skating rink

skating rink
skating rink
kim yongsun 1 year ago
@shoma uno "well, i'll be a proud fan all the time, as long as you are proud of you" he whispered softly. Well, for sure he was gonna stick around as a fan, he still remembered the first performance he saw of the boy. He was quite unintsrested, but he found his coffee cold on the table, eyes glued to the screen to watch the boy's moves which ended up with him searching up the name, and then came to this, a very unexpected situation.

"we have that part in common, i can't say no to meat- well food in general" and that has been a very known fact between his fans that he was indeed a food . wherever there was food- free food specially- Changmin was there. His eyes followed the movement of the other, chuckle of amusement slipping past his lips- cause the scarf that was the normal length for him looked far too big for the male. The whole thing was too amusing and too adorable to not look, but he did not point it out, did not let his words fly out, instead he appreciated the closest sight of the male, as close as a fan like him could get.
He walked slow, his long legs having a faster pace so he allowed down, eyeing the familiar street that he tended to come to whenever he could, specially when a hungry stomach was involved.

The restaurant he was taking the boy too was homey, not too big but with dim lights and a homey wooden interior with a small fireplace that decorated the corner of the room. it almost felt like he walked into his own house when he came there. And so he came into a halt upon arriving, casting a glance towards the male with a soft smile before pushing the glass door open for him, gently guiding him inside with his own tall figure sliding in, having to bend his head just a bit to avoid the red light hanging above the glass door.

"Oh changmin! you're back, you brought a friend! hello there" the owner was an old woman, her hair dyed black to get rid of all the whites, curly all over her face in a neat manner which made her look odd but it never looked bad. The woman led them to a table at the corner close to he fire place and he appreciated it, specially since cold was getting to him. He pulled his gloves off, leaving them on the table before tugging a chair out for the man, gesturing him to sit before sliding into one right beside him, almost immediately pushing the menu open. "so for sure there is gonna be meat, how is your alcohol tolerance- or is it too early for a drink with me?"
shoma uno 1 year ago
@shim changmin "You have a lot of faith in me as a fan then. I'll do my best, senpai. Hopefully I can do you proud!" Shoma lifted his hand to do the Korean 'hwaiting' gesture he had learned from his fans during his visits here. Whilst looking a little out of his depth, he wanted to let the other man know that he was appreciative of the amount of support he was willing to show him - someone especially as young as him too. Watching Changmin quietly, he followed him more than happily as they had begun walking along the somewhat quiet streets, walking close enough that their arms could brush against one another's but not touching, just about.

The younger simply laughed to himself once more as Changmin mentioned Yunho being like a kid, the younger having remembered thinking the man was cool the minute he had seen him and become a fan of them all. Back when they were five. With one of his hands coming up, Shoma brushed his hair back from his fave briefly, letting the strands collect in their slight waves at the top of his hair, the red shades catching in the warm glow of the streetlights.

"Spicy food is totally fine for me, senpai. As long as there is meat, I'm sold. Meat is my favourite thing to be eating after all."
Even the scarf seemed too big for the man. Shoma had to fumble with the warm fabric, wrapping it around his neck at least three or four times before the tail ends were a decent length to hang down the front of his jacket, his reddened cheeks now covered up as the material even muffled his words with covering up his mouth. Bowing his head in thanks, the smaller of the two gave another smile, barely seen on his face other than the crinkle of his eyes in response once more. those dark eyes of his shining like little onyxes above his nose.
kim yongsun 1 year ago
@shoma uno "stage, definitely. at some point its like you are walking inside your home instead of just...well, stage. Japan has become a second home to me, im there at least 4 times a year so.." His smile didn't disappear, eyes following the boy, quite fond of the pink tints adoring his cheeks. such a painting the cold weather was creating on the boy's cute pale canvas. Changmin was mean, but well, when it came to things that were categorized under cute- short and cute specially, his heart softened immediately, though no one had to know that. he had to black mail Yunho to shut up about it or else the whole friend line of his would be on his teasing him.

"You'll get first place, i think you deserve it. you look rather graceful on the ice, its like you are walking on it so yeah..i wish to see you on ice for a long time-- and yeah Korea's winters are ing cruel"

He heard the chuckle and he could only groan shoulders slumping down, cause it was true, he was slightly soft for the older man- just slightly but there was no way he was to ever admit such words. "hay, sometimes he is a sad human and i don't have it in me to make him sadder and probably angrier by my teasing- even though im quite...knowledgeable on his weaknesses" he whispered, his mind crawling back to Yunho, knowing exactly where he was which only made him chuckle. a winter night like this with the love of your life was cheesy enough to fit Yunho's point of view of romance.

Changmin liked that perspective.

"yunho is still five at heart, don't mine his age" He followed the man, getting rid of the skates to tug the black boots back on his feet before shuffling away to go give back the skates just to rush back towards the boy, pulling his beanie off to fix up his air just to shove it back onto his head immediately, hating the sudden rush of cold. "that part you heard right" the senpai word was really getting to his head even though he had heard it a lot- maybe it was because one of his favorite athletes was standing before im- but whatever, he just had to hold down the amount of excitement inside his heard for meeting the boy. His hand lowered mindlessly, gently patting the boy's back, a silent gesture to have him follow towards the other side of the street. His eyes fell on the watch on his wrist. It was late enough for the streets to not be too crowded but still early to have couples shuffling around in the corners of the shops and restaurant.

