kim jongin 1 week ago
@lee taemin /as we enter the little club i glance around beneath the strobe lights, eyeing up the bar and wondering if i should get us something to drink
/the decision is made however when you tug me towards the dance floor, smiling as i should have figured its where we'd gravitate towards
/as if on instinct i begin dancing with you easily, your hands on my hips and my own arms around your shoulders, wrists crossing over one another as i lean in a little to hear you better
/your words bring a grin to my tiers, biting them back as i turn my head slightly into your own, my nose nuzzling your hair before i whisper against your own ear
too long, taem. too long
/its punctuated with a small gasp as your hands over me subtly, my fingers curling up a little as i bring them to your hair, messing up the strands whilst we move, seemingly in our own little bubble even when around a group of people
lee taemin 1 week ago
@kim jongin /smiles a little wider as you rest your arm around my shoulder, my own arm slips around your waist and hugs it lazily as we walk towards the club, the air is hot and salty, it brushes through us and it feels a little magical, we step through the club doors the vibe is completely different, low lights with hints of colored lights dancing over our heads, there's a tiki bar at one end just a small dance floor where groups of people drunkenly bump and grind, i raise a brow and then glances over your way with a smirk before i slip out of your hold but take you by your waist and pull you towards the dance floor/
how long has it been since we've danced like this nini? /asks as i grab your hips and guide our bodies to a slow tropical beat, my mouth by your ear, voice hush over the music and people around us, i drag my lips over your skin, and my hands lower themselves to cup your cheeks and give them a squeeze/
kim jongin 2 weeks ago
@lee taemin /bumps against your side when you pull me in, long legs matching your stride with ease as i pocket my phone and look along the lights of the boardwalk
/lifts my arm, resting it around your shoulders before i glance back at you, smiling a little until you mention something and i look over, spying the club you must mean
the club? sure. i could do with a drink to warm up
/smiles a little more as we head off towards it, enjoying the sea smell and sighing as i inhale deeply, enjoying the last bits before we step inside the club
lee taemin 2 weeks ago
@kim jongin /my hand comes around your waist as i pull you close to my side, walking down the boardwalk with you, the ocean air is crisp tonight, and the crowd is thin but in this small town we can walk easily about, i glance up at you a smile before eyeing this small club just a few feet ahead of me/ game? /nudges you towards it my grin starts to curve into a smirk, eyes twinkling with a ocean of stars/
jung taekwoon 1 year ago
@kim wonshik you're welcome, won...
/smiles as you blow out the candles, nodding softly to myself before i pause when you don't say it out loud
/pouts a little but doesn't ask, instead taking off the candles and cutting you a slice of the cake
cake first or savoury things first?
/asks as i look up at you, shuffling around on the blanket as i wait or you to tell me what you want
/murmurs as i look at you, reaching a hand out to your hair back from your face, hoping you don't mind me doing that either
felix lee 1 year ago
@jung taekwoon /my smile only gets wider as you say you did this all by yourself, though feeling quite a little dumb that I actually forgot that it's my day today, merely locking up myself inside the studio and burying myself with work.
/motions across you, crouching down a little bit as I wait for you to light up the candles, smiling back at you once again.
Nothing to be sorry for. This is more than enough, actually. I mean... You got schedules but you still got time to do this.
Plus the effort though. I appreciate them a lot, hyung.
/soon I blow the lights out the candles, not without making a wish first which i just keep for myself.
jung taekwoon 1 year ago
@kim wonshik ...
/nods when you ask if i made these things, grabbing the confetti from the popper, placing it in my pocket before i grab the cake out the hamper, placing it in front of me and lighting the candles one by one
come... blow them out
/motions to the candles, wanting you to hurry as i battle with the sea breeze and relight a few of them, pursing my lips as i look up again and give you a small smile
its your birthday... and i wanted it to be special. i'm sorry i couldn't do more. i didn't have a lot of time...
/sighs under my breath, looking down at the candlelight before i whine, wanting you to hurry up before i throw the damn lighter and candles in frustration
felix lee 1 year ago
@jung taekwoon Just where are you trying to take me, hyung?
/I see nothing but darkness right now due to the piece of cloth blocking my vision, but I don't have any plans on taking it off even though I'm curious as hell right now.
/I start to grow impatient as time goes by and my hands are already itching to take it off, if only you didn't take them with yours, cautiously stepping my feet one after the other on the ground. My movements are careful and slow. And with you leading the way and guiding me, I have moved forward with ease.
