kim chungha 1 year ago
@lee donghae Awe you want me as your koala bear hey, so you can cuddle me to sleep?
*my eyes widening when you flinch, having not expected it. a small mischievous grin appearing on my lips again*
Oh by any chance are you ticklish here?
//sneaks my hands under your shirt discretely so no one else would notice before brushing my finger tips along your sides.
You are one in a kind but I didn't want to refer to other guys cause what if you get jealous or worse feel hurt.
//Squeals when you wiggle your brows, quickly placing a hand over my mouth to shut myself up cause I can't help it when I see your brows do that but to squeal.
What? omg you are so mean!
//frowns when you call me a baby, about to playfully slap your arm when I feel you bite my cheek. my eyes widening as I stare at you in shock
yah...did you ust try and eat my cheeks? they are not food you know?
I'm pretty sure I'm a goddess in many peoples eyes- not to sound conceited and all but like people tell me this a lot.
But to be one in your eyes is more special than the others.
//leans back and stares into your eyes with a cocky smile resting on my lips
Oh ho ho so you think you're the king of games huh?
Well it's time for this queen to teach you a lesson then
//Hops up from your lap and fixes my skirt to sit nicely once more, holds my hand out for you to take so I can help you up.
Lets make this game more interesting. Looser has to run around the Chat room .
lee donghae 1 year ago
@im jinah Of course! I wouldnt want to sleep in separate rooms, I want to wrap my arms around you like how I am doing right now with you * murmurs against your skin when pressing my lips against your shoulder only to be nudged on my side causing myself to flinch*
guys like me? aren't I just a one of a kind *wiggles my brows before grinning sheepishly*
alright I will keep that in mind. aigooo whine and annoy people..? well arent you just a baby * coos in a teasingly manner, I nuzzle my nose against your cheek before parting my lips and lightly nibbles your own cheek*
mmhmm you are a princess.. well more like a goddess in my eyes.
* pulls back from your neck but keeps my chin resting on your shoulder before patting your back* as you wish my'lady we will go to the arcade and I will show you who is king of games * decides to challenge you when it comes to playing the games at the arcade*
kim chungha 1 year ago
@lee donghae You could if you want, but whose to say we are sleeping in the same bed for me to see it hmm?
someone wants me in their bed that bad hey?
*winks at you and playfully nudges your side*
of course I still do~
Plus i have a thing for evil guys so it works out. okay I lie not evil guys but like guys like you
*pecks your cheek from the side as you lay your head on my shoulder*
I was teasing you can read what ever genre you wish too, i'm not stopping you.
I'm so different from you when I'm bored I just whine and get annoying to people.
I only read when I feel like outside is a good day to .
*beams all happy like when you wrap your arms around me and mention spoiling me*
oh I get to be spoiled? I feel like a princess then.
*purses my lips as I think of places to go, getting distracted when you peck along my neck*
Hmm can we go to maybe an arcade? I haven't been to one of them in years.
lee donghae 1 year ago
@im jinah *I couldn't help but chuckle the moment you mentioned about myself without wearing a shirt* should I keep myself shirtless every time we go to sleep then?
so you can admire my features * murmurs against your lips before pulling away slightly, letting the tip of my nose to press against yours*
pshh you still love this so called "pretty evil" guy
* shrugging my shoulder, I left my chin on your shoulder and stares at the book while skimming each sentence*
it looked interesting to me. I just read when im bored. * closes the book and place the book on the table next to the chair and wraps my arms fully around you* where does my koala want to do? let me spoil you * pecks along your neck*
kim chungha 1 year ago
@lee donghae You're y too, especially when you ave no top on
*nibbles on your lower lip playfully when you kiss me*
you are soo cheesy all the time, good thing I like cheese though.
But still you're pretty evil too to tease me with your sweetness and all.
*pecks your nose softly and takes a look at the front cover*
Oh yeah I've read it before too, that's so random though.
I never thought you would read romance before.
lee donghae 1 year ago
@im jinah I mean how can my koala not be y.. *runs my fingers teasingly against your curve before leaning in to plant a kiss against your lips*
Haha why? It’s cute seeing your reaction every time I’m acting sweet or cheesy around you
*grins sheepishly when being pecked on the lips, continues resting my chin on your shoulder before looking back down*
Mmm it’s just a book that grabbed my attention. Probably you heard about this but it is Romeo and Juliet *close the book slightly for you to see the front cover before opening it back to the page I left on*
kim chungha 1 year ago
@lee donghae Don't you think I'm y mallow?
/smiles to myself as you nuzzle your face into my eck, runs my fingers through your hair and plays with it.
Omo shhh Donghae you will make me start squealing at how sweet you are being.
/pecks yoru lips hoping to save myself from squealing
What were you reading though?
/Looks down to the book resting on your lap in between us.
lee donghae 1 year ago
@im jinah y koala huh? * nuzzle my face over to the crook of your neck as I push your hair to the side, slightly inhales you before humming quietly*
You surely surprised me big time. Now I have some accompany with, especially with a koala I grew attached too and fell for * leans and kisses your cheek*
kim chungha 1 year ago
@lee donghae /smiles and sits into your lap, looking in your direction
Ye you guessed right, it's you're y Koala here
/winks playfully and laughs
Hmm I was shopping and saw you in here, so I thought why not surprise you
lee donghae 1 year ago
@im jinah *as I read a book in silents, doesn't realize someone sneaked over, as I was going to shift a bit from the seat to find a comfy spot, suddenly feels a pair of hands covering my eyes to see total darkness*
* caught off guard, I rest the open book on my lap as I listen to a voice that seemed very familiar, I couldn't help but smile*
Is it koala? * chuckles softly and brings my hand over to pull you hand down before taking you to sit on my lap, smiles* what brings your here nana?
kim chungha 1 year ago
@lee donghae /Passes by a book store and spots someone familiar, sneaks in and walks up quietly behind him, covers his eyes from where I stand behind him
Guess who?
lee donghae 1 year ago
*sits at one of the solo leather chairs and reads a random novel I picked out due to the cover that captured my attention *
jung eunbi 1 year ago
aaayyyiiieeee its closed already---
son hyunwoo 1 year ago
@liu xiening (welp sorry it was late. the moment i decided to start on this, we had a blackout at home ;; )