"tell me how high is your tolerance for spicy food? cause i know that food is good get you to sweat in this weather" his eyes fell on the boy, fixated for a moment before averting his gaze down, reaching up to tug the shawl he had wrapped around his neck to slowly hand it over to Shoma. "your cheeks are probably gonna explode, cover up your face" but damn he wished he would just stay like this, looking cold, smol and cute.

, Changmin had to grip every last string of patinecy to not squish him.
shoma uno 1 year ago
@shim changmin An expression of surprise passed by Shoma's lips when the elder had said he was a fan of his. An idol, as big (not his height, but that too) Shim Changmin was a FAN of his? Oh man, Yuzuru was going to just die when he found out he'd met him and heard the man say it himself. Subtly so the idol wouldn't noticed, the younger had even pinched his arm behind his back to check he hadn't actually hit his head on the ice and was now in some fantasy world. But nope. He was definitely still in South Korea and now skating with Changmin who had just admitted to being a fan of his.

"Ah... Thank you. But if I had done as well I would be in first place. That's what the scoring is for, right? But third for now isn't so bad, we'll see who wins the medals tonight. But I mean, I belong on the ice, and it looks like you belong on the stage, no?" Shoma had been to a good few concerts for TVXQ, it was kinda like... a thing you just did in Japan at one point or another since they were so popular there. But that had soon turned into a budding inspiration, one that landed the figure skater with numerous albums and posters around his room.
"A little, Japan has cold winters too but South Korea really is something else, no?" The younger's eyes lit up when Changmin mentioned food, chewing on his bottom lip before he gave a quick and enthusiastic nod of his head in response.

Shoma had been smiling up until the elder pulled down his mask. It was one thing to see his eyes but to see his whole face on display? The younger exhaled briefly, knowing it was VERY different from watching someone on stage and watching them, well, inches away from you. And Changmin was smiling no less - rude! Listening to the stories about Yunho as well, Shoma was left letting out that half giggle half cackle of his, his eyes creasing up at the corners as pure humour over took the boy and he was left even snorting to himself, his hand covering his mouth though it did no good.

"I'm sorry- Its just you and Yunho senpai really haven't changed much over the years. You're still very playful, cheeky and sometimes naughty whilst you've grown soft for him. I think I saw him eat your food recently and you didn't kill him or even hit him... We were all shocked but laughing knowing he has you wrapped around your finger." Shoma held up his pinky to prove a point before he was skating over to the rink's edge, stepping off of the ice and coaching to get off his skates, placing them on the side whilst he slipped on his trainers, sniffing to himself as he did so.

Man it was cold.

When he was done and his skates were in one hand, he looked over to Changmin once more, giving the man a warm smile before he tugged up the hood on his jacket, cheeks pink from the cool temperatures along with his nose, bitten from the cold.
"You said something about warmth and food, senpai?" Tilting his head, Shoma peered up at the giant of a man, lips pursed as he was now realising that especially off of his skates he barely even reached the elder's shoulders much to his embarrassment.
kim yongsun 1 year ago
@shoma uno "how much you..." the unfinished words of the boy had curiosity bubbling up in the pit of his stomach. His smile refuse to vanish, not when the boy easily fell into a comfortable flow of words that made a sweet conversation- after all there was more cut things on him than just the face he had which was even more adorable up close and Changmin was getting quite fond of the closer view he was getting- specially since there was no TV as a boundary between them.
"thats fine, after all i approach you to talk not to just help, i mean that too but im a fan so..yeah" he whispered, slight shyness appearing in the way he scratched his nape, a habit he had picked up to get rid of the awkwardness that sometimes settled on him.

"Yuzuru did amazing, you did just as amazing. You two are honestly great on ice, its like you belong there" the praise was sincere, or maybe he was biased as a fan but he didn't care. Fans were supposed to be a bit biased with their opinions anyway. Paying attention to the boy's soft sniff, he raised an eyebrow in question. "feeling cold? are in korea, i hope you don't mind an invitation to somewhere perhaps warmer, and some food, my treat"

Seeing a Jump on TV was one thing, seeing it up close was another, and he had to take a deep breath to control the excited gasp of surprise that threatened to fly out of his lips-- the soft hearted fanboy trying to stay in leash and not lash out crazily, the exact way Yunho tended to make fun of at times. The other's sweet compliment had him standing just a bit straighter, slight amount of pride swelling in his chest with a warm smile tugged in each corner of his mouth, fingers tugging away the mask that almost concealed half of his face, welcoming the cold breeze.

"well yeah im good as long as im not doing any 'interesting' move, if i do, i'll probably break my from constant falls. it already took me a week to actually be able to stand on these two. Yunho is far better than me considering he doesnt get out of he ski rink during winter- every date is here. he loves watching his dates falling down face down on the snow- or here. i broke my nose in here and all he could do was laugh" He had blabbered for sure- but well, he hoped it would have the boy warm up to him.
shoma uno 1 year ago
@shim changmin He hadn't expected the other man to begin following him honestly, let alone wanting to skate with him. What was an idol doing out here on the ice anyway? Shoma was quick to bow his head politely though, giving a small, sweet smile as he didn't want the man to feel like he had been avoiding him or anything. He was just shy.
"Ah... I'm sorry. I didn't think you wanted to. Its a little odd, meeting a member of TVXQ considering how much I-" He was about to say he loved them but stopped himself quickly, realising how silly he would sound and possibly deter the other man and leave him behind.