/as we go along, the ground beneath my feet turns softer the more I take some steps as if I am stepping on sand and the faint sound of the waves my ears caught only confirms that we are indeed in a beach right now.
/soon you whispered to me, still a little hesitant in taking off but then eventually does after, only to be greeted by the twinkling lights, the make-up bed along with the other things. I stand there in awe before I obviously flinched at the sound of the party cracker, turning to you with a soft smile.
You.. You prepared all of these??
jung taekwoon 1 year ago
@kim wonshik no... don't open your eyes and no you're not allowed to look
/murmurs as i come back and forth, you in the car still as i seem to be busy with some things, threatening you if you dare remove your blindfold i'll never talk to you again
/its a lie but i appreciate that you care enough and respect me to listen, or maybe you just ind it funny or just want to leave the surprise as just that, a surprise
/takes your hands, helping you out the car a little later, the same of waves crashing against the shore soon enough hurt as well as the ground beneath your feet turning softer and sinking beneath your steps slightly
nearly there...
/guides you until i tell you to stop, shuffling away from you before there's a moment or two of silence followed by me speaking up again
happy birthday, wonshik...
/softly murmurs as a way to tell you to take off your blindfold, having taken us out just after midnight, as close to your birthday beginning as i could manage and to the beach no less
/fairy lights hang between two trees, a collection of cushions, pillows and blankets on a rug over the sand with a campfire just to the side, a hamper overflowing with food on the other side and even some bottles of alcohol for us
/pops a tiny party cracker, wearing one of those party hates that make me feel stupid but i wanted to show you how much i care, quietly waiting for your response and wondering if you hate it or love it
kim chungha 1 year ago
@lee donghae Of course I do Mallow, if I didn't what type of a girlfriend would I be?
/smiles softly when you peck my cheek
Aye how dare you say im a slow runner, I'll have you know these gorgeous long legs are good for more than just modeling.
//Takes advantage of your tongue being pokes out and kissing your lips, trapping your tongue in my mouth.
//feels your biceps flex underneath my hands and smirks softly, still holding onto you and slowly lower my legs down into the water, my body getting goose bumps all over.
I think I might just stay next to you, since you're pretty hot and all.
Plus the closer i am the more i can tease you
//Pecks your lips in return and smiles, wrapping my arms around your neck loosely and pressing my body on yours as I stand infront of you int he water.
lee donghae 1 year ago
@im jinah Oh you know me so well *nuzzles my face against your cheek before pursing my lips to plant a gentle kiss on your cheek*
Maybe...unless my boo is just can’t run faster than an old man like me * teases at your direction as I stick out my tongue at you*
*i couldn’t help but chuckle when you gripped onto me, my biceps flexes while holding onto you as The wave slight pushed us as I look over and pushed your hair abit* it will get warmer later then again you can always cling onto me to stay warm * leans and pecks your lips quickly*
kim chungha 1 year ago
@lee donghae Well hugs yes, i secretly know that the kisses are for you mallow~
//Laughs softly when you accept my kiss in which i blew to you
Ah so you're saying i keep you fit then? hmm maybe i should up the physical activity then and run from you more?
//dips one of my hands in the water and feels how fresh it is, quickly holding onto you once more
Yah don't you put me in the water Hae-
//squeals when i feel the copl water coming into contact with my body, hugs you tightly not wanting to freeze as the small wave passes by us, pushing our bodies closer towards the shore.
Omg I thought the water would be a bit warmer today but I guess not, hey?
lee donghae 1 year ago
@im jinah Hmm and how would I know? Do I have to hug and give you kisses to repay the time I wasn’t here nana dear *i couldn’t help but chuckle and shake my head seeing you blowing a kiss, doesn’t hesitate but catches the kiss and pats it against my lips the moment I pursed them*
*continues carrying you as the water level reaches my hip, wiggles my brows and sends a sly smile*
What if I’m an athletic old man~ you know maybe that could be another reason.. because I haven’t spent so much time with you * spots a wave coming over and slowly lowers ourself against the wave waiting for impact *
kim chungha 1 year ago
@lee donghae You can here them once you have hugged them out of me.
//grins and playfully blows you a kiss before laughing
No way am i waiting!
//squeals when you scoop me up into your arms, holding onto your arms as we get deeper into the water
You know for someone who calls himself old you're pretty fast when it comes to catching me.
Or is it you secretly missed me in that 5 seconds I was gone?
