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[ Breaking ]
after 20yrs in the nursery waiting for some time in the spotlight bbcreative has let their precious maknae out to have a fan event. Please support the youngest of loona as she sees the light for the first time in forever
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natgeo reporter, probably: and here we are witnessing a prelude to cross-breeding between an alpaca and a llama
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[BREAKING] PD101 S2's Junwoo confesses to WSJN'S Luda
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HOT KOREAN CAMBOY JEON WONU Jul 13, 2017 11:46:52
it was a concerning thought, but wonwoo thought jinhwan looked really, really pretty when he cried. especially when the older was like this underneath him, his an angry red from the spankings - wonwoo really hadn't shown any mercy. he leaned forward, tracing the path of jinhwan's tears before giving him a soft kiss on his cheek. "so pretty," he murmured fondly, admiring the sight before him. "you're so pretty for daddy."

jinhwan's answer made him smile - he had been hoping to him raw. "good answer, baby boy." he tossed the away, pressing a kiss to the older's shoulder before flipping him over. he pressed closer to jinhwan, his throbbing with arousal as he pushed his boyfriend's legs up against him. normally he'd take his time, maybe even tease jinhwan a little for being a bad boy - but this time, he couldn't. he was too excited, too aroused, especially after those spankings; there was no way he could go slow after that. he pressed the head of his against jinhwan's hole, smiling at him briefly before pushing his whole length inside with one quick movement. he threw his head back, groaning at the sensation - , jinhwan was tight. wonwoo didn't think he could ever get used to how good his boyfriend felt around him - jinhwan's walls were squeezing him in all the right places, and he could easily say it was one of the best feelings he had ever experienced. he stayed still for a moment, enjoying the tight heat around him before pulling out almost completely and slamming his back inside with one . he continued his motions, pulling back and snapping his hips, groaning whenever jinhwan would clench around him just right. he began to build a rough, quick pace, the sound of jinhwan's moans and skin slapping against skin music to his ears. "," he cursed, ing into jinhwan hard and deep. ", baby, you feel so good." he reached his hand forward to grasp at the older's hair, fingers tangling themselves in his strands before grabbing a handful. the pace of his s didn't let up as wonwoo pulled at jinhwan's hair roughly, groaning in pleasure.

"do you wanna , baby boy?" wonwoo whispered, panting against jinhwan's ear. his fingers dug into the older male's thighs, his grip strong and his pace relentless. "beg for me," he growled, mimicking the older's words from earlier. "beg for daddy, baby."
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monsta x's im changkyun is undergoing a name change !

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choi yujin [A] 38 seconds ago Reply
uncle pepe jackie chang

everyone should be calling me this
i won't respond to any other name
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i'm 88% gAY TYVM

lee jooheon 1 minute ago Reply
the remaining 12% is entirely for hojung then

park woojin 1 year ago
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according to hanbin
88% + 22% = 100%
a genuiS I TELL YOU !

lim sungjin 3 minutes ago Reply
I AM 88% GAY

kim hanbin 1 minute ago Reply
there's still 22% hOPE

jeon soyeon 1 year ago
[TRENDING] Sungjin and Hojung are Dating?
jeon soyeon 1 year ago

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hot korean pancake daddy Jul 10, 2017 21:32:10
seokmin emitted a low growl as he nears her, gently pinning her down the mattress, hands on either side of her head. he reached for his tie that he took off earlier which was lying on the sheets, trapped it between his pearly whites as he pulled her arms above her head, tying her hands together and giving her a wink. he inched closer to her ear, hot breath tickling her earlobe. "baby, forgive me if this isn't really part of the dare anymore." he whispered, latching his lips on the back of her ear, gently the area before trailing kisses down her jawline. lips journeyed down her neck, nibbling and grazing his teeth over her skin. he lowered himself down to her waist, teeth gritting on the hem of her shirt, before pulling it up to her sternum, revealing her milky stomach. seokmin pulled away, reaching for the pocket of his slacks that lied near the bed, fishing out a sachet of syrup from the clothing. "and this, is another dare," he stated, ripping off the opening with his pearly whites, spreading the thick liquid onto her belly. he started by giving her syrup covered skin a long , afterwards and slurping off the remnants, tasting the sweetness of the liquid along with the savory of her skin. he wiped off the excessives on his lips, hovering once more on top of her, making contact directly onto her eyes. "you're the most delicious pancake i've ever tasted, love." he teased, a soft smile tugging his lips, finishing by placing a kiss on the corner of her lips
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[BREAKING] Mark and Siyeon are (lowkey) dating!

