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bora yoon ♡ 1 month ago
@hyosung jeon The sudden fall had Bora on the verge of vaulting over the side to get to her friend, a small pout on her lips until she saw Hyosung's smile, her laughter soothing the speeding rhythm of her heart. "Y-yeah, I did. Are you okay?" she asked, glancing down at the bunny's knees apologetically, trying to see if anything was wrong despite the woman's movement.
"Uhm... I... Sure, I could. But-" The viper bit her bottom lip to hide the pout, not wanting to be a worrywart when her friend seemed to cheerful. "I'm sorry. I got held up trying to pick something to wear," she explained sheepishly. It suddenly felt a bit strange to have spent all that time picking something to wear that would look nice, when most likely they would both be falling over a fair bit. "I wanted to be here on time though. I'll be better about that in the future." Unable to keep herself from asking, Bora leaned closer to the railing peeking over and down towards Hyosung's legs again. "You're sure you're okay?"
bora yoon ♡ 2 months ago
@hyosung jeon Having been too busy to check her phone, Bora knew not what the time was as she stumbled inside the somewhat empty rink. Seemed a lot of people didn't enjoy rollerskating, or more likely that they had been rather early compared to the masses. The serpent poised up, had swivelling g around as she looked for Hyosung, finally spotting the tell tale ears atop the woman's head. She was already in the rink, looking a little unbalanced on her otherwise strong legs, a sight Bora couldn't help but giggle at, just a bit. Hyo had a way of walking and talking that didn't really present the intimate shy side to her, and yet here she looked almost as precious as the first time she had stepped out in a bikini.
The memory triggered something, the serpent's face instantly heating up as she darted for one side of the rink. She didn't want to scare Hyosung, but wanted to announce her presence in a way that at least caught the woman's attention. With a shy smile on her face, Bora leaned over the side barrier, eyes nervously focusing from the floor and back up at Hyosung, taking care to note whenever she was getting closer and finally managing a meeker "H-h-hey."
bora yoon ♡ 2 months ago
@hyosung jeon To think that the one thing that would worry her mind more than anything that day was her choice of clothing was baffling. Just last night she had worried about all the things that could go wrong and all the bad outcomes, but now that it was so close it was hard to focus on anything but the superficial stuff.
After what must have been a good half hour, she had finally found an outfit that seemed somewhat fitting. She wore a pair of pink hot-pants, knowing that how they looked mattered little when they were covered by a semi-long sweater dress tailored to look like a baseball uniform. It looked sporty enough for her, considering most of her sport participation was from the sideline, and it would probably do well enough here too.

Rushing to the mall, she arrived just a few minutes late, panting heavily as she hurried into the main entry, eyes darting about for a map that she could use to locate the rollerskate hall. Hopefully Hyosung wouldn't be mad at her being a bit late, even if it should have been avoidable for her when they had parted ways just earlier that day. Picking clothing should never have been so hard.
"Map map map," the serpent huffed under her breath as she scanned through the crowds for the telltale 'i' of an info-booth.
reece king 7 months ago
@kyunghoon min Reece continued to watch the thing in the store window, which turned out to be another pair of boots. He stared at it longingly, as if saying 'You'll be mine soon' as he placed his hand on the glass window. His mini stare off with the boots was soon interrupted by someone coming over and saying his name prompting Reece to turn around. He cheers a bit when he sees Kyunghoon. "Oh my god Kyky, is today finally the day. I have you fallen for me." He asks with a large smile on his face, bouncing up and down. It wasn't exactly a secret he had a crush on the older man since freshman year and had no problem acting on it.
kyunghoon min [A] 7 months ago
@reece king Kyunghoon had been in the mall shopping for a birthday gift for his mother, though completely at a loss on what to buy-- he had never been the best with gift giving, and if anything, had no interest in doing it whatsoever. However, this was his mother, and he supposed he should try. He was looking around at the stores nearby when his dark brown eyes caught sight of a familiar figure, thanks to the somewhat flashy outfit adorning said figure. "Is that you, Reece?" he questioned as he came over, knowing him quite well from the university and figuring he'd say hi. "What's up?"
reece king 7 months ago
@kyunghoon min His hair bounced and followed along with his movements as Reece looking around the mall, looking at all the store windows. He was clad in a black hoodie, black short shorts, gartered lace thighs, and heeled combat boots. He kept looking around until he saw something in one of the store windows and ran over to look at it.
reece king 7 months ago
@lalisa manoban ♡ [Oh , i forgot about this. Sorry. Do you want to continue?]
maxence danet-fauvel 7 months ago
The hybrid emerged from his house in baggy white t-shirt, black joggers paired with old skool checkered vans and a skateboard wedged in his axilla. His half-lidded orbs are intoxicated with drowsiness, calloused fingers of his left hand entangled with the bedraggled mop of hair. Another roaring yawn released from his cavernous mouth, as he jumped on his board and glided on the sidewalk [his lack of skating experience had nothing to with the few stumbles and embarrassing almost falls on the way]. Maxence admits that intially he hadn't harboured fervent affection for skating compared to most people invested in this sport. He was, in fact, fixated on the sense of unrestricted freedom provided as he loudly veered through the buzzing crowd [whizzing past sea of faces without having an inclination to stop by and greet reluctantly when met with familarity] or get overtaken by the speeding cars. But gradually, he began to love it. Inspite of all its disdainful reputation and fracturing glory became his second tiered passion after painting.

