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room 107
room 107
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Dorm room belonging to Kihyun Yoo & Junhoe Koo.
kihyun yoo 8 months ago
@junhoe koo The half empty dorm was an usual occurrence for Kihyun. He much preferred the outdoors and more so when it seemed people did not frequent as many outdoor locations around campus as he tended to. When students left the comfort of their rooms it was for very few reasons. In fact it usually came under just two categories. Lessons and parties. Kihyun did the prior of course but the latter? He hadn't been to a single party since he'd enrolled and whilst some people probably had a hard time believing that, if they spoke to him they would have understood why.

The fox hybrid enjoyed venturing about the gardens when he wasn't studying or practicing lines, an acting major he often found an outlet for his emotion through his roles where he lacked a genuine friend to do so. He knew he was receiving his roommate as well today, making Kihyun figure he'd stay away for a while even though his lessons were officially over for the day. It was probably going to be awkward for a while at first and being there as his roommate unpacked belongings and parts of his personal life... wasn't going to be the best starter to their relationship.

He had however taken care in asking the receptionist who his roommate would be, learning Junhoe's name and his species counterpart as well. A fox and a scorpion - quite the match. Kihyun found himself returning the library book he'd been reading through about scorpions, trying to learn what he could in order to make his roommate a little more comfortable around him. Being the older one between them it was his job to try help ease Junhoe into life here too right? Without overstepping his bounds of course.

Kihyun already had a few ideas as to what he could do and it made him make a few stops on the way back to the dorm, figuring the younger hybrid had unpacked by now and settled in. The sun had already set and with it the sound of music pumping out of various homes came along with it, the fox barely sparing a glance in the direction of squeals and roaring laughter. He had a bundle of black fabric under one arm and a sewing machine in the other as he juggled his way into the dorm room, the door clicking softly shut behind him whilst he was greeted with a mostly dark room.

Right - scorpions and eyesight.

Glancing about the place it was clear his roommate had definitely arrived and begun settling in, bits and pieces of another person's life that hadn't been there when Kihyun had left in the early hours of the morning. Heading over to his bed, he placed the sewing machine down at the foot of his bed and the material beside it, not saying hello just yet as he was busying bringing his suitcase out from under his bed. Pulling a pair of fluffy, thick blankets from inside, Kihyun returned his suitcase to its original space, clearly preferring tidiness, before he turned towards Junhoe finally. Bowing his head politely, the fox held out his hands with the spare blankets on top, offering them up to his new roommate as he spoke up.

"Yoo Kihyun, its a pleasure to meet you. I thought you'd appreciate some extra blankets for warmth." Kihyun explained, waiting for the items to be taken before he briefly looked at Junhoe with those liquid gold eyes of his, darting them away again just as quickly as to not make the younger hybrid uncomfortable. Nodding to himself as if to reassure himself he had done a good job, Kihyun turned back to his own things, picking the sewing machine and material back up and placing them on the small desk he had, tucking himself in on the petite chair, fluffy pointed ears atop his head generally unmoving though listening should Junhoe speak to him.
junhoe koo [A] 8 months ago
@kihyun yoo Junhoe was a relatively solitary person, so the idea of having a roommate wasn't exactly the most exciting thing. In fact, he'd been hoping to possibly be able to get away with finding a quiet single room so he wouldn't have to bother with any sort of company, but it seemed that wasn't the case. Jet black eyes scanned each room number as he searched for the one he'd been assigned. From what the scorpion had been told, another student already inhabited the room, which made it all the more awkward. Even though the dorms were relatively warm, Junhoe was still dressed in a sweater, although he'd been comfortable enough to take his scarf off now that he was inside. Being a scorpion hybrid meant that his body had a hard time producing the proper amounts of body heat needed to keep him at healthy levels- which meant he typically had to stay in warmer environments and keep warm clothes handy lest he get sick.

Finally finding room 107, the sophomore flipped the key he'd been given around in his hand a couple of times, shifting the bag on his shoulder before he unlocked it and stepped inside. To his surprise, the room was initially empty. He decided that perhaps his new roommate was either at class or out; he had noticed that plenty of students around campus preferred partying over studying here. It was a far cry from the elite university he'd attended before his parents had changed their mind. Thin, black sectioned tail following along behind him like a second, detached spine, but bulbous stinger wrapped carefully in bandages to keep him from pricking anyone accidentally, Junhoe closed the door behind him and observed the room.

It was clear to see which side of the room and which bed had already been occupied by the blankets and decorations, as well as clothes and other personal items, so he had no trouble walking to the bed and setting his things down. The room was a bit too bright for his taste, so much so that he had to squint until he was able to pull the curtains closed and flip the light off, living him in alone in a quiet and dimly lit room. He didn't mind barely being able to see, however, because the truth was that Junhoe, like his counterpart, had less than ideal eyesight in the first place. Though he had specially designed contacts, if his surroundings were too bright, he had a hard time focusing his eyes. The scorpion hybrid began to unpack his things, setting suitcase on his new bed and ping it.


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