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i don't know you

Jackson 5 hours ago
@Mark Lee *once taken by sleep, his body gets convinced it is finally time to sleep through the night, and the warmth of your body against his, just seem like the perfect blanket*
*there are a few anxious dreams hiding behind his eyelids, some about you not coming back, and some about him missing you at the airport, his feelings yet to properly process the pain caused by separation, and the relief of reunion, yet they all disappear by the time it’s your voice who takes him out of slumber, and he pouts, and groan, unhappy to come back to the thinking world*
New year? *he mumbles eventually, eyelids still closes shut, surely he’s not supposed to be awake yet, but then there’s your skin against his, and the memory of the night before and his eyes are wide open*
New year already??
Mark Lee 4 days ago
@Jackson /I fail to register the exact moment, when my eyelids finally fall and refuse to lift up again in at least a few next hours. I'm not very active, when sleeping, the position I adapt at the beginning is usually the same one I wake up in. I've been also told I don't snore, the most disturbing habit would be my occasional drooling then, but this time strange wetness around my cheeks isn't something that wakes me up, but the brightness of the day and how more and more difficult it starts to be to ignore. groaning, I rub one of my eye, trying to wake myself up more, what appears to be extremely hard, when I have your warm body by my side and when I can snuggle you as much as I want. I make a little attempt to get up to at least catch a glimpse of a clock, so I know how long that five minute nap was in reality. but I don't really want to fight the circle of your arms and I simply rest my cheek against your bare chest again, feeling that if I try just a little, I would be able to fall back into sleep. unless you're not interested in sleeping either/
Happy New Year, hubby.
Jackson 4 days ago
@Mark Lee Please do~ *he jokes softly, unaware of what thoughts are going around your head, but definitely not really thinking you aren’t giving him enough. He feels like you’re giving him the world, in his little experience, he is receiving the grandest gift when you give him your attentions, and the kisses and everything else that happened only managed to feel his heart to the brim, if anyone asked him now, he’d tell them he’s the luckiest man on earth and you are the most generous person on the planet to shower with affection a poor soul like him*
*He pulls you as close as possible, smiling when you rest your head on his chest and he tangled his legs with yours, in a way trying to keep you even closer*
I hope you’re right... *time has always been a sensitive topic for him, he’s never known whether he’d have it or not, and he tries to be patient, especially when it’s about things that have to do with you, but it’s not easy, not at all, not when he has lived his whole life chasing it*
Goodnight, Mark... *he whispers eventually, kissing the top of your head, he can feel his muscles finally giving way to soreness, the intimacy between you and him turned out to be more exercise than what he usually gets, and he can’t even tell whether it’s night at all*
Sweet dreams... *he adds, his words slurring eventually, eyes heavy, the warmth of your body and his budding feelings lulling him into a sleepy haze he’d love to give into*
Mark Lee 1 week ago
@Jackson Hm, I will see what I can do about that.
/I reply with a little smile dancing in the corners of my lips. I would be lying, if I said that your sentence didn't help me look on our relationship from a little different perspective, where I notice that I'm not exactly giving you everything I want you to have. I know that you're more than right. I'm not the most affectionate person, I'm not too good at transforming my thoughts and feelings into words, so you simply know, without guessing, how important you are to me and how precious your presence is in general/
/the bright smile on your face is everything I could wish to see right now, just this view alone is able to detract the regular beating of my heart and your words only make it worse, in this extremely good way. God, I feel so giddy and I can't stop myself from jumping right into it, physically squeezing you in my arms, just like you squeeze me. I wrap my arm around your torso, enjoying the warmth your body gives me and then also the blanket which covers both of us from head to toe. I then rest my hand against your chest, easily figuring out what you're trying to say by this gesture/
I'm not going anywhere, Jackson. We still have a lot to learn about each other, I know. But we have all the time we need to get to know each other better.
