kim chungha 1 year ago
@lee donghae *playfully brushes my nose against yours, giving you an Eskimo kiss as you stare into my eyes*
your gift is me silly, don't you remember ?
*knocks on yoru forehead
hello mallows brain are you in there?
*slides my arms back up to your shoulders and snakes them around your neck as we stand in the snow together*
I can hand;e everything you've got, trust me Hae.
*laughs when you flick your tongue against my upper lip and pokes my tongue out at you teasingly*
It's okay but just for that I wont kiss you anymore
*smiles and untangles myself from you, getting a head start at running to your place*
Hurry hurry I want to try on yoru clothes~
and also I want food ~
lee donghae 1 year ago
@im jinah *rest my forehead against yours while looking over at your brown orbs, admires how your orbs glitter from the light*
a gift? Now im curious about that * feels your fingers against the surface of my arms, leaves my hands on your waist*
haha at least your can handle my weirdness * quickly pecks your lips back only to add an additional thing such as flicking my tongue against your upper lips*
I know~ I just couldn't help myself * a sheepishly look appeared across my face, stares over at you and lightly bumps my shoulder against your when you mentioned about out date*
of course our date never ended. Lets considered this the 2nd part of the confession. Now lets hurry back to my place so you can wear that beautiful dress you bought along with the white blazer I will be lending you to keep you warm this evening.
kim chungha 1 year ago
@lee donghae *stares from your lips up to your eyes once you pull away from our tease, part of me wanting to continue on but it wouldn't be appropriate considering we are out*
Well then after our date maybe you can unwrap your gift?
*playfully runs my fingers along your arms, caressing them as I speak*
Omg Mallow you're so weird but the weird I like so it's good
*laughs softly at you before pecking your lips*
Yah how dare I be the test-
*is cut off when your lips come into contact with mine, kissing you in softly in return for a short moment before parting my lips from yours and smiling up at you*
I'm actually more happy then words could describe to be the girl you wanted to date.
But wait we didn't even get to eat yet?
like we bought really nice clothes too, does this mean we are ending the date here?
lee donghae 1 year ago
@im jinah Your probably right but for now I plan on enjoying life before thinking about having a family my own.
* rest my palm on your back keeping you close in my arms before pressing my teeth to run against your soft lip, on your lips before pulling back to prevent from continuing further*
your absolutely right nana
maybe... but that doesn't bother me one bit. in fact... I wish the curse never ends. * stares at your smile only to let out a chuckle when you said a joke, shakes my head and listens to you while running my thumb to caress the back of your hand, remains to have a calm look across my face before sending you a wink when hearing your question*who knows~ maybe im just testing it out to confess to the girl. * chuckles and shakes my head, leans in and plants a kiss against your lips* im kidding.... your actually the girl I wanted to take on this massive date this whole entire time
kim chungha 1 year ago
@lee donghae Then if you love them you will be a good dad for sure~
*playfully nibbles on your lower lip when it comes into contact with mine, grinning softly as I take mental note of our conversation for later. finds myself letting out a small laugh when you mention a late chirstmas gift*
Oh I'm sure you wouldn't mind a late gift, cause it's closer than the others.
You sure? this might be the curse talking, you know?
*notices you looking upwards, curiously follows your direction of sight and see's snow, my eyes lighting up at the sight of it, my mind trailing off at the thought of what the snow would taste like if I were to eat it as it fell from the sky. Snapping back into reality when I hear you address me using my full name, staring up at you with furrowed brows only to soften my facial expressions and smile when you ask me to go out with you*
hmm idk I will have to check my calendar and see if I'm dating anyone else.