But Changmin was talking once more and distracting the younger, the two skating beside one another with ease whilst the sorter sniffled, grabbing a tissue from his pocket and wiping at his nose quietly.
"Ah, really?" He'd asked, looking up at the giant of a man before he his skates and began skating backwards, Shoma now able to look at his surprise partner with a bit more ease as he was ahead of him just a little.
"Thank you... I'm relieved I qualified but I need to do better... I'm 3rd currently for the standings and Yuzuru is ahead in first which is expected... But I'm just grateful he can skate again. He's been off the ice for two months and-" Shoma realised that he had been babbling and quickly glanced away, apologising profusely under his breath.

"I get carried away... I'm sorry." Building speed, Shoma jumped on the ice, landing it this time before he smiled to himself and the smile looked like it wasn't going to fade from his face any time soon either. Returning to Changmin's side, the man glanced up once more before he spoke softly.
"I'm impressed with your skating, senpai. I knew Yunho senpai could skate but I didn't think you could. And unlike me, you haven't fallen over today yet." Chuckling a little bit, it was as if Shoma was like some kind of fair-person or like some being that was just built for the ice and to enjoy every last moment of it.

Especially with company like this.
kim yongsun 1 year ago
@shoma uno He could see the surprise on the male's face as he held his hand. Now he knew the man was quite small on TV, but in real life when he was standing right before him, he realized just how much of a height difference was between them,..which he found utterly cute at this point. Then came the flash of recognition- he knew the man knew him. "Im sure you're better" he whispered gently, fluent japanese words spilling past his lips. His fingers itched from the cold weather, now starting to bother him and so he quickly reached for the gloves inside of his jacket, putting the blacks on the large hand o conceal them.

"Oh...Thank you" he whispered, bowing his head lightly to return the respectful gesture before slowly turning around to watch the boy, releasing an amused chuckle before watching him, not moving from his spot to let his eyes wander over the boy as he skated smoothly around the rink. He pushed himself forward, slowly speeding up till he was following the boy's trail, eyes down at the slight taint of snow still sticking to the boy's pants.

"Mr Uno, you are leaving too fast, can't i at least have the pleasure of knowing you"

The people that had gathered at the corner to watch the man had already disappeared. At this hour, not many bothered coming out leaving the rink almost empty for the two of them, the remaining people were either walking hand in hand and slowly or they were seated in a corner, ready to get their feet out of the skates and go. "i was hoping for a longer conversation" he was glanced down, eyes trying to focus on the way to not end up falling down face first again- specially not infront of him.

He glanced at the male, pushing his long legs forward to skate around the rink with a slow pace, a but slower than the boy as he did not see himself being able to race- or even bothering with a thought of one when he knew who would lose at the end of it.

"i needed to tell you, your performance was absolutely stunning, i enjoyed watching it"

Was he intruding or being creepy? he didnt know- well if he was, he knew he could see it in the male's gaze but he was not gonna deprive himself off of his favorite athlete.
shoma uno 1 year ago
@shim changmin "Itai..." The skater muttered to himself as he was about to push himself up from where he'd been sitting, sighing before there was suddenly a pair of skates in front of him. Shoma found himself leaning back, a lot, to even see the man's face, blinking up at him before he realised it was a person and not a tree on skates and that person was speaking to him, in Japanese no less! A large, very large hand was then held out in front of him in some gesture, offering to hold the man's hand and help him up from his that was still aching on the ice.
"Yes... Thank you." Shoma responded in his mother tongue, figuring that he was able to reply as such if this stranger knew it too.

Sliding his hand into the man's own, the younger was embarrassed that he suddenly seemed that much smaller with this behemoth of a man. Did Korea have some kind of secret? Was it in the water? Clearing his throat, Shoma was up on his skates and dusting off his from the snow, giving a small shake of his head in response before he had let go of Changmin's hand, taking a moment to collect himself before he glanced up again. Bowing politely, he did so a couple of times before speaking up, a small smile on his lips as he did so.
"Thank you again. Though I... promise I'm a lot... better on the ice usually..." He continued to trail off as he got a look at the man's eyes, tilting his head to the side with a frown before he realised he had seen those eyes many a time before.

With those big eyes of his widening, Shoma quickly bowed a couple more times before he was skating backwards just a bit, giving the two of them some space as he cleared his throat in response and wondered if he should mention that he knew this man. TVXQ were so popular in Japan, you literally saw them everywhere you looked and they were well loved by his home land that it was almost impossible not to form an opinion on them. And Shoma had a very high opinion at that.
"I should let you get back to skating too..." The younger fumbled with his earphones as he spoke, giving a small smile, a little starstruck to be totally honest and so glad that his cheeks were already flushed from the cold.

Pushing off a little, the smaller of the two started ahead on the skating first, smiling before he glanced over his shoulder and spoke up in Japanese once more, his tone sweet as he did so.
"Its good to have you back from the military too!" He wasn't fluent in Korean by any means but Shoma, to show his appreciation, curled his right hand into a fist and murmured the saying 'hwaiting', facing ahead again as he begun doing more laps around the rink.

Hey, if falling on his meant he got to briefly meet an idol he adored then who was he to complain of a few bruises?
kim yongsun 1 year ago
@shoma uno Not many were fond of the cold weather of winter but Changmin was not one of those. He admired the constant warmth of his blanket but after watching the winter games like he did every year, specifically the skiing, he could not get rid of the urge to go outside on the ice rink. now he was in no way a professional, he was just good enough to balance himself on top of the ice and not fall head first and almost break his nose just like he did the first time, which was not a very pleasant experience taking into count that Yunho was there and he had proceeded to laugh at him for two days for bruising his face and not landing on his instead.

