ok taecyeon 3 months ago
/it's been awhile since I've last visited a club, any kind of a club. I didn't really had the time nor the need to visit one but lately, I was being a bit lonely and if I may add- needed- so I found myself in one of the VIPs room in a club. With drinks and snacks on the table and no one but me to drink them. I took a hold on a glass of whiskey, sighing as I look at it- thinking about my life I can't help but to sigh again, pitying myself. / I couldn't be more pathetic then this... /I mutter, taking a long sip from the whiskey and opening a button in my shirt. Continuing to drink /
kim jaehwan [A] 1 year ago
sneez e s
shoma uno 1 year ago
@jang sunghoon eh... the media will say what they want, regardless. but yes. i have a lot of friends, and i even do things like go bowling when i have the time to
its a lot of fun. and my friends understand i'm busy and often just wait for me to hang out with them. i don't deserve it but i'm so grateful
yes... those two
/laughs at your descriptions about them, shaking my head before i realise just how much i've come to learn to laugh around you, a sign i trust you a lot to allow myself to feel open enough to do it
mnh... lets just be honest from now on. besides, i like the dorky you. i even noticed it in your smile, remember?
/as you lift me up i make a small sound at how high i am on your back before i smile softly, laughing breathlessly, softly by your ear
so this is what it's like being a giant...
/sees people glancing at us and i smile a little, turning my attention back to you, face hidden by your jaw and ear as i whisper for you and you alone to hear
you see all those who look at us? so many of them... and i belong to just one. you
jang sunghoon 1 year ago
@shoma uno You're so precious when you talk about your friends, I don't exactly see it much in interviews and mainly on pictures but it seems that you actually do get to socialize a lot- shame on the media saying you were introverted and an airhead.
Ahh the thai one and the one with weird hair? I kind of just ran through the episodes without much thought.
*puffs out a laugh as I shook my head out of fondness, knowing how you were when it came to sleeping*
How can I not be? You're really everything I've ever wanted and more. I can't believe I tried to seem cool about it when all I really wanted to do was pamper you to no end.
*wrapping my arms just under your knees I make sure you're secure before lifting you off the ground, smiling to myself as I trudged my way to our shared room, purposely looking past the gazes of other spectators that were familiar with who you were*

shoma uno 1 year ago
@jang sunghoon i was so happy for nathan. he finally didn't let anything get in the way. he just got on that ice and blew everyone out the water. he was so sweet
he said good luck to me too. he reminds me a little bit of pitchit and minami from yoi
/laughs a little when you tell an inanimate object to treat me better, shaking my head gently at how silly you sound but endearing all the same
princes on ice, i think. i wasn't really listening when higuchi-san told me, i was getting into bed when she did
you're so in love. i keep saying it but... really. it always surprises me when i remember you're THAT in love with-
/stops when you drop down, blinking at that before i smile and gently climb on your back, my arms around your neck as i lean my head against your own and whisper
i'm ready, my knight

(boop. here you go)
lee donghae 1 year ago
@im jinah *by taking your words, I decided to take action, by tilting my head to the side, I left my lips parted letting my tongue to flick against your till they hold your tongue into place leaving me to onto your tongue*
*i could feel the contact of your against mine as my own member started to stiffen having my tip to rub against your entrance, teasingly pushes my hip forward letting my tip to slightly slip in before pulling back*
If only I was able to see how wet you *massages your cheek before sliding one of my hand over to cup one side of your before sliding my hand to one side of your *
kim chungha 1 year ago
@lee donghae You don't need to consider it Hae, just take me.
//Kisses your lips back in the same manner before nibbling on your lower lip till your lips part, slips my tongue into your mouth, gliding it along yours before exploring around. Feels your member pressing against my lower body ,hooks my leg round your hip before grinding my bare onto your member
lee donghae 1 year ago
@im jinah Then it is decided.. i guess I will consider that you want me to continue * breaths hot air against your skin as I hear your whispering once more against my ear, brings my hand over to cup your chin, tilts your head and leans in pulling you into a passionate kiss, brings my other hand over to your cheeks and brings your lower region close having my own member pressing against you*
kim chungha 1 year ago
@lee donghae /uses my index finger to tilt your head upwards when you go to look down, feeling my back pressed against the spa and biting my bottom lip
and what's wrong with wanting me donghae?