It has been a week since Minjae has been to this particular bookstore a few blocks away from his dorm. Even the woman at the counter, whose name he often forgets, probably realized the reason for his absence and has greeted him a warm, 'Welcome back, sir.' Minjae pushed his mask down to give her a small smile, nodding at her in greeting before he walked into the far back of the store to where, he knew, his favorite genres would be at.

Not long after he was into his third shelf, he heard the door open and looked up to see Halla. Well, he knew, the moment she removed her sunglasses and face mask, that it was her, no doubt. Minjae had watched some of their performances on TV, after all. He had noticed her coming in regularly about a month ago and he got curious. Who wouldn't be? The bookstore was such a discreet place; coming here regularly for a few months now made him realize that not many actually go there, much less an idol would do to their schedules.

Minjae was only contented to watch her from afar from then on but this time, it was as if he need to talk to her. It must have been how she looked defeated, probably not looking for a book that she would actually want or something else, he didn't know- but Minjae was already a meter away from before he actually realized what he was doing. So he throw all common sense aside and just took a deep breath, leaning against a book shelf pretending to be cool, and spoke,

"Hey. Uhm, hi. Trouble finding a book?"
lee suji [A] 1 year ago
@kim minjae ( wow this is really lame sorry ;; )

"Yes Unnie, I'll text you once I get home, okay? Just go buy food for all of us." She said, chuckling a bit before ending the call.

Her words seemed to be a mutter within the crowded streets as her feet dragged her towards the road that was not too unfamiliar to Halla. In fact, this was the path that she would always walk every friday afternoon. Despite her schedules with her group, she managed to go to this small building and get a book for her to read whenever she had time. Today was no different, her face mask was covering her face and she had her sunglasses on just so people won't recognize her. The bookstore, from Halla's spot, was the same as it had been the last time she went here. She opened the door to the bookstore and the scent of books immediately filled the air as she took a few seconds to let her eyes adjust to the light before removing her sunglasses and face mask, putting them back to her sling bag.

The moment the woman on the counter saw her, she greeted her with a wide smile. She wasn't surprised since she talked to her a couple of times before. Halla waved her hand slightly, her lips curved into a soft smile before she walked towards the shelves full of books.

Her eyes searched for something that would catch her attention, looking around for a few books here and there as she hummed softly in silence. Unfortunately, after what seemed like forever to her, (which was really just 10 minutes), she found nothing. Her lips were pursed out into a small pout before letting out a soft sigh and let her eyes wander around the place, hoping that there's still something that she can find.
kang seungyoon 1 year ago
@liar guanliar liar liar ( get well soon beb !! )

i should cover it after this, it's really obvious that i really love you deeper than sea. should i or should not hm ? looks around and leans in to place my lips on yours while holds your cheeks gently. something spicy ? i am spicy, you can eat me too my love jk babe. jeokbal ? woah your pronunciation are better now. smiles proudly and wraps my arm around your shoulder. alright let's eat jeokbal now jbc my only guan craves for it. walks with you to the jeokbal restaurant while swings our hands proudly.
lai guanlin 1 year ago
@lim youngmin ( ooc is sick. lmao but more reason to stay home and rp. )

