lee hyunjae 3 months ago
wau new padlet
[post deleted by owner]
jung taekwoon 10 months ago
angry & hurt
what a combo
shoma uno 11 months ago
don't wanna be like this in chatroom so here will do
tired of my mia boyfriend
and i know i shouldn't be
because he doing his best
but like
the amount of disappointment that turns into resentment when i'm promised something
and then i think about how i needed him and he knew i needed him but he wasn't there
and those moments are when your rely on each other and learn to grow close-
but they gone
and if i have those moments now then i'm cautious about relying on him because why open up when he doesn't help
or can't help-
i get it. life is tough. we get busy. we all do
but its like dating myself and i just want to spend more than an hour or two with him
i don't think i'm asking much
or being unfair
its been a while too ad its been like this a while
i'm just tired of promises falling through and being left behind
i don't want to break up. i don't want to lose him. but i don' want to have to be sad like this ALL the time
i'm lonely as too
like i need a friend here i can talk to about these things and go do things to distract myself when he ain't here
so if anyone would like a smol japanese figure skater for a friend, hit me up

thanks for coming to this ted talk
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im soeun 1 year ago
@kim jisoo yush it was, that's our confession page there
wu yifan 1 year ago
I confess that I'm gay 'tss all !
jessica jung 1 year ago
I confess that i miss jeno

Say what?
xu minghao 1 year ago

i confess that i am crying
[post deleted by owner]
jung eunbi 1 year ago
i confess that im still hurt..
yoon jeonghan 1 year ago
i confess that i miss tagging the kids
lee yeeun 1 year ago
jackson wang 1 year ago
I can handle it, I'll be fine. I've always been fine whenever it gets to this point. I'll try to be emotionally strong since it wouldn't be me..Jackson, if I sulk all my life. You prolly won't see me sad.. that's just how I am. but I do need to be consoled once in a while, I'm only human, I'm just good at hiding depressing stuff. lmao. but kidding aside, I love you so much that whatever happens.. I'm still gonna be here, nothing will change.. prolly except for the clinginess ..and skinships .. huuuuuuu
kwon jiyong 1 year ago
@jung soojung I... am not included in the zoo thing-
but thank you
/snatches the carrot from you and takes a bite of it

nice to meet you as well- miss uhmm?
kwon jiyong 1 year ago
@jung soojung you approach them like you're visiting a zoo
approach them with awe and fear

everyone is approachable and nice and welcoming so don't be shy!
oh yeah I'm hyungwon by the way
jackson wang 1 year ago

@im jaebum [ h ] I confess that I miss you hyung

;;;;;; please coem back safely... we're waiting for you </3 :'<
kim taehyung 1 year ago
@jeon jungkook You think you do you know how many hours it took to type all that out jfc. aw thanks, I guess I am pretty fun to be with heol-- I deal with your emo bcs im also an emo which is why you feel guilty about me and my ‘HUHU JUNGKOOK WILL NEVER LOVE ME BACK IM VERY TEARS’ phase. But Im sorry I made you feel that way eep. dont call yourself trash smh I have a v e r y gr10 taste in men dont shame my ideal type!!!! Yes yes hnnn support me with finding a man for miself i need all the help I need rip, but i currently have the love of weewoo im happy either way wieeee. wHY DONT YOU WANT A NAME THAT FITS YOU IM SO?? HOW DARE YOU TURN DOWN MY AJU SPECIAL NICKNAME EXCLUSIVELY FOR U? disrespekt u deserve for denying hyungs special nickname for his special jungkookie. im a big dog bcs im sTRONK I CONFESS WHEN WILL YOU CONFESS TO YOOTERUS MM? Only then will you turn from muscular pug to like... feisty chihuahua or smth. dont reply to this if you dont wanna hnn I just didnt want to leave the reply behind ngh you rest up soon also. Ah and you dont have to reply to the mall anymore, I just made that so i could like eventually confess but im impatient af pmsl
kim jennie [ h ] 1 year ago
@kim taehyung hi taehyung thanks for dedicating your 4k to me and uh, rip i at expressing my feelings sorry pls bear with me but i hope you do know that i rlly like talking to you too and the status was actually lowkey towards everyone bcs im just an emo kid 365 idk how'd you even deal with my bull. honestly. and i'm not /that/ clueless ok, i backread most of the time hah yes i kinda kno whats up !! i feel like an whenever you ranted about your feelings and how you'd never end up with your crush, that happens to be a trash like me. anyway im glad that you have a bff woo you deserve someone better than me so yea i hope you find them soon and that you feel like youre home whenever you look at them plus giving you all the love you need !! i wont i promise iF YOU STOP CALLING ME A MUSCULAR PUG EXCUSE ME ??? what kind of direspekt, why can't i be those giant dogs too why are u a giant dog u should be a pomeranian pup pft. im rambling gtg have a nice day/night dont stay up too late pls go to bed soon
kim taehyung 1 year ago
@jeon jungkook Ye I like you.