/whispers into your ear before kissing alone your jawline to your lips
I'm not teasing this time, trust me
lee donghae 1 year ago
@im jinah * feels your body pressing against mine, I could feel your chest pressing against mine, I stare down at you before pressing you against the side of the spa before sliding my hand over to your hip, I gently caress it in a circular motion shivering by your whisper* the more you do this... makes me just want you...
* doesnt mind having your lips against my skin, I lean my face over to your ear and whispers as it slightly turn huskily* Are you being serious about doing that public thing or are you just pulling my into yet another tease... I just need to here some confirmation before making a move * nibbles against your ear*
kim chungha 1 year ago
@lee donghae /Laughs softly as i continue to pour water onto you , noticing your gaze focused on me
Oh how thoughtful of you to do it for me then.
/Snakes my arms around your neck and presses our bodies together as you whisper in my ear.
what do you want me to tell you hmm?
/Kisses along your neck gently till
lee donghae 1 year ago
@im jinah * my gaze never left yours even if your pour the water against both side of my hands*
Well this is supposed to be skinny dipping so I had to take off my clothes and not leave you hanging
* chuckles softly as it slightly crack, slowly makes myself at the same height with yours, brings myself close to you, Leans in to your ear and whispers against your ear* want it bad..? heh why dont you tell me now that im here
*brushes my fingers against your side*
kim chungha 1 year ago
@lee donghae You wont know, till you come in here and find out for yourself
/turns myself around so you can change,smiles when you enter the water and make you're way over to me. Looks to your hands on either side of myself and pours some warm water onto them.
I'm surprised you're not clothed, dows this mean you want it bad?
/Titls my head to the side and smirks as I pour some warm water onto your shoulders, making sure to duck down a bit so the water sits above my chest
lee donghae 1 year ago
@im jinah public thing? how interesting * a sly smirk slowly starts to form* and how would I know your telling me the truth instead of teasing me?
* raises one of my brows, I reach my hand over at the waistband of my boxer, decides to wrap the towel I once carried around my waist before slipping my boxer down*
nope. im undressed so im going in *takes a step down the steps of the spa, I hold onto the towel as I slip it off from my waist and holds it to keep myself covered until the water reaches my waist line, throws the towel over to the pile of clothes and goes over to you and puts your between my arms by pressing my hands at the edge*
kim chungha 1 year ago
@lee donghae /Looks up to you as you squat beside me, pressing my body onto the edge of the spa as wel talk
Hmm I ant you to come in so we can try that public thing
/Winks to you before biting my lip as I watch you undress
You make it sound like I'm forcing you to come in here, if you honestly don't want to get wet it's fine
lee donghae 1 year ago
@im jinah *makes my way over while carrying the towel in my arms, tilts my head and face you while squatting down at the edge of the pool*
why you wanted me to join along nana? well it did brought me in interest but I realize you never brought the towel close in case you plan on getting off from the spa * rest my arm on my thighs while I continue squatting*
aigoo fine if you really want me to join you then I will * stands up and starts ing my shirt and slips it off my shoulder before pulling my pants down leaving myself with my boxer*
kim chungha 1 year ago
@lee donghae /Pouts softly sitting in the spa when I notice you're not coming in.
Awe but I thought me stripping and all would definitely get you interested in the spa
/rest my arms on the side of the pool with my head resting on top of them as I watch you collect my things and grab a towel
If I put my clothes on will you come in with me?
lee donghae 1 year ago
@im jinah Alright I will just stay here * stare Over at you seeing you slipping out from your shirt and shorts letting me see your bikini set*
*clears my throat when seeing you untying your top only to have it thrown at my direction, close my eyes and catches it before turning my head to the side before catching the bottom of your bikini, picks up your clothes and place them on the chair*
Maybe I can prepare the towel for later * scratches my nape and walks around the spa room before grabbing one of the towel from the neatly stacked towels *
kim chungha 1 year ago
@lee donghae Oh tht makes more scenes now, although you're starting to make less scenes again too
/Lets go of your hand and shrugs
You can stand watch if you want to
/Ties up my hair in a bun and takes off my shorts and tee, showing off my black bikini set, the one where the bottoms are a thong
since yu're not coming in that means I can tkake these off too right?
/keeps my back faces to you as I step into the spa, enjoying the warmth on my legs. Playfully unties my bikini top and cups my as I take off my top and throws it at you
you can mind that for me yeah?