*tries to keep a straight face while I tease you before laughing and shaking my head, gives our laced hands a squeeze *
I'm kidding mallow, I would love to be your girl and go out with you, it's all I've wanted for like the few days we've been hanging out together. Does this mean I was the girl you wanted to take on that massive date?
lee donghae 1 year ago
@im jinah hmm maybe but then again, I wouldn't mind taking care of kids. I love kids after all
* chuckles and stares over at you seeing how you had a smirk plastered across your face, leans my face over letting my lips brush against yours before whispering against your ear*
of course. I wouldn't deny about that at all
*parts my lips and lightly nibbles at the corner of your ear before pulling back*
alright I cant wait... I mean, I wouldnt mind if it was a late christmas gift too~
Then that is fine by me because I feel like no matter what, I might end up falling for you anyways
* nuzzles my nose against the side of your face before gazing down at you, continues holding you in place before staring up when noticing a snow flake, as I look up sees more snow falling, realizes that this was the first snow as we stood at the same place we took a picture together when sitting up on the tree* Im Jinah... what would you say if I to go out with me and be my girl? * a smile never left my face as I look a bit nervous while staring into your eyes, I hug the stuff animal we made during the mall, stands infront of you and holds one of your hand, laces them together* Would you go out with this dorky marshmallow?
kim chungha 1 year ago
@lee donghae *laughs with you and shrugs my shoulders*
Honestly I have no idea, I think you mentioned it first
*wraps my arms around your neck and smirks towards you*
Oh that kind of stuff turns you on hey?
*laughs and pecks your lips softly*
You really can't wait till you're birthday hey? I guess we can do it for Christmas then~
What if I did curse you to fall for me though?
*nuzzles close to you in our little side hug a smile forming across my lips as you whisper ou love me. Leans in closer to you and plants a gentle kiss onto your cheek
I think I'm falling in love with you too Donghae~
lee donghae 1 year ago
@im jinah Then our daughter no matter what will have our sweet personality * lightly taps the tip of your nose before laughing* now that I think of it, where did this topic suddenly come up?
* chuckles before eyeing over at your direction as I imagine you wearing a ribbion* wow... maybe should I wear a Santa outfit when unwrapping you? I gotta admit, that would be a turn on. *quickly shakes my head* no Christmas is better because my birthday is going to be far~*purses my lips* then again, we can always try this out in Valentine’s Day or maybe in any other celebration.
If you were a creepy witch then you would have poisoned me or put a curse In me
* glances over to the side when being attacked by your koala hug, shift to look over at you while hugging the kitty against me, slips my arms over to give you a side hug* but you know.. even though I gave you a message like that, I prefer to say it personally.. like lean over to your ear and whisper it to myself *turns my head over to press my lips against your ear and whispers quietly for you to hear* I love you Jinah
kim chungha 1 year ago
@lee donghae Oh your sweet side is good for her to have too, excuse you I will have you know you like those silly traits of mine.
/Smiles at the sweet and small peck we shared.
I will don't worry, Oh I guess you will, should I wrap myself up in ribbons too for you to untie? or should I save that for your birthday?
/laughs softly when you explain to me what sort of witch I am
Oh what's wrong with being a creepy one though?
/Watches you listen to the message and cuddle the kitty, laughing at how cute this is, also slightly getting jealous that the kitty is getting your hugs and not me.
Really you don't think it's weird?
/smiles and gives you a koala hug
Well then we made perfect recordings then too~
But you'res is way better, just saying~
lee donghae 1 year ago
@im jinah Our daughter being smart like me huh? heh lets hope she gets only the smart side. but I know she will end up having the cute features just like her mommy along with her mommy's silly traits * chuckles and purse my lips when I felt your lips against mine, grins sheepishly and press my lips against yours to give you a quick peck*
And I surely due.. You better keep your promise on showing me that full package. it seems like im going to receive and early christmas gift * hums softly before shifting my gaze over at you when being brought into a gentle kiss*
your a beautiful witch! not those creepy ones
* watches how you protect the kitty stuff animal in your arms. see how it look like you were protecting your kid before seeing how you have given up and gave back the plushie, takes the kitty in my arms and presses the tummy to listen to the message only to laugh, I brought the kitty close, wrapping the plush in my arms and hugs it in my arms, snuggles my face against the soft surface* of course I would cuddle you princess * glances over at you and sends you a smile* I dont find this stupid one bit, in fact, I really like it! Now every time I press to hear the message I would just want to hug you once I see you.
kim chungha 1 year ago
@lee donghae Awe that's actually very cute of you to say mallow~
I think our daughter will be very smart too cause she will take after you .
