lee yejin 5 months ago
o v o throws holy water on myself
jung eunbi 1 year ago
/cautiously steps inside the church, as silent as i can before sitting on one of the vacant benches, a soft sigh escaping my lips as i stare at the altar./
seo seunghee 1 year ago
@seo youngho /smiles softly towards your way, nodding my head once and slow. okay. don't take too long,
seo youngho 1 year ago
@oh seunghee /giggles softly at your cuteness, thank fully most of the people have gone out to head directly at the reception and the remaining ones didn't really mind us anymore./ anything for you love. <3 hmm okay wait for me okay?
seo seunghee 1 year ago
@seo youngho /s hrieks happily forgetting for a moment that we're inside a church at the same time I throw my arms around your neck giggling like a child. thank you so much, love love! you're the best!! /turns my head to plant a huge smooch of a kiss onto your cheek but not only once but three times. hmm, lets do the latter!
seo youngho 1 year ago
@oh seunghee /burst out softly chuckling before nodding my head/ well you do have a point. /grins softly at you before nodding my head./ hmm you know i cant resist you for too long. /hums before planting a quick peck on your cheek./ hmm wanna go out somewhere or () should we continue and finish our wall? :D
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seo seunghee 1 year ago
@seo youngho ayyeeee it's a saturday night, love! why go home so early!! /makes face at you too followed by a "mehrong" childishly. :P plus, eunha is still having fun sooo I want to stay out for a whileeee hmm? hm? hm ? hm? /wiggles our hands over my lap while pleading at you with a pout on my lips.
seo youngho 1 year ago
@oh seunghee /smiles and scrunches my nose as you lightly pinch it./ hmm shall we go home? its a bit late
seo seunghee 1 year ago
@seo youngho /I just break into a smile after hearing that comment, nodding my head and wanting the same thing deep inside; subsequently reaches up to your nose to give it a light pinch before dropping my hands to holds yours. I love you, too.
park chanyeol [A] 1 year ago
@kang kyungwon presses a kiss to your lips lightly and pulls away tugging on your bottom lip. babe, I'm pretty sure I'm the top in this relationship. tests my forehead against your with a small grin. probably not, but who really cares
seo youngho 1 year ago
@oh seunghee /pulling away a tiny bit from the kiss only to look at you in the eyes while i gently caress your cheeks./ love, i hope the next time i kiss you inside this church, it'll be our wedding. /smiles sweetly as i feel our heartbeats loud through the noise of everyone inside the church as if its only the two of us./ i love you.
kim jennie [ h ] 1 year ago
@zhou jieqiong pulls my hand away and reaches up to pinch your cheek gently between my fingers while snickering.
uhuh a /very/ good girl indeed pft all you do is liE but whatever i'm jsut gonna let this go for ,, now ,, sh h hh what do you mean :-/ i'm not making fun of you !! i'm stating the Facts ykno what we should hav a drink sometime because i wnna see you getting wasted again for the 28376363 times ehE. why does that reminds me of totoro hdgdf yeah i wOnt, me. shut up i was rlly tired last night ok but im good now i drank 2 cups of coffee im ready to diE
seo seunghee 1 year ago
@seo youngho /hums a whining note as I, at first, resist your attempt to remove my hands from my face, actually worried that I might have gotten it worse by rubbing around only to be surprised when you suddenly hold onto it, eyes on mine, and then a kiss; butterflies returns to dance inside my stomach as those words suddenly feels more meaningful now that we're inside a church, and I can't help but to blush.
seo youngho 1 year ago
@oh seunghee /giggles to my self before taking your soft paws off your cute face before leaning in to match your eye level.. hmm let me help you. /smiles before placing a soft peck on your lips/ i love you.
seo seunghee 1 year ago
@seo youngho wha- for real?? /cups my cheeks and dabs it with my palms as if I can remove whatever it is that's on my face just like that. where? ayyeee love, is it on my cheeks? what is it?? :""<
seo youngho 1 year ago
@oh seunghee /blinks as i notice you catching my gaze on you/ oh no i was just-- /gets cut off at your comment only to grin teasingly and give you a playful wink/ probably ;^D
seo seunghee 1 year ago
s tays here bcs parties will tempt me to drink again ayyeee, plays with the petals on the floor instead
zhou jieqiong 1 year ago
@kwon hyunbin [ sh ] loosens my grip on your hand, batting my eyelashes playfully at you. shh h as long as me fiting you wouldn't be obvious, i'm perfectly a good girl rn nyEac. i thought dates were supposed to be p cute why are you making fun of the truth that i'm telling you i :"3 well then, fine . . . i won't ruin my reputation toni gh t but Someday. i'll remember that bc if you break your promise then you can just find my under the rain near the stop light singing some nursery rhymes and telling ppl that i'm not druNK. are you sure you're not going to fall aslepe early bc sure :33
lee minhyuk 1 year ago
@kim dahyun you can reply at the clubhouse-
lee luda 1 year ago
lee luda 1 year ago
i didnt go to an actuaL strip club
it was gta i was curious so i went inside and Good HeAVenS MY EYEZ
lee minhyuk 1 year ago
@kim dahyun his company seem to have been away already, like an hour ago but he'll be fine- i don't know how to deal with him though since he's too drunk already rip. /chuckles softly/ it's alright you can talk as much as you want, i won't mind. /beams at you and looks at our linked hands/ sure noona.
son hyunwoo 1 year ago
.... hwan, did you actually find the mini fridge behind the fake wall
kang hyewon 1 year ago
is3 what the heck were you doing in a strip club
were you the strippe r o r ?
lee luda 1 year ago
smh is3
moon taeil 1 year ago
@park jihoon places a soft kiss on your nose, dear nose please stop snorting or i need to give you a popo again. laughs at my foolish action and covers my face using my both hands, finding it cringy. why don't you ask me for a company, i would love to come here together with you jihoona. still pouting and pecks your hand lightly, let my eyes land on the priest and the bride. i can't imagine my future but i hope you are in that, i want to be happy with you jihoona.
ha sungwoon [A] 1 year ago
nt to a strip club
im nayoung [A] 7 seconds ago Reply 
lee luda 1 year ago
another party
seo seunghee 1 year ago
huang renjun 3 minutes ago Reply
seo youngho 6 seconds ago Reply
park junghyun 39 seconds ago Reply
shua paps is s uper holy guy thouGh

"super holy" I'm


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ladouex 3 days ago
rolls in— i might be blind but is park junghyun avail—
defenestrate 3 days ago
lol hi
unbothered 5 days ago
Jennie Kim pls
efferminity 1 week ago
is shon minho taken?
thanus 1 week ago
thank you & goodbye .
spotify 1 week ago
i can't believe it but here we are
real life is fINALLY making me their so i'm going to have to bid ww goodbye
deactivate my characters o r- idrk what you guys do tbh sweats,, but ily guys thank you for the memories
shiber 1 week ago
can I get my changbin back pls
gaynetz 1 week ago
hi i am pressed can i come back please
hxrdcore 1 week ago
okaY with much contemplation,,,, can i get a jung eunbi? :O
coldbrew 2 weeks ago
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