y take  when u can take shots
list of games
` 10 lives
` Truth or Dare
` Paranoia
` Dare or Dare
` Never Have I Ever
` Kiss, marry or fuq

game mechanics
10/20 lives each player starts with 10/20 lives, and during your turn, you have to say a condition that applies to you but not the rest. eg. [!!] die if you are not born in 95. so everyone who is born in 95 keeps their lives but those that are not would lose a life. game goes on and the last man standing will be the winner. losers get a dare per chara.
truth or dare do u really need any help with this lol. odd number is dare, even number is truth.
paranoia so a person starts off by asking someone else a 'who' question in pm such as "who is the funniest?" then the person who was pm'ed would have to answer with another players name in the chat. They have to roll to determine if the question is revealed, even number question is revealed, odd number the question stays a secret.
dare or dare like truth or dare but you only get to have dirty dare or clean dare. ood for dirty, even for clean.
never have i ever not washed my face. in this case if you've not washed your face before then you die once. losers get a dare.
KIss, marry or fuq like tod, the player chooses the one who will answer kiss, marry or fuq. the player will then give three names to the chosen person


if you are a loser of some specific games above, you have to roll the dice to see if you get a clean or dirty dare. minors (ic) are automtically given clean dares.
the golden rule let's not make the people do their dares on people's walls. if u insist to tho please specify a limit for exp : post puns on 10 walls
park sooyoung 1 week ago
reactivate for me in no time- i feel honoured but PWNDKDMDKD
park sooyoung 1 week ago
i cant sleep sohee aa
park sooyoung 1 week ago
ha sooyoung 1 week ago
20k is still a long way
ha sooyoung 1 week ago
if you dreamt of pancake daddy joy i'll have him reactivate for u in no time
kim sohee 1 week ago
go go sleep joyi
wen junhui [A] 1 week ago
slepe WELLL
ha sooyoung 1 week ago
park sooyoung 1 week ago
i needa go out tmr alsndk
park sooyoung 1 week ago
gnight twin dream of pancakes
park jiwon 1 week ago
goodnight yvessss
park jiwon 1 week ago
kim sohee 1 week ago
sleep well yves
ha sooyoung 1 week ago
gnite sinners twas a fun night
kim sohee 1 week ago
kink groceries
park sooyoung 1 week ago
kim sohee 1 week ago
wrong room
adachi yuto 1 week ago
YEet i can sleep now
park sooyoung 1 week ago
i wonder why jiwon ans em
kim sohee 1 week ago
ha sooyoung 1 week ago
joyi shush you can keep for kink groceries
wen junhui [A] 1 week ago
"if they have" ok Wait .
ha sooyoung 1 week ago
ha sooyoung 1 week ago
junhui > joy = yanan - if you had to do the honey glazed chicken dare again,, who would you do it on uwu. choose among the boiz onli
eunwoo > yves = eunwoo - if you had to have an with pancake daddy, his trashure, jun, and jeonghan, who else would you include to make it a six()some uwu
joy > junhui = jiwon - if yan an is the spectator and the person has to use a to f*** you when ur all fours while u balance potatos on your back who will you choose ( u can choose any girls only excluding yves )
yuto > chaeyeon = yves - no
yanan > jiwon = chaewon - if kook was a baby and demanded special care (you need to take him out for a walk in diapers and feed him banana and ask him to say goo goo gaga every 5 minutes) who would u trust to do it?
chaeyeon > kino = jun - no
jiwon > yanan = joy - no
chaewon > eunwoo = yuto - no
yves > yuto = yanan - if you had someone like tt daddy or milky mami or bicc boi (you get the concept rite), who would it be (kino&jun are invalid btw uwu)
kino > chaewon = yves - in memory of nut butter, who's the most likely to butter someone's nuts and said butter off while constantly complimenting them about how buttery their nuts are
park sooyoung 1 week ago
its for the sake of questions and dares
park sooyoung 1 week ago
hey idh a food kink
kang hyunggu 1 week ago
wen junhui [A]12:32:34 AMReply
his butter half
wen junhui [A]12:32:38 AMReply
sheds tear
adachi yuto 1 week ago
"butter half"
park sooyoung 1 week ago
park jiwon 1 week ago


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Youngie- 23 hours ago
can i please have rv's yerim ?
nekojita 1 day ago
ok im good
ahegao 2 days ago
whats up my guy
wokhardt 3 days ago
hey! it’s me— ya boi
daesies 3 days ago
soonchan my lo ve
hakyeomma 5 days ago
i lov u
wokhardt 6 days ago
keep sonchae safe pls
ppalgan 6 days ago
i'd like haruto back pLS i lost track of time
divertissement 6 days ago
dropping jinhyeong!
eristic 1 week ago
can gwangseok be tcc’ed to lee junyoung uwu
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