The memory still had his eyebrow twitching in annoyance.

But here was, car forgotten in the parking lot to simply walk around, letting the winter air brush up against him and even if he was dressed in an overly warm jacket with a black turtleneck underneath, he could still feel the ticklish sensation of the cold weather. The black mask covered his face, the same colored beanie placed on top of his head enough to conceal away his face and prevent recognition of people- well he couldn't really do much about his height.

The ice rink was not crowded. He was already wearing the white colored shoes, allowing the sharp edges to hit the ice, but what he was met with was a sight he was not expecting. There was a man, short- well compared to him that is. The routine was graceful- his whole movement was graceful and it only took a little bit more of a thinking to realize who was on the same ice rink as him. He moved to the side, eyes following the movement of the man he had seen on TV- a man who had done one fine job in making him emotional.

So to say he was a fan would be quite the understatement considering how followed all of his performances.

It was the favorite part where he watched the man land down- on his . He inwardly winced, the hit reminding him of the same incident he went through years ago. "- that must've hurt" he whispered to himself, hesitation evident in his movement before he was pushing himself forward on the ice, a gentle pace in his legs before stopping right infront of the shorter male.

It was him, the close up definitely was enough of a proof for Changmin.

His hand reached out for the man silently, a smile tugging up on the corners of his lips before spilling the words, the language the male spoke fluent on his tongue.

"are you okay?"
shoma uno 1 year ago
@shim changmin Shoma hadn't been expecting to go and find an outdoor skating rink. He'd just been practising in the indoor rink for obvious reasons, having had the last few days free since he was finished with his performances for now. But he wanted to see a little bit more of South Korea whilst he was here and he was never without his skates, so whilst he was a little too hesitant to go and eat out anywhere on his own just yet, he couldn't resist the temptation of one more skate.

Besides, it would make a difference from skating in clothing that barely kept you warm on the ice.

There didn't seem too many people around, far more passing by than there were on the ice at least. With his earphones in and skates on in record time, Shoma had taken to the ice, limbs and body already warmed up from his skate moments before still. He pushed off casually, just doing loops around the ring as he enjoyed the familiar feeling, the ice always having been more comforting to him than walking normally on his two feet ever felt or could feel.

As a small smile graced his lips he found himself performing the same routine back from the Japanese nationals last year, the music in his ears surprisingly fitting for the spins and jumps he did on the ice. He couldn't hear people's reactions about it either, those who had given him space on the ice or those who had stopped walking alongside the open air ice rink to see him either. Shoma performed best like this. But it was on his triple axle jump that he had noticed the distinct group of people having stopped by the side of the ice to look at him, that distraction enough to pull him out of his reverie and for him to not commit to his jump.

With a thud, Shoma grunted as he landed on the ice and against his . Perks of being a skater was how cushioned one's got with the amount of strength and work outs you had to possess, but it still hurt. Hard ice was still hard ice at the end of the day. Exhaling softly, Shoma was reminded of the pressures of being part of the Olympic team for your home land, to be an Olympian at all was such a big deal but such a big responsibility as well, one he hadn't realised would weigh him down so much.

Pushing himself up to at least a sitting position on the ice, Shoma was left catching his breath and feeling the plumes of cold air coming out from his lips, rising up in front of his face in response. It was alright. He'd be fine.

At least Yuzuru wasn't here to .
jung eunbi 1 year ago
/passes by the skating rink/
jeon jinhwan 1 year ago
@jeon wonwoo it was like wonwoo knew exactly what jinhwan's weaknesses were; exposed forehead, 'wonu glasses' and potentially the cutest sweater ever. jinhwan's attention kept wandering off onto the way wonwoo's sweater hugged each and every one of his curves. . he was such a sight to behold. "i think you've become quite a professional at putting on contacts baby," he chuckles wholeheartedly, reaching up to adjust his fiancé's glasses on the bridge of his nose. "i can always help you though i prefer you with those adorable glasses." jinhwan's cheeks flushed immediately at the compliment, he was used to them but there was some magic to his fiancé's words and he could've sworn they put him under a spell.

quickly, jinhwan reached up to poke at wonwoo's lower lip (a habit he had when his soon to be husband was acting all cute). "wait i..." he stands there in awe, racking through his brain just to form a string of comprehensible words, "you know i can't deny that." because a guy named jeon wonwoo does in fact make him happy but it's more than just that. this jeon wonwoo made him feel on top of the world (minus the lack of height), he made him feel special and loved and so whipped to the point where soon they'll be hand in hand, exchanging vows before finally tying the knot.

there are some days where jinhwan wishes he wasn't so small (like when he needed to get groceries and his favourite cereal just had to be on the highest shelf) but today wasn't one of them. jinhwan's eyes fluttered to a close, humming in content at the soft kiss planted on his forehead and he's not even surprised, wonwoo really does know all his weaknesses.

the faint blush dusting his fiancé's cheeks was enough to send his emotions skyrocketing through the roof (well, sky in this case). as much as jinhwan wants to tell wonwoo that he's cute when he blushes, he decides he's better off just admiring his beauty in silence. "idiot." jinhwan mumbles under his breath before stumbling forward into his lover's embrace, softly inhaling the sweet scent. the older looks up in confusion but the redness of wonwoo's cheeks was enough to explain everything. he reaches up, brushing the pad of his thumbs against his fiancé's feature before replying with an even quieter 'i love you too."

