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Kwon Yoshida 4 months ago
@Park Hyungsik Yoshida couldn't even find the right words to explain how much Hyungsik meant for him. The other was understanding and ready to break any walls Yoshida was building. He was always there when he needed him. All these little things were slowly making Yoshida to realize how he was really foolish, to push you away. Even though they were going slowly, the other never pushed him into anything. In fact this made him realize he was so wrong for his first impression of him. Hyungsik was much more mature in many situations and much more lovable than Yoshida ever imagined. "Why are you thanking me...love isnt something to be thanked for...."
Yoshida squeezed his hand lightly. "You are amazing. Much more than I thought at first. And I can't wait to see what New Year has in store for ....us."
Park Hyungsik 4 months ago
@Kwon Yoshida Hyungsik felt so happy and warm inside to spend Christmas with Yoshida..he felt the warm love between the two of them and knew that he loved him more than anything. Hyungsik looked at Yoshida with love and warmth and he knew he wanted him and only him. They had a long and bumpy road to get here but he knew it was worth every moment, cause now he kissed Yoshida freely and hugged him freely. The older male reached over and held Yoshida's hand and smiled warmly. "Then we will just get meat and side dishes...Yoshida...thank you for loving me. I know I have my faults and issues but thank you for loving a dork like me. Cause I love you and I am so grateful for you. Merry Christmas my love and I am excited to go into the New year hand in hand as a couple in love." He declared his love and never once left Yoshida's gaze.
Kwon Yoshida 4 months ago
@Park Hyungsik He smiled as he looked up at him. "Hmm, I want meat too, I am not too picky for food, I just don't want anything spicy. I can't really take lots of spiciness." Yoshida did try to open up more to the other, in a lot of situations his soft side was showing, and whenever Hyungsik needed him, his caring personality was appearing. To everyone else it would seem like he was cold, but when it came to Hyungsik, the shorter male already had a soft spot for him and the fact that they were spending Christmas together just made things easier in showing his true self.
Park Hyungsik 4 months ago
@Kwon Yoshida Hyungsik smiled when he saw his lover happy and warm, even though they finally admitted their feelings for one another, Yoshida still kept his cool demeanor, but this time was a little different. He could tell Yoshida was happy to spend Christmas with Hyungsik and that was enough for hyungsik, "what are you craving? I'm in a mood for lots of meat~"
Kwon Yoshida 4 months ago
@Park Hyungsik Yoshida was quite excited to be spending Christmas with Hyungsik and no matter how much he was containing his emotions- something natural for him, he still seemed happy. He was about to pull the chair so he can sit down, when the other did it for him. Yoshida sat down and looked around curiously, the atmosphere was so heartwarming, the candles, the roses...the snow slowly falling down outside, even for ''cute cold grumpy guy' like him, it was amazing.. "It's really..nice here... ah sure, let's choose what to eat."
Park Hyungsik 4 months ago
@Kwon Yoshida The older looked at his boyfriend and held his hand as they walked out of their room and took a nice 10 minute stroll to the resturant by the mansion. "Reservation for hyungsik please~ " the older male smiled as they arrived and he smiled warmly at the hostess. The hostess lead them to a nice table with candles and roses, hyungsik went around and pulled out the chair for his yosh and let him set before walking around and sitting down in front of him, "order whatever you want my love"
Kwon Yoshida 7 months ago
@Park Hyungsik "Oh, well that's okay I guess. Every people has different tastes, so I don't think that's any problem. As I said all kinds of food is great, just...not cucumbers. I despised them for no reason ever since I was little and that can't be changed. Ah, I don't think I can change your perspective about pasta, as I said my um skills aren't a 1st class like yours. I am not the right person to change your thoughts about pasta." Yoshida knew how to make a decent dish with spaghetti, but to be confident Hyungsik would end up liking it, was a bit too much to even think of. "I always go with homemade food. And about strawberries and bananas, they are great for smoothies and ice cream. " Yoshida started eating when the other placed some in his bowl, curious to try it. "Mm, its delicious." He said as he his lips.
Park Hyungsik 7 months ago
@Kwon Yoshida "Well I'll eat it for you, you can count on me" he chuckled softly before nodding and grinning at Yoshida's surprise. "Ah- most people like pasta but me...I really just don't care for it. I eat the meat and not the pasta. You should make a pasta dish for me and see it you can change my perspective on pasta. But to be honest I just really don't fancy it." He made a face at the thought of spaghetti. Hyungsik felt happy that Yoshida was slowly accepting him, he felt warm that Yoshida was slowly becoming more comfortable with him. "I like fast food here and there. But I prefer homemade foods. I like bananas and strawberries too~ I like them in a smoothie or also in ice cream. Sweets are my downfall." He chuckled as he listened to Yoshida and smirked. "Aww you can't handle spicy foods hm? Have you ever burned your mouth before?" He teased and began to cut the meat into smaller pieces and let it cook for a bit before putting some in Yoshida's bowl.