/I say quietly, anything louder than whisper isn't necessarily, when we're so close to each other. I scoot a bit closer, hugging you and resting my head on your chest. with each minute it's more and more difficult to keep my eyes open, the comfort your arms offer only makes me fall asleep ever faster/
Jackson 1 week ago
@Mark Lee I think you can. In fact, I don’t think you have been spoiling me at all and need to step up... *he nods repeatedly, as if he’s making the most obvious and natural point in the world* I’d be sure to make it worth your while... *he adds with a grin, he’s perfectly aware he’s asking for too much, cameras, propriety, and maybe also just trying to avoid being molested at every turn would suggest reasons why it’s a silly request, but he pushes it anyway, maybe a tease, a joke, something he can pivot for a little laugh sometimes, or maybe he just needs to mourn the loss of your body until he gets to see it again*
*and his words were serious, an honest request, but your reply is even more than what he has expected, and he can’t help the open happiness that takes over his expression*
I like you a lot too. Like. A LOT. *bites on his lower lip, watching you a little surreptitiously* and even more now that I’ve seen you *he adds in a little whisper, as if it was a secret* do you know how incredibly beautiful you are? Knock-them-dead gorgeous.
*he returns the grasp of his hand with a little shaky smile, the feelings of the moment managing to overwhelm him a little* I’d like you to. I’d love it if you... if you... *trails off, is this the right time to ask this? He grabs you, pulls you back completely on the bed, wiggles and pulls the blanket over both bodies as he lays beside you, facing you*
There’s so much you still need to know about me... but I want this to continue. I don’t want you to leave my side. *he places your hand on his bare chest, maybe you can tell just how fast his heart is racing* but I will let you sleep now...
Mark Lee 1 week ago
@Jackson I can't spoil you this much, can I?
/I ask rhetorically, amused with the size of obstinacy. as tempting as it sounds to be able to walk around the house , with your own bare body playing the role of my heater, we both know it's impossible. firstly, I'm extremely chilly person and secondly, we're on bloody TV. hoping that editors would cut the juiciest parts of our fun time, I remove the stains off your light skin, sometimes yawning from sleepiness. softness of the mattress doesn't make it easier for me to keep my eyes wide open/
/used tissues I scrunch up in my hand and drop on the floor, telling myself that we will find enough time for cleaning later. shower would actually sound amazing, but jumping under the hot stream of water is the last thing I can think of at the moment. I have my eyes on your face the whole time you're speaking, expressing your worries? insecurity? in regards to my feelings for you/
I like you a lot, Jackson. I liked you a lot, even before taking your clothes off and checking you out down there.
/I answer. I'm not sure, if that's what you want to hear, but I know that's exactly how I feel about you. I didn't need to find out, whether we're compatible in bedroom or not to know I've hopelessly fallen for you. somehow my hand finds yours, I grasp it lightly, caressing it with my thumb/
And it would be amazing, if you let me like you even more in the future.
Jackson 1 week ago
@Mark Lee *saying he’s enjoyed what happened between you and him is an understatement, it was a life-altering event for him and the excitement and gratitude he feels towards you can hardly be contained in the affectionate gaze he sends in your direction*
*and he feels both satisfied about being and spent with you, and excited about the future and what could happen, you’re giving him so much hope that he can’t even put it into words in his own mind*
Mm... I’m pretty sure it’d be just as exciting... *he looks at you in awe when you stand, the loss of contact annoys him greatly, makes him pout, but he also gets a good look at you and oh boy you look amazing* and you’re so beautiful... I want to look at you like this all the time... it’s never going to be enough...
*he looks at you curiously when you start cleaning his skin and he blinks, surprised* thank you... *he whispers, his eyes finding similar stains on your skin and somehow it fills him with pride he can’t quite understand. As if he’s claiming you.*
Next year is only in a few hours. So I think I can. *he says with an ecstatic grin, and then he looks at you more seriously* Mark... does this mean that you like me a lot? B-because you know I’ve never... I mean... you’re my first... so... so this is pretty important to me... *he admits, looking at you carefully and then taking a tissue as well and trying to clean your skin in return, he just needs some reassurance, because everything you’re doing lately is making him fall harder and what if you suddenly decide to change pairs? Or if he wasn’t enough for you? He doesn’t know if he can deal with it.*
Mark Lee 1 week ago
@Jackson /of course none of us expected things to take such turn. it's true that I imagined my welcome back party a little differently, but not a single cell in my body regrets leading us to this moment, when we're splayed on the bed, partly and covered in each other's . that sounds and looks at least obscene, yet I don't seem to care, when knowing you enjoyed this a lot and hope to make this happen again in the future/
/I doubt that I will ever get tired or bored of teasing you, every reaction I receive back is truly priceless and I cherish each of them a lot, especially when I'm the only one who can witness them/
Nope, my tomato boy.
