byun baekhyun 1 week ago
trex mod rawr xD [A]5:34:10 PMReply
kim jisoo [ h ]8:33:18 AMReply
kwon soonyoung [ h ]8:32:55 AMReply
mark lee [ h ]8:32:13 AMReply
kang chanhee [ h ]8:32:00 AMReply
kim younghoon [ h ]8:31:47 AMReply
xiao dejun [ h ]8:31:33 AMReply
kitty mod nyan ♡ [A] 8:31:15 AMReply
lee chan8:29:43 AMReply
kwon jisoo8:29:33 AMReply
choi yewon8:29:00 AMReply
wong kunhang5:29:00 PMReply
jo haseul5:28:55 PMReply
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kim junkyu5:29:28 PMReply
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kim hyunjin5:28:16 PMReply
park jinyoung • got75:29:00 PMReply
zhou jieqiong [A]8:27:39 AMReply
byun baekhyun8:27:18 AMReply
park chanyeol5:27:19 PMReply
seo soojin5:27:18 PMReply
d,, daddy :((
kwon soonyoung [A] 1 month ago
~coupon book~
t&c: you can use any of these countless of times bc i Love you
: just dont lose the book !!!
: cash em in at any time ohoho

1. movie date !!
2. build a fort and cuddle time
3. an Endless amount of kisses
4. amusement park date !!
5. ~soff y times~
6. tongue emoji peach emoji
7. stargazing date !!
8. a hhhhh
9. ~ y times~
10. a switch in positioNs
11. picnic date !!
12. roadtrip !!
13. breakfast in bed !!
14. a weekend getaway < 3
15. a ~sensual~ massage
16. a visit to the puppy/kitty cafe date !!
17. fancy shmancy dinner heh
18. ~couch y times~
19. cooking/making something together date !!
20. ~praise kink y times~
21. a romantic bubble bath !!
22. cuddles cuddles cuddles
23. ~y times involving food~
24. lazy nap day !!
25. spa date !!!
26. a lapdance u//////////////u
27. ~rough y times~
28. adventure date !!
29. a romanthicc candlelit dinner < 3
30. your pick of absolutely anything heh
31. movie date but we binge watch Your fave movie !!
32. ~make out~ uwu
33. ssp date bc jun is Obsessed ???????
34. roller skating / ice skating datE
35. ~against the mirror y times~
36. a poledance hhhhhhh
37. ~movie theatre y times~
38. wine tasting !!
39. aftercare !!!!!!!
40. we adopt a pET
41. ~any form of riding~ aka face??? thighs?????? diq??????????
42. shopping date !!!
43. i shall be your genie for a day oof
44. ~roleplay y times~
45. we get mushy with love letters uwu
46. a park / lake datE
47. ~kitchen table y times~
48. kiss + cuddles ??? 2 in One uwu
49. we both try something neW
50. a home cooked meal by Me
51. ~car y times~
52. ice cream date !!!!
53. drive in movie !!
54. ~balcony y times~
55. baking dAte
56. midnight adventure dAte
57. we decorate something together !!
58. museum / art exhibit datE
59. ~abo y times~
60. play a sport together eheh
61. go for a drive with food uwu
62. learn a new skill togetheR
63. play video gamEs
64. doube dAte
65. ~toy y times~
66. a photography session dAte
67. zoo date !!
68. visit a new place togethEr
69. ~need i explain it~
70. we go hiking to see the sunrise !!
71. beach / pool date !!!
72. play tourist and go sightseeiNg
73. go skinny dipping uwu
74. shop for / dress each other heh
75. slow kisses all Over & compliments
76. diy datE
77. ~shower y times~
78. cafe hoppinG
79. impromptu overseas trip !!
80. ~tape y times???~
81. funfair date !!!
82. order in a Bunch of food
83. concert dAte
85. ~body worship tho cause Oh My~
86. relive our first Ever date
87. surprise each other with somethinG
88. bookstore dAte ; pick a book out for each other oho
89. arcade dAte
90. ~try a kink we've never done before y times~
91. we take a cooking ?? pottery ??? anythiNg class together
92. ghost tour !! visit haunted hOuses or watch horror movies oho
93. a romantic walk heh
94. ~try it in a new place y times~
95. dessert tour date !!
96. fancy shamncy ball !!
97. book a hotel for fuN
98. give each other a giFt
99. we see the sunSet together uwu
100. spend a day with just Us two and no one else heh
park chanyeol 1 month ago
jung jaehyun Feb 16, 2019 16:15:54
this. this is the moment that would be at the start of a film where a record scratch sounds during a freeze frame and the protagonist says something along the lines of "i guess you're wondering how i got here" and then the film reels backwards showing glimpses of events that had led to the moment. this moment right here, (see: him standing in platform heels while wearing clothes he stole from red velvet's bad boy era wardrobe- specifically irene's outift: leather trousers, a black spaghetti-strap crop top and a big ol' purple fur coat) would be the start of jaehyun's film and the glimpse of events would just be brief flashes of yuto and his 'sparkling-edward-cullen' style disco tiddies. but as they say, 'what goes around comes around' and it was time that jaehyun paid the price for clowning a man and his contoured pectorals on his wedding day.

