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soohyun kim 7 months ago
@hyuna kim The diligence with which she studied should have already tipped him off to the class it was for, but with it being such an easy conversational starter, he didn't care that the answer was slightly redundant. He knew she loved psychology, and he knew first hand just how talentes the fox was at it, though that went for most things.
"I know that feeling," the panda laughed, trying to ease himself back into the situation. "It's going. I wrote up a few more pages yesterday about Perseus. And teaching is going well too, though I mostly subsititue when there's a sick professor or help grade papers so I can't say I've gotten too much experience with students yet. But I'm sure it'll come with time."
hyuna kim [A] 7 months ago
@soohyun kim Her eyes drifted back towards her notebook, reading over some bullet points but still able to catch the stutter in his question, finding slight amusement in it though not commenting on it. It was regular behavior for him, anyways, especially around her-- but she hoped it was not because he was truly that nervous around her. "Abnormal psych," she replied, glancing at her laptop screen for a second to check the PowerPoint lecture her teacher had uploaded before looking to him with another soft smile. "I love this class, though, so studying actually isn't too bad. It's interesting, if anything." Tilting her head, she asked, "How's writing coming along, though? And teaching? Are your students annoying?" she asked playfully, though genuinely interested.
soohyun kim 7 months ago
@hyuna kim The smile that flashed over her lips caused Soohyun to hesitate, unable to look at her without thinking she looked a little miscevious. Hopefully it was just because she was happy and not that she had noticed him standing there staring, a lost puppy reminiscing of easier times. Surely, she would have told him if she spotted him, wouldn't she?

The panda sank down in one of the free seats around her, his eyes making a quick pass over her open books and notes. "That sounds like you, yeah." Soohyun awkwardly shifted in his seat, not really knowing where to start now that he had her attention. Her want of company, proper company, added an odd weight to his shoulders as he tried to vome up with anything to say.
"W-what subject?"
hyuna kim [A] 7 months ago
@soohyun kim Thankfully, reuniting with Soohyun and speaking to him in general had not felt weird or uncomfortable to Hyuna given their past-- all she had wanted to do since all of the drama, anyways, was to simply be friends with him again, and it looked like she was getting her wish. Not that they had necessarily /not/ been friends before, but the dynamic of their relationship had definitely been thrown off, to say the least. He would always be a big chapter of her life no matter what, and while she knew things could not go back to exactly how they were, she still had hope that their friendship, if anything, could strengthen from all that they had been through.

Glancing up upon hearing his voice, a small smile crossed her lips, one of her furry ears twitching slightly. "Sure am. I've got a pretty big test this week, so I've been studying my off for a few days now," she said with a playfully dramatic sigh, leaning back in her chair and twirling around a strand of her hair. "I always love to have company while I study, though~ it's way too quiet when I'm just doing this alone, ya know?"
soohyun kim 7 months ago
@hyuna kim To think he'd find himself back at the beck and call of the vixen so easily had Soohyun doubting himself. A year to self-reflect and yet at the first notion of her name he was back in, diving without any regard for his own safety. He knew how foolish it was, and yet could not help himself from just wanting to be around her again.

She symbolised a lot in his life. Pain. Misery. Loneliness. Love. Compassion. Care. All conflicting images, all smushed together into a goddess of a human being, so smart and full of life. His last year of school had been dominated by her existence, much it seemed like many around him. She was the gem of the school, everyone's first crush.
And yet he was probably the most pathetic.

Straightening his shirt as he walked, long brisk steps through the library, it did not take long to find the fiery beauty he had searched for. For a moment he just stood there, watching her as if it was all in slow motion, memories both good and bad flooding back into his mind and making him feel oddly alive. "Hyuna. Still here, huh?"
hyuna kim [A] 8 months ago
@kim minseok Light eyes flickering over the works Minseok had selected, an amused chuckle escaped her lips. "You're right. Great minds think alike, huh? I think we're gonna do just fine on this project," she said with a small grin, already pleased. Not only did she have a great (and handsome) partner, but she was confident they were pretty much already guaranteed an even greater grade. She giggled softly as he responded to her flirtations with some of his own, eyebrow raising. "Then maybe for the sake of our GPAs, we should sit on opposite sides of the room," she joked, eyes twinkling. She always loved when people could keep up with her banter and seductive charm; while it was fun to fluster the more shy ones, she could very much appreciate confidence in a man.