/I cackle, leaning forward to peck the tip of your nose/
Undressing is a part of fun. It wouldn't be as exciting anymore, if you could see my all the time.
/unwillingly and by some sort of miracle, I slide off your arms and then also the bed, almost immediately kicking my pants off together with my underwear. we've seen each other before, we've touched each other moment ago, so I can't be more shameless about parading around this room in my glory. I don't leave your eyesight, however, I walk away only to grab a pack of tissues from my suitcase, before I'm back again on the bed, sitting by your side as I wipe the white sticky substance off your chest/
We can play more in the next year. Can you wait this long, Wang puppy?
Jackson 1 week ago
@Mark Lee *there’s something unbelievably special about the feeling of your body against his, your skin is soft, even softer than before, and his own is even more sensitive to the warm of each touch, the smallest nuzzle and kiss can make his heart clench in a new kind of happiness. Of all the amazing feelings he’s experienced this evening with you, this one is the most unexpectedly precious*
It was.
*bites on his lower lip, but his loneliness feels like a fading nightmare right now, especially after what transpired between you and him*
Didn’t expect this to happen though... *lips curl into a blissful smile* not complaining though.
*it is your returning smile that distracts you from the words for a moment, and then they sink in and he blushes*
I-I didn’t mean right now! *he protests quickly, hands moving up your back, because your skin just feels so good, and it’s irresistible even in the midst of a little panic*
I mean in general... could you stay most of the time we’re in the pair house? *he asks and there’s a lot of hope in his innocent eyes as he looks at you*
Mark Lee 1 week ago
@Jackson /after all of the waves went across my body, I'm left exhausted, all of my muscles are suddenly weak, making me feel like a mush, a very pleased mush. everything I've bottled up for days, if not weeks was finally released in this unplanned, ual way, and right now I can't stop myself from wanting to snuggle your side, becoming cuddlier than I normally am. it's caused by many types of various reasons, but I'm not going to question any of them. I your hot, sweaty skin with my fingers delicately, listening to your breathing slowly calming down, just like my own. I don't protest much, when you pull me on top of yourself, tracing your neck with the tip of my nose, before I land a few butterfly kisses on your skin/
It was so difficult to be unable to hold you in my arms for so long.
/I mumble, closing my eyes for a moment and simply resting my body against yours. that's something I've been wanting to feel this whole time, when I was away. your next questions makes me lift myself up a little and look at your face, smiling blissfully at you/
Maybe not now, sweetie. As much as I would love to pamper you a bit longer, I think tiredness is finally kicking in.
Jackson 1 week ago
@Mark Lee *his head spins for a long time as he rides his , your own moans mixing with his into a whirlwind of sounds that shake his core, and he flops bonelessly on the mattress when you him, as he turns soft and he just can’t grip any more*
*his breathing is heavy, and it takes quite a long time to come back to anything normal, his eyes are glazed with exhausted satisfaction as he looks at you, lips parted for the needed breaths, and he doesn’t even know what to say as he’s overwhelmed by the need to have you close*
*his arms eventually wrap around you when he feels your touch on his hip, and he pulls you in, not caring if you squish him or not, he just needs you against him*
*he nuzzles your shoulder and snuggles as close as possible*
Mark... I missed you so much... *hands all over you* a-and I just... it felt so good...
*looks back at you, cheeks burning red but his gaze so eager* I-is this something we can do again?
