May 25, 2017
venirose [A] 2 years ago
So...first of all, I did not see this coming AT ALL. I feel like a ton of bricks hit my head or something. I had to check five times if I this wasn't some kind of joke because it seemed completely surreal to me (still does actually). I know there are plenty of other layout galleries which have so much more potential than this one (because I'm stalking the layout tags from time to time out of boredomness.)

Still, huge thank you to everyone who up-voted and seriously, I'm in tears. Like, today is probably the best day ever because...there are several reasons behind it and one of those is the featuring of this thread. Thank you everyone for making this day even better than it already is and lots of love! ♡

Also, maybe I should tell you that I've been planning to add some newer layouts for quite a while. I'll go add them after the revamp. I owe you guys a lot. *cries in a corner*


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yangyang 1 day ago
using the answer
jwpark 4 days ago
Using metronome!
wassowasso 5 months ago
using monochromatic
Kaworu 5 months ago
using pink bubbles, thanks
Kim4Shim 5 months ago
using smile
AmbieAssassin 5 months ago
I'm going to try and use vintage. Thank you!
cosvixx 6 months ago
using the answer, thanks!
ruotianz 7 months ago
using metronome-
Shinylover 7 months ago
Using the answer
polaris01 8 months ago
Might be using Honey
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