//teases you
lee donghae 1 year ago
@im jinah *purse my lips and stares at you before bringing my finger to poke your side* how many secrets have you been telling him... when will I hear them * gives you body a small squeeze before dodging away even though it splattered on my chest, rubs the extra on my back before getting up from the towel the moment I see you running to the water*
Wait up! * rushes over to you at the water as I scoop you in my arms and decides to drag you deep into the water dealing with the cold water*
kim chungha 1 year ago
@lee donghae //wraps my arms around your neck and hugs you
hmm I can't tell you our secret, you will have to wait till the time is right to hear it
//Laughs when you raise your hands up, squirting you with sunscreen anyways
Well if ya wanna here more of my voice you have to come get me
//hops up and starts running towards the water
lee donghae 1 year ago
@im jinah *brings my hand over to your back to pull a bit closer you in my arms as I press my body against you* hmm? Have you and mallow junior been hiding secrets? What did you tell him * feels you bite my lips, pulls back and raises my hands up before slowly getting close to you as I laugh*
I can’t help it because I just miss hearing your voice so I would always press it a bunch of times to remember our moment together
kim chungha 1 year ago
@lee donghae //Smiles when you come closer, taking the chance and kissing your lips sweetly
mhm he has, he even has herd something you have been wanting to hear for a bit too.
Awe that's so cute, I hope she- Yah! how dare you mock me
//bites your lip as punishment and grabs the sunscreen pointing it at you
hands up or i squirt you
lee donghae 1 year ago
@im jinah *leans back as I let you run your fingers along my hair, my eyes were left on you, I brought my hand over to push some of the strand of your hair to the side *
Has he really? Just like his own father. I’m glad mallow junior would be there for you.
I know I have been hugging princess and cuddling her listening to those familiar “can I have a cuddle Oppa?” *copies your voice due to the kitty plushie*
kim chungha 1 year ago
@lee donghae //squirts your stomach with sunscreen once you removed your top and laughs
Ah that was so fun, i'm going to do the same for your back
//rubs my hands onto your stomach and spreads the sunscreen out onto the front of your body
Mallow junior has been so cuddly these passed days you were away
mhm i've slept with him and we have watched films together. what about you?
//runs my hands along your arms, massaging the sunscreen into them
lee donghae 1 year ago
@im jinah *leans my face down and kiss your bare shoulder before pulling back, brings my hand over to the hem of my shirt and takes off my tank top, place it beside the bag and turns to you watching you rub some on your chest*
By the way~ how is mallow jr? Have you been sleeping with him while I was gone?
* rest my palm against your waist and offers you my body to put sunscreen on*
kim chungha 1 year ago
@lee donghae Aye i'm not silly, i'm just acting silly cause it's fun
//pouts my lips softly before smiling as you hug me, wrapping my arms around your body and melting into your hug
You can? well then be prepared cause i will ask for lots of them during this date.
//Smiles and leans upwards to peck your lips
I wouldn't mind one bit, plus someone has to do it so why not you?
//sits there and tucks my hair behind my shoulders watching you rub the sunscreen in, tilts my head to the side when you come close and whisper in my ear. plants a soft kiss onto your cheek and nods.
Its okay Hae, I can do my chest for you and then I can rub some onto you as well.
//tucks my hair behind my shoulders and pours some sunscreen into my palm, rubbing it onto my chest. Tilts my head to the side and rubs it along my neck.
Okay shirt off Hae, time for me to do you now!
lee donghae 1 year ago
@im jinah Aigooo silly as ever Jinah * brings my fingers over to your hair before wrapping my arms around your waist and gives you a tight hug*
You know~ I can always give you back hugs along with piggy back rides
*hums and continues running the oily sunscreen lotion on your back before watching you turned around, my brows raised as I watch you straddling yourself on my lap, slides my hand down and rest it on your hip as I look at you seeing how you had a smirk plastered across your face * do you really want me to do that nana? You wouldn’t mind *decides to apply some more sunscreen on my hand and decides to rub my palm against your flat tummy as I make my way to rub your arms and even along your thighs before leaning over to whisper against your ear* this is all I can continue applying.. I won’t be able to apply some on your chest ms. Nana
kim chungha 1 year ago
@lee donghae omo your number one fan is here?
//Looks around pretending to be clueless, only to smile and clap my hands excitedly
Mallow I have never liked you more then in this moment! except when you give me back hugs but still piggy back rides are soo much fun! I can't wait honestly
//Leans into your hand and pecks your thumb smiling up to you sweetly.
And you always look so damn manly and attractive all the time, it's honestly hard not for me to jump on you.