The cool morning breeze had stirred his wakefulness but he needed to be soaked with an unhealthy dose of caffeine before starting his slothful day off. Maxence halted in front the mall situated a few blocks away from his residence, leisure undertaking the route to an adjacent café as usual. The coyote is greeted by succulent aromas when he walked through the glass door. His gaze wondered around, noting the rustic details of the café- from the light bouncing off the anemic walls, to the glass-fronted counter decorated by an array cream cakes and pastries, each labelled with very posh names. Most of the marble tables are occupied with customers [majority of coupled up people has his stomach churning with discomfort].

His flecked blue orbs lightened up after having spotted an empty chair that he could occupy, opposite to a slumbering person whose face was nestled in their folded arms. Maxence pulled out the chair and sat himself down as quietly as possible then intentionally cleared his throat aloud.
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lalisa manoban ♡ 7 months ago
@reece king Though university assignments were far more difficult and daunting in comparison to the workload she had endured in highschool, she couldn’t deny that she had more time to herself than she ever had in those four years. Being a cheer co-captain, show choir president, dance troupe captain, student council treasurer, and participant of several clubs saw to an almost anti-social life; if it weren’t for the fact that most of her friends were members of the same organizations. She only had herself to thank to make the executive decison to not be as involved in her freshman year of college, even if she was still in cheerleading. It’s surprising to see that such a stress-filled hybrid could still be filled with radiance. By now, she’s sure that she too, would have been burnt out. But instead, the smile upon her countenance was truly bright, showing only elation with no signs of tension. “You’re adorable,” she mused, reaching up to pat his cheek. “Yes, I will. Now c’mon. Before the line gets longer.”
reece king 8 months ago
@lalisa manoban Despite constantly being swamped with assignments, Reece always made an effort to make some leisure time for himself and this was due to the fact in high school he was constantly studying, being a member of student council and doing other extracurriculars such cheerleading, fencing, track&field and dance with him being co-captain of the Cheer Squad and the captain of the Dance team. These things burnt him out around his senior year because barely made any sort of free time for himself and ever since then he realized how important rest and relaxation really was. "Yahh." Reece cheered as he and Lisa neared the corner, he damn near squealed at the prospect of having food just around the corner. Smiling, he looked at Lisa and nodded. "Yes, yes I am. What about you?" He asked, tilting his head.
lalisa manoban ♡ 8 months ago
@reece king The tigress never really quite remembered the last time she’s visited the mall, especially given that she was almost always buried within a sea of assignments. Leisure was something incredibly hard to attain these days, and even when she was able to have it in her grasp, it is much more difficult to hold onto it for a prolonged amount of time. So to say that this last-minute rendezvous was a nice time off from overwhelming deadlines is definitely an understatement. “Food court should be around the corner,” she murmured with an elated grin, evidently unable to contain her excitement. “You gonna finish an entire pizza alone, or…?”
yifan wu 8 months ago
( sorry about the super late reply. I had a busy day today)

