wong vivi 1 year ago
@lee juyeon tucking my chin against my chest, i manage to curtain the grin laced with embarrassment, your flattery merely encouraging the roseate blush to creep unto the tips of my ears. with a humble nod, my voice ushered into a few tones lower, i could only utter beneath my breath in response.
i guess the feeling is mutual, then. your company is uhm- highly. . valued. that's the word.
despite the customary behavior to watch one's steps ahead, my eyes continuously trail to the side, eyes boring holes onto our entwined hands. admiring the way my hand pleasantly settles within yours in a snug manner, my fingers involuntarily wriggles in your hold, fitting my digits into the spaces between yours securely. noticing your eyes flit over to the side, i jump in my step and face ahead with a stoic look, shoulders stiffening momentarily.
i- ah, yeah. my fingers are often cold. . . your hand is warm enough but uhmm, if it's not bothersome, that sounds lovely. i mean! of course, because, er- my hand-- i mean your hand, might get cold too- so. yeah.
taking note of our surrounding, my pace slackens for a split second once i notice the entrance ahead, the influx of people loitering and exiting out causing me to shuffle a few steps closer to you before lifting my head to direct a worrisome look.
do you. . need a mask? or uhm- something. your fans might, y'know -
ong seongwu [A] 1 year ago
@kong daniel the warmth radiating from the hand he was holding was enough to make sungwoo shiver in happiness. a night out at the cinema with his husband daniel had made him have butterflies in his stomach for as long as he knew he was going on this date.

sungwoo didn't have to worry about anything except for falling in love with his husband all over again because being the competent man he knows daniel is, sungwoo was confident that daniel had had everything else settled. sungwoo was trying to blink away the dust in his eyes when he saw daniel looking at him with a smile.

"babe, are we all settled ?"
kong daniel 1 year ago
@kong sungwoo if you would look at it, long term couples doesn't seem to enjoy the simplest form of dating anymore. a simple dinner at a not so fancy restaurant, a simple drive nor a simple movie at a cinema. but that's what daniel treasures the most. happily married, daniel hasn't lost the touch of taking out his beloved husband on small simple dates. call him whipped, call him crazy but every day seems like a dream for he still can't get it around his head that he is married to a rare miracle like ong seongwoo.

