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kihyun yoo 1 year ago
@kim minseok /flinches when you touch my arm, no matter how gentle it is but i stop and don't walk away again, instead looking up finally and meeting your gaze
/glances back at the group once more, the one you claim not to be friends with, wondering if that's true before i finally turn my amber eyes back on you
/surprised by you caring about me, a stranger, i don't know what to say for the moment as i look at you in stunned surprise, though finding myself grateful too
i'm about as fine as you can be when people like that still exist
even in a facility like this...
/gently pulling my arm back its clear i prefer not to be touched as much as i am grateful for your help, a small sigh leaving me afterwards
kihyun. i'm yoo kihyun and i'm thankful for you checking up on me too
/pulls the strap of my bag over my shoulder a little further, ducking my head politely to you in greeting this time before i give you a small, but warm smile
minseok kim 1 year ago
@kihyun yoo /blinks at your words as you bow. it takes me a second to put together what you are thinking or along the lines of it/
wait no! they are not my friends
/takes your arm gently not wanting to hurt you or scare you/
and i do not share their views... i just wanted to make sure you were okay after you heard everyone talking.
I know what its like and how ty it is.
kihyun yoo 1 year ago
@kim minseok /hearing someone call out suddenly i hunch my shoulders up, trying to ignore the owner of the voice as i don't want to confront anyone involved with those speaking poorly about me a moment before
/quickening my step i round the firepit finally and come to the other side of it, only to stop when i see someone coming up beside me
/lifting my head up i look at you quietly, briefly glancing back behind me to the group of people you came from before i turn my amber eyes back on you
i don't want any trouble... so please leave me alone
/whispers softly to you, not meeting your gaze a moment longer as i bow my head and step around you, trying to move past in the hopes you'll leave me be
/still thinking you're like those you've hanging out with i hope to be left alone still, honestly not wanting any trouble from you or your friends and to just return to my room for the night where i can hide
minseok kim 1 year ago
@kihyun yoo /a friend had dragged me to the play, I was more than happy to have sat inside his dorm and read his book. he wants a huge fan of doing this but he couldn't have said no/
/once it had started he actually enjoyed it, it probably want the best but it was fun to watch. he didn't really have much else to base it on but it had made him smile/
/once it was finished he had been standing around the firepit and they started talking about of the pople that was in the play/
/as the voices started to speak up he was confused until his friend pointed out the male walking by and told him that they were talking about him. with an annoyed look, i shake my head and walk off towards the male/
hey hey!
/i call out trying to catch up with him wanting to make sure he was okay, he knew the pain of being ed about and it wasn't something he would put on anyone ever/
kihyun yoo 1 year ago
@kim minseok /the play put on comes about in the evening hours on a particularly spring-feeling night, the air slightly warmer than usual but a chilled breeze now and then enough to make everyone keep an extra layer of warmth about them
/standing behind one of the partitions separating the students involved in the musical from those seated on the other side of the firepit, murmuring among themselves as they wait for the student-based play to begin
/going through the motions as usual i find myself acting up on stage as i normally do, slipping out of the usual distanced, almost cold demeanor i usually have around me and into the role i've been given
/by the end i find myself wiping off my heavy stage make up, the crowd having seemingly liked the play though i can't say the same for my classmates of me
/hearing them speak as if i weren't in the room at all their words are cutting and unkind but i tell myself they don't bother me, not now at least when they can see me
/finishing wiping off my make up i pick up my bag and pull the strap over my shoulder, intent on heading straight to my dorm as i pass the firepit itself, a group of other students there
/hearing them speak more loudly when i pass as the topic is seemingly about me, i don't even glance their way or sigh, biting back any response though i can't hide the hint of melancholy entirely for the rejection i'm supposed to feel in a welcoming place
hanbin kim [A] 1 year ago
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hyuna kim [A] 2 years ago
@LEE CHAE EUN “Of course it’s normal to get angry. It’s just how you handle that anger,” she replied with a sigh, knowing she had done some awful things in the past, and quite honestly, if provoked enough even now, she would probably do the same. Giving Chaeeun a little smirk, she nodded. “Yeah, I’d have to agree with you there.” She couldn’t help but laugh loudly as the younger hit her leg, biting on her lip to stop from giggling too much. “Well of course /you/ wouldn’t think so, that’s why I need to see the picture!” she spoke defensively, though still playing around. “Oh, please. You don’t hate me, you never will.”