She took the notebook with curiosity, eyes scanning the page clearly looking impressed with his work. "Wow. You're so organized. You must be pretty good at school, huh?" she inquired, glancing over at him with a little smile before looking back at the notebook. "I think this seems great." She set it down in between them so they could both use it for reference, looking back to him and tilting her head. "How do ya feel about public speaking, love? I know some people get nervous, but you don't seem like the type to."
minseok kim 8 months ago
@hyuna kim Minseok smiled at the other with a kind smile before he looked at her book pile then his own "we pretty much got the same books" he said with a smile. "id happily sit next to you. I think both of us would get distracted then for the same reason then, because you are a lot more beautiful in person as well" he said replying to her with the same teasing voice a smile on his face

"any way we should get a plan sorted for this presentation then. here is the rough idea i had," he said handing her a notebook which he hab pulled from his back opened to a page which showed a rough plan for the presentation that he had drawn up along with extra ideas that would be added or not in a box at the bottom.
hyuna kim [A] 8 months ago
@kim minseok Upon hearing her name, she looked up and immediately smiled, eyes twinkling with genuine happiness. Anyone who knew the vixen knew she loved to meet new people and make new friends; she tended to get along with most personality types, or at least, enough to have decent conversation if not a closer bond.

"Hey, there!" she greeted, moving some of her stuff so the other would have more room. "Yeah, you too! I'm so pumped we have this class together. I get so bored during the lectures, we should start sitting together," she said with a little grin, her pointed canine teeth showing through her smile. Wiggling her eyebrows playfully afterwards, she added with a teasing lilt to her voice, "But you're even more handsome in person. Maybe I'd get too distracted if I sat next to you..."
minseok kim 8 months ago
@hyuna kim Minseok was slightly shocked when he had found out that Hyuna was in his class he was very surprised but he was happy to work on this assignment with her and even happy that she wanted to do it with him.

Minseok had checked a few books out the day before so that he could read up on the topic the night before, he was a big reader so it didn't takes long to fo him. When he walked into the libary it didnt take him long to find his beautiful partner, it had been the first time that he had really seen her in person so it was nice to finally meet her

"Hyuna?" he said noticing she was invested in her laptop, he put the books down on the table already seeing the pile she had with her, with a smile he sat down pulling his own laptop out and putting it on the table "so... its nice to meet you in person" he said brightly
hyuna kim [A] 8 months ago
@kim minseok It was always a pleasant surprise when Hyuna discovered that one of her chatroom friends happened to be in a class of hers; some of the classes at iHybrid were so large, it was almost impossible to know who was in them if they weren't already a friend. So when she had found out Minseok was in her English class, it was clear who she wanted to work with on the next assignment, and she was happy that he had felt the same way.

She was currently sitting at a table in the library, gathering a stack of books she had found that would help for research on the presentation they were going to be giving. Despite her reputation as a flirtatious party animal, the vixen was quite dedicated to her studies. She was passionate about her major and set high standards for herself, normally putting her schoolwork first before attending all the parties and hitting up all the clubs. While it got a bit frustrating hearing gossip about herself claiming her to be some type of shallow airhead simply because of her fun loving side, she had learned to ignore it because she knew better.

