kim chungha 1 year ago
/Orders myself a sandwich and cookies
jung eunbi 1 year ago
ehhh there's no need--
[post deleted by owner]
song mingi 1 year ago
ha sungwoon [A] 1 year ago
suqs fo u m8 :"D
song mingi 1 year ago
and here I had hopes it'd be the restaurant and I'd get to use my coupons
ong seongwu [A] 1 year ago
s wipes dat v


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thanus 7 hours ago
can i get renjun back ?//?/? if he still exists (?) and have him cced to pdx101’s kim mingyu?
Chimx2 10 hours ago
Do kyungsoo plz
10080MINUTES 19 hours ago
park jihoon?
urlbee 21 hours ago
smh give me kim wooseok pls
d-dirt 4 days ago
hey now that I’m done graduating I’d like to have 2 of my persons back
mingi & chaewon c:
sunniehyuckie 4 days ago
Kang seulgi please?
softspot- 6 days ago
park jiyeon for me pls
flippy-- 1 week ago
hi! idk if my eyes are correct but park chanyeol is available?
maya_carter12 1 week ago
lee hoseok and bae suji?
wassowasso 1 week ago
skks could i have jongdae back or was he deleted oof
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