with a heavy heart and a deep sigh, he opens the door and steps into the room his awaiting victim was in. with every step, his heels clicked against the floor and a faint squeak would echo through the room because of his trousers. initially, he had believed that choosing an outfit with trousers would be somewhat less degrading but somehow he couldn't feel it. "i'm sorry." was the only thing he could bring himself to say before getting to work. he fumbles with his phone and plays 'freak like me - NoMBe' before sliding it to a corner of the room, forcing himself to sway his hips as the music plays. slowly, he runs his hands through his hair to get that 'disheveled-look', before bringing them down his torso, letting his fingers fiddle with the hem of his top to tantalisingly show more skin in what he felt was an attempt at being somewhat seductive. he ignored the piece of chicken in her hand as his eyes shifted to meet her gaze, teeth sinking into his bottom lip and eyes turning dark. as the song reaches the pre chorus, he steps closer towards her, shimmying his shoulders to the beat as he does so and allows the oversized coat to slip past his shoulders. he swallows any sort of hesitation and well, shame, and steps over the poor girl, a leg on either side of her chair as he rolls his body against hers- but not too close as to disrupt her meal. he continues for the duration of the chorus, letting the coat fall off his arms as it finishes and onto the floor, finally shedding his first layer of clothing and the last remaining trace of what had been his dignity.
noh jisun 2 months ago
yan an11:44:37 PMReply
as cliche as this sounds i love everything about jun bc he’s a little but he’s my little and like , he’s so ing NICE he’s like sunshine and daisies and unicorns personified he’s so ing precious like . Clenched Fists . this ing is so cute and precious and sweet he deserves the ing world and even if he’s had like. A Ton Of Exes he’s not gonna have any any,ore im gonna be his last boi >:-(
jo haseul 2 months ago
kim jongin10:04:04 PMReply
jonginnie ddokddanghae
jo haseul 2 months ago
oh sehun [A]10:01:41 PMReply
..ddehunnie ddeokddanghae
park chaeyoung 3 months ago
min yoongi [ sh ] Nov 17, 2018 22:16:38 Reply History
*crawls to you with tails swaying on his back meowing every few step before stopped and sits beneath your feet ; a stripe starting from your toe towards your knees before stopping and pawing your crotch lightly*
'lil meow meow needs sum milk'
jung hoseok 3 months ago
oh sehun Nov 18, 2018 14:58:22
he lets out a groan, taking one last look at himself in the mirror. the stupid cat ears atop his head moving around as if he were having actual cat thoughts. never has he ever felt the want to leave after a dare than in the current moment. his situation was not only humiliating and embarrassing, but also very very false. he'd never call himself a.. what jun is. yet for this stupid dare that he got in this stupid game he decided to join, he's gotta do what he's gotta do. so sehun eyes his prey from afar, mentally telling himself this were just one of his acting gigs, and then kneels. with both knees on the floor he crawls towards the person in a painstakingly slow manner. stopping only once he sees the shoes from his peripheral, he lets out a quiet sigh,not actually believing this were real before muttering. "i am a fuwwy,, nyaa" his body almost physically cringes at his own actions as a part of his soul dies. "i love being a naughty fuwwy wike jun,,ky,,a"
park chaeyoung 4 months ago
wen junhui Nov 18, 2018 1:35:03
junhui casually sauntered into seungcheol's room, locking the door behind him before walking over to the said male's bed. honestly, there was no need for him to lock it anyway — jun was pretty sure no one would dare go into a room he was in when he was with only one of them. his movements were smooth and calculated, expression not betraying any of the nervousness he felt at the moment. junhui paid no attention to the older's reaction as he climbed onto the bed and caged him in with his limbs. leaning down to seungcheol's ear, he muttered, "you already know what this is about, so be a good boy for me and just keep quiet, alright?" a sudden wave of confidence flowed through him at the idea of being the one in charge for once and he moved closer to capture the male's earlobe between his teeth, giving it a light nibble as he pulled out his phone to open the damned movie script. junhui placed the device right beside cheol's head before slightly pulling back to read, one of his hands already slipping underneath the male's shirt and tracing patterns on his toned abdomen.