jinhwan plops himself down onto the bench, swinging his legs back and forth (since his feet weren't able to reach the ground) as he glanced up at wonwoo with a shy smile. jinhwan had always admired princesses, and now he felt exactly like one. "you know, i can always put it on myself." but what he means is 'holy you make me feel like cinderella.' he takes off his shoes, placing them onto the side before fiddling around with his fingers, gently nipping down on his lower lip (a habit he had when he was shy or nervous but in this case, both).

he watched his fiancé carefully. god. he really was living in a fairy tale. jinhwan tucked a stray strand of hair behind his ear, muttering softly. "my prince charming."
jeon wonwoo 1 year ago
@kim jinhwan wonwoo scrunches up his nose as he feels his glasses being lifted off his face, his vision immediately blurring. he squints for a moment, surprised at the loss and it's right then and there that he realizes how blind he is. he's not blind enough to miss how adorable jinhwan looks in his glasses though, and he feels a hard tug at his heartstrings that has him murmuring yet again. "i try to avoid wearing contacts if i can," he informs the older. "they make me cry." quite literally too. wonwoo can still remember the first time he'd tried to wear contacts - he'd poked his eyeball in the process and shed so many tears that it had taken him a few weeks before he'd tried to put on contacts again. "but you're right, i should have told you. you're cute with glasses." he watches the older fondly, his awkward, lopsided grin returning once his glasses are returned.

wonwoo juts out his lower lip, rubbing at his arm with a look of fake pain. he taps his chin for a moment, thinking of a response before smiling and shrugging. "because i make you happy," he says simply. at least, wonwoo hopes he does. he hopes he can return at least a sliver of the happiness that jinhwan's given him, because he's always, always happy beyond words in the mere presence of his husband to be.

he grins at jinhwan's acceptance, (he's obviously reluctant, but that doesn't matter because he's already admitted it) leaning forward to press a quick, yet gentle kiss to the top of the older's head. he likes kissing him there - it's like a reminder of how small yet perfect jinhwan always feels against him.

the sudden declaration of love surprises him - he hadn't been expecting it, and there's absolutely no way to prevent the way his cheeks flare just the slightest bit. he covers his mouth with his hand, hiding his giddy grin. "me too," he says lamely, trying to keep his voice nonchalant and steady. he'd continue, but he finds himself at a loss of words, still overcome with emotion. instead, he reaches forward, wrapping both arms around jinhwan's neck and pulling him in for a tight, quick hug. he hopes that the hug could say more than any confused, garbled words he could string together right now. he pulls away, his cheeks flaring ( the weather - he doesn't blush often, but when it's cold, his cheeks warm more easily) as he mumbles a soft 'i love you'.

he his head curiously at the flush of jinhwan's cheeks. "you okay, hyung?" he asks, his initial confusion turning into amusement at the older's stutter. wonwoo's always found it absolutely adorable when his boyfriend stuttered. he reaches out to take jinhwan's other hand, smiling gently. "don't be scared," he tries not to coo. "if you fall, i'll catch you." he assures, although what's probably going to happen if jinhwan falls is that wonwoo will attempt to steady him by pulling him closer, end up falling himself, and probably break his leg in the process - but that won't matter as long as his fiancé is safe.

"it's just like walking, hyung," he continues, leading jinhwan to the counter. "except it's really, really slippery." he pays for the two of them, as well as two pairs of ice skates before urging the older to take a seat on one of the benches, intending to slip the skates onto his feet. "i'll take care of you," he promises. "you know i always will."
jeon jinhwan 1 year ago
@jeon wonwoo jinhwan knew wonwoo was shy at this point, he always had the tendency to mumble quietly whenever he was flustered. it was cute. he was cute. jinhwan could feel his heart flutter with every word his fiancé murmured and he was positive, he'll never get used to this feeling (not that he was complaining because he sure as hell loved the loud thumping in his chest and the butterflies that kept dancing in his stomach). "i didn't know you'd be wearing glasses baby," the older chuckles, reaching up to gently pull wonwoo's specs off his face before placing them on his own, "i should've brought mine just to match with you." jinhwan squints for a bit in attempts to get used to the high prescription but gives up in the end, placing the glasses back on his fiancé (and he has to admit, it suits him).

"ew you're so cheesy, why do i even like you?" jinhwan brings up his free hand to lightly punch the side of wonwoo's arm with a slight roll of his eyes; he knows what his fiancé will say next, something along the lines of 'cause i'm your idiot' or 'you fell for me baby.'

jinhwan resists the sudden urge to coo at his lover's shyness, wonwoo getting flustered was a once in a lifetime chance and he was dying to record every moment of it. "and we both know you're the prettier one." as much as jinhwan wants to agree, the prettiest person in his book was wonwoo. from the way his eyes crinkled ever so slightly every time he smiled to the way his fingers fit perfectly between his supple ones but he'll leave this banter for another day, when he actually has a chance to win for once. "yeah, yeah. whatever you say idiot."

the older would say something along the lines of 'i love me too' but he felt like spoiling his man just for today, to reward his shyness of course. "i love you more baby, i love you more than all the stars in the world." now to wait and potentially record wonwoo's reaction (definitely not because of the fact he wants to rewatch it everyday)

he stumbles behind wonwoo slightly, one step his fiancé took was three steps for jinhwan. he mentally curses his legs for being so short and before he could glare at the younger's legs for being too lengthy, he finds himself staring at it for longer than he intended to. why was he staring at it? he didn't even know the answer and barely noticed the faint flush of pink dust upon his cheeks.