holding his husband's hand with one hand, the other holding their tickets. they strolled around looking for the right cinema to enter. snatching a look on his wristwatch, they're 15 minutes early and as they looked around, as if possessed, daniel becomes stiff and lost looking at his husband with a smitten smile.
jung eunbi 1 year ago
would i want to watch a movie???
hmm maybe later--
oh sehun 1 year ago
@im yoona /clutches my chest, letting out a playfully dreamy sigh, taking in an exaggerated breath. but even if i tried stopping, how am i supposed to if you do stuff that makes me want to compliment you more? /my eyes crinkle into my signature smile, my eyes brimming with adoration as i give you a light squeeze, chuckling. certainly blessed that a goddess loves a mere mortal like me, aren't i? /nods innocently, though my eyes convey anything but. yes, yes you should. /my shoulders tense up at the sudden kiss before they loosen almost immediately, shaking my head, betrayal evident in my eyes. now, if you turned me in, who would buy you popcorn?
im yoona [A] 1 year ago
@kim jongdae /steals a glance at you before letting out a quiet huff in defeat, before running my fingers through my soft locks, resting the volume on one shoulder. fine, whatever you say then. /a soft chuckle escaped my lips after you pecked them, your redness not going unnoticed but it only added another line to list of things why i find you adorable. hmm, i do. and i also feel the same way, i love you too. /a smile crept its way onto my lips before i let out a string of your laughter. oh did i? my bad. i should fix that. /leans forward to peck your lips as well before smiling as if nothing happened, feigning innocence before shrugging my shoulders. hmm, maybe? who knows if i would tell? /grins cheekily before chuckling softly.
oh sehun 1 year ago
@im yoona /my eyes narrow slightly at your words, firmly shaking my head, a halfway teasing grin growing on my features. i doubt it's going to happen my love. /blinks confusedly when you stop walking, my confusion evidently flashing through my eyes, before they soften, the tips of my ears turning red, sheepish once again. i- thank you noona. i love you, you know that right? /smiles, it holding nothing but love and warmth for you at your kiss. you missed a spot... /swiftly pecks your lips before laughing at your tug, letting you lead me before we stand in the queue. but you wouldn't tell anyone, would you? /narrows my eyes once again, playfulness shimmering in them. unless you would-
im yoona [A] 1 year ago
@kim jongdae i know. /gives a small nod before blinking twice when you leaned in, an unknown sincere smile formed on my lips afterwards as i lowered my head a bit. you do know that you'll have to stop flattering me one day, right? /chuckles softly before shaking my head hearing what you said, stopping my feet from walking only to face you with my lips now pursed into a small pout. yeah, there might be some people who deserves me, who's better than you or whatsoever, but you can't change what my heart wants and needs now, can you? and nor can they so shush. /leans forward only to place a chaste kiss on your cheek before tugging your arm forward towards the popcorn stand, chuckling softly when i heard you mumble. i would know.
oh sehun 1 year ago
@im yoona /breaks out almost automatically into a rather wide grin, amusement laced into my voice. it's quite effective then. /my grin softens at the pink tinge evident on your cheeks, leaning in to press my lips against your temple with a soft hum. well the way i address you is nothing short of the truth. /turns away sheepishly at the comment, my hand rubbing at the back of my neck. because there are guys out there who probably deserve you more than i do? /my nose scrunches at the poke, my voice turning into a mumble. even if i did murder them, no one would know... /the pout remains on my features until i notice the popcorn stand in the corner, it sliding off for a small smile as i gesture to it with a tilt of my head
im yoona [A] 1 year ago
@kim jongdae /steals a glance at your direction before clinging my arm around yours with a small smile plastered on my face. i don't know. maybe the only thing you need is to be beside me. /nods my head slowly before scooting closer to you. alright. and- /a feint blush immediately drew across my cheeks. the way you address me never gets old, also, why wouldn't i be on a date with you? /my lips mirrored your smile before poking the tip of your nose in a fond manner. silly, i don't want my dae to be a murderer. just let them be, they're not the one whom i'm going in a date tonight are they?
oh sehun 1 year ago
@im yoona /a soft chuckle resonates from the back of throat, playfully raising an eyebrow as i tilt my head. then what do i need, hm? /a grin lights up my features, turning my eyes into crescents. because that is something i would more than gladly pay for. /hums softly, the corners of my lips tilting upwards into a smile, nodding once firmly. moana it is then! /follows you in, immediately snaking an arm arm around your waist once i do, pulling you close. the fact that a goddess is on a date with me. /another smile makes its way onto my features before it slowly slips off, a childish pout remaining, gesturing subtly to the men staring at you. am i allowed to kill them for looking at my girl-
im yoona [A] 1 year ago
@kim jongdae /playfully narrows my eyes at your direction, your cheekiness not going unnoticed as i rolled my eyes in a joking manner, shaking my head in amusement. you don't need a horror movie to make me cling on you, you know. /shrugs my shoulders nonchalantly before i nodded at your suggestion. moana sounds great. i heard about it before. so let's go watch moana then! oh - thank you, sir. /chuckles softly before i entered first then waits for you to go in as well, a soft smile soon formed in my lips. lucky? about what?
oh sehun 1 year ago
@im yoona /a smile crinkles the corners of my eyes and my eyes seem to sparkle under the lights, simply gazing at you, snapping out of my daze when i hear your voice, emitting a soft chuckle. then i guess no horror, hm? pity, pity. was looking forward to having you cling on to me- /my eyes flash with cheekiness before i hum. we could watch moana? it's an animated movie, but it seems pretty good. unless you'd like to watch something else?
/lets out a soft laugh at your enthusiasm. whatever my queen would like~ /lets go of your hand gently before extravagantly gesturing for you to go first. after you m'lady~ /widens my eyes for the fraction of a second, the tips of my ears turning red. i- i said that i was lucky.
im yoona [A] 1 year ago
@kim jongdae /my head was hung low before i felt your hand in mine, making me look at our now intertwined fingers that only seemed to manage to make my cheeks show a hint of red before my gaze met yours, the sweet gesture making my lips curve into a smile. hmm, i like all kinds of movies. action, drama, romance, comedy and the others, though maybe except scary stuffs.
/gives a small nod before my eyes lit up at the mention of popcorn. ooh! that's a great idea. we can decide while we buy our food. /nods a couple of times before i blinked twice when i heard your last statement, trying to stop myself from smiling to wide before i scooted closer to you and pretended that i didn't hear anything. hm? did you say something?
oh sehun 1 year ago
@im yoona /fleetingly glances you, turning my head so you don't notice the smile blooming on my features, coughing slightly into my fist before gently taking your hand in mine and lacing our fingers together, squeezing your smaller hand slightly in mine, pecking your cheek as i do so
which movie would you like to watch noona? /gestures with a tilts of my head to all the running movies at the moment. or do you want to get popcorn and then decide- /smiles, amusement crossing my orbs as i meet yours, my gaze suddenly softening as i let out a soft sigh. how did i get so lucky-
hong nayoung [A] 1 year ago


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