very very obvious hyung-ah. pokes your cheek and laughs it off. hmmm. should i or should i not? maybe that kissing you are talking about can make me stop? grins playfully, and slips my other hand into my pocket. hmmm. something spicy sounds great. but i want some jeokbal right now and as well as spicy ddeokbokki.
kang seungyoon 1 year ago
@liar guanliar liar liar i am just worried about you, is that so obvious ? rubs my nape and
smiles childishly at you. it's more than working, really babe. stop flirting
with me now or i need to kiss you here, right now. pouts a bit and
nods my head. don't make me shy, my only guan. laughs shamelessly
as i walk to the cashier with you. here the money. takes the book and
walks out from the bookstore. what do you want to eat ? something
sweet or maybe spicy, my only guan ?
lai guanlin 1 year ago
@lim youngmin hyung-ah i am big enough not to get sick about something that little. chuckling at the worriness present in your eyes. yes is it working? grins playfully. chivalry huh? a dotting boyfriend you are hyung-ah. why am i not surprised?
kang seungyoon 1 year ago
@liar guanliar liar liar is that really ? you should take enough rest and eat well, my only guan. i don't
want you to catch cold or get hurt. chuckles softly and kisses your cheeks
lightly. are you trying to flirt me with that blushing face ? you are cute
when you are shy, with those cute smile. but i think i missed you more
more more more. smiles childishly and walks into the bookstore with
you. actually i am searching for ' how to be chavalry ' book heh. i want to
be a perfect boyfriend to you, guan. hums softly as i look for that book
while holding your hand tightly.
lai guanlin 1 year ago
@lim youngmin keeps up with your walking pace. swings our hands proudly. my day is extremely busy i'm afraid. ever since i came back. but it is good now that we are here together. blushes a tinge of pink and kisses the top of your hand in return. i missed you very much too, hyung-ah.
kang seungyoon 1 year ago
@liar guanliar liar liar walks with you to the bookstore while holding your hand
tightly. so my only guan, how's your day ? is that good, love ?
and real talk, i miss you already you know. places a kiss on your
hand gently and smiles cheekily.
hwang minhyun [A] 1 year ago
word vomit imnida idk :D

the sun was shining brightly that day, the trees waving in the wind as i walked down the street to the bookstore. i had just gotten a day off since on sundays we have to go to the church in the morning. my parents were at the coffee shop nearby, i had excused myself to go to the bookstore since i'm not really interested in the conversations my mom would have with her friends, you know the "oh my god something is on sale" or "my son is such a dork" talk. so to avoid being asked for the umpteenth time if i have a boyfriend or how old i am, i had excused myself and headed to the bookstore. a small bell rang twice as i opened the door, a kind looking worker smiled and welcomed me from the counter. i smiled back and bowed before stepping in, letting the door slide slowly into its own place. i headed straight to the magazine section, looking around for something to read.
minatozaki sana 1 year ago
@chittaphon leechaiyakul It had been another long week for the Japanese idol, with the recent comeback her life seemed busier than ever. Between music show recordings, variety show recordings, radio programs, fan meets, practices, and sleeping and eating if possible she needed a day off actually a whole month off. It didnt help that she was actually not a big fan of the song they were currently promoting and had said as much on shows. Sadly it seemed that face and her company had no urge to do any such thing. A small sliver lining to all this work was a afternoon and evening off and not just off but on her own. Dont get Sana wrong she loved her members, they were more of her family than her family often times and she would be nothing without them. Though when you spend 25/8 with 8 other girls things get, well lets just say you start to need a break from your best friend.

Needless to say when Twice's manger gave the girls the night off many of the members decided to stay in to catch up on sleep, veg on the couch or do nothing she guessed. Sana was not the kind of girl to sit and do nothing add that with the fact that the weather was perfect she knew she would be taking a walk. There was something electrifying about walking down the tree lined streets over hearing the Korean in the streets, overall just blending in. At first when she stepped out she was worried that she would be instantly recognized however she had on a face mask and it was sunny enough to have sunglasses on with out looking strange. No one bothered Sana as she walked around looking every part the tourist she still felt like she was even though she had been in this country for years at this point.

After a few moments of wondering through the light streams of people, past delicious smelling restaurants, clothing stores blasting fellow idols songs, quiet cafes. It was one such cafe that caught her eye, it was one that a lot of her fellow idols went to an raved about. It was a place the famous of Seoul could go and relax with a good cup of coffee, snack, and also a good book. That is really what drew Sana in. Despite her often silly, almost air headed way she acted Sana loves to read and would often be reading in the car or in the waiting room. Now she was on the hunt for a new set of books to read.