"n-no but please take care of me well!" jinhwan stutters unconsciously, hiding his expression behind the palm of his hand before averting his gaze elsewhere. oh god. his brain could barely comprehend anything that was going on. quietly he whispered cause he didn't want anyone but wonwoo to hear, "i'm a bit s-scared, baby."
jeon wonwoo 1 year ago
@kim jinhwan wonwoo thinks it's a little embarrassing, but his throat goes dry at the sight of his fiancé, any words that he had been formulating in his mind dying at the mere presence of one (soon to be!) jeon jinhwan. he's well aware that jinhwan steals his clothes on what is probably close to a daily basis, and he has seen the older in them, but it's different in public. in the comfort of either of their dorms, seeing jinhwan in his clothes had been endearing, adorable. it always tugs at his heartstrings when he sees the older drowning in the stolen clothes, but there's something about the way he so confidently wears them in public that makes it different from their cuddle sessions and movie nights.

"you look..." wonwoo starts, adjusting his glasses. "good." he mentally punches himself in the face - is that seriously all he can come up with? he clears his throat in an attempt to save his failure of a compliment. "if i hadn't already, i'd propose to you again just for looking this good."

before he can dwell on the fact that he's probably the most awkward man alive, even to the man he's going to marry for pete's sake, jinhwan speaks, wonwoo shaking his head quickly at the question. "don't worry baby, you weren't." he chuckles - it's more like wonwoo was probably just too excited and got there earlier than expected. he finds himself laughing fondly at the older's next words. "i was gonna say something cheesy, but you beat me to it," he murmurs. "and we both know you're the prettier one."

the warmth of jinhwan's much smaller hand has wonwoo's heart bursting in his chest - he has to fight to keep the stupidest, biggest grin from creeping onto his face. "i love you too," he murmurs, unable to keep the fondness from his voice. "i'm your idiot." he wants to play it cool and not seem like a lovestruck idiot, but that's exactly what he is. how is he supposed to seem confident and relaxed (as wikihow had instructed) when the man in front of him turned his insides into a puddle of goo?

pulling slightly on the sleeve of jinhwan's (his) jumper with his free hand, he leads them inside the skating rink. wonwoo takes a moment to look around, to remember exactly how skate without falling onto his .

"you don't know how to skate, right baby?" he asks, unable to keep the happy grin from his face at the thought of teaching the older male to skate. "i haven't gone in a while, but i'll teach you if you let me."
jeon jinhwan 1 year ago
@jeon wonwoo jinhwan unlocks his phone to admire his wallpaper (a cute photo of his boyfriend asleep next to him in bed after a movie marathon of the cheesiest films they could find) as he strolls down the path towards the ice rink. it was his first time going on a date, unless grocery shopping with your parents counts as one then this really was his first date. jinhwan peeked out from the corner of a building only to spot his fiancé waiting patiently for him. the older fiddled around with his grey jumper (and by his, he meant his fiancé's) before running his hands through his jet black hair, making sure to let his fringe brush past his eyelashes. jinhwan crouches down in his spot, poking at the rips in his jeans before springing back up and dashing towards his love.

"hi stupid." jinhwan chuckles breathlessly, sheepishly scratching the back of his nape. his attention turned straight away to his fiancé's hair and how it curled up slightly, it was obvious wonwoo had tried to do his hair beforehand. "am i late, i took my time showing up here-" before jinhwan could finish, he could feel his breath hitch at the back of his throat from the sudden bright yellow that flashed beneath his very eyes. "sunflowers mean admiration and baby, i really do admire you."

jinhwan's fingers gently clutched onto the bouquet of sunflowers, nibbling down on his lower lip to suppress himself from squealing out of happiness. "they're really pretty, like you." and he meant every word he said. the guy he was about to marry was the most perfect, handsomest and bestest boyfriend to ever exist and when he got the chance the meet his parents, he'd definitely tell them he was a big fan of their work (read: wonwoo).

jinhwan slipped his hand into wonwoo's, giving it the gentlest of squeezes. "i've already fallen for you so don't worry baby," shyly looking up with a smile, "i love you idiot."
jeon wonwoo 1 year ago
@kim jinhwan it's long overdue, wonwoo realizes as he shuffles around awkwardly, pulling at the sleeves of his sweater. he unlocks his phone to see if there are any new messages and locks it with a frown, adjusting his glasses. he'd prepared a quite a bit for this date, making sure to throw on one of his favorite sweaters (one of the few that jinhwan hadn't stolen, anyway) that fit just perfectly on him, as well as jinhwan's beloved 'wonu glasses'. he'd even made sure to style his hair enough to show off his forehead a little, just because he knows exactly how much his boyfriend loves his forehead.

he's being stupid, probably. there's no reason to be nervous, since it's just a date with his fiancé of all people, but the last time wonwoo's been on a real, actual, pre-planned date was...well, never. he has no clue how they work, really. he keeps a straight face as he waits, as if he hadn't stayed up last night to read countless articles about how to go on the perfect date (because really, he swears he hadn't).

once wonwoo sees the familiar figure of his one and only fiancé, the telltale thump in his chest a clear indication of who it is, he bursts into a big grin.