//widens my eyes when I hear you mention tickling me first wouldn't do that to me right?
//Yelps a bit when the cold sunscreen comes into contact with my skin, shivering slightly as you rub it along my back and shoulders. Feels your hands rubbing close to the hem of my bikini top, bites my lip softly and comes up with an idea.
Mallow can you rub it in the front too? I don't want to get my hands all oily
//Turns my body around and shuffles my position so I am straddling your lap, a soft smirk on my lips as I grab the sunscreen bottle.
lee donghae 1 year ago
@im jinah Aha.. more like my fans find me attractive alright but I know who my number one fan is~ I’m looking at her right now * looks over at you and nods not minding the mermaid anyways* I’m going to give you payback later so be prepared
*runs my thumbs against your cheekbones as I caresses your cheek gently and smiles* you always look perfect even if you wear something casual or simple~ you just look beautiful *Turn my body to face your back and quirks a brow* oh really? You don’t know if you try I can always tickle you first *shakes my head before chuckling, apply sunscreen in my hand, rubs my hand together before running my palm against your shoulder till I slide my hand down your back, rubs your side as I run my finger against the lace of your bikini top*
kim chungha 1 year ago
@lee donghae It's not only in my eyes, many think you're attractive trust me!
Psh noo it's more fun to make you a mermaid rather than a merman
//Laughs softly, picturing you as a mermaid. closes my eyes at the sudden kiss, returning your gentle kiss as I lean into your hand cupping my cheek.
well this goddess wont lie, she wanted to dress up nice for you today ..well everyday I see you
An I see you're tryna sneak in all those kisses hey?
//Laughs softly before pecking your lips, sits my self down beside you and faces my back to you
That would be great if you could put some on me, I can do the same for you too
But i'm not going to lie, i will be tryna find you're tickle spot in the process.
//Tucks my hair to the front of my shoulders so there is room for you to apply sunscreen onto me
lee donghae 1 year ago
@im jinah It sure is.. *stares at the horizon before my lips formed into a smile only to shift to stare at you when you bump your hip against mine*
I’m flattered~ really.. I’m glad you find me attractive in your eyes.
Did you really? Aigoo what are you planning on making me? A mermaid or shall I say “merman”
* holding my camera as I look at some tiki stores to take some pictures, I brought the camera close to my face as I let it focus only to hear you calling for me, shift my attention to look over to see you with your black bikini, I stare at your curves seeing how the bikini perfect fits you, a smile form before making my way over, I cupped your cheek and plant a gentle kiss against your lips* you look beautiful~ just like a goddess.
Here Do you need help to apply some sunscreen on your back? I can help if you want * turns over to place my camera inside its own bag and sits down at the towel edge of the towel*
kim chungha 1 year ago
@lee donghae //gazes in awe at the direction of which you take a photo
Wow the beach looks like a picture, it's so pretty today~
//Laughs and playfully bumps you with my hips
As if you even have to ask that Hae, you're like hot 24/7
//Looks to where you suggested and nods my head, eagerly leading the way and returning the squeeze you gave my hand.
Omo how did you know I was going to bury you in sand? Have you been reading my thoughts?
//sets down my bag and pulls out a towel for us sitting it flat on the sand. Slips off my dress and gives you a little twirl, showing off my new black bikini I bought recently
What do you think of my swim suit?
lee donghae 1 year ago
@im jinah Aha sure you didn’t *watches how you tried to act serious at my direction, a smile just forms before staring over at the ocean when we walked on the sand, lift the camera over and takes a picture at the ocean itself seeing how beautiful it looks*
You really think so? But you will be seeing my upper body expose once I take off the tank. What would you consider that then if seeing me with a tank on hot?
*raises a brow before looking over and points at the spot close to the shoreline* how about that place? We could even bury one of us nearby that area especially since the sand is a bit moist? *gives your hand a small squeeze*
kim chungha 1 year ago
@lee donghae //Smiles when you rest your head onto mine, pecking your lips softly.
It's okay, I know you're trying to trick me into thinking you're not magic. But don't worry your secret is safe with me
//Winks playfully and opens my bag wider for you to have a peek inside
Shhh I so didn't plan this...just cause i have food and a towel and a swim suit and drinks doesn't mean i planned it..
//Tries to act serious but then ends up laughing at how bad i am at acting in front of you.
You look really good today Hae, well you normally look good but you're really hot in that tank
//Looks over to you and bites my lip softly before shaking the thought out of my head and walking onto the sand.
Where should we set up hmm?


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