Mark Lee 1 week ago
@Jackson /the pressure of different sort of sensations turns off every switch inside of my head responsible for controlling my own body. fooling myself, pretending that I can resist the temptation was simply too pointless, especially when my erected , its member leaking with shiny precum so confidently, proves how affected I am by your ual reveal. animalistic instincts take possession of my body, making me jump right into everything what guarantees the easiest and the fastest way to release. and your own body doesn't seem to work any different at the moment, grinding against mine in chaotic manner. fire gradually pooling low in my abdomen forces me to lose the rhythm of my s, my fingers naturally tighten around our seconds before I can feel drops of your splashing on my stomach only to drip on your own. you're shaking, squirming, dissolving into the pleasure and it doesn't take me much longer to join you, jerking and splintering with your name on my lips, mewled almost breathlessly/
/panting, I rest my forehead against your collar bone, trying to catch my breath, giving our the very last . I then move my hand to lazily caress your side, I don't think you would mind some being spread on your skin right now. we will clean that up later/
Jackson 1 week ago
@Mark Lee *everything in him resonates in unison with the pace you set, his hips eventually joining in the movement, meeting your s and milking that friction for all its worth, piling onto the pleasure and rendering him breathless*
Yes, Mark, nngh- ahh- I love it. *he whimpers in between moans, his back arching off the bed as his free hand attempts to reach your again, the warm flesh he grasps feels wonderful under his needy fingers, while the other is tight around both *
*in the height of pleasure, he loses touch with his movements, he becomes pure instinct, and when you tell him you’re close, that’s when he himself realises what’s happening, and he is thrown harder over the edge*
Ahh! M-Mark- I-I- *and his s stutter, he twitches hard and every time he moves against your , he spills more of himself into thick spurts of white*
Mark Lee 1 week ago
@Jackson /your enjoyment is more than obvious, it shows in every tiniest movement of your body, every sound you make and every stare you give me. damn, those eyes of yours, their hazy blackness centered on me fascinates me like nothing else before/
/breathing heavily, I wave my hips in a steady, yet somehow slow pace. everything I do today seems to be extremely slow-paced, or it's just my lack of patience which doesn't allow me to savour the moment properly, pushing me straight into arms of blissful pleasure/
You like this?
/I ask, but we both know the answer already. landing random kisses upon your chest, I gradually quicken my ing and I might or might not make a mistake and imagine that it's not your hand I'm ing, but your instead/
- I'm close, Jackson.
Jackson 1 week ago
@Mark Lee *his eyes widen just that bit more when you tell him to touch, he’s not as dumb as to miss the meaning of it, not with what you were doing just a moment ago, but it still takes a while for him to process the information, the permission granted, the rush of arousal, and then actually find a way for his hand to access the area and-*
Nngh- M-Mark~ *he moans loudly as he feels you your hips against him and he can literally see the sparks of pleasure rush his vision at the heavenly friction*
God- *his hand finally reaches in between your body and his, blind for a moment, just feeling for the hot needy flesh, and then he finds your , he can it, hungry to memorise the way you feel in his hand, how heavy and thick you are*
You feel so good, hubs... so good...
*eventually he remembers the task you assigned to him and he wraps his hand around both s, he his lips as he looks at you, squeezing them against each other, a moan rumbling in his chest*
Mark Lee 1 week ago
@Jackson /your reactions somehow bring a little smile upon my face, breaking through the thick layer of lust and enhancing that giddy feeling inside of me even more. how can someone be so adorable yet so slinky at the same time? I don't bother my brain to even try to come up with an answer, guessing it's just the way you are, the way you make me feel about you, helping me to find so much preciousness in the most trivial things/
Touch us, Jackson.
/I reply, looking at you and living on the view below me. still having my hand wrapped around our , I roll my hips, making my shaft slide against yours and against my own fingers. I on my lower lip as it happens, pleasure sparking in the lower parts on my body is more and more difficult to manage/
Wrap your cute fingers around our just like I'm doing. Hold them tight as you wish. I will... do the rest.
/panting, I my hips again, not even waiting for you to move your hand onto our manhoods. I can't hold back any longer/
Jackson 1 week ago
@Mark Lee *there’s a sharp intake of breath when you let go of his throbbing , his eyes wide as he tries to focus on his ministrations as well as glancing up at your face to understand what you’re doing and why your fingers are not on him any more*
*he wants to protest, but your help actually manages to get your pants open and then he’s openly staring at your , swallowing hard as he feels another level of need press down on him*
W-wow... *he whimpers, he can’t believe he’s seeing you like this, his eyes move all over you and back to your and just, wow.*
*and then you move closer again and your hand and your are against him and he gasps at the sensation of it all, his fingers moving quickly down your lower back and finding your now bare , he can’t help but it needy*
Y-yes? *he asks in a whisper, it takes him a moment to understand your request, but he reluctantly, yet obediently, lifts one hand up off your to offer to you* w-what should I do?