She was giggling now, finding the expression on Chaeeun’s face hilarious. “No? Most people do,” she mused playfully, wide smirk crossing her lips, though she was glad to see the girl laughing now considering she had been so upset moments before. “Lovely, you can come over to my place~ okay? Make sure you bring me good gossip,” she teased, ruffling the other’s hair.
hyuna kim [A] 2 years ago
@LEE CHAE EUN "Innocent bystander. Hm." She tilted her head as she thought this over. "I suppose I was in a way, but if anything happened that bothered me, I got angry way too quickly," she admitted, chuckling softly. "Yeah.. I suppose you could say that. Although no one generally describes me as innocent," she said with a light smirk. Laughing, she playfully nudged her. "Come on, I can't even see one picture or something? I should be the judge for that myself," she pointed out. "You don't think what? That I'm wifey material? I'm offended," she put on a pout, but she was obviously only messing around. Hell, she couldn't even see herself as girlfriend material.

"Sue me? Please, you couldn't win in court against me, doll. This mouth is capable of /many/ things," she said with a suggestive smirk, again, only playing around. Although, it was true that the fox was quite good at arguing and charming her way out of trouble. "This weekend sounds perfect, babe. Want to come over my apartment and sleepover?"
hyuna kim [A] 2 years ago
@LEE CHAE EUN "Well, I'm glad to hear that, sweetie, because past me isn't coming back anytime soon." She said with a little laugh, ears wiggling slightly. Hyuna was far too confident now, far too strong and independent to go back to that version of herself. Not that it had been /that/ different-- she had still very much been confident, but she definitely had not stuck up for herself as much as she should have. Laughing loudly when Chaeeun shoved her, she gave her a playful nudge in return. "No, I'm seriously asking, dude! I could be your sister-in-law one day, wouldn't that be fun?" she exclaimed, still joking around.

Chuckling softly, she rolled her eyes fondly as she ruffled the feline's hair. "I'm just playing around with you, doll. I'm an open book. Ask me anything, and I'll answer." Perhaps the "open book" statement was not particularly true, but Hyuna had no problem with revealing personal things if people simply asked her first. Otherwise, she hardly felt the need to bring up her own personal life into conversations. "Let's do both, honey! When are you free?"
hyuna kim [A] 2 years ago
@LEE CHAE EUN She laughed as she played around with the girl's hair, cocking her head. "You know, there /was/ a time when I was innocent. Wouldn't you have just loved to meet that girl?" she teased; she couldn't even imagine herself as so innocent and pure anymore, so she wondered if other people could, too. "There's nothing wrong with being a ~ it makes life more fun! Speaking of which, are any of your brothers hot? Tall, dark, handsome?" she asked playfully, a loud laugh escaping her lips afterwards.

"Honey, /all/ of my secrets are dirty," the vixen replied, her smirk tugging at the corner of her lips, though she mocked innocence after. "Now, if I told you, would they be secrets anymore....?" Of course, she'd be more willing to open up to Chae Eun-- she just liked to tease and torture for a little bit. "Yes, please~ I need a date night with you. Once I'm done with all of my exams, I'm going to take you out and we'll stay up all night talking and eating and doing whatever the hell we want, got it?"
hyuna kim [A] 2 years ago
@LEE CHAE EUN A giggle escaped her lips, giving the female a nudge. "What? Me, taking that the wrong way? Who do you think you're talking to~?" she teased, smirking playfully. "Damn, and I thought three brothers was a nightmare," she replied, though in reality, she had always loved her brothers. She still did, even if she had distanced herself from her family. "Try not to think of them, sweetheart. You have a family here, now, and I'm a part of it. You don't need them. Okay?"

Laughing softly, she shrugged lightly. "People are sensitive. Besides, who said my secrets were only about people's issues? I know /everything/-- all the hookups, the cat fights, everything." She said with a devious smile before nodding her head. "Of course I will! Maybe it won't be a birthday gift, then, just a random one because that's how much I love ya."
hyuna kim [A] 2 years ago
@LEE CHAE EUN She smiled fondly as she lightly scratched at the base of Chae Eun's ears. "And that's why I'm here to make sure that doesn't happen. You're a lot more fun when you're up and breathing," she nudged at her friend playfully, a cheeky twinkle in her eyes. Smiling as the hybrid gave her a little kiss on the cheek, she couldn't help but silently gush over how adorable she was. Not a lot of people could make Hyuna fully melt like this, but Chae Eun was definitely one of them. "Yeah, not the way /they/ see it, though. Parents apparently think they have all the time in the world to make things right," she said with a roll of her eyes. "Ah, sort of. They're not harassing me or anything, but.. I'm done with them, ya know? What's done has been done, we can't go back now."