Oh man horee - what a surprise, who would’ve thought? It was so incredibly lowkey!
Okay no, all jokes aside; unless you’re denser than a black hole then yes it’s true- I do like you, Jeon Jungkook, a whole lot.
I came across to one of your statuses that went along the lines of you being a simple phase. I didn’t want to jump into conclusions and think that it was me but even if it wasn’t I took it to heart. I hoped that you were a phase, in sheer honesty- I wanted to let the feeling pass on as days would go by so I stop pestering, stop making discreet but still blatantly obvious hints.
But unfortunately I didn’t.
With every day that I started to talk with you a bit more, the harder I seemed to fall; you were always so funny, you went along with my odd personality and you made me feel really really happy- all the time, without fail. I annoy you a lot, constantly asking about your day and asking if you’ve eaten your meals… But when you reply to everything I say you were always yourself, straight up and bold, and I think that’s what made me love you the most.
After days of constant vkook fanfic sharing and fmv spazzing with Yooa (I see you two in the walls tho ohoho I ship) I’ve finally- FINALLY decided to banish my feelings for you from mi kokoro, all the romantic feelings of course. Falling in love with you was a ing rollercoaster- and as much as I’d hate to ride on it again, it was still so much fun; the excitement of seeing you stopping by, the care and worry I get when youre tired or when youre out in the rain, the bubbling in my chest when we bicker around one another… But what I think was the best thing you gave me aside from the experience was definitely and undoubtedly Yugyug. He came up to me in my peak sadness of ‘HUHU JUNGKOOK WILL NEVER LOVE ME BACK IM VERY TEARS’ phase and saw my very ugly sobbing and boy am I happy that he did, I couldn’t ask for a better best friend than him… Upon saying that it looks like I wouldn’t mind having to go on the rollercoaster again after all heol.
I’m taking this as lightly as I could because I’m happy that I got to have these feelings for you, thank you for being a spark in my life Jungkook. You better not distance from me after this or yOU WILL FACE THE WRATH OF MIGHTLY GOLDEN RETRIEVER YOU MUSCULAR PUG.

cho miyeon 1 year ago
park junghyun 3 minutes ago Reply
lee jieun 4 minutes ago Reply
oh seungseok 2 seconds ago Reply
my pms are open buddos go cray cray and bond with me :-)
chou tzuyu 1 year ago
lee jieun 4 minutes ago Reply
oh seungseok 2 seconds ago Reply
my pms are open buddos go cray cray and bond with me :-)
hong nayoung [A] 1 year ago
yall pls talk to me i dont bite : D
lee jieun 1 year ago
oh seungseok 2 seconds ago Reply
my pms are open buddos go cray cray and bond with me :-)
oh seungseok 1 year ago
my pms are open buddos go cray cray and bond with me :-)
im changkyun 1 year ago
chae hyungwon 35 seconds ago Reply
kim sohye 2 minutes ago Reply
if you're feeling sad or leftout feel free to hmu and tag me,,
kwon jiyong 1 year ago
kim sohye 2 minutes ago Reply
if you're feeling sad or leftout feel free to hmu and tag me,,
ha chaeyeon 1 year ago
hi um i've decided to address rhis here bcos im rly lazy to post a padlet post but to all of you, some of you, majority or minority, be it ignored or not, i hope all of you would understand that it's inevitable to get ignored and feel like this at times. not just you, us too were once like you. the room's really active hence our chatroom is always fast and it's easy to get lost, just tag anyone of us ajd im sure we'd talk to you because we're all very friendly! if you're feeling sad or leftout feel free to hmu and tag me,, slowly blend in honestly. i hope u guys aint awk :< every roleplay has its problem and i'd like to resolve this bcos i believe this family is amazing and everyone is impt so dont feel disregarded ok !! stay positive ,, love from sohye


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can i have lee donghyuck
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Can I reserve cute minghao please?
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can I have Lee Chaeryeong?
hakyeomma 6 days ago
i died rip i miss u
niwakaame 1 week ago
o u o
nabongs 1 week ago
yuna left
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can i get choi yena? :O
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Is chris yu taken?
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WAAA someone took yeeun uwu pls take care of her!!! Also hello goddamn i wanna stay in contact w yall
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dropping beomgyu ; ; getting too busy but i had fun!
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