game room
game room
welcome to wee woo's hell
list of games:
- 10 lives
- truth or dare
- paranoia
- , marry or kill
- would you rather
- seven couples

10 lives - each player starts with 10 lives, and during your turn, you have to say a condition that applies to you but not the rest. eg. [!!] die if you are not born in 95. so everyone who is born in 95 keeps their lives but those that are not would lose a life. game goes on and the last man standing will be the winner. losers get a dare per chara.
20 lives - 10 + 10 lives aka slow death
10 shots - 10 lives party edition, aka instead of dying, you get sick in the liver.
never have i ever - 10 lives but things you haven't done
10 lives reversed - last one to die loses the game, so let's all Dye

truth or dare - do u really need any help with this lol. odd number is dare, even number is truth.
follows the odd number is dirty, even is clean question/condition
dare or dare - no one can save you from this one.
truth or truth - we just some Tea in our lives sometimes.
instant dare - can be played anywhere. just roll the dice and have someone dare you. 

paranoia - so a person starts off by asking someone else a 'who' question in pm such as "who is the funniest?" then the person who was pm'ed would have to answer with another players name in the chat. They have to roll to determine if the question is revealed, even number question is revealed, odd number the question stays a secret.
dare paranoia - the question, typically a dare, is posted in the chat and the answer is sent through pm. the dice roll indicates if the question is to be done or not. odd is to do, even is to leave it be.

, marry, or kill - the bachelor game of weewoo. like tod, the player chooses the one who will answer kiss, marry or fuq. the player will then give three names to the chosen person.

would you rather - two dares are given, and you have to choose which would you rather do, then you roll the dice. odd number indicates that you have to do the dare you chose, even number makes you safe from doing it.
satanic would you rather - aka the game where you don't really have a choice. same mechanics follow the only difference, odd number means you have to do the dare you chose, even number means you have to do the one you didn't choose.

seven couples - the game will only be available during weedings since the game master of this would be the newly wedded couple (previous couples can be game masters if this game will be played during parties or other occasions) the game will start with the couple choosing 7 couples (can be official, ouc or just a completely random pair) to participate in the game. each couple will roll the dice twice and the conditions are as follows:
1st roll
1 - kiss
2 -
3 -
4 - blow (or touch)
5 - bite
6 - wild card

2nd roll
1 - head
2 - collarbones and up
3 - upper torso and up
4 - waist line and up
5 - thighs and up
6 - wild card

**wild card means the married couple gets to decide. 
also, 7 minutes = 7 posts in total. length of replies to each other will be completely up to you.
choi beomgyu 5 days ago
@wen junhui shrieks those are so cute okay yes sir jun hyung sir !!
(*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑
jo haseul 5 days ago
@zhou jieqiong @yoo kangmin @wen junhui @son hyejoo @park jiwon @oh sehun @kwon jisoo @kim jungeun @kim jihun @kang kyungwon @chwe hansol hi i love you all v much :>

kangmin: kabedon lucy using your leg instead of your hand and make her call you oppa/oppang
livvy: profess your love to gowon using only loona lyrics
yuha: do aegyo to mingyu
lippy: go up to soul, dressed up as an owl and tell her a bunch of owl puns about how much you love her :D
jihun: tsun jisun for a day and make her Suffer
vern: next time you talk to yves, be soft to her
sehun: dress up with only a bib and a diaper to naeun. tell her how much 'naeun's widdol baby boy' needs her love and attention
jun: this shall be a continuation of your dare from bunani heh. while you top yan an, halfway through, tell him how much of a sub and a furry (ie. 'i'm a submissive furry' or something like 'unf unf! on the fox! i don't ever wanna stop, no. yiff, yiff, yiff yiff! yiff, yiff, yiff yiff!' hehe pls include that last one, at least) you are :> you just gotta say it once
josh: ily i swear but you also get the task to tsun hoshi and see how long you can last without crumbling :D
jie: choose the 34th person online and give them a 2-3 paragraph reason to why being jobless and how pledis needs to get their together and give pristin a comeback
jiwon: dress up as shrek, go up to jungkook, measure his height, and say 'gee, you think he's compensating for something?'
minnie yontararak [A] 5 days ago
fhskejdksk oki
noh jisun 5 days ago
im lazy hehe
noh jisun 5 days ago
minnie yontararak [A] 5 days ago
you can if you want to uwu
kim jungeun 5 days ago
also sleep well bb and have a great day tomorrow!!
noh jisun 5 days ago
also do i have to write one for bbh and arin,, ,
noh jisun 5 days ago
no im not D:
noh jisun 5 days ago
ok i'll come up with the dares before going to bed and tag you guys :D
kim jungeun 5 days ago
but ik you can be evil
minnie yontararak [A] 5 days ago
sleep well !!
noh jisun 5 days ago
who do you take me for lippy :<
noh jisun 5 days ago
kim jungeun 5 days ago
pls be gentle with the dares tyhgfdfg
noh jisun 5 days ago
will do, good night jiwon!! sleep well :>
park jiwon 5 days ago
goodnight cuties
park jiwon 5 days ago
tag me the dare
noh jisun 5 days ago
sleepy time jiwon :<
kim jungeun 5 days ago
sleepy tiiiiiiiiime
minnie yontararak [A] 5 days ago
park jiwon 5 days ago
i’m falling rssfgjl
noh jisun 5 days ago
i donT
noh jisun 5 days ago
kim jungeun 5 days ago
mgbhngfsfgh you know what you did
noh jisun 5 days ago
what do you mEAN
kim jungeun 5 days ago
so baekon cheated too
kim jungeun 5 days ago
noh jisun 5 days ago
11 dares to write whilst in the midst of finals week
noh jisun 5 days ago
oh man


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spotify 1 hour ago
hi sir or ma’am can i get han eunji please :)
assgard 1 day ago
hi ag a i n could my hiatus be extended til 10th i didnt know that my last exam day was going to be postponed due to the two-day national holidays dhfdk ok thnx
kimjiwoos 2 days ago
can i please get meng meiqi?
witchytaem 3 days ago
Hey can I get Lee Taemin please ?
BooJae- 3 days ago
am i blind or is jongin really free?
nekojita 3 days ago
m eep do y'all miss me
wassowasso 4 days ago
could i get taeyeon's cleared wall and cc her to jung wooyoung?
assgard 5 days ago
h i could i get a hiatus until like the 5th pls thank you
Pengqueen 5 days ago
is actress kim yoojung available?
Tomfoolery 5 days ago
Do you have a mobile friendly description?? Can’t see it, 50% cut off.
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