Chuckling softly, she nodded in agreement. "You can say that again. Don't worry, babe, you'll figure it all out. You're only seventeen, you have time to think about it." Grinning amused at her question, she simply gave her a wink. "I know everything about everyone, my dear, it's what we foxes do best. Don't worry, though, we don't spread all of the juicy secrets we hear," she teased, tilting her head to one side.
hyuna kim [A] 2 years ago
@LEE CHAE EUN "Well, then, I can help you with that, sweetheart-- I'm an expert with anything related to cell phones," the vixen said with a little smirk. Being the social student she was, she was almost always on her mobile device to make plans with people and keep in contact with her friends. Frowning lightly, she nodded in understanding as she listened to the other; she knew a little bit about how that felt. "I know, babe. Parents honestly , sometimes. Maybe they feel bad, though? Maybe they want to make amends?" She shrugged lightly, continuing, "I'm all for ignoring them if they're bothering you, but-- maybe you should just see what they want first. If it's bad, then stay away, but who knows? Maybe it's something good."

Rolling her eyes, she replied, 'Well, if they're just ing with you, then they're twelve-year-olds who need to get a life. You have your own life now, away from them, so you can do whatever the hell you wanna do." She was glad to see that smile appear on her friend's lips; that had been her goal. Giggling loudly as she watched her embarrassed reaction, she cocked her head, smirk reappearing. "Why not, sweetheart? We all have needs, you know, I'm no different." She loved to playfully tease like this, to jokingly make people feel uncomfortable. "Of course, darling, anytime~ I think I know what I'm going to get you for your birthday, now."
hyuna kim [A] 3 years ago
@LEE CHAE EUN Frowning lightly, annoyed that they were bothering her so much, she tilted her head, her furry ears pointing in the same direction as if following along. "Can you block them? Then you don't have to worry about that kind of thing," she pointed out. That was what Hyuna did, anyways, when people were bothering her-- even some of her best friends had been blocked at some points when the vixen needed her time to think (and sulk). "Just take a little break from them. Or a permanent one~ it's up to you, my dear, you're here in university and they're not."

Sighing softly, she nodded her head as she continued to run her fingers through the female's hair. "I know. But if it was that important, they could just text you about it, right? Or even send a letter or email or something." At the question, she chuckled softly. "Nah, I was just going for a walk out here-- but I always make sure I smell good anywhere I go. You never know who you're gonna run into," she pointed out in a coy tone, wiggling her eyebrows. It was no secret that the vixen was incredibly flirtatious-- being a tease was simply in her nature. "You can borrow my perfume anytime, darling."
hyuna kim [A] 3 years ago
@LEE CHAE EUN ( it was good!! omg, i just typed this long reply, and my internet got cut so i losT it ugH )

The girl ran her fingers through her hair gently, letting her cuddle into her however much she wanted. Hyuna may have been a party girl, she may have been a , she may have been sly and cunning, and she may have had a mouth on her, but she was fiercely loyal and nurturing to her friends, especially when they were upset. As a future psychologist, she wanted to help people as much as she could, even if she didn't seem like the type who would upon first glance.

A frown crossed her features as she glanced at the phone, not even having to read the name on the screen to know who was calling her. Grabbing it from her pocket and pressing "accept", she put it to her ear. "Excuse me, Chae is busy and can't take your call right now. She's very hardworking and she doesn't have the time for this, so kindly leave her alone." She spoke in a sassy voice, pressing "end" afterwards before the voice on the other end could even reply. "If you don't want to talk to them, you don't have to, okay?" she spoke firmly, looking down at the feline hybrid as she slid the phone back into her pocket (after switching it to silent). "If they're making you unhappy, you shouldn't even have to think about them."
hyuna kim [A] 3 years ago
@LEE CHAE EUN Hyuna had been going for a walk nearby, simply to clear her mind from the semi-stressful day she had had. Classes were becoming harder and harder as the year progressed, and it was a little scary. She wanted straight A's, and she truly tried hard despite her party girl reputation, but she felt as though she were getting distracted more and more often lately.

She was about to turn around and head back when she heard her name being called from a good distance away-- her fluffy, pointed ears immediately twitched towards the direction. Widening her eyes, she immediately started going towards the voice; she knew whom it belonged to, and the poor girl sounded miserable.

Approaching the firepit, the vixen spoke softly, "You called?" A frown of concern crossed her features as she came to her friend's side, sitting down next to her and bringing an arm around her protectively. "Chae, darling, what happened? Is someone bothering you? Come on, tell me everything. I'm here to help."

( nuuu it was perf! sorry mine's a little short! )


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