Of course I like it you marsh mallow. I like most things about you~
/peppers yoru face in kisses.
I thought you would like the full package more.
/smiles onto your lips and kisses them gently when you peck mine.
Shh I tried hard not to confess but I just had to cause I couldn't hold it in any longer.
Oh so I'm a witch hey?
/Laughs softly and pecks your lips once more.
good thing I kissed you then, otherwise who knows you might of never fell for me.
/hugs my body so you can't steal it out
It's not a good message though...if you really want to hear it you can but it's stupid what I said .
/sighs sadly and pulls the kitty out from under my top, handing it over to you and pouting
there go listen to it and laugh at how stupid it is. I tried to be cute for you but stuffed it up.
lee donghae 1 year ago
@im jinah *smiles sheepishly as my smile form cheekily* I cant help myself, but our kid is going to be a beautiful child because she had the eyes of her mommy * laughs at myself before shaking my head deciding to stop now with the idea*
haha this here * opens my arms before sending you a smile* are only meant for you *winks*
Im glad you like that nana * chuckles and holds you when you had a squealing moment, rubs your back*
oh gosh the full package..? well now im really looking forward for that
*watches how you my thumb, brushes my thumb over to your cheek before leaning over to peck your lips*
pft but I wasnt the first who confessed first * raises a brows before pushing your hair, tucking a few strand of your hair behind your hair* But yes, I guess you cast me under a spell after being kissed by your lips
*watches how you snatch the kitty and hid it under your top, I couldnt help but laugh at your actions, brings my hand over and pats your abdomen area that had parts of the plushie covered* what are you talking about? Im pretty sure I will like it very much. I will be hugging this kitty when your busy yourself.
Now your making me really curious on what you message was for me * purse my lips and leans over to steal a kiss before clasping my hands together* would you tell me? I will end up knowing sooner or later
kim chungha 1 year ago
@lee donghae Omg mallow, how was your trip to the future hey? Did I still look pretty?
/Laughs softly at the idea of us having a kid. not that it' was funny but it was so random
Good cause I don't think I want to share your hugs with anyone else now.
/Tries to bite your finger in a playfully manner when it touches my nose.
Omo Mallow you are so weird but that was sooo cute at the same time.
/jumps up onto you and hugs you tightly as i Squeal having a little fan girl/whatever this is moment,
Oh yeah I never did, don't worry I will just have to give you the full package show then.
Costumes, pole dancing, lap dancing, stripping and much more.
/winks at you playfully before your thumb and laughing
No I like the message a lot, I didn't know you could have fallen in love with me so quick but perhaps Im just that good aye?
/Laughs softly and pecks your cheek only to steal the kitty away from you and hide it under my top so you can't press it.
You can't know...cause it's not mushy like your message it's bad.
and I wish I said I love you too but honestly I thought you'res would be telling me not to you or something
lee donghae 1 year ago
@im jinah heh just hearing you mentioning about hugging all of us, I suddenly thought about a kid being in between us but I know that im going way off in the future * laughs and scratches my nape sheepishly* but yes I want to hug you all to myself * taps the tip of your nose*
haha now that is not necessary because your the only one who captured my eyes.
you stole my heart * brings my hand over to my chest and slips my hand under my shirt before pulling it out to show you a heart shape I made with my index finger and thumb finger, sends you a wink only to laugh*
*stares at you with amusement, I rest my arm on your waist and gives it a small squeeze*
oh yea~ you never really properly gave me private show... maybe it might be necessary to get that outfit to use for the show
* chuckles softly and brings my thumb over to brush it against your lips*
mm nope im not teasing you at the moment~ why do you not like the message that the bunny gave you? * a sincere smile shows before looking over at the bunny then over at the kitty leaving me in curiosity on what you recorded*
what do you mean? what did you put for the kitty?
kim chungha 1 year ago
@lee donghae Oh that's pretty smart thinking Oppa, I was just gonna hug you all but it's better if I can have you all to myself~
/Shakes my head at the thought of you nibbling me, having of course taking it dirty cause I'm weird like that
ah no it's okay I'll just be your teddy no food!