/dips my whole body into the water before taking off my bikini bottoms and throwing that at you too
lee donghae 1 year ago
@im jinah Did I just said that? I meant your part of my life. Forget that “not”. I don’t know where that boy came from.
*shakes my head before following along seeing how you nearly drag me to the spa*
You sure you want me to go to the spa with you? I wouldn’t mind just waiting out if necessary. I can be like one of those body guard
kim chungha 1 year ago
@lee donghae You're not part of my life? Omo whose life are you part of then?
Oh is this the girl you likes life hey?
/completely oblivious to the spa, stopping in my track when you mention a spa
Omg I didn't even see this sign
/Takes your hand and tugs you along as I walk in a hurry to find it
lee donghae 1 year ago
@im jinah You will have to get use to those stuff because my sweet talk will never disappear, it will always stay especially since I’m not part of your life
*feels your arms around my neck, raises a brows at you ready planning on heading back to the kitchen only to chuckle softly and rest my hand on your hip*
You really want me to tag along? Alright I will go and keep you accompanied * kisses your lips back only to press my lips together when you let go, follows along from behind and looking around each room only to spot a sign that turns left saying the word spa* so there really is a spa here
kim chungha 1 year ago
@lee donghae Aye you're back to you're smooth habits I see.
/Wraps my arms around your neck, trapping you with me
Oh don't think I'll just let you get a head start without me, you're coming into the spa with me and taking a dip.
clothes are optional
/Kisses your lips before letting go adn looking around this place for a spa
lee donghae 1 year ago
@im jinah Haha I guess that will work but in reality your very fitting as a goddess to me because every time I see you, I see you glowing I my eyes * attempts to flirt with you and be all sweet talk before going back to considering you as my koala princess *
*suddenly was brought in a completely spot when you stop infringe of me * skinny dipping? Hmm I thought you would tag me along *jokes before nodding in understanding*
Alright I will go head back if you plan on skinny dipping, I will just search if all the ingredients are there before we start baking. Maybe I might have a head start
kim chungha 1 year ago
@lee donghae Ohh Okay then I'm definitely a princess with great fashion and hella attractive looks
/Laughs at my own idea of a princess
Yeah this places looks huge I bet it's even got a pool and all.
/Laughs when you call for me to wait up, turns around seeing you behind me and stops right infront of you
Oh idk if you can follow me though, I might find the spa and just want to take a skinny dip
lee donghae 1 year ago
@im jinah Your right but I feel like goddess have a light shinning around them while a queen is a human being but with royal blood and eats with a golden spoon
* press my shoulder against yours when you hug my arms, smiles*
who knows maybe there is because I mean look how huge this club house is * looks around planning on searching for the ingredients only to turn to you when you ran off* hey wait up!
*decides to search for all the ingredients later before chasing after you* where are you going? let me have tour with you! dont leave your marshmallow behind! I told you I cant run because im old. I might end up getting a back pain * jokes around as I catch up behind you*
kim chungha 1 year ago
@lee donghae Aren't all goddess looked as queens regardless?
/Laughs softly dna lets go of your hand hugging your arm instead
wow this place looks really nice.
I wonder if this place has a spa too
You see if the ingredients are her eI wanna take look around. or you can come with me. if you can catch me
/Pokes my tongue our at you and runs off
lee donghae 1 year ago
@im jinah * looks over at you and nods realizing you heard me* why yes.. since your a goddess.. you should be the queen in my world * sends you a wink*
*brings my hand up for you and watches you pecking the back of my hand, hums as we walk*
* arrives at the place and nods* it sure is. over there is the fire pit so we can make smores there *leads you over inside the house and turns on the light for the kitchen to see the marble counters*
wow.. I never once go inside here... except staying outside
oo we should. lets go bake
kim chungha 1 year ago
@lee donghae /Catches a bit of what you said and smiles softly.
did you just say i could be your queen mallow oppa?
/brings your hand up to my lips and pecks it
I think the same too
/follows you, walking along side you and enjoying the view
Wow this place is nice
/Smiles and hugs your hand as I get excited about baking.
Omg yes I love to bake, can we please make them?
lee donghae 1 year ago
@im jinah *mutters quietly wonder if you heard me*...but you can be my queen and rule my world * clears my throat and looks down when you squeeze my hand*
you could say that * chuckles and brushes my shoulder against yours* I feel like that is what my lips are saying.
* continues leading you over to the club house not minding how our hands were swinging*
perhaps... we can make some other dessert like brownie or a cake, or maybe cookies


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