Taking out her laptop, she opened up a new document to start taking notes, knowing Minseok would be arriving soon. Sending him a quick text to let her know what part of the library she was in, she set her phone down and let out a little hum as she started setting up the format of the presentation, determined to get at least a good chunk of work done that night.
hanbin kim [A] 8 months ago
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hyuna kim [A] 2 years ago
@SHIN HOSEOK She bit her lip slightly, wondering if he truly felt that it was "nice to see her". Was he angry? Sad? Or was she overthinking it, and was he completely over everything they had gone through? It had been quite a decent amount of time, anyways. "Yeah, you too," she replied softly, and she was being truthful. She may not have had feelings for him anymore, but she truly did miss their friendship. Their good moments. To her, relationships weren't all about intimacy and being in love. Friendship played a large role when it came to significant others, and once upon a time, she had been able to call Hoseok her best friend, just like he had with her. "It's pretty late, who can blame us for being a little out of it?" she chuckled quietly, trying to get rid of the tension hanging above them. "How... have you been?" she questioned, genuinely curious as she looked up at him, taking in the sight of the face she had not seen so close up in God knew how long.
hyuna kim [A] 2 years ago
@SHIN HOSEOK It was nearly one in the morning when Hyuna glanced at the time on her laptop screen, a sigh escaping her lips. As much as she wanted to go back to her apartment and crawl into bed, she knew she could not. The assignment she was working on wasn't even due the next day, but she wanted to get as much of it done as possible. Despite her party girl reputation, she had always been hardworking when it came to school.

