
well i'm glad i could remind you silly bear--/blinks a few times when you pull away and i'm forced to notice this other being in our presence, flicks my gaze towards her but it gets bored rather quickly, and i find myself looking right through her, as if the wall behind her is much more interesting/ did say you were going out or something.../trails off not even acknowledging this as a real date, my lips curl into a grin as i turn back towards you/
lovely to meet you...sure jongin had a whole fun night planned for you but i couldn't help myself /chuckles, not even feeling an ounce of shame for interrupting or pretending to show it, blinks slowly and turns away from you and towards moonkyu who is watching this whole thing go down with a pained expression, i give him a vilifying smile and beckon him over/
he's right here...he's just a little shyer than me...
kim jongin 2 months ago
@lee taemin ah well, there's your answer taem. i drunk a little too much...
/trails off as you laugh, part of me wanting to enjoy the sound like i always do but the other half is too nervous in this moment, remembering very well what the handshake consists
/snapping back to the moment i quickly move my hands and elbows along with your own, meeting them in the handshake before i find you turning me around and pulling me against you
/three sways of my hips do it before i'm being turned around again, your lips brushing over my own in a sudden kiss before i'm tugged up, a soft sound of surprise coming from me as you manage to lift me so easily
/winding my arms and legs around you i'm left looking down at you in a daze as we kiss, my eyelids half shut before i feel heat rising in my face and the pit of my stomach too
/finding my feet i hold onto your shoulders for a moment, steadying myself and making sure i can stand up on my own, lifting my hand to my face and gently covering my mouth for a moment
i... i'm not sure how anyone could forget
/laughs softly before i remember what i'm doing here, clearing my throat as i step back from you and quickly motion to the young woman
this is reina. i've told you about her, hyung
/though my most recent girlfriend i have spoken to you about her before, smiling softly at her though she's busy glaring daggers at you
reina this is... my best friend, taemin
but i'm guessing you know that
/rubs my head as i sit down, gulping down my water before i look back at you, the awkward silence hanging so heavily i feel it almost suffocating me
so taem, did you come with kyu?
i didn't see him
lee taemin 2 months ago
@kim jongin /tilts my head slightly, raised brow and all--the hint of /that/ smirk on my lips when you start getting all shy on me like you always do/
how could you forget our handshake? you're the one who came up with it that night at the pool house--you even proudly showed it to kyu and the others--of course you were wasted and so was I~
/laughs softly, and i find it interesting that you worry about the world around us, yet when i look in your eyes you're all that i see, i forget everything beyond you, so i lean in a little closer but i hold my hand out to do the daps part, lightly slapping the sides of our hands, and then twisting our hands together and holding our thumbs out, i stare at you expectantly, leaning in to kiss my thumb, and move onto raising my elbows jabbing mine in your direction/
don't be a chicken nini~ /says right before the good part, that awful twinkle in my eye sparkling, before i grab you by the hand and pull you into me, your back pressed to me, more than anything your luscious (always looked good in a pair of tight slacks) against my lower half, and i grind down on you while holding your hand, the other on your hip, the rhythm is all our own, gritty and far too dirtier with the way you're bent in half, and then i let you go, but look down at your biting my lip, and pull you back in until our lips graze each other, at this point i hear and awkward cough from the other side of the table, i glance up and see this woman--your date i assume though she remains nameless, faceless, and as i stare at her i lean in a capture your lips in a kiss, hefting you up--your cue to wrap yourself around my middle, i kiss you a little harder and longer than i should but i miss the taste of your mouth, i finally set you back down, and my lips while smiling/
see? how can you forget something like that? /chuckles breathlessly, and runs my fingers through my hair still not actually acknowledging your date/
kim jongin 2 months ago
@lee taemin /chatting quietly with my partner i smile softly to myself as she tells me what's been going on with her side of things, nodding my head eagerly as i'm as sweet as ever giving my whole attention
oh no i'm just on a little break for the moment. i still have schedules but its mostly here and there, no group ones for-
/pausing as i hear a familiar voice and see a familiar figure i look up slowly when i see you coming over, my shocked expression morphing into a delighted one when i see it really is you
i didn't know if it was you from before- i thought i saw you though
/mumbles as i'm pulled up suddenly, blinking down at you with those warm brown eyes of mine, tilting my head when you mention our handshake
i'm not sure i can remember it all, taem and we're in the middle of a restaurant...