"hi," he mumbles, trying to keep his voice steady as he offers the bouquet of sunflowers (because roses are too mainstream, and he's ready to come up with a line about how jinhwan shines brighter than any of the flowers) to the smaller male with a quick kiss to his forehead. "these are for you. happy...national boyfriend day i guess?"

he scratches the back of his neck sheepishly, remembering how long it's taken for him to finally, finally take his boyfriend on a date. "it took a while," he starts, holding his hand out for jinhwan to take. "but i'm finally taking you ice skating, so make sure you're careful okay? wouldb't want you falling for anything but me." he finishes, giving the smaller male a sparkling grin despite the almost painful hammering in his chest
kim yugyeom 2 years ago
@kim taehyung 'finally noticed'? /scrunches my nose playfully before breaking out into a small smile at your laugh. i guess we should? it doesn't sound bad at all- /my smile widens slightly as i hum to myself as i nod. it sounds pretty good honestly. /rolls my eyes, laughing as i gently push your forehead. how very modest of you cutie, you put dalai lama to shame. /a grin spreads across my features, shrugging. oh, i know i'm not as noisy as you are. /scoffs and crosses my arms with a playful glare. is that supposed to be me? /flashes you a rather amused smile. is my cutie shy? /nuzzles your against your cheek, my smile turning soft. it's quite adorable honestly. /moves closers to you, mr. buckwheat hidden carefully behind my back before i blink at your look, shrugging soon after, almost uncaring. that's alright, i'll pay, i was planning on paying anyways cutie- /pecks your cheek as i stand by your side, holding my jacket in a way that hides the bag the toy is in. you sure you don't want a jacket or something? i don't want you getting cold. then again- /pauses as a glint of indiscernible emotion flickers in my eyes. i could always just hold you close- right?
bae yoobin 2 years ago
an outdoor ice skating rink-
minatozaki sana 2 years ago
@chittaphon leechaiyakul His laughter rang through out the rink and for a moment Sana was sure he was laughing at her and her lack of skill. Anger flashed up in her for a hot second but then she quickly realized that the situation was funny and that the only way she was going to survive this was to laugh and try to have fun. That was a lot easier said then done when you were afraid for you life. Ten started to move slowly and her grip on him tightened. "I dont want to fall," She managed to say as her legs again attempted to go in opposite directions. She pictured how silly she looked an started to laugh a bit, the smile on her face was back and real this time. Her grip his hands tightened as she looked up at him seeing the kind smile he offered her instantly calmed some of her nerves. Instinctively she trusted him and knew he would do his best to keep her safe. Repeating his action she took a deep breath and looked in his eyes. "I trust you" she mumbled as she started to move forward her eyes never leaving his. Letting him keep her grounded.
chittaphon leechaiyakul 2 years ago
@minatozaki sana It was kind of cute, seeing her struggle. Reminded him of his first few times ice skating and how he fell time after time after time again. And he didn't mean to laugh, truly didn't mean to laugh at her, but sure enough he did, letting out a chuckle and pressing his lips together to try and stifle the any further laughter back. All of his chuckles and chortles weren't just about her wobbling in place and struggling to get her stance straight though, it was more out of him just being happy to be there, even though it seemed like possibly the worst idea he could have had for the two of them. "It's okay, it's okay. You don't need to apologize," he replies once his laughter settles and his shoulders are gripped, the action catching him off guard initially and causing him to stagger back a tad, but he maintains his stance and helps to keep her up. And when he looked at her, when he saw her reddening and slightly strained or frightened face, he started to regret bringing her all the way out to the rink. Poor girl was desperately trying not to fall, clinging to him as if her life depended on it, and suddenly he felt worse for laughing. "I'm going to move in front of you, okay?" he rhetorically asks her, saying it just to prepare her for his movements. With extra care, he takes a step forward and gradually makes his way right in front of her, holding onto her hands tightly but not to the point where it hurt. He hoped doing so would help her feel just a little more secure. Offering a kind smile, he takes a deep breath and then nods once. "Don't let go of me, and don't panic, love. You're going to be okay."
minatozaki sana 2 years ago
@chittaphon leechaiyakul To say Sana was nervous was an understatement, an epic one. Somehow Ten had kept pestering her, not that she minded in the slightest, and she agreed. The reality hit her as she finished lacing up the white skates and tugged her jeans back down that she might just die today on the ice. As she stood her legs gave an unlady like wobble, her first few steps were more like waddles but she tried to think about walking in heels or platforms. Finally with confidence she walked to the edge of the ice her jaw falling as her eyes took Ten skating around better than most people on the ice. What little confidence she had gained by walking was out of her as he skated over to her. Not wanting to give away how terrified she was Sana put on a brave face and her winning smile. "Ready as I will ever be." Her hand slipped in his and she took her first step on the ice. One foot on so far so good she thought, then she put her left foot in, though it seemed like her right foot didnt get the memo to keep still and shot off to the side. Thankfully Ten was there as she gripped on to his shoulders. "Oh....Sorry" It took her a few seconds to get her feet back in normal positions her face reddening with each beat of the upbeat song playing at the rink. "I think I might need your help for a bit"
chittaphon leechaiyakul 2 years ago
@minatozaki sana ( really short and crappy i'm sorry ;;; i didn't know how to properly start )