"according to all known laws of aviation," junhui started, breath fanning against the shell of seungcheol's ear, "there is no way a bee should be able to fly." he kept his voice low, making sure that only the two of them would be able to hear his words; he definitely didn't want any word of this going around in the dorms. "its wings are too small to get its fat little body of the ground." his hand further slides up seungcheol's torso while he talks, and he decides to just pull his shirt up to his chest. moving away, a hum leaves the back of junhui's throat at the sight, a corner of his lips twitching upwards ever so slightly. too bad, he would've been able to enjoy this a lot more if it wasn't for the dare. jun places his palm flat on one of the man's pecs, his eyes flickering back to the screen to continue. "the bee, of course, flies anyway, because bees don't care what humans think is impossible." he gives it a small squeeze - all that working out really did wonders for seungcheol, huh - before lightly running the tip of his finger around his areola. "yellow, black. yellow, black. yellow, black. yellow, black." each word was emphasized by flicking the male's , trying to distract himself by focusing more on the other's body than the script himself. "ooh, black and yellow," jun mused, giving the nub a tug before moving his hand back down to palm seungcheol's through his clothes. another quick glance at his phone told him that he only had a few lines left to say - good. "let's shake it up a little."

"barry, breakfast is ready." junhui had to hold back his laughter at the ridiculousness of the situation, with him lazily running his hand over his leader's body while reading this ,, iconic movie's script. "coming. hang on a second. hello? barry? adam?" jun grazed his nail against the bulge before deciding he couldn't take it anymore, putting his hand back beside the male's head while he leaned in to bury his face in the crook of seungcheol's neck as his body shook in silent laughter. it was too hard for him to stay serious when the script was all about ,, bees. "can you believe this is happening?" he mumbled against the older's skin, trying not to laugh out loud. okay. time to finish this dare once and for all - "i can't. i'll pick you up."
wen junhui [A] 4 months ago
park chaeyoung Nov 17, 2018 23:05:44
with a hefty sigh, she tucks her hair back and grabs the headband with a pair of soft kitten ears planted atop them. pulling them onto her head, she secures them and ensures that they're well adjusted before allowing her hair to fall back into place. now pushing her hand haphazardly into the cabinet, she fishes out a bear shaped bottle of honey to tuck into her elbow, sighing dejectedly once more as she emotionally and physically prepares herself for the god forsaken dare she's about to do. it takes one more slap to the round curve of her cheek before she finally approaches jungkook, standing there idly for a minute with a defeated look in her