myungjun & han jongyeon

pair house

who's that boy

that's looking

back at me

i don't know you

Myungjun 1 week ago
@Han Jongyeon (*pokes*)
Myungjun 1 week ago
@Han Jongyeon (lol youre fine ive been busy)

maybe you can do my hair sometimes im sure you will make me very good looking like yourself
*smiles and nods my head as i look around the room and hums*
yes so if you wanna visit the bar sometimes ill fix you any drink you want fee of charge
*looks back at you*
i dont really need you to make it up ill probably just enjoy watching you eat it~
Han Jongyeon 2 weeks ago
@Myungjun (i didnt see your reply. i am sorry omg)

*doesn't seem to be bothered by your hand in my hair*
Thank you. *fixes it back in place*
Bartender? So you can make us drinks? That's pretty neat actually... *pushes my hair behind my ear and cross my arms against my chest comfortably*
Well... if you really want to make me food, I won't stop you. But, of course I'll feel bad about it and make it up to you somehow.
Myungjun 2 weeks ago
@Han Jongyeon oh thats pretty cool, thats probably why you have real beautiful hair
*chuckles moving my hand over your bangs and hums softly*
but what if i want to cook for you sometimes? i enjoy making food for others, and i have two jobs i a florist in the day time and a bartender at night~ its really fun when you worked hard to make your own business for what you love to do
Han Jongyeon 2 weeks ago
@Myungjun *rubs my nape slightly* I'm a hairdresser. I style and cut hair. *nods little to confirm my words then I shook my head*
We can both make it. You don't have to make me anything while we're here. *smiles softly* what do you do for work?
Myungjun 2 weeks ago
@Han Jongyeon ah no youre fine i was excited to meet you and have a meal but i some noodles sounds good, i think we have some if you want me to make it real fast?
*smiles softly as i finish up packing my things and sit on the bed next to you*
what kind of work do you do? im a little curious
Han Jongyeon 2 weeks ago
@Myungjun Ah.. I'm sorry I made you wait to eat! You must be hungry then... *looks at the time seeing how it should be around dinner by now* I couldn't get off work until later so I kinda rushed to get here. *plops onto the bed with a satisfied smile*
It is comfy indeed.
*looks up at you* And it's nice too meet you too, Myungjun. So-! What would you like to eat? I'm thinking noodles like ramen. Or perhaps we can come up with something else?
Myungjun 2 weeks ago
@Han Jongyeon its nice meeting you Parkha my name is Myungjun
*takes your hand and gives it a small shake before watching as you press your hand on the bed*
no i havnt ate anything yet, truthfully i was waiting on you before i ate but other than that yes i did have a really nice nap the bed is very comfortable
*smiles shyly as you grab your things and hurry to grab mine going to my side of the bed*
mhm that sounds good then
Han Jongyeon 2 weeks ago
@Myungjun I see. I'm Jongyeon by the way. Although... I go by Parkha.
*introduces myself with an extend of my hand for you to shake it*
Did you eat already then? Take a nice nap?
*I pressed my hand down at the mattress to test how firm or soft it is before getting my bags by the door and returning to the room and towards the dresser*
Hmmm... I'll pul my stuff on the left side. You can take the right. *starts unpacking my clothes*
It is a nice little place isn't it?
Myungjun 2 weeks ago
@Han Jongyeon *jumps out of the bed and stretches as i watch you with a small smile*
No youre fine i was a bit tired from work last night so I napped while waiting
*fixes the blankets and sees yiu come over before nodding my head slightly*
Yes this is the bedroom, the bathroom is over there as well.... I think its a cite little place
Han Jongyeon 2 weeks ago
@Myungjun *I take a looke around the corner to see you peeking at me*
*I waved once then went to venture off around house* I'm sorry I'm little late to the party haha
*nervous chuckle as I look through the cabinets then around the living room before moving towards your way* This is the bedroom?
Myungjun 2 weeks ago
@Han Jongyeon *hums softly as I look around the house before deciding to take a small nap*
*opens my eyes and sits up after hearing your voice and gives a small smile before peeking to see you*
Ah hello
Han Jongyeon 2 weeks ago
@Myungjun *after I recived the text that I am paired I go to the house with my bags maybe after a few hours that you arrived. I opened the door, popping my head in and looked at the surroundings* Ah..
*I placed my bags down next to yours I assume* Hello? *I call out to you after closing the door*
Myungjun 2 weeks ago
@Han Jongyeon * walks in and looks around setting my bag down at the door*
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chilicrab 4 hours ago
hi!! i used to be liu yangyang on here on a different account, is there any way to retrieve my old character & reapply??
swtner 1 day ago
dropping wooyoung, don’t want to hog a character. Thank you for having me!
Yikessir 1 day ago
Lee dongwook pls!
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Can I get park seonghwa as a second
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wait i don't think my comment reply was seen so can i get cai xukun as my second, please uwu
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can i grab park jimin as my second, please? :)
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Golden child's Choi Bomin for me please?
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may i please reserve hwang hyunjin from stray kids?
Yeosanggie 1 week ago
hello, sorry i lost muse
yeonjun is taking his leave i may come back later on since i really like this rp really
temperature 1 week ago
i'm contemplating on getting a second character.....
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