Mark Lee 1 week ago
@Jackson /facing the beautiful mess you've became, I can't help myself from not admiring what my eyes can see. I shamelessly scan your body, your bright red cheeks, swollen lips, your exposed chest, how it raises and falls not less frequently as my own. your toned stomach leads my eyes to your manhood and I'm more than proud to know that I'm the one responsible for its condition, how it stands proudly, anticipating any extra attention I'm ready and I will give to it/
/by now, I'm coated in a thin sheen of sweat, my whole body flushes gagging for more and more of this pleasurable sensations you are. I ing love how sensitive you are, your shyness is so fetching and immersive I can easily imagine myself testing it more/
/I leave your unattended for a moment only to help you with my pants. I them with an ease and push them a bit lower together with my boxers. my quickly springs out, hard and wet at the tip. I then move our hips closer back again, making it easier for my hand to gather both together. the hold is not perfect/
Jackson. /I grunt, my eyes are on you/ Give me your hand.
Jackson 1 week ago
@Mark Lee *your words of praise coil around his heart and spark his pleasure receptors into another level of need, he fondles your eagerly, loving the way the soft flesh feels under his fingers, the way you moan spurs him on and guide him in the haze of this moment*
*there's a whimper of protest that never manages to be formed into a sentence when you move away, his eyes focus on you and he thinks he might have a heart attack when you undo his pants and take his out, it pulses in your hand in unspoken need, already leaky, tip red and swollen, and he arches his back when you him, loudly at this deep, unfamiliar pleasure*
*And his hands shake, gripping your again before they reach your front and try to gain access to your pants*
M-Mark... *he whimpers, hips buckling, and he whines a little as he battles with your zipper, his chest heaving into short breaths, he needs you so much*
Mark Lee 2 weeks ago
@Jackson It will only feel better.
/I breath gaspingly, uttering any more word without my voice cracking, with so little breather, becomes more and more impossible. yet I handily ignore all of the demands my lungs have and lean in for another kiss, just to stop a few centimeters away from your sweet mouth. my breath hitches, when your hands grip on my buttcheeks tightly, shoving my lower parts even closer to yours, the friction between our hips is unbearable in the most positive way/
Like this, you're doing so great, hubs.
/I say between another moans that seem to only raise in volume, when our crotches unrelentingly rub against each other in very limited spaces of our pants. eventually reaching your lips with mine, I relish the moment, consuming every groan that slips past your parted lips/
/my hand presses against your underbelly and I unwillingly push my hips away from yours. everything happens so quickly and a few seconds of patience will surely pay off. I quickly pop the button of your pants and your fly, and that's what I need to slide into your underwear and pull your hard-on out. my fingers are wrapped around it and I waste no time, giving it a few firm /
Jackson 2 weeks ago
@Mark Lee *there can be no satisfactory description of the effect your moans have on him, they chip at his receding sanity and spiral in the pleasure of each touch, in each feverish roll of hips, because now he’s started, it’s difficult to keep them still*
*he doesn’t know how you manage to be so breathtakingly beautiful, your messy hair only adding to that amazing aura of yours, and he’d be worshiping you right now if he wasn’t too busy running his fingertips along the lines of your muscles and the two tiny buds of your s, experimenting*
*he blindly follows your movements, legs spreading, and his body shaking once again as he finally feels the advantage of this position* Ahh- Y-yes- that feels good- *he whimpers, rosy cheeks, drunk on you. And his hips meet your every time, new shivers, new moans, until his hands dip lower, grab your with two full hands and push you harder against him, making him shake harder* l-like this? *and god he can feel your against his, and even through the clothes, it’s the strongest pleasure he’s felt so far*
Mark Lee 2 weeks ago
@Jackson /your fingers digging into the flesh of my thighs so roughly pull me deeper into the depth of haziness straightaway. boldness of your action makes that nameless something inside of my body clench from sinful anticipation, however, my curiosity doesn't have much time to grow any bigger, when our explicitly bulging crotches hid under the solid layer of clothing rub against each other so painfully briefly I hardly stop myself from repeating your action immediately. moan that slips past my lips is incomparably quieter than yours and , I only heard a few, yet I'm already madly addicted/
/I confirm breathily, before I help you to get rid of my shirt. that completely messes my dark hair up, but it seems to perfectly harmonize with my flushing chest still remembering every touch of your delicate fingers. I look down at you, your hands on my torso successfully prevent any sensible thought from appearing in my head/
I will tell you, if I don't like something.