Kwon Yoshida 7 months ago
@Park Hyungsik "Yes, I don't like them. As weird as it sounds, whenever I have a dish with cucumbers I can't eat it and always remove them if possible. " Tilts head, surprised when Hyungsik said he doesn't like pasta. "Really? I like pasta, it's actually quite delicious, maybe you just didn't find the right recipe or person to cook it? And sure, you can eat all cucumbers, they shouldn't go to waste." He rolled eyes, when the other . So far the other was so friendly, Yoshida felt like maybe he was wrong all along being so rude towards him. Maybe not everyone were the same. So he tried being a bit more relaxed."I don't like fast food, it's very unhealthy... For fruits i like bananas and strawberries, oh I also like milk and banana flavored milk. And chocolate, everyone loves chocolate. In general, I would probably love the food as long as it doesn't have cucumbers, and isn't too spicy."
Park Hyungsik 7 months ago
@Kwon Yoshida Hyungsik raised a brow in surprise before nodding, "You don't like cucumbers hm? Wow~ I love them. I love spicy cucumbers. They are so good hehe. A fact about me I don't like any types of pasta. It's rare when ill try and eat it." He admitted and when the ahjumma came and places to side dishes of spicy cucumbers, he moved them over to I front of him and smiled, "I'll eat up all instead. Heh more for me. See this is perfect. I could never get enough spicy cucumbers whenever I go to eat but now since I have you, i could have all of them" he teased before sipping some of his cola when the meat arrived and he got the tongs and put it on the grill. "What other food do you not like or like?" He asked curiously.
Kwon Yoshida 7 months ago
@Park Hyungsik Yoshida scrunched up his nose and said suddenly. "Random fact but just so you know, I don't like cucumbers. I don't know why but didn't like them since little. Since you did say I should know you more and get you to know me...I hate cucumbers in general and in any dish." The younger male rubbed nape wondering how to respond to that question. "I just have lower alcohol tolerance, plus I tried alcohol and...I don't like the taste. Probably I sound weird enough already, don't I?"
Park Hyungsik 7 months ago
@Kwon Yoshida Hyungsik smiled softly as they walked together, enjoying the company. He sat down across from yoshida and smiled warmly and ordered beef and pork belly. "Sounds good. Lots of beef and pork belly ahjumma! Spicy cucumbers, kimchi, and 2 orders of rice and lettuce please and 2 colas. Thank you " he smiled warmly at the older lady when she nodded and smiled. Hyungsik looked over at Yoshida and hummed in thought, "you don't drink alcohol? If you dont mind me asking....why? I love the occasional wine or beer after a long day and when I have a lot of homework to grade" he chuckles softly.
Kwon Yoshida 7 months ago
@Park Hyungsik "Yeah. As ready as ..um I can be." Yoshida nodded, looking away shyly. Even though he had a relationship before, since his ex didn't have any time, he considered himself with no experience in dates. He had no idea how to act or what to expect. On top of all he felt awkward even if there was no reason. "That's true.. we can get some fresh air later, I guess." Yoshida nodded, his hands in his pockets as he walked beside the other. He was surprised at how small but also welcoming the restaurant they arrived at, was. Yoshida sat down and curiously looked around, he his lips, as he thought about food.. "Um any meat is welcomed as I am hungry. But maybe beef... and for drinks I agree about cola. I don't really drink alcohol and juice isn't really fitting, hah."
Park Hyungsik 7 months ago
@Kwon Yoshida Ready for our date?" The older grinned and slipped his wallet in his pocket as he looked at Yoshida with a playful smile. "Its around the corner and we could probably walk there. It would be nice to get some fresh air after a big meal of meat" he nodded as he waited for Yoshida before walking side by side. Finds a spot in a small little resturnat and walks inside, waving to the little old lady as she sits us at a table with a grill. "What kind of meat are you craving? What do you want to drink? I personally want a cola"


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I'm going to miss this place a lot. I met a lot of great people here as taehyung but I can't keep going. I'm sorry to anyone that didn't get a goodbye. this rp family has been the best I've been apart of in my journey rping, on as many platforms that I've tried. nothing has compared to lith. thank you. I wish y'all the best.
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