eyes. shoulders hunched and a pout in the form of a jutted out lower lip, she pops open the cap of the bear bottle, squeezing some of the viscous sweetener onto her hand. pout only deepening, she draws closer with reluctant steps, fingers slathering over his cheeks in slow motions to lather over his face. it makes a mess over her hand, but she adds more into the palm of her hand, spreading it over her fingers to run down his nose with an indignant huff. finally, she in a breath of air, only to let it back out, realizing that she doesn't have the courage. again, she tries to muster up enough of a semblance of a breath before muttering out. "hi Daddy, does my honey make you want to giggle like an anime school girl?"
choi yena 4 months ago
oh sehun Nov 17, 2018 22:58:22
he lets out a groan, taking one last look at himself in the mirror. the stupid cat ears atop his head moving around as if he were having actual cat thoughts. never has he ever felt the want to leave after a dare than in the current moment. his situation was not only humiliating and embarrassing, but also very very false. he'd never call himself a.. what jun is. yet for this stupid dare that he got in this stupid game he decided to join, he's gotta do what he's gotta do. so sehun eyes his prey from afar, mentally telling himself this were just one of his acting gigs, and then kneels. with both knees on the floor he crawls towards the person in a painstakingly slow manner. stopping only once he sees the shoes from his peripheral, he lets out a quiet sigh,not actually believing this were real before muttering. "i am a fuwwy,, nyaa" his body almost physically cringes at his own actions as a part of his soul dies. "i love being a naughty fuwwy wike jun,,ky,,a"
byun baekhyun 4 months ago
wen junhui [A]10:45:12 PMReply
min yoongi [ h ] 4 months ago
park chanyeol7:22:48 PMReply
@bi wenjun my nut
park chanyeol 9 months ago
wen junhui [A]12:23:24 PMReply
wonu oppang uwu
lee jueun [A] 9 months ago
wong yukhei10:19:59 PMReply
wong yukhei May 26, 2018 15:45:51
minnie yontararak3:45:23 PMReply
owo h hewwo? evewyone ive been weawwy wonewy so pwease giwe me kwisses and hwuggies uwu i wuv you -w
wong yukhei May 19, 2018 1:07:06
minnie yontararak1:06:11 AMReply
luwucas h hewwo hehe uwu kya no
wong yukhei May 19, 2018 0:53:03
minnie yontararak 37 seconds ago Reply
h ,,,, hewwo 911 hwep i feewl i attacwekd hehe
wong yukhei May 19, 2018 0:50:50
minnie yontararak12:50:10 AMReply
dewete thawt im angeri meowos
park chanyeol 10 months ago
wen junhui [A]2:31:20 AMReply
uwuwuwuwuwu i'm a bottom
chwe hansol [A] 10 months ago
wen junhui [A]2:10:24 AMReply
rubber dickys are do cue
park chanyeol 10 months ago
kim jungwoo ( sh )10:54:54 PMReply
I'd smash your grandma
noh jisun 11 months ago
jae ha6:20:18 PMReply
OKAY FINE I ACCEPT IT YOU'RE ALL RIGHT I GUESS i am a furry, unintentional. it's the tale of being at the right Place at the Wrong Time.
jang gyuri 1 year ago
jae ha 34 seconds ago Reply
stop putting us down!