/I whisper, hovering over you and supporting my weight on one arm. our lips once again are dangerously close, but I believe none of us is scared of bringing them together/
You too, don't hesitate.
/I add seconds before pushing one of my knees between your thighs, helping myself with my free hand to spread your legs apart. I find this position much more comfortable to roll my hips against yours, slowly, savoring the sensation again and again/
Jackson 2 weeks ago
@Mark Lee *he can feel his skin burn from where you were nibbling his neck, every breath he takes in brings more tingling feelings to his alert brain, more shivers down his spine and more need to press you closer, your heated skin an allure he's not equipped to resist*
*he looks back at you when you give him permission to do whatever he wants, his lips parted to let him just breathe in the shock of arousal it sparks in his belly, and he can't do much but grab your thighs and roll his hips up against you, his crotch feeling so tight right now and he wants to know what it feels to have you against it, and well, it makes him moan his pleasure embarrassingly loud*
E-everything? *he repeats, his voice cracking as his shirt finally opens, his muscles tight as he tries to keep you close, and then he's pushing your shirt up with renewed eagerness, over your head and somewhere else in the room, as long as it's not on your body, then it really doesn't matter where*
*and he looks back at you, blushing furiously as he takes in your chest, and his hands moving on your skin, it just feels too magical to be real. Surely he must be dreaming.*
Mark Lee 2 weeks ago
@Jackson /every time you voice your approval to my actions, by or talking, I can't be more motivated to move further with my hands and lips, caressing and kissing every bit of your skin. I have no idea what got into me and made me so weak, unable to resist the temptation you are. maybe it's because I've missed you so much, even though it didn't show. or perhaps the awareness of businesses you had to finish on your own gave me a little different insight, turned me a little less loyal to my unwritten personal rules. your sensitivity, all of your reactions, even those seemingly unnoticeable ones, everything makes me melt furiously, I'm more than sure you're not the only tomato on this bed/
/nibbling on your neck, I let it rest for a moment, when your bashful request requires my attention. I look into your eyes again, lust is impossibly easy to spot in them. our hands bump into each other on their way to completely your shirt/
Don't ask. Just touch me. Do to me everything you want, Jackson.
Jackson 2 weeks ago
@Mark Lee *he doesn’t know how to describe these feelings if not one way, hunger, you’re everything he wants right now and it’s all to do with this hole inside that only you seem to be able to fill... and yet it’s not enough to run his hands along your skin, there’s more, so much more*
*his eyes are wide when you practicality fall on him, or maybe it’s all his fault for pulling you, but he’s thankful, because he can keep you closer and you can easily press your lips to the skin of his neck and god, he loves that, did he tell he you he loves that?* it feels so g-good, Mark- *he stammers, surprised by the husky sound of his own voice*
*he looks back at you with dark dark eyes when you ask him what he’s thinking, or better, whether he’s on the same page, and he honestly has no idea because his mind is running a mile a minute and there are so many things he wants to do, he can’t even keep up, but you’re sitting in his lap, you can probably feel just how much this is affecting him, so you must know. Right?*
*His heart is beating like crazy in his chest and he nods, he thinks he can go along with this, however far you want to take it, he’s with you*
W-will you let me touch you? *he asks, biting on his lower lips, his fingers trembling as he helps you undoing the buttons of his shirt and then look at yours annoyed, as if it would retreat just because of that*
Mark Lee 2 weeks ago
@Jackson /contact of your fingers with my bare skin makes me shiver from excitement, every muscle you ghost over automatically flexes, shaking at the growing sensation of two bodies brought together, swaying shyly along sensual rhythm of quiet moans. my poor balance helps me to fall on top of you, when you pull me closer, pinning you to the soft mattress with my meager weight of two and a half feathers. on your neck, I tease your hot skin with the tip of my tongue, pretending an attempt to bite it, before I transfer my attention to another victim - your ear/
Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
