kim chungha 1 year ago
/Orders myself a sandwich and cookies
jung eunbi 1 year ago
ehhh there's no need--
[post deleted by owner]
song mingi 1 year ago
ha sungwoon [A] 1 year ago
suqs fo u m8 :"D
song mingi 1 year ago
and here I had hopes it'd be the restaurant and I'd get to use my coupons
ong seongwu [A] 1 year ago
s wipes dat v


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wassowasso 8 hours ago
could i get taeyeon's cleared wall and cc her to jung wooyoung?
assgard 1 day ago
h i could i get a hiatus until like the 5th pls thank you
Pengqueen 1 day ago
is actress kim yoojung available?
Tomfoolery 1 day ago
Do you have a mobile friendly description?? Can’t see it, 50% cut off.
wlwgfriend 3 days ago
may i have fromis' lee chaeyoung?
wokhardt 4 days ago
can I have jiho & jongho back nouwu
ahegao 4 days ago
sup can i get yuqi back but as a 6th
niwakaame 4 days ago
hi :") hiatus pls
chikan 5 days ago
so i didnt k ow we 6th pls give me lee seoho uwu
wokhardt 6 days ago
I'm not done yet
but let me back c: I'm bored
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