park junghyun 17 seconds ago Reply
gu rgles ubder thw bkanket
thsnk you marekl i loave you g'ni ht

Not official, but is this a sign of their soon to bloom relationship?
estelle chen 1 year ago
w hy is all of my posts
expose markle too
estelle chen 1 year ago
c r i e s
jeon soyeon 1 year ago
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park junghyun Jul 2, 2017 8:59:57
/my line of sight falls back to your lips as you bite them and i felt like, again, i was witnessing something i shouldn't be, something much too intimate and instead i tear my eyes away, the thoughts of your lips still filling my thoughts and i let out a short chuckle at the memories of your 'noms'. instead, i find myself admiring the way your hair fell on your face just messily enough to accent the youth behind your eyes but not too much it made you look like you had woken up, or how you looked so effortlessly handsome even in the dim light. my eyes soften and a fond smile spreads across my face at your words and i wonder if you know how happy and just pleased they made me feel.
for now i shall call you pumpkin- or maybe just markle- or maybe, ,,,
/your shyness baffles me as i figured i'd never be able to have the same impact you have on me, on you. a small sense of triumph fills me and i drop my hand to your shoulder, slowly letting it fall and make its way to rest over your chest, just over your heart. it was just a line from your song. it shouldn't be anything more but the butterfly frenzy in my tummy turned into a stampede of wildebeets. i let out a nervous laugh, an uncontrollable smile taking over my entire face and i flutter my eyes shut before burying my face in your shoulder and mumble my words into your shirt.
it's all you. you're doing something to me for sure.
park junghyun Jul 2, 2017 8:26:03
/my gaze drops from your eyes to your lips accidentally, witnessing you them and i force myself to look back up to the warmth and comfort of you eyes while feeling like i saw something i shouldn't have. the weight of your hands on my shoulder fishes me from the my distractions and i flicker my gaze over it, fully enjoying and admiring how natural it was you. how the distance- or should i say how not having distance, was natural and how being tangled in just each other was just so natural.
what about ?
/i question before looking over at you and for a second i'm taken aback at how, well, adorable you looked. the sight of your wide eyes gazing at my direction and ears turning red along with your cheeks sending the butterflies in my tummy into a frenzy. a soft chuckles escapes my lips and i bring my hand up to the side of your face, twirling a strand of hair near your ear to 'subtly' emphasis their colour but, my fingers freeze when you call me 'baby' and my breath hitches in my throat for the second time that night.
y-you called me baby-
park junghyun Jul 2, 2017 6:39:45
/the vibrations of your chuckle reaches my ears and i glance up at you for a brief moment, accidentally catching your gaze before looking away, but the feeling of our stare doesn't leave me and i squirm a little in my place, suddenly feeling exposed under your eyes. the blush on my cheeks continues to overpower my complexion and i can't help the nervous stutter that taints my speech.
i can call you- uh- i can call you my prince ? or i s that overrated should i be calling you my dear or my pumpkin instead?
/my words become more nonsensical while i wrack my brain for more suitable names, i concentrate with my brows furrowed and my teeth gently nibbling on my bottom lip. opening my mouth to speak, i look up to you but your words stop me and instead my breath hitches in my throat as you close the gap between us and everything else in the room fades apart from the oh-so-prominent presence of you. the feeling of you fingers against my skin wakes me up and i blink myself to reality, your words still ringing in my ears. a small knowing smile makes it's way to my lips as i say the next words
i'll be your morning star and you are my angel.
park junghyun Jul 2, 2017 5:55:52
/leans my head against your hand but shivers slightly from the feeling of your fingers in my hair, the corner of my lips curving up into a small content smile. squeaks a little as i feel your body tense under me
u h i mean- only if you want?
/the last syllable barely audible. i push myself away from you, my hair falling over my face and covering most of it as i await your response, my gaze stuck on my fingers that are fiddling with the hem of my shirt
park junghyun Jul 2, 2017 5:08:17
/lets out a soft but dragged out whine while shaking my head ever so slightly in protest to your remarks. drowsily flickering my gaze back to your own, unintentionally letting out a yawn as i rnuzzle my face back into the side of your neck
you can call me baby but not a baby
/the words left my lips in a drawl without me being able to stop myself and my previously heavy eyelids stretched wide open. the colour of my cheeks become more prominent and i let out a nervous laugh
I-I mean, ,, what
jeon soyeon 1 year ago
[JUST IN] Mark and Siyeon are now an unofficial official couple !