/Smiles sweetly and pecks your cheek in return
I'm glad you are the semi-antisocial guy you are today other wise I would have to try and beat all those other girls who have their eyes on you.
/Nods and starts thinking of costume places, names a few of them to you
I will go look at those costume stores for what I need. Or maybe I should go and find y lingerie type outfits for kitty's?
/smiles sweetly, leaning my cheek into your hand and pecking it playfully
Really? You're not just teasing me as pay back for those times?
/Steps closer and wraps my arms around you, giving you a loose hug as I stare up into your eyes waiting for a response.
Cause if you're being serious don't press the bunny cause what I said was stupid. I should have said something cuter
lee donghae 1 year ago
@im jinah *laughs at your words, I gave you a sincere smile* you will be my teddy for sure~ When I have you personally, then I can let princess stay with Mallow Junior so I can personally be your hugging pillow while you be my teddy bear. heh you can be my food than if you want but I wouldn't to eat you, instead I would just admire everything and nibble * winks in a teasingly manner before officially calling myself a dork*
hmm am I? well i'm kinda glad you were the only one I really had a conversation because since you said im someone who is easily to make others fall for. Who knows, maybe if I was the social type, I might end up swooning a whole bunch of others. * leans over and pecks the tip of your nose* at least I have my number one here who likes me * smiles sheepishly*
Oh my goodness.. you would really? well I guess I better prepare for all that * scratches my nape while grinning cheekily*
*this time hears it this time the message I made the bunny say to you, my eyes were left to to gaze at your direction, pressing my lips together, slips my arm away from your waist letting my hand to rest on your cheek as I realize we are at the same place where we climb that tree, a smile appears as I caress your cheek, shaking my head and stares into your eyes* no... the only girl I fell in love with was you
kim chungha 1 year ago
@lee donghae /smiles widely after receiving a kiss from you, nods in response to your question
I would love you as a pillow, especially cause you can keep me warm and cuddle me too. So it's like a bonus!
And I can be your um...I'll be your teddy or idk something you want. Oh everyone wants food. I'll be your food.
/Remembers when I dressed up as sushi for a music video and laughs softly at the idea of doing this again but for you
/Looks to you curiously when you mention someone capturing your heart also
Aye shush, you're just too easy to fall for you know. so how can I not like you, hmm?
/raises a brow and smirks at the mention of kitty ears and a tail.
Okay that's easy, I will go buy some tomorrow and then you have to deal with me you.
/Mehrongs at you also only to laugh at both our actions.
/Looks to the bunny knowing I probably did hear it right, after all it's not like I'm really old right. I press it again once more just to check and hear the same three words, a smile starting to creep onto my lips before I look in your direction and nodding.
Yeah everything is alright, I was just kinda surprised by what the bunny said.
I thought you liked another girl even though I hopped it was me.
lee donghae 1 year ago
@im jinah me as a marshmallow pillow? *raises one of my brows before giving you a smile, leans in and plants a gentle kiss against your lips* then how about I become your personal pillow then? how does that sound nana?
*chuckles to see your smile that left me to end up smiling back at you*
oh someone did captured my heart Jinah. that is for a fact and I know I already captured someone's heart because of my sweet talks and more like my hugs. especially when I give her back hugs * keeps my gaze at you before grinning sheepishly*
oh gosh... then where is that cat ears or tail you have? that will give me proof if you are part kitty *sticks out my tongue at you before laughing* I will let you me if I ever see you with cat ears or a tail. so for now, your not allowed to me
* shakes my head while making a serious face when firmly telling you to no longer me before grinning afterwards; lets our hands swing while carrying the bag and gripping onto princess, soon after, I watch how you let go as I watch you walking backwards, I couldnt help but chuckle as you wiggle mallow junior, slightly shaking my head, I brought princess over to wave over at mallow junior*
*as I watch at your back view, I hummed and looked around stepping on the fallen leaves not realizing you press the tummy of the bunny to hear the message, shift my gaze over at you and steps over to wrap one of my arms around your waist as I hug you from the side, turning my head to a smile I stare at you before breaking my smile by forming my face into a confusing look seeing you just staring at the bunny, slowly slows down my step before stopping* is something wrong Jinah?
kim chungha 1 year ago
@lee donghae /Smiles and hugs your arm and mallow junior.