/trails off, always being the shyer one of us two, especially in public as i'm reminded when we get a couple of glances, my own eyes worriedly darting about before i look back at you, my date all but forgotten for the moment
did you come here alone?
i thought you were hanging out with kyu today?
lee taemin 2 months ago
@kim jongin /chuckles to something moonkyu says beside me, he whispers something else in my ear as he round around the tables towards our destined spot, my phone buzzes and i look sown at one moment distracted by the group chat complaining about our 'date' and how you're on a real date with some girl, i smirk at the screen and then feel moonkyu tug at my arm, i look up at him--he saw you two first before i did--i gestures towards you both and i see you, our eyes meet for the briefest second before you turn back towards your girl/
moonkyu: don't--/he takes hold of my arm as i start walking towards your table, i glance back at him and give him a rueful smile/
/saunters of the table, and my smile brightens up in watts as i get closer to you and breeze by the woman sitting across from you/
what sort of best friend doesn't greet them when they see each other? /laughs softly and stands before you reaching for your hand and pulling you up, and close to me, smiling as i look up at your eyes and they flick down to your lips for a second/
you know what this calls for? our best friend handshake /murmurs with a gleefully devil-like smile painted over my soft features/
kim jongin 2 months ago
@lee taemin /finding myself visiting a restaurant with my current lady friend, finding a more private booth near the back where we won't be interrupted by anyone else
/sighing in relief as we settle down and take our own seats, i smile a little to myself after tucking her into her seat, tucking myself in as well
/going through the usual motions we end up ordering and talking with one another, myself leaning my chin into my palm as i look at her rather sweetly, too gentle for my own good
/after a moment or two i glance over to the way which we came, frowning when i think i see a familiar face though it disappears after another moment
sorry- just thought i saw someone
/apologises to the woman sitting opposite me, turning my warm brown eyes back on her and returning to our chit chat, giving her that beaming bright smile as i do so, forgetting for now the glimpse of someone i know quite well
jung eunbi 1 year ago
/stops by infrong of the now closed establishment/
im not that hungry yet but i'll have to look for another place when i do later then--
/hums softly before walking away/
jeon soyeon 1 year ago
@yoon jisung [ h ] well. at least you're not officially part of the dumb squad. that's a good sign :D
i-it's a habit ok u//u i slap people at the most random times - hng yes we should :D your lips a v soft and addicting so i wouldn't really mind < 3
aaayou'resosweetiloveyousomuch < 369
buT WH Y ??/!1//1? he's so cute and handsome. and did you see his fingers, it's so hNG ;u; jkjk. he's nothing compared to you !! /stuffs my mouth with fish and rice, looking a bit like a baby with puffed cheeks. what are we gonna do after? dessert? /tilts my head a bit as i looked at you again.
yoon jisung [A] 1 year ago
@jeon soyeon i mean who doesnt knooow ??? im not dumb,, at least im not dumb like sungwoon :"D
s tares at you as you stared at me, breaking into a fit of laughter when you suddenly slapped my arm - ow, yah what was that for ? w iggles my head from left to right - good then we should kiss more often :D
thisjustproveswhatanamazinggirlfriendyouarehhhn youre right i do :"D
,,, ,, right. everything else except hi M is good. p uckers my lips to one side, staring at your with my squinted eyes only to emit a chuckle as i kissed you back.
mmm i know i know u v u i love you too hhh - s lices the fish and eats the bit i sliced off
park jiwon • e:u 1 year ago
@park jaehyung my type? uhm /blinks and flushes a little at the thought.
someone nice, and cute and caring? i don't know--
it's a typical answer but i think i know i'll have a guy in mind
if asked who i liked? like it would just come?
/sips on my drink and nibbles on the straw, laughs softly.
i really do look 12 don't i?
park jaehyung 1 year ago
@bae sungyeon what is your ideal type tho, sungyeon ? granny is so
curious about you, i thot u n seungyun a thing bcs u
guys look so s weet together. talks as i eat the fries,
looking at you as you talking. o mg whai, it's funny
for me so i laugh ok b ut real talk, u look so young
and all granny wants to do is save u from this world : " )
jeon soyeon 1 year ago
@yoon jisung [ h ] ohmygod you knew what i'm talking about this whole time i - u///u
/stares at you for a few seconds then slaps your arm when my face heated up in embarrassment; a childish pout appeared on my lips and faces back on my food, stuffing in a few chips in my mouth. of coursh! i like kishing you sho why not? /speaks while having the chips in my mouth.