/I rasp into your ear, letting my warm and arrhythmic breath to dance over your it, there's no randomness in this exact movement. my hands on your chest begin to play with a little buttons of your shirt, undoing one just in case of different ideas on our minds, to give you a hint of what I want, of who I desire/
Jackson 2 weeks ago
@Mark Lee *there’s a haze in his head that he cannot control, it takes him further into his senses every time you kiss him, and every time you touch him. You’ve switched on parts of him that he didn't know he had, and his instinct are taking over, little sounds forming on his lips to consolidate how alive he feels right in this moment, how /you/ make him feel*
*and when you push him on the bed, he gasps in surprise, but it’s short lived. Normally he would have agonised over what it means and why you’re doing it and what it is that you want, but not right now. You’re in his lap and he needs to touch you, his hands find their way back under your shirt and your soft skin, he traces you ribs and move down and up again as he kisses you hungrily*
*shivers run up his spine in an overwhelming surge as your lips attach to his neck, he can’t help the arousal washing over him and he grips your skin and pull you hard against him* M-Mark- *he moans, it’s a small shy whisper, which holds so much of his essence and need*
Mark Lee 2 weeks ago
@Jackson /I keep pressing on you, carefully directing you back to the bedroom what it's exactly the easiest task, when none of us has his eyes open to see where we're going, if we're not very close to bumping into something else and falling miserably onto the hard floor, your agile fingers dancing beneath my shirt assure me that you wouldn't be the only one to fall. luckily we arrive to the bed safely. sliding one of my hands between our chests, I give you a little push, making you drop on the bed with myself following you, landing on your laps/
/splaying my hands across your chest I can feel every little bump under my fingertips, roaming over your clothed torso and feeding my hunger with the gentlest brushes of our bodies against each other. our lips part only, when I choose to notice your unattended neck, kissing it earnestly, your skin into my mouth/
Jackson 2 weeks ago
@Mark Lee *your words swirl in his head for a moment, they bring peace, excitement, and affection, but they can’t stay there very long, thoughts in general are banned from his mind the moment he kisses you back*
*he catches your tongue with his own, he battles it aimlessly, just a competition of need, as he on it gently and registers the way you feel and taste all over again*
*he doesn’t need air, he just needs to kiss you, nibble on your lips while his hands start wondering down your back and under your shirt, touching the skin as he feels himself step back and hit the bed with the back of his legs*
Mark Lee 2 weeks ago
@Jackson /catching you in my arms somewhere close to the bedroom, I don't plan to let you go anytime soon and it's clear to me that we happen to share at least similar plan for the rest of the year and maybe even longer. I've kissed you so many times up till now, yet instead of getting used to the texture of your lips, how they roll against mine in vividly synchronized chemistry, I discovery and experience something entirely different with every next kiss we share. I forget about my tiredness and hunger, you've mentioned before that you prepared a dinner for us. these don't matter at the moment, when I invest every scrap of myself into the kiss/
I'm back. I'm all yours and you're all mine now.
/I mumble, before our lips meet again midway. eagerness causes our teeth to click in the process, but this kiss can't be more perfect, even if it's quite chaotic. swirling my tongue around yours, I gently press forward, encouraging or maybe forcing you a little to step back/


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Riseasone 17 seconds ago
Can you add Lee MinHyuk please?
pluhmm 13 hours ago
okay, take two: please reserve kim jibeom for me!
FallenBloodyAngel 2 days ago
Could I get seventeen’s Woozi please.
Somebody-- 2 days ago
After so long I finally picked someone to cc to
Can you add and reserve Na ungjae for me please?
babydiino 3 days ago
Junhong will be dipping.
Jung_Jinwoo 3 days ago
Hendery and Joonmyun left. Lost muse.
tourniquet 3 days ago
I don't see Zico so...
can i request Woo Jiho please?
hvjhgchgfkh 4 days ago
can i get seventeen's minghao?
ProudShawol 4 days ago
Since no ones claiming him, may I have Wooyoung as my second?
I just love to play Woos
NinjaPandaCA 5 days ago
hi hi
my curiosity is piqued
is this a nice place?
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