Oppa you are so sweet, I should have made you into a marshmallow pillow!
/Tries to contain my happiness during this moment, failing terrible and having a dorky smile on my face.
Seriously you're like the perfect guy, I can't believe no one has captured your heart yet.
/Laughs at your description of us cuddling and playfully bumping you as I follow you.
Well who knows I might secretly be part kitty, after all I do you a lot hey?
/Swings our hands as we walk, looking to the scenery that passes by us.
I think you like my car for another reason. Either way I'm sure no matter the label of your car it's good.
Plus it would be great for long drives to the beach or something with the roof down.
/Lets go of your hand and walks in front of you, taking back steps as you walk toward me so we are still moving together. Holds up mallow Junior and wiggles him in front of you.
Even mallow Junior agrees with me
/Turns around so I'm facing my back to you as we walk, staring at the plush, curious as to what you recorded on it. Cringes remember what I said and mentally face palming as I should have said something cute. shrugs my shoulders as I walk and presses the bunny's tummy, listening to your voice and the words you recorded before freezing and staring at the bunny wondering if I heard it right.
lee donghae 1 year ago
@im jinah That’s fine, then again I want you to be who you are. Don’t change yourself. Even if I end up not liking something. I want you to be you Jinah.. nobody else because each piece of your personality/features creates the person you are *a smiles forms when being pecked on the cheek, turns my head and kisses the top of your head as I give you hand a small squeeze*
Haha that’s because you just look like a kitty. I can already imagine you purring every time I pull you into a cuddle session * starts walking out the mall with you and the things we bought from the mall*
Pft I still like your sport car. Mine is just luxury since the top can go down * hums*

[thats fine by me! And probably they can push the plush toys I guess before can do since nana is curious on what hae recorded on mallow jr. lolz]
kim chungha 1 year ago
@lee donghae /Smiles and quickly pecks your cheek
You're so sweet Donghae, But I'll assure you there are things you will come not to like about me as well.
/Laughs softly and playfully bumps into your side when you call me a naughty kitty
Do I turn you on this much hey?
/Swings our hands, giving it a light squeeze when you suggest I hold your hand instead of the bags. Walks with you out of the shops
Oh a convertible? Guess I'm not the only one with a cool car hey?

[] I was thinking we might need to time laps this a bit to the restaurant but like I still want them to walk for a bit so they can like play with the plush toys and both here what it has to say. Or should they save that to after the restaurant?
lee donghae 1 year ago
@im jinah What is there not to like about you *smiles sheepishly* when I see you, your just amazing in my eyes.
*narrows my eyes over at you, looks at you in curiosity only to have a sly smile* pshh take your innocence? I feel like your right that. You are the dirty/naughty kitty that amuses and turn on this marshmallow.
*shaking my head I gave you a reassuring look* mm it’s fine I can handle carrying these. Just hold my hand and we will go back to my place and Instead of walking to the restaurant, I will be driving my top convertible Mercedes Benz
kim chungha 1 year ago
@lee donghae so if you're the owner of Bada then does this mean you like me? cause you said Bada will also like me.
/Nods and laughs when you call your self a marshmallow
Good idea, I might do just that.
Oh a marshmallow did more then just capture my heart though. He captured my innocence - Kidding.
I am probably more dirty than you to be honest.
/Waits for you patiently while you pay, playing with my bunny as I wait. The moment you held my hands I quickly laced our fingers and followed you out of the store
Should I help you carry the bags now mallow?
Oh and where to next I forgot was is the restaurant?
If so we need to drop by yours so I can borrow a leather jacket also
lee donghae 1 year ago
@im jinah I mean he did seem fine with one of my friend’s cat. But then again, I garuntee that he will like you. Whatever owner likes, bada will end up liking them too
Oh really? Why not just switch it into a friendly hangout then if you don’t really like the guy. You can tell them if you want~ tell them that a marshmallow captured your heart *sends you a teasingly wink*
Fair enough. I will squeeze mine to hear the sound your made later * watches you pay from behind, soon after goes to the counter to pay of the kitty, I hand over the kitty to the worker, hands my card and pays off for the kitty before walking over to you take your hand and exit the store*
kim chungha 1 year ago
@lee donghae Awe I can already picture how cute he is. Do you think he will like meeting me? even though I'm secretly a kitty ?