mark lee 43 seconds ago Reply
xi's gonna get nommed at some more during our cuddle time meheh
jeon soyeon 1 year ago
[JUST IN] Park Sicheng accidentally (again) posted his soft reply to Seungjun on Wee Woo's chat. See the content below:

park sicheng 4 seconds ago Reply
the quiet thank you that escaped his lover's lips brought a smile to his feature, normally they would playfully argue on who was more perfect but for once he had agreed; and that meant the world to him. sicheng looked at seungjun with half lidded eyes, the feeling of his tongue lapping against his own skin caused the younger's arousal to twitch ever so slightly. something about seungjun felt so different yet so similar, he admired the way his gentleness shone through their sinful ,, activities. sicheng elicited a soft moan from his lips as he looked down at his lover; who was busy playing around with his s. "n-no," he unintentionally stuttered, bringing his fingers up to his mouth to contain anymore moans that dared to seep through. "i love it, every mark, every bruise, it makes me prouder to say that i'm yours, only yours baby." the younger brought his lips to his lover's milky white skin, littering kisses everywhere he could before gently down on a patch of skin. "keep doing it to me baby, i love it when you mark me." he faintly groaned upon seeing the tint on seungjun's cheeks, it suited him; just as anything would. sicheng trailed his finger down the latter's chest, finger stopping at the hem of his pants. they were the only thing stopping him from what would come next, god, he wanted it off so badly. mustering up all the strength within him, the younger flashed a disheveled smirk before pressing his digit against the tent that formed in seungjun's pants. "you seem rather excited baby," he chuckled lowly against the shell of his lover's ear "i can't wait to take it all in."
choi yujin 1 year ago
[ BREAKING ] jung yerin exposed by wen junhui, proof ? we got you covered.

wha junhui 5 minutes ago Reply
yerin was ed up, she definitely was. the girl didn't recall about how on earth she ended up inside seventeen's dorm, wrapped in a coat because her clothes were a bit far from being public friendly. a dorm room key was dangling in her fingers (thanks to her sponsor, wen junhui), her face displayed her panicked expression as she stared at the door a few steps away from her. yerin gulped, massaging her temple, "oh god, why did i agree to this?" she muttered under her breath. there was no turning back now, not when she agreed to play another unfortunate game of dare or dare with her best pals and ended up getting a dirty one from sicheng. of all people, it had to be sicheng. her victim? well, she had to rethink it over and over again since she wasn't close to many guys, and if she was, most of them were taken and she wouldn't dare to step out of the line. the poor victim ended up to be wonwoo as it was suggested by most of her peers. it's gonna be close to impossible to not be awkward with each other after this dare, especially if one day, she randomly barged into his room, wearing suggestive clothes, surprising him with a lap dance like it's just another normal day. yerin didn't think of anything else other than getting this done quickly and so, she takes careful steps towards the door, taking a deep breath before unlocking the knob with the key that junhui gave her.