// Yet again, he's out and about with Sana, but this time it was intentional. He had invited her out for ice skating, and at first she declined, but then he managaed to convince her to (reluctantly) agree to go out and skate with him. So, there they were, gearing up and getting ready to hit the ice. When he, himself, was ready, he carefully steps onto the cold surface and skates around a bit to get a feel for it, then he turns back and gives Sana a bright smile, extending a hand to her.
[post deleted by owner]
kim taehyung 2 years ago
@kim yugyeom Mmm, glad you finally noticed. c hortles out a cheerful laugh at your grim look before lifting a hand to fondly pat your cheek. We should both find someone real soon then, unless we plan on sticking together for life... Why does that somehow not seem so bad to me? e xaggerates my thinking expression before mirroring your smile. And like how a potato is I also have many yet all equally amazing versions of myself! y tae, Cute tae, Meme tae... Yah like you're not equally as loud, you evil little thing - s crunches my face up to pull an ugly look as I copied you obnoxiously . Nyeh nyeh nyeh isn't nearly enough~ b ursts into a suppressed fit of laughter taken that we were in a public area, letting it die down slowly so I could listen to you speak again. Ahh but i'd still get teased by my members when... l owers my head to eye as your hand wrapped around mine, feeling my cheeks heat up in the slightest once our fingers intertwine, releasing the breath i didnt know I was holding when you pulled away- still feeling flustered at what just happened? Ah, y-yeah.. s harply inhales once you disappeared from view, hands coming up to my cheeks to rub against them. His hand is really warm... Ahhh Taehyungie- be a man! p uffs my chest out as I stomped over to the scarf aisle, trying to brush all thoughts of the past event away as I scanned through the rows of plush- long fabric. OH! I chirped in glee as I skipped over to what was obviously the reddest of them all, wrapping slender fingers around it and feeling at the soft wool. One, two! t ugs at the scarf with one hard pull, stumbling back to the floor from how harshly I tugged. after pulling the rest of the scarf to view my eyebrows furrow when a dark blue color comes into view too, a small grunt slipping past my lips as I collected the scarf in my arms. I just wanted a red one though, not a black and blue one. And why is it so darn lo--- m y lips form into an 'o' shape upon realization, grazing my fingers along the four dark brown buttons that connected the two scarves. with a giddy grin plastered on my lips I quickly stand up to the cashier to buy it, separating the two before stuffing it into my bag while walking back to where we'd meet, making sure that the red one stayed on top right before you come into view again. gives you a dramatic blatantly terrified look, arms outstretching as if to cling to the aisle shelf. I got no money on me man!
jennie kim 2 years ago
@samuel kim ((i'm so awful i forgot about this))

I wrap my hand around you, supporting myself as i attempt to stand for a second time. "i'm sorry if i completely embarrass you and end up falling on my more than 10 times," i say as i drop my hand and bring my gaze back up to your face. "yes, let's go!" i reply just as eagerly, a wide grin spread across my face. i let go of your hand and instead i grab on to the side of the, somehow managing to shuffle towards the entrance.
kim yugyeom 2 years ago
@kim taehyung i'm not going to change your mind on this, am i? /feigns annoyance as i cross my arms, shrugging with a laugh soon after. i'm not really sure if i'm honest. i just thought it fit the context? /smiles in amusement. i don't really think something like that exits either. but you know pretty much everyone loves potatoes? so i guess you being a potato is pretty accurate. i can't deny your loudness more like- /chuckles before frowning playfully and shaking my head. one, that isn't nearly enough to say we look alike. and two, you're the cute one- /grins as i tilt my head. but i meant when i'd pick you up. i'd prefer holding your hand too- /holds your hand in mine, lacing our fingers together and giving it a light squeeze before letting go, beaming. see you in five then? /makes my way to the jacket aisle, being utterly careful so you don't notice mr. buckwheat before practically sprinting off to the cashier once i'm sure you can't see me, buying the plushie before making my way back to the jacket aisle, mr. buckwheat hidden in a bag as i pick up a black one with a hum, making my way back to where you said you'd be, saluting you playfully when i see you, the bag behind my back as i walk up to you. hello stranger-
[post deleted by owner]
kim taehyung 2 years ago
@kim yugyeom As long as you know that I'm grateful, it's alright with me. s crunches my face up before lifting my hands with fingers crossed as well, puffing out a laugh at your words. Was that supposed to be mean? You poop. h ums a little, dropping my hands back down. Like I get things that your normal friends dont- though I dont think theres anything like that heh. I'll be a handsome, blemish free potato then. pft- im glad you strongly believe in my loudness Yugyug. q uirks my eyebrows to feign innocence, trying not to laugh at how you looked at me. Mr. Buckwheat is cute and so are you! I think that's enough. m akes a face at your words before quickly bringing my hand up to make shooing motions. Oh no thanks, I don't exactly know what I'd do with flowers plus i'd never hear the end of it from my members if I just bring a bouquet home- and bringing it around during the date? I'd rather you hold my hand. f eels my excitement bubble in me as I turned to the other aisle, only to stop in my tracks turning to you when I'm called. p outs a little when i realize that you were going off without me, a light thought in my head wanting to refuse but I decided to brush it off- flashing you a cheeky smile in return. Okay! I'll be right here.
kim yugyeom 2 years ago
@kim taehyung i'm not even replying to you thanking me- /sticks my tongue out childishly before smiling softly, crossing my fingers. well let's hope you find your man soon, because you certainly do need him. /laughs and tilts my head. what is 'premium friendship' even supposed to mean cutie? but c'mon, you're too attractive to be a potato, and you're not constantly sad. you are kinda loud though, can't deny that- /grins teasingly before breaking out into a soft, adoring smile when you cuddle mr. buckwheat, the smile dropping for a more mortified look as i raise a brow. i look nothing like this plushie tae- /narrows my eyes at nothing in particular. i mean if this were a date: i would have gotten you flowers. but this could be a date? i don't know- i don't mind one bit if it is. /shrugs before watching you put mr. buckwheat back with a growing smile, the gears in my head turning as i quietly pick him up, making sure you don't notice as i carefully hide him behind my back. tae? you go ahead and pick your scarf, i'm just going to go grab a jacket for myself-


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