lee hongbin 1 year ago
lee yukyung 16 minutes ago Reply
kim geonhak 1 year ago
lee gwangmin 14 seconds ago Reply
3..2..1 ITS MY 2K post can you believe it took me this long and i talk so god damn much
anyways !! it hasn’t been that long since i joined but you guys have made me feel like family since the beginning and accepted me for who i am and stuff- like i know i say some random and half the time people don’t even know what i’m talking about but people still made an effort to talk to me, to become friends- and then family! so thank you guys for that. i feel like this is a place which has grown on me so fast and it’s a place where i can just be myself. i can say what i need to when i need to and someone will always be there to listen. been a while since i felt that way and it’s just an amazing feeling so thank you thank you for making me feel like i have a safe place and thank you for dealing with my mf weird random lolol. thank you for making me feel like an actual human instead of an invisible freak and most of all, thank you for just being you because each one of you are amazing people with beautiful hearts.
yeah this is tough guy gwang being all mushy and sorry it took me so long to say but yeah xxo thank you once more and i love you all. i hope i can be someone’s safe place too cause you guys may not know this but- i’m a good listener.
cheng xiao 1 year ago
lee hongbin 8 seconds ago Reply
la di da di da
slob gilinob
lee jeno [A] 1 year ago
lee hongbin 39 seconds ago Reply
my 3k goes to you all again. im uncreative. well what have i said that hasn’t been said? yes, i love you guys, that’s a given to this equation. but more important i’ve managed to be the most active than i have been in a very very long time. i dont know if that statistic speaks volumes to any of you, maybe numbers aren’t your thing. but what i do know is that i’m no longer bond by words to express to express gratitude in the company of you all. emotions, intellect, grand gestures only those newly acquainted could imagine having etc. all of the above, you know. someone who expresses themselves in more ways than one signifies that something greater is above them, and for me that is the company and wellness of all you guys. i try not to exhaust my sentiments in these dedications, but to be honest i gain something more to say to you guys with each day that escapes us while we’re lavishly immersed in the quality of the person next to us. i’d name certain people, but i’d rather pass on my thoughts individually. sorry this is neither another psa for hydration nor for noodle ideation, but i didn’t want to make this very long. some things are worth keeping until the very end. guess what that thing is for me.

- your noodle boy bean.
lee jueun [A] 1 year ago
yoo kihyun [ sh ] 35 seconds ago Reply
@kim hyunjung hnnnng i’d let you handle my package any day of the week mami wink emoji smirk emoji water droplets emoji tongue emoji x6381
lee jeno [A] 1 year ago
lee hongbin 32 seconds ago Reply
AGAIN with this thousand post, and as per usual this 2k goes out to you all seeing as those i love haven't really changed. i've come to skip the formalities and go straight to the laughter with you guys, so your guys' comfort bodes tremendously well with mine. so thank you all. short and sweet. tall and sour. synonyms.

BUT let's talk about a more pressing issue. one that i hold near and dear to my heart. and that is hydration! hydration is when you're not dehydrated. dehydration is when you're not hydrated. a few days ago, my fart smelling self indirectly chose the latter, and had it seep through my conscience with a dry mouth and an insatiable thirst
extreme dehydration symptoms include:

extreme thirst (obviously)
dark urine

though, later, i saw the importance of a quenched thirst as it worked in tandem with a drink of water. water is needed to cook rice to its optimal level, and gather noodles to the surface. water also works in its inherent niche of regulating body temperature, nutrient distribution, and ease of digestion. water also grows the flowers for a loved one and pours down upon you when the moment feels just right. but water also brings hope to those who would otherwise tread in a dry euphoria that clung onto them to no end. water connects the world through its flexibility and shapes it at its palm until it can get a full grip.

which brings me to my final point, we've been sincere in our ways for so long that it's felt like a family. until the last dying breath, or when some entity forces the life and moisture out of us. but we wilt together.

no dehydration without representation.
more water to us.
chwe hansol [A] 1 year ago
wen junhui [A] 21 seconds ago Reply
actually, i don't i get mine

there's a difference
choi hyunsuk 1 year ago
lee jeno 25 seconds ago Reply
wong yukhei 16 seconds ago Reply
lee jeno 1 minute ago Reply
hyung why not :<

icb this ,, oppang

good boy
park chanyeol 1 year ago
kim geonhak 1 year ago
that's being productive I-


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hi ag a i n could my hiatus be extended til 10th i didnt know that my last exam day was going to be postponed due to the two-day national holidays dhfdk ok thnx
kimjiwoos 2 days ago
can i please get meng meiqi?
witchytaem 2 days ago
Hey can I get Lee Taemin please ?
BooJae- 2 days ago
am i blind or is jongin really free?
nekojita 2 days ago
m eep do y'all miss me
wassowasso 4 days ago
could i get taeyeon's cleared wall and cc her to jung wooyoung?
assgard 5 days ago
h i could i get a hiatus until like the 5th pls thank you
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is actress kim yoojung available?
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Do you have a mobile friendly description?? Can’t see it, 50% cut off.
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may i have fromis' lee chaeyoung?
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