the girl hid her panic under a sly expression, crimson lips curling up to one side. "wonwoo," yerin called out, not forgetting to add a sweet tone in her voice. she strode to his bed, tilting his head upward with a finger, forcing eye contact. "sorry for intruding but i wanted to give you a surprise performance," she trailed off, placing a kiss on his cheek and leaving a stain on the skin. the lass leaned closer to his ear, lowly whispering, "and i want you to keep your eyes on me." she pulled back, giving him a playful wink before strutting away from the bed, undressing her coat to reveal clothing that exposed more of her skin, yerin pulled out her phone, playing if you let me by sinead harnett as her song choice. she moved her hips to the sensual beat, running her hands through her body. she bit her lips as her body rolled to the music, a smirk rested on her face as she gestured to come over, mouthing 'i gotta show you how,' along with the song.

she strutted towards him, straddling his lap, wrapping her arms around his neck and slowly ground her hips against his. the girl trailed kisses along his jawline, one hand slipping underneath his shirt, tracing random circles with her finger, feeling the bare skin underneath the fabric. teeth grazing down his neck, leaving small bites here and there. she placed a kiss on his adam's apple, and another one on his jaw for the last time. she finds herself staring at his lips for a few seconds, gulping as she breathed out the last lyric of the song, 'if you just let me,' before settling a last kiss on the corner of his lips.

yerin pulled away, a sheepish smile displaying on her countenance, "i-i hope you enjoyed the show?" her cheeks burning up from the sudden realization of what just happened, blinking twice as she looked at their current position, rolling off to the empty space on the other side of the bed, hands covering her tomato colored face as she let out a regretful groan.
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dumber samuel ♡ [A] 1 minute ago Reply 

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wha junhui 10 seconds ago Reply
i wish my surname was smth hard to make a pun out of instead like kwon or smth jkjk

[CONFIRMED] Sneketeen's Wha Junhui is a Bottom™ for Kwon Soonyoung
choi yujin 1 year ago
[ BREAKING ] nayoung wants A LOT of kids and i mean A LOT

im nayoung [A] 1 minute ago Reply
i want 20 kids :")) like 4 pairs of twins, 1 triplets u v u thatll be cool
yoon jisung [A] 1 year ago
yoon jisung [ h ] 1 second ago Reply 
[BREAKING] wee woo prepares to ring their first church bell as knk's park seungjun and nct's dong sicheng are engaged to be married ! congrats !
kim taehyung 1 year ago
*realms of

wow mess imnida
kim taehyung 1 year ago
yoon jisung [A] 1 year ago
[BREAKING] new episode of 'truth or dare' breaks previous records with 7-8 hours of gameplay + extremely long name list
kim sohye 1 year ago
park sicheng 1 minute ago Reply
[BREAKING NEWS] woojin talks to himself--
kim jayoung 1 year ago
kim jayoung 2 minutes ago Reply
Jayoung's Outfitters is open for business!
Can't seem to lure your significant other in bed? Tired of the same boring clothes?
Look no further! Here in Jayoung's Outfitters, we provide many outfits for you to try. Order now and get a special toy for free!

Business hours: Whenever someone needs some loving.
Where to find: Kim Jayoung
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grabs jiyoo by the hand and some flashy twirls before pecking her lips as she stops infront of me
good night baby girl
jeon soyeon 1 year ago
shin hyejeong [ h ] 1 year ago
bREAKING news: wee woo's resident spamuel has dabbed until his arms broke for the 19272393926182th time. Talk about BREAK dancing!
this has been your friendly oppa, mijoo
Now back to your regularly scheduled mess !
ha chaeyeon 1 year ago
[JUST IN] Astro's MoonBin seen to be kissed on the cheek by GFriend's SinB, #sinbin tag now trending first all over tweewooter! Is this really blossoming into a young romance? Catch WeeWoo Episode, "Love in the moonb/eyond/ " daily only on WeeWooTv
boo seungkwan [ h ] 1 year ago
jeon soyeon 1 year ago
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Now Comes With Different Levels of Vibrating Intensity and Night Mode !


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