/Tilts my head to the side as I look in your direction, picturing the dog running away from me in my mind.
Hmm yeah I've gone on other dates..I think I'm kinda still on one with someone too but like I don't like him .
I should tell him right? Cause it's not fair to give them hope when there isn't any.
/Answers my own question, nodding my head in agreement with myself before smiling as you kiss my knuckles
I can try and wait maybe till after we pay to hear it, how does that sound?
/Tries not to squeal as I get one of your back hugs, leans in and plays with my bunny during our hug before being pushed lightly by you to the cashier. Hands my bunny over to the man behind the counter and pays for my bunny, hugging it as I stand to the side and wait for you to finish paying too
lee donghae 1 year ago
@im jinah haha he is a small fur ball. Bada is only a Maltese so a big heart in that tiny body of his
*raises a brows and looks over at your directions after being pecked on the cheek, looks at you amusingly before giving you a sheepishly smile*
really? did you ever went on a date other than this? * tilts my head while holding the kitty, brings your hand over to my face and kisses you knuckles* do you really want to hear what this little guy is going to say to you? You cant wait any longer * chuckles softly as I slip my hand away from you and lets my arms wrap around your waist as I hug you from behind the moment I went behind you, rest my chin on your shoulder* press it and you will see if you want princess *sees that it is our turn, I push you slightly and stood in line so I can pay for this kitty on my own*
kim chungha 1 year ago
@lee donghae Awe Bada is such a unique name, Oh he must definitely have a big heart if his just like you
/Notices you kinda drift off into thought and grins, leaning up and pecking your cheek
He will remember you, don't worry. Pets never really forget their owners no matter how long it's been.
/Leans into you and smiles at your description of the kitty
You're so weird you know, I don't think I know anyone else that would take me on a date like this.
/Laughs and nods quickly
Yep cause you're a to me also soo like I should have called it this as well
Oh what's the message? can I press it while we wait? Or should I save it for later?
/Looks to you then the bunny as we move up in the line, wondering if i should just quickly press it.
lee donghae 1 year ago
@im jinah I do actually, His name is Bada and he is not really a big dog.... he just has a big heart like his owner * chuckles and thinks about my own dog kinda missing him since I havent properly seen him after being in the military* its been like two years since I last saw him so hopefully he will recognize me
* leans myself over letting my shoulder to press against yours*
and it perfectly matches the bunny real well. as for this kitty so fashionista like a princess she is
* leans over and kiss the side of you head before glancing over at you* what? your planning on calling this cute adorable bunny a ? aigoo... at least you didnt. especially once you hear the message this little fellah will be saying to you * pets the top of the head of the bunny before walking forward when the line moved*
kim chungha 1 year ago
@lee donghae Omo you have a dog?
What's it's name? is it a ig dog? Ohh can I really meet him?
/Smiles getting all excited about meeting your dog, waits in line beside you playing with my bunny as we hold hands and nods
Sure thing I will buy this one.
Mhm I want to see if it suits the bunny you know.
/Thinks back t what I said for mine and laughs
Omg I should have said something better but this definitely will suit princess.
I wanted to call you a and something funny like that but then I was like it kinda ruins it
never the less I hope you like it.
lee donghae 1 year ago
@im jinah you dont? hmm now that I think of it, I dont think I properly showed you my dog * comes to realization when you mentioned about a pet and not having one* I remember leaving him with my mom's place. maybe I should pick him up and bring him back to my place so you can meet him
* chuckles finding these two plushies to be adorable since they really featured basically us but in stuff animal form*
haha she is a princess to me * waves princess around before bringing you over to the cashier to pay off* I will pay off for this and you will pay for the bunny alright * stares at you not wanting you to end up paying for everything like what happened with the clothes, holds your hands and waits in line with you after being pecked on the lips*
are you really curious to hear what I made mallow junior said? im actually curious on what you put for princess


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