Realizing she was a bit thirsty, the vixen glanced towards her empty water bottle, somewhat relieved that she now had an excuse to stand up and stretch a bit to go fill it up. Getting up from her chair, she yawned as she headed towards the water fountain, though as she rounded the corner, she nearly bumped into another figure. Quickly stopping herself before she could, she began to say, "Oh, sorry-" when she looked up, eyes meeting with her ex-boyfriend's. "Oh. Hoseok," she greeted, biting her lower lip but offered him a slight smile, rubbing the back of her neck with her free hand. "Sorry, wasn't looking where I was going." It had been a long time since the two had even said hi to each other, and while she had held some bitterness and resentment towards him in the past, she felt strangely at peace now. Perhaps it was because she had Intae now; it was easier to leave things in the past. They had been young when they dated, and she had matured since then-- she was sure he had, too.
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hyuna kim [A] 2 years ago
@KIM JAEJOONG She watched him as he worked, wondering what was going on in his mind at that moment. Did he feel strange around her, or did he truly not care anymore? He was a guy, after all, and based on her own experience, men seemed to move on rather easily-- at least, compared to girls. A part of her wanted to let out a loud sigh and bluntly ask if they could drop the formalities and pleasantries and go back to how they acted before, but of course, such a change could not happen overnight. It was making her restless, though, this weird attitude she was not used to having with him. It would have been much easier if they had never spoken again since their friendship- and whatever else it could have possibly been- ended. "Four's perfect," she replied, nodding her head. "I can go first." Hyuna loved to go first. In practically everything. She was full of confidence and she had no problem with showing it. Looking at his notes, she couldn't help but chuckle softly. "Still as detailed as ever, hm?" she remarked; perhaps bringing up anything relevant to the past or the mere fact that they knew each other on a personal level was a bad idea, but the vixen hardly ever thought before she spoke.
hyuna kim [A] 2 years ago
@KIM JAEJOONG In a way, this was frustrating. Hyuna was not used to being so cold with people. Yes, she was good at it, but that didn't mean she particularly wanted to be. It was in the vixen's nature to be flirtatious, friendly, and to have a little fun with the people she talked to-- not sit still like this and only focus on the work in front of them. Especially when Jaejoong had once been someone she /could/ have fun with, both intimately and otherwise.
She offered him a light smile in return at that grin that crossed his lips, the one she had once known so well. "Agreed. Yeah, let's do that," she agreed, beginning to create it on her laptop. Memories came back to her of assignments they had worked together on in the past, but she resisted the urge to smile, even if some memories were funny. They had always been quite the duo, but the realist in her knew that that phase of their relationship was not coming back anytime soon, if at all. "Should we do, like, every three or four slides and just switch off? For presenting, I mean?" she asked, cocking her head as she looked at him.
hyuna kim [A] 2 years ago
@KIM JAEJOONG She did not even have to look at him to know that laugh was not one of genuine amusement or happiness. In a way, it stung a bit, considering she could remember a time where she /had/ made him sincerely laugh, just like he used to do with her. But unfortunately, they had fallen into things at the wrong time, what with being fresh out of relationships-- considering how messed up Hyuna had been, she knew with one-hundred percent certainty that it would have never worked. If she and Jaejoong had ever dated, they would be in an even worse place than they were right now.
She glanced towards the sound of his fingers tapping, naturally leaning over to look at the information displayed on the screen, momentarily forgetting how close this brought her to his body. Her eyes flickered over the words, nodding slowly before looking up at him-- now it was quite obvious how close their faces were, and she caught his eyes scanning her own facial features, just like she had been doing with his.
Clearing , she sat back again, her demeanor remaining cool and composed. If there was anything she was good at, it was deceit. "That looks good," she spoke approvingly before typing a URL into her own laptop, clicking a few links before turning it towards him. "I think with these two sites, we could finish this thing off today, don't you think?"
hyuna kim [A] 2 years ago
@KIM JAEJOONG "No need to be formal with me, darling, I think we know each other a bit too well for that." The vixen replied bluntly, her light colored eyes already focused back on her computer screen. It wasn't that she hated him, or even disliked him, for that matter. But she had been the one to initiate cutting ties with him, and even though it had pissed him off, quite honestly, it had been for his own good. It had been too risky at the time for them to ever discover if they could have been something more. It would be a bit strange if she went back to being his best friend, pretending nothing ever happened between them. "Just call me Hyuna." Looking over to him again, she let her eyes linger a bit over his features before glancing at his screen. "Got any good research so far? I think I know a good site we can use."
hyuna kim [A] 2 years ago
@KIM JAEJOONG Glancing down at her phone, Hyuna sighed as she saw the message from Jaejoong, the male whom she had been assigned to work with earlier in class that day. He hadn't even been there, and even though she had tried to protest, she had had no luck. Adjusting her bag over her shoulder, she didn't bother replying, considering she was a mere few steps away from the library already. Walking inside, her hazel orbs flickered around before spotting him at one of the tables. Walking over with her regular confident gait, she hung her bag over the chair beside him. "Hi, sweetheart," she drawled in a rather indifferent tone, or at least, the best she could muster. Sitting down beside him and taking her own laptop out, she glanced over at him with a raised eyebrow, trying to ignore the fact that he /still/ had to be so damn attractive. "Let's get this over with, shall we?"
hyuna kim [A] 2 years ago
@KAT GRAHAM "Mm? What do I seem like, then?" she asked with a raised eyebrow. She was used to hearing that she didn't even seem like someone who would be in college at all, given her reputation of being a party girl and a huge flirt, but she did very much like to prove people wrong. "Yeah, that's true. But you seem fine to me," she pointed out with a little giggle. Writing down a few notes in her notebook, she nodded thoughtfully. "I guess I'm pretty carefree in general. I mean, you shouldn't be stressing out about studying what you love," she said with a shrug.

"God, ew," she cringed playfully, shaking her head to herself. "Really, there's nothing unique these days. They should make movies with hybrids.How cool would that be?" She nodded her head in agreement. "I mean, I'll keep a rom-com on in the background, but I won't actually pay attention to it. Action and comedy is way better."
hyuna kim [A] 2 years ago
@KAT GRAHAM "Honestly, I prefer writing more," she admitted, chuckling lightly with a shrug. "I guess I'm just old school, though. Right? I don't get people who can concentrate in silence. Like, isn't it creepy?" She made a face slightly but turned back to her book, opening it up to the correct page and sighing as she looked at the long, long chapter ahead of her. Hearing the girl talking to herself, she glanced towards her in amusement, but did not say anything to break her focus until she spoke to her. "Studying for a psych test. Yeah, psych is my major," she said with a little laugh. "Oh? Why's that?" she asked with interest, wondering just exactly how the other saw her as.