He turns around, two sodas in his hand to give you one before smiling and shaking his head. "Hey, it's fine. You wanted to come out and I wanted to go out too, so don't worry. This one is on me." Yifan chuckled before taking the tray of their food and looking around at the packed tables, hoping to spot an empty on for the two.
reece king 8 months ago
@yifan wu He chuckles at the other male's joke, shaking his head before watching as Yifan went to order their food. He blinks a bit at the other male, biting down on his lower lip as he glances down at his shoes. "I rarely let other people buy me anything if it's not a date, I feel like I owe them something." He said, one of his arms resting across his chest so he could grab his bicep while his other forearm moved so he could play with his hair.
yifan wu 8 months ago
@reece king "Oh. You do drug, hm?" Yifan blinks and eyes Reece suspiciously in a jokingly manner before laughing softly. He nods anyway before getting up to the counter to order their food. "Can I get two slices of pepperoni and pineapple pizza, two cokes, and a side of breadsticks, please?" He reaches behind to pull his wallet out and hand the cashier his card before looking over to Reece. "No need to pay me back or anything. This one is on me."
reece king 8 months ago
@yifan wu "Reece laughs, looking up at the other male. "Good. I would've ditched you if you didn't." He jokes, winking at the man before reaching up to push a loc of hair behind his ear. "Mhmm, well I do kinda want breadsticks." He said, glancing the Yifan again when he leans in his direction but not commenting on it as he bends over to place his elbows on the counter and looks up at the menu. "Coke, coke would be good. The drink kind i mean."
yifan wu 8 months ago
@reece king “Oh no! I don’t have a problem with that. I actually like pineapple on my pizza too.” Yifan trued to brush it off with a chuckle before nodding at Reece. “Pepperoni and pineapple sounds good. Should we get anything else?” He hummed, putting his weight on his left leg as he leaned over towards the latter to continue looking up at the menu as he thinks. “Maybe a drink or something?”
reece king 8 months ago
@yifan wu "Yes, yes I do? Will that be an issue?" He asks, his green eyes narrowing but his tone making it clear that he was joking. Following the other male the counter, he looked at the pizzas before looking up at the taller male again. "Pepperoni and pineapple maybe?" He asks, arms folding loosely across his chest.
yifan wu 8 months ago
@reece king Yifan turns to glance at Reece before nodding eventually after thinking for a bit. "Yeah, pizzas alright with me. You eat pineapple on your pizza?" He laughs nervously at his own stupid joke about the big debate whether or not pineapple goes on pizza. Quickly, Yifan walks up to the counter to take a better look at the pizzas.
reece king 8 months ago
@yifan wu Reece hums as he looks around as well, taking note of the large number of people around the food court. "Yeah." He said moving his gaze to the menus as well before spotting something a few moments and turning to Yifan. "How about pizza?" He asks, tilting his head to the side a bit as he waits for the other male's response.
yifan wu 8 months ago
@reece king As he follows Reece inside, he looks around before shrugging his shoulders a little sluggishly. "Honestly, I'm down to eat anything. Do you just want to look around and see what they got?" Yifan hums as he slides his hands into his pockets as he squints to look around at the tiny writing on some of the food court stall menus.
reece king 8 months ago
@yifan wu Taking the Yifan's hand, Reece shakes it while shooting the other male a pretty smile before pulling his hand away again. "Yeah, I got here just fine." He says before nodding. "Yeah come on, let's go." He says before walking towards the door, taking a moment to look back at the other male. "Want do you want to eat?"
yifan wu 8 months ago
@reece king Turning when he hears the voice of a male, Yifan shakes his head and puts his hood back down before sticking his hand out to the other with a smile on his face. "Nah I didn't. You didn't have any trouble getting out here did you?" Yifan chuckles before motioning towards the door at Reece. "Wanna head in?"
reece king 8 months ago
@yifan wu Reece hums as he arrives at the mall a few minutes later, his locs let loose and reaching his lower back while his body was clad in a simple pair of tight black joggers and a white t-shirt. Walking towards the entrance of the mall he notices Yifan before prompting walking over to the taller male quickly. "Hey, did you wait long?" He asked.
yifan wu 8 months ago
@reece king Yifan walks up to the entrance of the mall as requested. As he waits for Reece to show up, he leans against the wall. He takes a glance at his surroundings before pulling his hood over his head. In the meantime, he thinks about the food court and starts to get hungry himself so he begins to walk around slightly to kill some time and to distract himself.
hanbin kim [A] 8 months ago
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hyuna kim [A] 2 years ago
@SOPHIA CHANG "Well, don't you think you /would/ know if there was nothing there at all?" she reasoned, arching an eyebrow; that much was usually quite easy to tell in a relationship, or at least, from her experience. Then again, Hyuna did not exactly feel in the ways that other people did. "Friends can turn into things. Friends with benefits, boyfriends, baby daddies, enemies.." she pointed out matter-of-factly, taking another bite of her pizza. "So, question is, how would you feel if he just stayed a friend and.... never turned into anything else?"
hyuna kim [A] 2 years ago
@SOPHIA CHANG She could only giggle lightly, her eyes sparkling with mischief as she lifted her soda to her lips to take another sip. However, her expression turned a little more serious as she listened to the other, genuinely interested. "Yeah? So you guys know each other on a pretty deep level now," she remarked, taking another bite of her pizza and chewing thoughtfully. "Well, does it feel like something's there?" she questioned curiously, raising an eyebrow slightly. "I mean, if he's in your thoughts, you must have /some/ type of interest for him."
hyuna kim [A] 2 years ago
@SOPHIA CHANG "Ugh," she whined playfully, trying to swat the crumb away. "Get a condo or a house when you're an adult, not /now/." Even though, technically, they were both adults. Hyuna didn't feel like one, though.

She only watched in amusement as the female choked on her pizza, still very nonchalant as she even leaned back in her seat-- she knew she would be fine, anyways. "I have eyes and ears everywhere, my darling," she told her, her devious grin revealing her pointed canines. "So? What's the deal? You've actually broken through... whatever his whole thing is?" She had spoken with Hanbin a few times before, and quite truthfully, while he had intrigued her at first, she no longer held any interest in him-- while witty, he did not provide her enough amusement or entertainment in the long run, and so she couldn't be bothered anymore. "Come on, you have to talk now."
hyuna kim [A] 2 years ago
@SOPHIA CHANG "You can't expect me to not be excited that you're going to be my neighbor," she said with a playful smirk, tilting her head. "Now I can come bother you whenever I want~." Taking another bite and chewing as she listened to her, her hazel eyes immediately rounded with interest. "A guy? Alright, girl, spill. I want to hear everything. How good is he in bed?" she asked bluntly with a straight face, though she was only kidding around. However, she slyly tilted her head, asking nonchalantly, "His name wouldn't happen to be Hanbin, would it?"


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