idkitsagirlfriendthingiguess ? you always do c":
you sure? you didn't seem to like the one serving tho - /teasingly smiles at you, looking around the restaurant to find the same waiter from a while ago and cracks up, looking back at you and holds your face, giving your lips a smooch. kidding, babe. you know i only love you. /smiles.
park jiwon • e:u 1 year ago
@park jaehyung it's not because i just knew him/them uhm- hah.
i talk to alot of people alot so yeah it's obvious i get to hang around guys--
but uhm huh...i'm looking for something in particular i dont know
/pouts as i nibble on a fry, only looking up at you when you laugh.
looking like this is not funny you know ----
park jaehyung 1 year ago
@bae sungyeon i know bcs u just knew them alright ? be friends with them
first before u decide who u gonna give your heart to.
laughs along and pushes my hair to back as i
chew the fries. yes not so fetus but looks like a fetus,
i just kennot. yes you are right, it makes u look
like 12. i am craughing ok. but that's ok, u look
cute tho.
park jiwon • e:u 1 year ago
@park jaehyung NOT STRONG ENOUGH /pouts and throws another fry back.
and i'm picky kjfhljsafhe ugh- and why 5 ;; omg
/laughs softly when you said about me looking very young.
i'm 19. i just turned, actually. so no, not so fetus alright
/puffs cheeks and pinches it on my own.
it's these babies, they make me look 12
park jaehyung 1 year ago
@bae sungyeon c alm the s heet down ok, my lovely grand daughter : D
is that so ? are y ou even a human boo. get it strong then
and t ell granny about it ok. throws fries at you playfully
and nods at your words while smiling sheepishly. granny
though u r like 5 b ut congrats then. grins a bit and claps
my hands for you. anyway how old are you tho ? u look so
young, i cry.
yoon jisung [A] 1 year ago
@jeon soyeon private ?? umm sure i mean we should have our private space. n ods a little,, i do believe we're on the same page soy dw :D
tru, you're right. hhhhh he should step in cause tbh who knows what we might end up doing ?? r aises a teasing brow at you and cracks up; n ods as you pecked my cheek, turning my attention back to the food,, you promise ?
howdidyouumanagetounderstandme i was just talking gibberish :"D
yah, the service here is pretty good. we just sat down and placed our order and it just flew right out the kitchen to our tables. do they use magic on these food ???? s tares at chips with wide eyes as i grabbed a bite
park jiwon • e:u 1 year ago
@park jaehyung /actually throws a fry at you.
i'm pure-- and no, i don't have anyone i like???
i mean i may have caught feelings but--- they're not strong enough
/stares at you blankly before tilting my head at your question.
well, i just graduated !!!! so im focusing on my careeer now
park jaehyung 1 year ago
@bae sungyeon c alm down you kid or granny will t hrow this fries at you ok. pats
your head and nods my head as i grins a bit, looking at you
angry face. are y ou really pure, sungyeon ? don't ya have any
y fantasy w ith someone you like. takes the drink and
drink it carefully before wipes my mouth using my sleeve.
anyway how is your study, sungyeon ?
park jiwon • e:u 1 year ago
@park jaehyung i dONT HAVE A BOYFRIEND /screeches in between gritted teeth.
but really--- i don't wys gran. /rolls my eyes at what you said, choking on my own fries.
"dirty." what-- im pure af okay? /laughs when you choke on your own, pushing the drink towards you.
park jaehyung 1 year ago
@bae sungyeon you can't lie to granny kid, i've got so many spies
around you ok. b etter watch out, granny jae always
with you. laughs a bit and opens the happy meal
before looks at you with a pft face. we should enjoy
our life while d oing weird thing ok and d irty too.
laughs loudly before chokes on my fries.
park jiwon • e:u 1 year ago
@park jaehyung what boyfriend. where is he to be honest.
/pretends to look into my pocket.
nope, ain't here either.
/sits down at the table and quickly opens the happy meal,
looking up at you afterwards to squint.
ya think it's funny to buy these
park jaehyung 1 year ago
@bae sungyeon s how some respect to your granny or i will forbid
u to m eet your boyfriend. and w hen will granny
can meet your boyfriend ? what pie ? apple pie
aren't it ? please give us three apple pie. pays
for the food and brings our food to the table. anyway,
i bought this apple pie for you, me and your bf ok. please
tell him, granny jae will k ill him if he hurts you. and now
you may dip into food !!
park jiwon • e:u 1 year ago
@park jaehyung i show respekt but you make me not want to
/squints at you before looking up at the menu.
i want pie--


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