Turning back to her book, eyes scanning over the words somewhat boredly, she smiled lightly at her comment. "Yeah, you're probably right. Though it's probably a cheesy rom-com where the dude accidentally spills his coffee on the girl's lap while she's desperately studying for the bar, and then, well, you know how the rest goes." She wasn't sure if that little plot line had only been produced due to how sleep deprived she was, but it was amusing to her, nonetheless.
hyuna kim [A] 2 years ago
@KAT GRAHAM ( no its okay mine was pretty short too aha no worries!! )

"Wow, that sounds complicated. But kinda cool. I don't really know how to do anything on computers, besides, like, copy pasting," she joked with a laugh, ears twitching slightly. Grinning in relief, she nodded her head. "I'm the same way! I don't understand how people don't just fall asleep or something when it's this quiet. It's just eerie." Standing up and finishing her jerky, she stood up and went back to the other side of the room, gathering her things together before returning to Kat. "Thanks, doll, you're the best," she said with a tired smile, setting her stuff down and sighing loudly as she practically collapsed into the chair. "God, I can't /wait/ until vacation."
hyuna kim [A] 2 years ago
@KAT GRAHAM "Yeah, same for me. I mean, I normally only sleep in the early hours of the morning, anyways, being nocturnal at all-- but I prefer not to be spending my entire night /studying/," she said with a sigh, shaking her head to herself. "But yeah, I know, right? I guess they're all out having their fun." She barely puffed out her cheeks in an uncharacteristically cute action for the vixen before grinning widely, nodding her head. "/Yes/ please, I'm starving." Taking the piece from her hand, she bit down on it, tail swishing from side to side behind her.

"So what are ya working on?" she asked, glancing at the computer screen curiously. She had never been much of a computer person; she could manage instant messaging, Word documents, and the Internet, and that was about it. "Hey, would you mind if I brought my stuff over here and worked with you? Having someone to talk to will keep me up," she mused, then looked towards her. "But if you, like, need quiet to concentrate and everything, I totally understand."
hyuna kim [A] 2 years ago
@KAT GRAHAM It was nearly four in the morning, and Hyuna had to wonder if she /really/ cared about obtaining her degree that much, but she kept reminding herself that the long, tedious hours of studying would be worth it in the end. She had wanted to study psychology ever since she had first discovered the subject at the age of sixteen, and here she was, four years later, following her dream. However, she would much rather /actually/ have been dreaming at that moment, tucked into her comfortable bed, perhaps even curled up to Yukwon's side.

Taking a deep breath, she lightly hit at her cheeks to keep herself awake. She only needed to read through two more chapters, and she would be done. However, the second her eyes focused on the text in front of her, a low rumbling emitted from her stomach. Frowning, the vixen bit her lip, wondering if she should just ignore it. Did she really need to be snacking at 4 AM?

However, a certain scent hit her sensitive nose, making her straighten up slightly. Twitching her nose lightly, she arched an eyebrow. Was that... salmon? The hungry girl stood up, now happy to abandon her work as she followed the odor with ease, hoping that wherever it was coming from, she could eat it. She was soon on the other end of the room, blinking at the sight of a female sitting there-- looking around, she realized they were the only two in the entire room. Upon closer inspection, she realized it was a fellow classmate from art club-- the president of art club, to be more precise. "Kat!" she greeted with a little smile, coming over and plopping down right next to her. "I didn't see you here! How long have you been here?" Wiggling her nose a little more, she inquired afterwards, "Also, do you have some type of... fishy snack on you...?"
hyuna kim [A] 2 years ago
@KIM SOOHYUN She nodded her head, twirling around a strand of her hair. "Yeah, he's a friend of mine, actually," she told him with a little chuckle, but for some reason, did not want to tell him any more than that. Yukwon was probably Hyuna's closest friend on campus rather than just some mere friend, but sometimes, their closeness was a bit too much for other people. She wanted to focus on befriending Soohyun, not talking about her other friends.

