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ihybrid classes
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performing arts - professor hyosung jeon
intro to economics - student professor jaehwan lee
ancient history - student professor soohyun kim
psychology - professor chanyeol park

sport - coach  

hanbin kim [A] 1 year ago
❝ — checked & updated! ❞
hanbin kim [A] 1 year ago
❝ — reset for revamp! ❞
hanbin kim [A] 2 years ago
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Moguri 7 months ago
Bora will be taking her leave due to some medical issues.
Thanks for having me here though.
Everme29 8 months ago
I’ve got a question... how active is this place?
mononoke 1 year ago
lee jieun for me, please!
makkuro 1 year ago
Could I have Jeon Jungkook reserved please
giggleyoon 1 year ago
Can I join as Jennie Kim?
-INOSUKE- 1 year ago
should I join-
hissra [A] 1 year ago
❝ — checked by admin keems! ❞
➟ second event, the st. bart's trip, starting tonight!
➟ inactives have been cleaned out. now available : lee luda, jeon jiwoo, hayley kiyoko & park chanyeol!
➟ current reservations 00
➟ population 31
➟ don't forget to favorite & upvote!
wonholic 1 year ago
Keeping Hoseok and Taehyung but dropping Luda
66168611c0572e12c08f 1 year ago
Sorry to disturb, but where are u supposed to check for a grade/professor/sp the description got cit off so i can't see it
jeonbyul 1 year ago
Can I reserve Im Changkyun from Monsta X, please?
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