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hoseok shin 1 year ago
@kihyun yoo Shin Hoseok. Not everyone knows his name but only by his looks. Every time someone would see him, the first thing that comes to mind is how wide and buff he is. It's obvious that he works out but he's trained hard since his military days. Now, going to the gym is pretty much his thing, especially since it keeps his mind off of things that stresses him out such as school.

Returning from his classes, he headed to the locker room to change into his gym wear which included his tank top and a pair of shorts. Coming out from the locker, he headed to his favorite area (weights) and began his routine of stretching his muscles out first but during the middle of his stretching, out of the corner of his eyes he noticed the lonely fox being pushed around -- causing fiery and rage in Hoseok's mind however, he waited silently for something to happen. In other words, something that would push him to his feet to help the young, helpless lad. Though his eyes never really left to watch the scene, he realized him slowly making his way out of the gym and that was when he decided to get up, wondering what the case may be.

Rushing to him, he approached Kihyun with a tap on his shoulders from behind before clearing his throat. "Hey um. I noticed what happened earlier and was there something wrong?" He questioned our of curiosity, making sure there was no fist fighting going on in the gym or specifically on the school grounds.
kihyun yoo 1 year ago
@hoseok shin Today was another day. Once more Kihyun would try to find someone at the university gym to help him. What did he need help with exactly? Well the fox wanted help to train in self-defense. It all lead back to his feelings of failure he still carried on his shoulders, losing his family in one night and all he'd done was cry and run, run away as his brother had ordered him to do so. Night after night Kihyun wondered if he could have changed the outcome, kept at least one of his family members if he'd been able to fight but since he couldn't go back in time and change the outcomes he had one option left - to never let it happen again.

He'd come to the gym for the past fortnight, asking first the university athletic groups for admittance, to at least let him try out. None of them wanted him, not the wrestling team, not the taekwondo team, not boxing, none of them wanted to take him on. Kihyun had taken to asking fellow students on a one to one basis, ones who were bigger and clearly knew how to fight but still, nothing good came about it. People tended to ignore him like he wasn't even there, like they couldn't hear him or they'd turn angry on him and told him if he didn't leave then they'd make sure he did and wouldn't be able to come back.

Despite the mild threats Kihyun had come back again. He was currently in the middle of being told what he could do with himself rather unpleasantly, his head being shoved by a large hand repeatedly and despite that he still asked quietly for help. Being physically turned away from the student then, Kihyun was shoved forward to which he stumbled, stopping just short of someone on the treadmill before he glanced up beneath his lashes, bowing his head in apology for the disturbance. Turning to walk away, Kihyun told himself he'd come back again tomorrow, maybe the someone would take pity on the fox.
hanbin kim [A] 1 year ago
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Moguri 7 months ago
Bora will be taking her leave due to some medical issues.
Thanks for having me here though.
Everme29 8 months ago
I’ve got a question... how active is this place?
mononoke 1 year ago
lee jieun for me, please!
makkuro 1 year ago
Could I have Jeon Jungkook reserved please
giggleyoon 1 year ago
Can I join as Jennie Kim?
-INOSUKE- 1 year ago
should I join-
hissra [A] 1 year ago
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wonholic 1 year ago
Keeping Hoseok and Taehyung but dropping Luda
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Sorry to disturb, but where are u supposed to check for a grade/professor/sp the description got cit off so i can't see it
jeonbyul 1 year ago
Can I reserve Im Changkyun from Monsta X, please?
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