She blinked as she listened to him, but a smile barely spread across her lips. If anything, she liked that he was actually taking the time to figure her out before coming to assumptions, like half the school seemed to do. "Okay," she agreed, nodding her head slowly. "That's completely fair. I'd like to know when you have me all figured out," she spoke in a playful tone, eyes twinkling as her tail flicked a little bit to the right.

Glancing at the one name listed in his phonebook, she looked back at him with a little smile. "Well, looks like that will change now, huh?" At the mention of Yukwon again, she raised an eyebrow quizzically. "Yukwon, of all people, is your first friend? And you... actually get along with him?" She knew she probably blatantly sounded shocked, but it was surprising. Yukwon got on everyone's nerves, including hers.

Giggling lightly, she nodded her head and sat up straight, her ears sitting straight upon her head as if ready to pay attention. "Alright. How about I work on number 1, you work on number 2, and we'll keep going from there depending on who's done first? Sound like a plan?"

( if you want, after your reply, we can go ahead to the thread of them climbing and stargazing and stuff! or do something else. i'm really down for anything with these 2 :D )
hyuna kim [A] 2 years ago
@KIM SOOHYUN "Ah. /Of course/ it's outside the girls' dorm." The vixen said with a shake of her head. She was ninety-nine percent sure the "great sights" Yukwon had been referring to were not up in the sky, but rather through the windows of the building. "Yeah, I'd keep it to that if I were you," she chuckled softly, half playfully. Soohyun truly did not seem like the type who would keep company like Yukwon around, but then again, in some ways, she was practically the female fox version of the male racoon hybrid.

She could tell he was flustered and confused, but it made her chuckle slightly. Even though he was now avoiding her gaze, she still smiled down at him as she shook her head. "I'm not. Do I seem like the type of girl who says something without meaning it?" she spoke in a teasing voice; Hyuna was very blunt and outspoken, and she very rarely sugarcoated things. She genuinely wanted Soohyun to feel confident with himself and his animal counterpart-- he deserved to. Everyone did.

Grinning, she took the phone and nodded. "Awesome. I'll call you before we meet next time~ or are you more of a texter? I suppose I like both," she hummed thoughtfully. Looking back down at her notebook, realizing they had gotten nothing done yet, she laughed softly. "We should probably start working on these now, huh? I didn't realize how much time went by. It's fun talking to you."
hyuna kim [A] 2 years ago
@KIM SOOHYUN She giggled softly, amused hearing him say it himself-- the smile that accompanied his words was adorable, though. The vixen just wanted to ruffle his hair, play with his ears, /something/-- but she knew that would not be a smart idea. She wanted him to feel comfortable around her at his own pace, and that probably wasn't going to be on their first day talking.

However, at the mention of Yukwon, she blinked in surprise. "You know Kwonnie?" she asked, arching an eyebrow. She would have never imagined Soohyun to be friends with Yukwon, or really anyone like Yukwon. How did that work? In a way, Hyuna was practically the female version of the raccoon hybrid, although she was nowhere near as destructive as he was when it came to relationships.

She frowned slightly, knowing he was not being genuine, and while she knew she could not force it, she wished she could make him see that he was special in the best of ways. Unable to help herself this time, she slowly reached out and held his hand lightly, giving it a gentle squeeze. "It's okay if it takes a while. I don't know what made you feel this way about yourself, but it's all up to you if you wanna keep feeling that way or not. But I think your animal features are pretty damn amazing." Pulling her hand away, she giggled softly as she added with a playful wink, "Not to mention, cute."

Smiling, she shook her head. "You don't have to know, I'll do all the planning for us! Whenever you wanna go out, you just let me know, okay?" She took out her phone, sliding it to him with a small grin. "Here, add your number."
hyuna kim [A] 2 years ago
@KIM SOOHYUN "Yeah, that's true. It's a date, then~" the vixen said playfully, tail swishing higher up in the air a little faster from side to side as it so often did when she was excited. She was genuinely eager to get to know Soohyun better; quite honestly, she hadn't expected him to even converse with her that much at all. Most people who had heard the things said about her assumed she was annoying or obnoxious.