The young idol stepped in the cafe and looked around giving her eyes a moment to adjust to the light as she pulled off her sunglasses putting them away in her cute panda bag along with the face mask she had. Her eyes swept the open space in front of her landing on the man with a guitar on the little stage. Without processing who was on the stage she started to step forward always willing to hear someone preform. The singer asked for a volunteer and Sana finally lifted her eyes letting them take in the image of the man fully. Ten? She questioned in her mind, I mean it made sense since a lot of idols came here but one of her favorite dancers no way was she that lucky. If she was honest she would count herself as a fan of him and his group as a whole, even if they were from a rival company. Now he was asking for a volunteer and the young woman knew she had to be the one on that stage. Her hand shot up and she took another step forward. "I will help" She said in a voice just a few decibels too loud for the space she was in. Her cheeks suddenly felt a lot warmer and she was sure that her neck, ears, and cheeks were a delightful shade of pink. The eyes on her made the pink grow deeper, after a calming breath she put on a bright smile and walked up to the little stage waiting on the edge to be invited up.
chittaphon leechaiyakul 2 years ago
@minatozaki sana Lucky. He had been lucky enough, and thankful enough, to act on his own today, do whatever he so wished with his time. He was lucky enough to not have SM breathing down his neck for once, lucky enough to not be confined to the SM building or his dorm, lucky enough to be able to have this taste of unadulterated freedom and the ability to make his own decisions. It started with being able to choose his own outfit: a pair of transparent glasses, a beige sweater with tiny black dots sprinkled on it, washed out blue skinnies with holes in the knees, and dingy white hightops. Then, it came down to breaking away (read: sneaking off) from his manager and losing them in the crowded streets of Seoul. After that, he was granted the power to do as he pleased. And it was almost frightening in a sense, being so free, but he knew it would be more than worth it in the end. All that was left was to decide what he was going to do today.

With nothing but his cellphone and wallet in his pockets, and an acoustic guitar on his back, he roams the streets of Seoul, blending in with the sea of people best he can and keeping his head down while he thinks of where to go. The park? Nah, too open. A fast food restaurant? No. Even though he's recently lost some weight, he should really stick to his diet. Maybe he should just go that one bookstore. Yeah! It was a quiet little spot he (and other idols) frequented for great coffee and the chill atmosphere, a place where only the sound of the bookstore's café performers, little whispers, and the turning of pages occupied one's eardrums. It was the perfect place to go on a lovely day like this!

As if it were second nature, he meanders through the masses and travels down back alley after back alley, side street after side street. It wasn't far, his destination, but it did take some walking to get there. When he finally arrived, hardly anyone was in the store. A few of the the few people there happened to recognize him, and he gave them autographs, but he was honestly just looking to relax and find a good book to read. Just as he found one, one of the employees comes over—a shy, giggly smile on their face—and asks him if he'd be willing to perform a little something. Maybe it was because no one else was playing and he happened to bring his guitar that they asked, but even still, as much as he wanted to say no to it, he ended up going along with it.

And that's what brings us to the here and now.

Slipping out his pick and placing it between his lips. He takes a seat on the chair provided in the small performance area and lifts his guitar up to hold it properly in his arms, then he begins to tune it. Nervousness bubbles up in his gut, lifts the hairs on his skin and brings rise to a tingly wave of goosebumps as more and more eyes set themselves on the café, as more and more people approach with their books in hand and take a seat to watch him. Had this been any other performance occassion, like, say, one of his NCT performances, it would be a breeze. But today, he was all alone. Today, he wasn't just dancing or following a script. No. Today, he was in a small, humble café at a bookstore, dressed down and acting of his own free will. Today, he was to play his guitar for the first time in a long time, and he was to sing. When he glances back up at everyone, he notices more people showed up, one girl in particular catching his eye as she enters the store. It was none other than Twice's Minatozaki Sana—one of the cutest members of Twice, in his opinion. Oh how the nerves were going haywire now. Eyes back on his guitar, he tucks his chin some and tries to hide his eyes behind his hair, clearing his throat and giving his guitar a test strum. All set to go, he looks back up at the customers, bashful and slightly crooked smile on his face. "For my performance, I'm going to need a volunteer to help me out," he says, eyes deadlocked on Sana the entire time. Hopefully, she'd volunteer.
hwang minhyun [A] 2 years ago
someone should have dis

bookstore date heha
ha sungwoon [A] 2 years ago
well papers taste bad a u gh
hong nayoung [A] 2 years ago
samuel kim [A] 14 minutes ago Reply
t ears a page out and eats it jkjk

child wyd
lee yeeun 2 years ago
, i'mg onna hoard so m u hc
cho miyeon 2 years ago
pls dont eat the books they just want to live


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