"Yeah, that's true. But it's not too bad if you split it with people, ya know?" she said with a shrug. Money had never been much of an issue for her; she was not ridiculously wealthy or anything, but she was certainly well off thanks to her family. As distant as she was from them, she was grateful they still supported her, even if it was difficult for her to show it due to past situations.

She arched an eyebrow slightly, noticing he had been quiet for just a little too long. She was good at reading people, and based on his movements for, well, practically the entire conversation, she had a feeling he wasn't exactly that confident with his red panda features. "I mean it," she said insistently, even if he was trying to move on from the conversation. "Be proud of it, okay? It's not a bad thing that we're different." She said with a little smile. "Yeah, I understand that." She nodded, having expected an answer as such. "Well, if you do ever want to go to one, just let me know. We can go together." She offered, her right ear twitching happily at the thought.
hyuna kim [A] 2 years ago
@KIM SOOHYUN She grinned a little bit at the sight of the smile appearing on his lips; she wasn't sure why she liked it so much. She supposed it was more special receiving one from him, considering he did not express as much emotion as most of the people she was accustomed to. "Okay! We can go to the hiking trail, maybe," she suggested, knowing of a few smaller trees scattered around the area.

"Yeah, exactly. Honestly, I think I'll be getting my own house soon, anyways. Maybe live with a friend or two or something, you know? Living off campus would be a fun experience." As much as she loved school, she didn't want to be around it 24/7. Besides, she was practically an adult, now-- living in a dorm seemed rather juvenile.

She noticed him look back down just as quickly as he had looked up, her head tilting to one side slightly in confusion as her ear turned towards the same direction to follow it. Nonetheless, she continued the conversation as she replied, "That's so cool. Your animal counterpart is so unique~ You must be so proud of it. Or at least, I'd hope you are!" Hyuna knew of a lot of people who had been self conscious of their features, whether they be furry, scaly, or feathery, but she had always been proud and confident with her own. "Hm? How about you? Do you like to party?" she asked curiously-- quite honestly, she was assuming the answer would be no, but maybe he would surprise her.
hyuna kim [A] 2 years ago
@KIM SOOHYUN "Ooh, good point." Smiling softly as she watched him, she joked, "And I'm not always the best student, so maybe we're a hopeless mess, huh?" Shaking her head, she pat his shoulder lightly, but remembered his sensitivity to touch, so withdrew her hand soon after. "Nah, I bet you're a great teacher. You totally seem like the sweet, patient type. We can practice on the smaller trees, can't we?"

Blinking at the question, she chuckled softly as she leaned back in her chair and rubbed the back of her neck. "Honestly, most of my closest friends are guys, so I guess I have, yeah." She didn't generally sleep with her close male friends-- however, there were guys she had slept with whom she had snuck in quite a few times, but she didn't need to disclose that to Soohyun. "So it'll be fine, especially if we're just going to the roof. They hardly even check the rooms themselves. I mean, most of us are in our twenties, you know? They probably figure they should let us be adults."

A little smile crossed her lips; she found it cute that he was so into climbing. "Well then, it sounds like I'll be learning from a master," she remarked, her pointed, white teeth revealing themselves as she grinned a little wider, and her furry ears twitching slightly. "Damn. Silent and brooding, hm? But you seem like the kind of person who would prefer a quiet roommate over a loud one, anyways."


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wonholic 7 months ago
Keeping Hoseok and Taehyung but dropping Luda
GreenParadise 7 months ago
Sorry to disturb, but where are u supposed to check for a grade/professor/sp the description got cit off so i can't see it
jeonbyul 7 months ago
Can I reserve Im Changkyun from Monsta X, please?
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